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    ...reusing public domain information to create information products. I have a 23 page report that you can use as a basis for the ecourse, but the ecourse must be original, in your words only, no copy and paste. The goal is to create an ecourse that I can offer to people when they visit my website, where I’m selling a set of reports on reusing public domain

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    I want to create a public forum archive site similiar to Please send in your proposal and references, thanks. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Deliverables must be in ready-to-run condition, as follows? (depending on the

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    I need to gather the URLs and descriptions of a number of public domain images in the following categories for an electronic photo book. These images have to be between 400 - 600 pixels tall and 600 - 700 pixels wide. It is important that all these images are public domain and free to use without license. (100) different images of stars, galaxies from

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    ...have a listing of over 100 public domain sites. We want a system that will scrape these sites for information based on keywords we specify. 1. User will install software on their own server. 2. User will log into an admin panel and define settings (MySQL, keywords, notification email addresses). 3. User will create tag based templates in this

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    The PADS (Public Area Display System) software covers all aspects of a public display system: * Design * Schedule * Distribution **Design** PADS allows you to create presentations with any type of content. You can have simple text messages to inform your public, but it is also possible to include information from the Web or build complete

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    $5000 - $25000
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    ...system. We have our unique training set up to help trainers. We need a system to protect our trainers and to satisfy our customers like this one. We need a web side for public who can view our product and service info and buy online. We also need a web that can only be viewed by our Agents society who like to work together with us for win-win situation

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    ...capable programmer to tweak our website, still a work in progress, that has been grafted together from my limited dreamweaver html editing skills and an application we have purchased and already integrated into our site called “20/20 realtor” ([login to view URL]) Database: Microsoft Access 2000 Our website is exclusively for private sellers

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    ...Implement a Public Address System using existing LAN infrastructure and Voice-over-IP protocols Scope Develop Client-Server architecture for audio streaming This project employs networking technologies, voice-over-IP protocols to deliver digitised voice over a LAN infrastructure to powered speakers.? It attempts to offer Public address

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    $25 - $30
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    We have a client who is a Public Speaker looking to promote his speaking thru a church advertisement. A photo and highlights on the speaker will be given. We need someone to lay out the AD so that it will be appealing to church leaders and church members. The format must be Full Page 4 color Process 7.5 wide x 9” deep (live area) Email PDF preferred

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    ...messages from certain folders within certain remote mailboxes into a public folder on the server i.e. archiving certain mailbox folders to a public folder without any user interaction. The utility should allow selection of the mailbox and folders within that are to be archived, the public folder into which the messages are to be moved, and the days and

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    ...schedule of appointments in calendar format - Create a publicly accessible calendar link that will allow non-users to view someone's calendar and appointment availability. - Calendar view should be easy to use and ideally allow the user to switch from monthly to weekly to daily views. - The public calendar page will only show "Available" or "Not

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    I need a copy of [[login to view URL]][1] system. It's a system that provides list of all public RFPs worldwide and provides alert service, advanced search, etc... I will ensure the data feed that we receive daily new tenders from EU, USA government and so on. Your job will be to do following: 1. Tenders from different organizations are

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    We are a new ecommerce web site that will sell high quality Amish made gazebos, lawn furniture, lawn ornaments and other Amish made wood crafts. Our products are targeted to the more affluent consumer who is willing to pay a premium for higher quality products, but yet is price conscious. Our site, which is just about completed, is professionally designed, and projects an elegant and sophisti...

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    We are looking for a sol...about 15 pages of content for a up and coming Public Speaker. It will be a site tailored both towards the Religious and Business Community. We are needing someone with great sales writing experience who can really grab an audience and get them to make a call to action. You can visit the current website at [login to view URL]

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    We run an online educational toy store and we are looking for someone to write press releases. We are open to having you pitch the press release to the media or we can do that as well. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Deliverables must be in ready-to-run condition, as fo...

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    Greetings I am looking for a developer to create a product line similar to that of the following websites: <[login to view URL]> <[login to view URL]> <[login to view URL]> <[login to view URL]> Project requires minimal research as most of the content comes

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    I will need to have a page which allows people to drop off photos with descriptions and contact information from a standard Web form. The photos would be named with a case number (e.g. [login to view URL], [login to view URL]) that matches up to a number in a tab-delimited text database (or MySQL if needed) that provides the contact information, description, and possibly other information. The pag...

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    Hello Coders! Here is the rundown of my situation and what I need. I am building a website for me and my girlfriend as she goes away to school. I want to have a login section (one login for her, and one for me) where we can go into and leave messages to each other. I want the feel to be very similiar to an online e-mail such as yahoo or whatever

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    looking for a lite-weight (little device-side code) app that can access public folers from a mobile html browser: features required are: - minimal configuration (should be able to edit one file with servername, etc and then run) - ability to run remotely (no need to install on each exchange server) - enumerate folders with color folder

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    This project is part of a bigger parent project. In means of uniting all sub-projects at the end of completion to finalize the parent project, the DB and Script output of all features included in this sub-project **needs** to be very *standard & Universal*. IIC Project 1 / X *X = There are a total of 11 Sub-Projects so far. Please see attached document for more detailed information...

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    We want an outlook form designed, which is going to be accesible from the public folder. In the form person has to fill up all the fields, and when form is filled and person clicks on send, then the html copy of the form goes to the email address which is already specified with the data user has filled in. I will provide the format of the form. Regards

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    HI, We need a utility to extract all the contacts from the exchange server's public folder, and store the output in a html format given by us, only six contact fields are to be extracted. The application will not run on Exchnage server, will rather be running on the PC, with the outlook, which is going to be in Exchange servers domain. I need

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    This project requires the coder to create a copy of a publicly available database of pricing data information. The pricing information is NOT proprietary or copyrighted - it is a list of retail prices for spare parts for BMW automobiles. Prices can currently be viewed one at a time via the following web page: [[login to view URL]

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    create a program using visual C++. the program is about encryption and decryption using the RSA [login to view URL] table is o= space 1=a to 26=z , ?=27 &=28 !=29 $=30 #=31 *=32 ------------------------------------------ second program is for TI 83 plus calculator to do we need to use the calculator syntax Modular inverse to

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    This personal Projects is a simulation of Public Computing Utility PCU (PCU encompasses the on-demand delivery of applications, in a security-aware, shared, scalable, and standard-based computing environment for a fee paid by the user). This project simulates the management of PCU resources (CPU, memory, disk, computational time and complexity, and

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    $30 - $5000
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    create a Public survey and Analysis with ASP.. Database is Access..

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    ...categories. I need all the data elements separated into the following fields (columns) in a spreadsheet. Name Address City State Zip Phone 1 Phone 2 Fax Website address Business Category NOTE, not all records will use all fields (columns). Please list the basic method you will use to do this (including sample software helpful

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    Select details from the users info will be displayed in preformatted template. User can enter select details about their policies for trading, link to their homepage etc.

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    The project is to build a system for the Bahamas government that will run over a network and the internet to manage the issuance of permits to companies and individuals who wish to publicly display signs in the Bahamas and to administer the same. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Instal...

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    Hi, This project will allow me to... 1) Send Annoucements using the built in Windows Messenger Service. I can select objects whether they are computers, users, groups out of AD. I can pick a object by double clicking on it, if I select a OU (such as Finance Office), all the computers are then added. I do want to use the built in Windows Command - Net Send 2) Allow AUP. Basically whe...

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    ...does not work in a public folder (it only works in your private calendar or task folder). I would like to purchase code that adds a widget to enter a reminder, date and time on this public form. The reminder should be set in the personal calendar of the individual who enters it. For example, If I open the public folder and create a new task, and on

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    We need VBA code on a mailbox and/or Public Folder in Exchange 2000 with does the following:- - When mail arrives the code needs to extract the Title and the Body from the email. - Construc a new email which sends the saved e-mail to a distributionlist or a simple email adres. The new email contains the Subject and the Body from the received

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    We are currently looking for public domain texts to use in our marketing work. These will either be reposted as article content, or used in an educational application we are creating. If you have a pure text collection of categorized public domain work (ie, a Science folder with a mass of science texts -- think Project Gutenberg), then please

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    Public Library Application -Our current database is a DOS based system. We require a new Windows XP based application and to convert the old information from the existing database into the new application. Most people know how a library works. This will automate a lot of a library adminitrative funtions. It will track patron and library asset information

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    We require the ability to total Outlook Public Tasks in Excel. Eg we use Public Tasks to manage our workflow and we want a button in Outlook that will take all the jobs shown on the screen into Excel and total the amount columns. eg The work billed field, the budget field etc. This VB code must work for Outlook/Office versions 2000 and above and

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    The Irish lottery have their own website with all results from previous draws entered ([[login to view URL]][1]). This is not in a very accessible form and for a project we are completing we wish to grab all past data for the last 4 years. There are a number of games, but the only one we are interested in is lotto. However there are three separate lotto

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    We are seeking a program that will allow us to manage a small public hotspot serviced by off the shelf hardware functioning as the server(i.e. generic PC & wireless access card). This site will have one access point serving a small area, and access can be granted as follows: Customers will recieve an access code at the register that is good for a predetermined

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    A public domain bilingual dictionary is collaboratively constructed by a set of volunteers. Write a process which allows volunteers to sign up to help grow the database. It should authenticate "trusted" collaborators, and then allow them (and not others), by passing authentication "certificates" to add new records and fields to the underlying data.

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    ...for an experienced ASP.NET (w/ VB.NET, no C#) developer to assist our team in the development of an Intranet based customer information system. The application will manage public utility billing (water, sewer, landfill, conservation & electric), accounts receivables and meters. Modules Include: Utility Billing Utility billing procedures to include

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    Saving attachment(s) from EMAIL already stored in an MS-Outlook Public Folder The application should: 1. Check for the existence of an email(s) already stored in a typical MS-Outlook Public Folder (i.e.: SitePlantENGReceviedMail). [A separate application moved this email to this folder from a dedicated account's Inbox]. 2. If no email(s) are found

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    Please see the attached file. Thank you. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will install the software (in ready-to-run condition) on the platform(s) specified in this bid request. 3) Complete ownership and distribution copyrights to all work purchased. That means no...

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    Hi i am a student trying to create a website for medical students..its main feature is a gallery uploader. The following is what i require: SECTION 1 UPLOADER i basicallly require a gallery uploader where i can upload 100 photos at a time onto my website A really good example is [login to view URL] It will require

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    ...small DLL (pref in C++) that I can call from my VB app. It needs to be able to find the Public IP on a networked PC, whether it be from a Router, or from a multi-homed system. The code will be able to get the IP from any Client PC. Some router setups have the Public IP (Internet IP) on the router itself, others have it on the server, so that the router

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    Write a code for the public member cycle Network::Cycle(), which determines whether the network has a (directed) cycle. Base your code on either a depth-first search or a breath-first search. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. Complete copyrights to

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    I have a small public domain program written in Delphi that I need parts of it translatted into Visual Basic, I am a VB programmer who has never touched Pascal/Delphi. This is a phases of the moon program that will show the phases of the moon with stats for any day in history. I have the zip file with .pas souce code. I am looking for someone to give

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    I would like to set up a public access information site, i have a lot of experience in the computer industry for my age, i have very good skills with technical support for printers, software, monitors, PC`s... I`m looking for people to help...

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    $200 - $300
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