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    Google cannot crawl the site, maybe problem in [log masuk untuk melihat URL] 2. Sitemap file is not working and sitemap plugin want me to add each page manually 3. Newsletter sign up formfields in Arabic needs to update the placeholder - where to do this? I will edit, I just need to know where. 4. Cookie popup message has wrong button in both English and Arabic, where to edit 5. When unpublishing...

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    I need crawlers to be built that can crawl multiple eCommerce Websites basis the Product ID(ASINs) and provide the information in JSON

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    I have a crawler developed by me with scrapy to collect information from the site "[log masuk untuk melihat URL]". I am using a rotating proxy but I stop getting a positive response (200) and start receiving 403 responses. I need someone who can help me to fix the little that is missing, I think it will be in small details and that someone who understands the framework will solve this i...

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    I need to crawl RSS feed news articles and store them in SQLite

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    I need a person who can scrap a review website for me. This website contains reviews of thousands of company along with their email, phone number and etc. I want to crawl the website for the company names, phone numbers, addresses, logos, website URLs. I know there are free tools for crawling like parseHub and collecting or someone with a python background can do it easily.

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    This project is for a Coupon scraper of groupon dot com and RetailMeNot dot com Scrape Stores 1. Store Name 2. Store Logo (Saved in database, NOT hot-linked) 3. Store URL 4. Average Savings amount (If applicable) Scrape Coupons 1. Coupon/Deal Title + actual Coupon Code (If applicable) 2. Store Name 3. Affiliate URL* (Stripped of affiliate ID code and replaced with mine) 4. Expiration Date, Po...

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    I have a Spring boot project, which is able to web crawl English word translation. The challenge : 1. the web would block my IP when the number of continuous requests reaches approximately 100. 2. There are 20 thousand words which need to be crawled. Thought: pause the crawling method in Spring boot after a certain number of requests being sent out, and then restart the method again. Requir...

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    We need an experienced person to set up a crawler to crawl the below website. We had a crawler which did this, but there have been some technologies introduced that have stopped us (Google reCAPTCHA). We are looking for someone with experience of blocking and getting around issues such as this. This will also be a good opportunity to show us what you can do as we have a LOT of similar work - but n...

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    I need to learn how to crawl all pages on a website. The page is behind a log in, so I imagine that I should use a chrome plugin. So this is not about scaping anything - it is about teaching me what to do.

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    Wordpress Plugin edit 6 jam left

    i have plugin which crawl data from website and i just want to change target site.

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    1. Crawl Product ID (Asin) through category ID and keywords. 2. Crawl Product Details through Asins. 3. Auto Deploy the Crawler on Windows / Linux

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    I have amazon data crawl source code using Python scrapy , need add function such as cookie, user agent, ip proxy etc to escape block from amazon. Looking for people who has experience for this.

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    Need help with crawling 3 websites.

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    To change the current crawler url ([log masuk untuk melihat URL]) to a new url ([log masuk untuk melihat URL]) You can choose to modify the VPS or receive the files locally The file that will be modified is this [log masuk untuk melihat URL] plugin: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] the plugin imports manga with title, genre, synopsis and etc., crawling is simple, but I'm having trouble extract...

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    --PLEASE ONLY REACT WHEN YOU USE APIFY-- Hi, On the website of our supplier behind a log in there are around 600 articles. We would like to create a crawler that gets the SKU, Stock rate, product images and Price daily and let [log masuk untuk melihat URL] import all the info. I think a XML would be the best format on an URL. If you have another idea let me know. We would like to make 2 adju...

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    I need a website to showcase listings. The website must have an easy to use back end, ability to crawl other websites and pull data (zillow, craigslist etc) and then display the data on our website. I need the ability to showcase "hot properties" on the main page which will tie into the crawler options. Please message me for more details

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    You need to write three scrapers: one using Beautiful Soup, one using Scrapy, one using Selenium. All of them should scrap the same information from the domain. the goal is to gather the information, perform some extremely simple analysis of gathered data and compare the performance of all your scrapers. I expect two submission files: File 1 will consist of: 1. Short description of the topic an...

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    We are looking for an SEO guru with years of SEO Experience and a good WordPress knowledge to bring our site to the front page of search engines. An Understanding of All Three SEO Levels which includes, 1. Technical (the structure of a site, which can determine how easy or difficult it is for search engines to crawl and index your content). 2. On-page optimization 3. Off-page optimization

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    This job post is about specific open source web crawler: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] You can find overview setup guide: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] This web crawler looks hard to setup for me because I lack Java ecosystem knowlege and documentation on crawler setup is not very detailed. The Idea would be to setup working docker image of bubing crawler. Requirements for image: 1) It should b...

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    - Update Prestashop Categories to Listed categories below. Software features needed - Crawl aliexpress based on the below categories/ search terms. - Copy all products for each categry/ search term listed ablove. Including pictures,title, description, price, and url. - Store in server side database - push products to prestashop ecommerce platform with pre determined % price mark up - push p...

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    Hello, i will need you to crawl emails, from sites what i will provide, manually collect required information, fill the form. !Important, no software acceptable for for the work - only manual work!

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    write a simple ruby script that crawls information from a website and compiles it to a YAML and JSON file. these are to be used as input for another task. 4 or 5 small tasks in a bundle pay are per task completed not per hours. we chat details and see if we are both interested. No agencies or teamwork. only freelancers. Happy Bidding!

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    write a simple ruby script that crawls information from a website and compiles it to a YAML and JSON file. these are to be used as input for another task. 4 or 5 small tasks in a bundle pay are per task completed not per hours. we chat details and see if we are both interested. No agencies or teamwork. only freelancers. Happy Bidding!

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    Kami membutuhkan Freelancer untuk membuat tool yang berfungsi untuk melakukan scraping dan crawling dari berbagai channel dalam aplikasi telegram yang kemudian akan diolah dan dianalisa lebih lanjut dalam bentuk file excel berupa tabel. Tool ini harus bisa dijalankan otomatis dan terjadwal, misalnya scrap channel XXX dan YYY setiap jam 08:00 Senin-Minggu, ZZZ setiap jam 12:00 Senin-Rabu. We need ...

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    [log masuk untuk melihat URL] in php, proficient in front-end development of the website [log masuk untuk melihat URL] in Python, can write crawlers to grab the video data of the specified website and update it to our website daily. Develop a video website(Use third-party program development, not a 0 to 1 process), and then collect videos from other websites Then update to our website daily.... ...

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    I have an existing scrapy project to scrape fact-checking websites. I need you to add spiders to scrape additional websites. The new spiders should follow the same structure as the existing items in Scrapy Project. Scraped fields include title of webpage, date, and images in each fact-check article. The scraper is deployed to run every hour, so the spiders for each website only need to crawl and ...

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    I am looking for a writer who can write blog posts on basement waterproofing and repairs. The ideal writer has experience in this niche. The rate is $10 per post, approximately 800 words. In your application, tell me what's the difference between a basement and a crawl space. I prefer writers from the UK and US.

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    I am getting error "Mismatched value (page crawl) [price]" on Google merchant. My website is on magento 1.9 version. The Google shopping feeds are generated by cron and fetch as per schedule on Google merchant. The issue is that my website features location base currency. Google bots from USA see price in USD while the fetched feeds has INR prices. So I am getting price mismatch value er...

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    Hii ! I need a WordPress Plugin that will crawl RSS Feeds of another domain and save it as wordpress post. What Post Details have to collect from another domain's Feed : 1. Post Headline 2. Post Thumbnail 3. Post Content ( if there any embrace that too) After collecting these data you have to save it as a WordPress post in draft post format. 1. You have to set collected image as featur...

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    I am looking to crawl and scrape for new websites related to home repairs and remodeling. If a new business owner creates ABC Home Remodeling via GoDaddy or Wix I would like to extract the company name, zip code/city, and phone number. I would also be interested in scraping contractor and new business listings which update daily weekly and monthly.. I already have a list of many websites I prospec...

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    I would like to build a custom web search engine. You can user software for web crawling (Apache Nutch, Stromcrawler etc) and index manager (Solr, Elastic search). It should take list of websites, crawl then make searchable. - Write name of most handsome son or beautiful daughter of Donald Trump to confirm that you have read the project description, otherwise bid will be ignored. It is easy wor...

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    I need crawl all my URLs for item pages into sitemap, because I need create sitemap, I do it myself. But I need: Change js button --load more-- items(products), to pagination, becuase then will be possible crawl my items (products) URLs. Crawler for sitemap not crawl my products URLs because have JS button for load more products. Instead JS, will be good use pagination, then will be possible craw...

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    Looking to build a Python script to add/update products from the source website to our woocomerce site. source site need to crawl and scrap the data and update to woo commerce using API For more details PM me.

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    [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Launching a brand new private party bus / social crawl experience for the Vegas reopening. aka The Nightclub on Wheels Experience You'll be designing a logo for: "Nightclub on Wheels". Open to various styles in accordance with theme, but would like the following primary colors found on the site above (in development): #701ad1, #f700e3 We are leaning tow...

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    Trophy icon Party Bus / Limo Splash Graphics Tamat left

    [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Our new Nightclub on Wheels Private Party Bus + Crawl Experience poised to start when Vegas reopens. Looking for some simple graphic design utilizing colors (#701ad1, #f700e3) in accordance with the theme above. In particular I would like two different splash graphics that fit with the style above. One party bus model and one limo model. Two of the actual models we us...

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    I would like to have you compose a Python example for my class I teach at a local school. The program is simply an example to illustrate how Python can use email. The sample program will automate the task of applying for jobs as a office worker for a law firm. Potential programming 1. Use a zipcode number (example 85018)to determine the location for which to search for attorney firms from Google...

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    Have developed a programme that pulls news articles. Looking to learn what methodologies exist for identifying content/text-patterns in the data my programme pulls. My goal is to analyse text data I pull, and present the "most talked about" content from the dataset to the user. Currently pulling news data from 2x countries (UK and France) with circa. 150 - 250 articles being scrap...

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    Looking for someone who has experience with Australian SEO on a Shopify website for a Social Media Marketing Agency that includes a mix of e-commerce products AND service informational pages, Requirements include but not limited to: Technical SEO - Speed & image optimisations - Broken links - Structured data - Find & fix crawl errors - Core Web Vitals - Schema Markup On site SEO - Ke...

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    Mình có ý tưởng crawl sản phẩm từ SHOPEE như website này: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] ai có khả năng báo giá giúp em với ạ

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    I am looking for a expert in python or js to create a scanner that scans domains and crawls their network tab and files for stored API Keys. Maybe if possible even to scan and .env files.

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    Main objectives and specifications of the project 0.1. Promoting the website with the help of organic channels. 0.2. The main goal of the project: increase the targeted traffic and leads, generated by paid traffic sources. 0.3. Regions: Europe (targeting EN speaking searches) 0.4. Main niche: SasS. Goals of the project: domain visibility in SERP; grow organic traffic to website; leads/registratio...

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    You need to crawl all *.xlsx files within a given directory for configured keywords. When a keyword is found within an Excel workbook, you need to delete the whole column and safe the file. This must be done in Powershell. There will be multiple hits within a workbook, so multiple columns per workbook need to be deleted.

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    Interested party must have ip rotation experience (proxy crawl is a preference) We want to have a template of code illustrating scrape with ip rotation, i.e. ip have to be rotated after 50 requests

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    My website is currently exceeding shared hosting resources. I need someone to access the issues and fix them. Some suggestions are: - Adjust the heartbeat settings and configure real cron jobs - Leverage browser caching + enable gzip: - To block bad bots - You can also adjust the crawling rates for the Google, Bing, Aspiegel, apple bots to do not crawl their website that frequently. - You can als...

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    I need a online script that can crawl links from a csv and let me know which lines have succeed the search for a specific text. There alot of links, like 3000, we cannot crawl all those link at once so we have let the links crawl like 10 per minute. Not sure if this will work. We should test this.

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    Here is the problem: I have a website hosted on SiteGround which has been running fine. On Feb 28th the CPU seconds on the server for that site shot way up from 800 per hour to around 8,000 per hour. This is the information I got from my hosting company --- I have reviewed your account and I can confirm the issue comes from the site which has performed the highest number of executions on the hosti...

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    Hello, I'm looking for someone who could help with Google Merchant & Google Ads. I managed to build website on GoDaddy platform but cant add products to Google Merchant account. I have watched many video but by some reason Google Website Crawl is missing from Merchant Product Feed, Therefor Google Ads are not settable aswel. My website name is: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Thank you

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    I require work to 2 sub base walls in my home. One is a load bearing wall which appears to have had bricks removed & looks like redemial works are required as it appears one brick is baring quite a load. I suspect the gas or electrical engineer removed some bricks in 2018 to run pipework & wires through under the wall as there is a small pile of bricks on the floor nearby. The second wa...

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    Hello, We are currently building a new site. When we migrated the blogs, (a total of about 160) we noticed that the images did not migrate properly. Also, a lot of the formating needs works. Inspect Each Blog Reformat Headlines, spacing and images to create visual appealing ascetic Optimize photo sizes and page placement Basic SEO updates We do not want you to change the link structure or modi...

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    Main objectives and specifications of the project 0.1. Promoting the website with the help of organic channels. 0.2. The main goal of the project: increase the targeted traffic and leads, generated by paid traffic sources. 0.3. Regions: Europe (targeting EN speaking searches) 0.4. Main niche: SasS. Goals of the project: domain visibility in SERP; grow organic traffic to website; leads/registratio...

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