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    ...for a web app to install on my web server written in php and mysql. web app should be able to do the following. the web app should be hackproof and responsive (mobile friendly) 1. create/edit/delete equipment profile 2. create/edit/delete vendor profile and vendor contacts 3. create/edit/delete customer profile with multiple customer contacts

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    ...php55 for server side scripts 3. We are using MySQL for DB 4. We are using CodeIgniter 3.1.4 as the system framework using MVC model 5. Most of the configuration for the DB connections, etc is in the application/config dir 5. We are using GroceryCrud 1.5.4 as the front end for the DB list and forms. 6. We are using Flat-UI from designmodo

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    I am looking for someone to port a php webpage with a form and various queries and api calls to Joomla. Should be very easy for someone with knowledge of Joomla accessing an external database and working with the data. All queries are in functions which need changed to suit Joomla, working example of querying the external database using the Sourcerer extension in a Joomla article is availab...

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    ...CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS, where employees fill forms with data (mostly numbers) they acquire in work areas doing some exams. We have ~15 types of forms with 15 fields/columns each. We use a node type for every form/exam, because every form can have multiple rows (node structure is quite simple, but forms are not) to resolve this, we’ll use a Field

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    rotate image c# windows forms based on Line segment detection

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    ...this) 4. Existing website template: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] (current theme that needs to be completed) PROJECT DETAILS: 1. Fix existing bootstrap theme and create necessary settings inside admin panel. 2. Add Gravity Form with steps to current theme. 3. Make current theme look and function like sample theme. 4. Make custom script

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    Looking for a developer to help us create web scraper/crawler and develop UI, which extracts amazon best seller,private label and wholesale products and price information from AMAzon and lists the data on the end user browser/site. The crawler should be able to return and sort the data in real time according to the end user search request, which should

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    ...surveyed the site in its' current form and have properly assessed the outlined criteria needed to complete each task. Developers should be proficient in: Symfony/UX/UI/PHP/MySQL/HTML/API/Webservices. Developers should be willing to communicate daily, and take calls whenever necessary to expedite completion of tasks. Developers must be available full-time

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    Modification of existing WordPress responsive template and MySQL database table. Create new forms and fields.

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    ...empty php websites. All that is there is a simple landing page. I need to add authentication on both of them. You can create it on one and then duplicate it for the other. I think there are 4 elements to the authentication. 1. Create mysql database with login table -- hashed password. 2. Registration form -- email, password & password confirmation. 3. Login

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    Personal - I need someone to help me file guardianship papers.

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    Please see attached image of how i want the page to look. The top image is the way it works correctly just now using a paypal form, the 2nd image is how id like it to be, the issue for me is the <div> spacing when i try to add another paypal form and i cannot get it to look the way i want .... Will be a simple quick project for the correct person. DO NOT TRY TO ADJUST YOUR BID AFTER DISCU...

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    We want to create some forms with subforms to manage a mysql database . Requirement is the use of the programm PHP Generator for MySQL Professional (SQLMaestro; [log masuk untuk melihat URL]). Programmer must have good knowledge of the program and a license for the professional version.

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    ...developers have surveyed the site in its' current form and have properly assessed the outlined criteria needed to complete each task. Developers should be proficient in: UX/UI/PHP/MySQL/HTML/API/Webservices. Developers should be willing to communicate daily, and take calls whenever necessary to expedite completion of tasks. Developers must be available full-time

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    We are looking for someone who is RELIABLE and has GOOD COMMUNICATION to finish of a project which another freelancer has not completed properly. The task is on ...someone who is RELIABLE and has GOOD COMMUNICATION to finish of a project which another freelancer has not completed properly. The task is on wordpress website, using gravity forms plugin.

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    ...for this job. Your task: create an admin form for member management. The form fetches data from MySQL database and filters, groups and organizes it and will have some buttons and fields for changing values and adding data. I expect you to know how to process and present data and create neath looking and functioning forms and reports. Requirements:

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    ...only bid if you have a good idea about the project We have several contact forms on one of our sites, all are directed to valid emails. The contact forms show as sent but we never receive any test messages.. There is no issue with the email adresses that the contact forms are directed to, we use them everyday. I have contacted the host, they see no

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    Hi, we are using a form of aweber and integrated it into leadpages and need some custom validation on this form. Please apply only if you have experienced before on aweber and leadpages and have done some custom validation before submitting form. Type "I've used aweber and leadpages with custom validation" at start of your proposal to avoid spam. I’ll share the fu...

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    I need some...someone to customize the below form and create an intuitive method of updating the database tables and form fields. The form creation will be pretty simply given the back end administration, however, candidate should be skilled in CSS and MySQL. ` [log masuk untuk melihat URL]

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    ...RECEIVED WITHIN 15 MINUTES OF POSTING WILL BE IMMEDIATELY DISQUALIFIED Create simple wordpress site - Home,About,Contact (from template) + Members Only area with UN/PW Create four webforms A, B, C and D with 25 question/answer fields in each form to save to db Create mysql db and integrate with website Integrate Twilio account with db so that MMS

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    taking picture of employee on click of button and saving to database thru oracle forms 6i

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    I need someone to fill in forms for me. Each form will take about 5-10 minutes, so we are talking about 250 - 500 minutes work. So, I will pay you for $10 hours at $1/hr = $10 I have a lot more forms to fill, so if you do this project honestly, accurately, and quickly, we will continue through the remainder of my project.

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    We need you to create a new app for Android and iOS. The new app’s code will be new but use the existing data channel to synchronise with the website. The main functionality of the app is to present the content from the existing website: MySQL DB (CMS Joomla) -> PHP Parser -> PHP Data Server -> iOS & Android Apps App also contains Events Calendar

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    We need someone to build us a Wordpress plugin that lets an “Administrator” user create/edit/delete MySQL tables and table columns in wp-admin section from a menu item. To clarify, this plugin will NOT allow the user to interact with the core WP tables, it will create additional tables through its own simple UI that it will interact with. We need the

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    i have a wordpress site. i nead to create some forms that get data from mysql table

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    I am looking for a programmer who is well familiar with joomla, MySQL and joomla components like facile forms to build a customized order input and processing system version 1.0 with intention for further development in the future. I do require an order input system based on joomla where already approved customers can order individual imprints on

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    ...being to have Forms for entering data into my own MySQL database. It would have a number of separate forms to be joinable as required. So, for example, Form #1 (e.g. client contact details) can be joined to Form #2, which can be joined to Form #3 or Form #8, and so on, as required. All information entered into the various joined forms is automatically

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    ...PHP, and MySQL. The main idea is create an app that can display (as a Horizontal Bar Graph) the progress of the phases of an street construction. Like a Gantt Diagram but instead days in headers will be length of the street. Each square or division will be of 25 mts. Until the last KM of the street. Is necessary create two forms. First for

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    Using 3rd party libraries for communication and telerik and syncfusion libraries for the GUI we need to make a quick first version of a Xamarin based car tracking app that will evolve with time with more functionality. the first version is very basic, just displaying tracking, 2 basic reports and display some basic information. we will use google API and google maps to be able to display the locat...

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    I need to create a membership form that a parent typically fills out. SO i would like to have a parent login and give them the ability to add 1 to many children under there account. The children should also have login ability but will have limited functionality Vs. parent. This is just a multi detailed form but will require data to be inserted into

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    ...script will take as input the list of DB fields in the table and their types. Also mentioned will be if the field is mandatory or not. It will generate (1) a MySQL script to create the table (2) a Form that accepts data fields as mentioned in the table along with requisite validataion (3) PHP code to get parameters and insert data into the

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    I need to create an Ajax App to show an a lineal graph that show a progresive advance of a construction. I require two forms (input data): 1. Main Settings: - Configure the Size of Street for example... Street A... Total Length 1,250 mts - Total Phases of Construction, Name and Color: Phase 1 - Magenta, Phase 2 Orange etc. 2. Add records - Date -

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    I want to create 3 new forms in the admin section of our website and connect to our MySql database (PHP /MySQL). Page 1 Articles Page 2 Job Fairs Page 3 Training classes Page 1 (Articles) Create a form in admin Articles Title: The title will be displayed in the browser window. Articles Author: Articles Category: If not listed

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    I need a desktop application for collecting and receiving data from the field by utilizing MS Access and VBA. Attached is a sample DB for understanding.

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    18 bida

    Create a desktop application using and MySQL to manage contracts and print receipts and invoices. An overview of the forms and reports required is in the attached pdf. Please review the pdf and state your expected delivery time for each of the milestones and your quote for the whole project.

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    Hello, I want to create a website with forms, i have an exemple, i want similar with different background. Thanks

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    I would like to pass some values between two particular forms created with CF7 WP plugin.

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    ...2)Integrate with Amcharts 3)create forms and reports for various users 4)Integrate with payment system 5)Set-up e-commerce features (products, discount codes, etc) 6)Set up fronpage of site with integration with admin dashboard and user dashboards where needed All that is necessary to get webapp functioning once mysql database is connected

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    ...attached PDF’s come to life by way of mySQL Database. I’m using [log masuk untuk melihat URL] for graphing and need you to be able to continue with this system to output user data. The basics of this project are easy to understand. There are only two types of users. Coaches and Athletes. Coaches want to create groups of Athletes that will take a)

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    Create ASP.NET (in Visual studio) web app with SQL Server database. - Applications must be connected with one database (SQL Server, MySQL, SqlLite, Oracle ...) And contain 2 input forms: 1. Input form for customer(buyer) and overview customer -something like a registrastion form

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    I need someone to fill out email and zip forms for an up an coming campaign my team is running. We are paying $1 for each completed form. Please msg me for details

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    I want to create forms which looks good

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    Im looking for coder who can create Facebook/Adwords Generator. Here is how it should work: Step 1: User should fill input fields with HEADER, SUBHEADER, SLOGAN Step 2: User can select template set (here is example set: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] <- It is in htm5)

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    ... I am looking for somebody who can do the following for me: I want give my students an insight in their own development. I want to do this as follows: 1. I want to create a Google Form in which the students can score themselves. They'll have to enter their names and after that they'll have to score themselves on different skills from 1 to 5

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    In angular 2, create PDF from HTML and css from DOM , save the PDF to database or folder to be sent in email is the requirement. Angular CLI front end. Nodejs, mongodb/MySQL in back end. You can use jspdf or pdfkit or pdfmake along with canvas(element) , but it should in all scenarios as we complex forms. Form is ready , only PDF creation is the main

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    ------- 1- R LANGUAGE SCRIPTS OUTPUTS SHOWN IN HTML BOOTSTRAP DASHBOARD AND PHP BOOTSTRAP DASHBOARD ----------------------------------------------------------------- To create INSIDE two different free bootstrap dashboards: 1.A - one HTML dashboard 1.B - and one PHP dashboard an additional menu in the sidebar that shows an screen with

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    ...for WordPress Current functionality feeds off the [log masuk untuk melihat URL] file, where by it submits a post to a web-to-prospect page using the information captured at the gravity forms action 'gform_after_submission'. There is a specific format that the post needs to be submitted in. The issue is that we are suffering a delay of the 200 response from the

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    I need a base backend Rails API using Dev...project. I would like to plug this API in and connect my frontend login/registration forms to it. The two auth methods are username (email) + password and facebook. - Install Dependencies - (assume a network MySQL instance) - Install Ruby - Create Gemfile - Create base Rails project (API) - etc..

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    ...designer interface into Yii2 page - Create the ability to build a form, associate it with a userID, and store in MySQL db. -Then, I will need to render the saved forms (from db query) which will be specific to a user (logged in user). - Once the user fills out the form, then that data must be stored in MySQL and have the ability to be retrieved

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