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    This project is for a complete web application written in ASP.NET & SQL2000 Enterprise. The website is for a classified ads service that is [[log masuk untuk melihat URL]][1] Clone of Ebay but a classified advertisement website [log masuk untuk melihat URL] buyers to process their purchase there ,rather than commiting to purchasing item like on ebay, in other...

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    ...facilities for non-ebay auction users The Project: Webbased auction tool for non-ebay auction sites with possibility to integrate more as one auctionsite, also ebay, with easy to update modules for later auctionsites protocol changes. Multilanguage presentation with all text in a library for each language, only the library in english is to create by the coder

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    ...what I need done: It's basically a site to help auction buyer's. An eBay, Yahoo, or Amazon auction seller will sign up at my site for a fee of $9.95 or whatever. Once signed up they will have a control panel. In the control panel they will have Create Code, Support Area, Change Password. There will also be a text area which says you are O...

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    Hi, I have seen someone who has a service where they supply the top 200 search terms used by people on eBay. I don't see how this is possible! If you know how to do it, then you are the person I am looking for. I want a script that will create a text file containing the top 250 search terms and hopefully the number of times it was searched for

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    I'm working for a company that does high-volume sales and has huge dynamic stock. We normally list them on eBay and we want to save on listing and relisting these items. We are looking for a quick turn-around in listing these items on eBay and we are looking for a stand-alone program that can auto-extend these items from 3 days -> 5days -> 7days

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    I have a requirement to extract the html script content of the [Items Im Watching] page from eBay for a given userID. To achieve this goal manually, I have to sign-on in internet explorer, and am then directed to this webpage accordingly. I have to enter a password, which is not sent in its raw format to the eBay server via CGI, but by some securer

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    ...hi we are looking for someone to build a script for us connected with a database they also create. It will be like a auction type script where users have there own area and can see there item etc very similar to ebay. Users will need a feedback rating etc. Instead of buying and selling though we are offering a swap shop for users. they need to be...

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    Please bid on how much you would charge to create a software application with similar functionality as the Ebay research program "Deepanalysis"? Go to [log masuk untuk melihat URL] for all the details and to download the FREE trial to see the functionality of the program. I require two versions: one normal version and one 30-day trial version

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    I need a custom made Verify logo for my auction. I want to have a verified logo next to the verified members on my auction, www.christian-auctions.com. eBay and many other auctions have these. I would like my own unique logo. I need someone to create one for me. I would love to see any mockups that you can do.

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    ...been selling silk out on Ebay and we have decided that we want to have an ecommerce site built where we can sell our goods. One of the things we plan to do is to expand the goods we are selling so we need this site to be easily expandable (we now sell about 15 goods now and we will one day sell about 30 or 40 goods). We have a site registered by the name

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    ...have a FileMaker Pro database I created to help me track my Profits & Losses for my eBay sales. While it works fairly well I would like to add some enhancements to it so I can be more productive. Currently it has two views - an input screen where I list the auction details, buyer details, shipping details, etc. it also has an area where I have a broken

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    ...Last time I created the CD that I sell to my customers who buy my software "Lorena - Seller Software for eBay", I used microsoft Interdev to create the installation files to burn on the CD. These files allow the buyer to insert the CD, click on a button, and my program is copied into his computer, and also all the subfolders that the program needs are

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    I need somebody to write a very comprehensive manual for my program "Lorena Seller Software for eBay" if you want to do it, start by going here and looking at the 2 years old manual that I never completed. [log masuk untuk melihat URL] that is the style that i want for the manual. with pictures of buttons and screens when needed. however

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    EASY MONEY!!! I want to sell my software on eBay again. The last time, it took me about a week to guess blindly how to HOW TO INSTALL THE MICROSOFT SERVICE PACK to make the software run and create the code to burn on the CD (so when the CD was run, it would install all the files, folders, etc.) I just do not have the time nor the inclination to go through

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    Auction Portal Tamat left

    ...products and services through franchisees across the United States. We need to create an auction site, where our Franchisees will post their orders, and then our preferred panel of developers will bid on it. We also have software modules that we have developed stored in a Software Module Depot. The vendors would use the modules from this depot to “assemble

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    I have a domain and would like to create a store to sell assorted mechandise. Ive been verified by Pay Pal and do some selling on Ebay, but would like the store outside of Ebay. I am retired and have the time and disposition to do as much work myself as my abilities will permit (and the contractor will allow). Jorge. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and

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    I require a site whereby users can sign up for a free hosting account for use in their ebay listings for auctions. The space (5Mb) will be allocated on the server, but then all files deleted after 14 days. The files would then be linked to like this - [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Features :- Refuse images/files over 100Kb Ability to

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    I would like a shopping website similar to [log masuk untuk melihat URL] developed. It must have a search a capability and a business directory. The users must be able to log in and create profiles in a similar fashion to [log masuk untuk melihat URL] I also want a capability for private users to auction goods in a similar fashion to ebay<...

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    I need someone to create an app that would let me find out what items are hot on ebay - this would be for a private subscribers only site. Viewing this list would instantly tell the user what eBay bidders currently want to buy. Here's how it would work. The user could log in, select ANY eBay category, drill down through sub-categories, and see what

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    Looking for 3 people to help me create a IP Advertisement software including a web site designed. Skills each person should atleast have: 1. Graphic Design. 2. Web Site programming, html will do. 3. Good knownledge of VB6. Once the project is complete, the project will be posted on Ebay. The web site, a domain name,software and source will

    $30 - $5000
    $30 - $5000
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    I want to create a download page for software I am selling on eBay. I have a lot of money invested in this software and want to make sure I can get compensation for every download. I can create the payment page where the customer clicks on a PayPal payment button and they will go through the payment process. I need the successful payment page, that

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    Using a portion of a program that was previously wrote in VB for me I want to change it to make it better and more attractive. Using the Single Item Purchase code: Allow then to enter the details as it is written but instead of a generate code area you will have an area for Insert Picture (using the standard browse button) and add description(text box)

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    Create 3 Auction Templates for eBay Auctions. -Each template should be original in design -Allow space at top of template for company logo or banner -Allot space for picture to be inserted -Allot space for title,(optional)subtitle,description, shipping info, contact info -I want a flashy, yet professional template. Javascript is ok. I WANT SOMEONE WHO

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    ...Auction Posting Website for Ebay and Yahoo. My selling point for this website is free image(up to 10mb) hosting and only $5.99 a month for unlimited auction postings. No hidden charges :-) Requirements are: - Use PayPal as Payment Method with recurring billing - Must conform to eBay and Yahoo catagories selections - Able to create an account and designated

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    Looking for someone to create a subscription based web version of a windows application I wrote - Auction Lizard. Basic user functionality to include: - Log in/out, change password, etc. - User inputs information about item to sell at auction - User selects predefined template for auction - 'Software' outputs HTML code for user to copy and paste into

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    ...Knows a lot when it comes to online auction websites If you meet the above requirements, then please read on. I will need someone to create a brand new website that has an amazing, easy to read layout. I need it EXTREMELY easy on the eyes and I will need to attract many customers. As you can see, the site is an online auction for PIPES (ebay cannot

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    ...ViewItem&item=1791416464 This offer must be made to look proffesional, with all links to ebay etc removing, there must be a link to a payment page also. As an example it is on the front page and there is a link that says more info or something, they will then be redirected to a page where they can pay. There are also some tectual changes required. ******...

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    ...servers and put it into a Access database. I am a ebay seller who has developed an Access application to create, manage and list my auctions. Currently I am doing alot of cut and paste to get my winning bidder info into my app and it is very time consuming. I'd like to be able to just click an update button and have it connect to ebay, login, retreive fin...

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    I am re-listing due to a deadbeat coder who has not emailed me back since I accepted his bid. Features 1) Must hold 50,000+ ads. It would use MySQL as the database. 2)Must have the ability to charge for ads via Paypal. Also, I would like it to have the ability to charge for ads for the different categories. ( I.E.: Cars, Motorcycles, Aviation, Parts

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    ...scripts. Some people want to create websites with my scripts installed on them, and then sell them on [log masuk untuk melihat URL] in auctions. I require these people to purchase a reseller license for each site they sell. The problem is not everyone buys a license, most of the time because they don't know they have to. So what I need is a script I can run whic...

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