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    ...gestures, such as scroll, swipe, must match the Appstore app. Please refer to design of the attached image and Appstore app for design. This "view" should be able to be dynamically configured according to json on the server. The item list should be obtained from the following json. [log masuk untuk melihat URL]

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    20 bida and provide statistical data such as session, user login, search history data using Google Analytics. SQL details are as follows Need two tables one will take data dynamically from frontend of the website Another table will have static data exported one time from excel sheet. Google Analytics details are as follows Need customer session information

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    I have a List<String> that will always hold < 200 strings. I have a HBox and I want to dynamically add VBox to the Hbox. Here is the catch, I only want each Vbox to hold 20 names from the List<String>, each increment of 20 I want to add a new Vbox. What would this be achieved in Java?

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    9 bida created with adobe after effect, you will need to write code to create the same animation video using CSS3, HTML5, Javascript. The code/animation video should be editable so that we can edit or replace text, images, font, etc. of any part of the video as we will be dynamically producing animations from different content. For reference, you can

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    We want to hire some to work our latest project. The task is to build a windows application. Application must have database to fetch query and update data. Should be dynamically adjustable with printer. For more information on project please be in touch. Urgent requirement. Developer shall pass on all the source code and database along with exe files

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    ...profile is fake. There can be TWO ways someone submits complaint a) Regular email: Once submit, they will need to verify/confirm their email address via a link sent to them dynamically. Once confirmed email, it goes for approval to admin b) Linked In active user: Please note that we only need sign in via Linked OAUTH. No need to confirm if it comes via

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    I have a WordPress theme where It offers the option for search. however, I would like to have that modified and added through a widget in order to ...items to it. In addition, the breadcrumb has an option to be on the right or the left side, but since the site is in both languages Arabic and English. I need it to change dynamically on language switch

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    Are you expert in javascript? 3 hari left

    I need someone who is expert on javascript, and can help med edit the script to change a squid config dynamically,The address from pppx interfaces and setting outgoing ip address with a random value of priority

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    about DBMS Dynamic hashing techniques allow the hash function to be modified dynamically to accommodate the growth or shrinkage of the database. Obviously, dynamic hashing overcomes static hashing problems where the number of buckets is fixed and does not change. A well-known technique of dynamic hashing is extendable hashing which copes with changes

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    ...I am not sure why it is not showing new data the same as when you update a node from an Article or Content page. It is not doing it dynamically. Steps to set up the system before you install the Custom Module. Create a Content Type: These are the fields: Body body Text (formatted, long, with summary) Crop field_mlfruitandnut_crop List (text) Here

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    Required part time UI/UX developer for building company website. Experience in Twitter Bootstrap Twitter Bootstrap framework is a must. The backend is designed in Django. Our core blogs and services are designed using Django-ckeditor so these pages will be loaded dynamically to the main website. The core part is creating a dynamic menu.

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    [log masuk untuk melihat URL] a 3d obj file with inputs from user on certain metrics(such as chest, bicep, arm length etc) and using body Morph to have the person obj/fbx dynamically display this in a web browser 2 Implement clothing on the obj/fbx with its appropriate morph values, not the same as body morph. for example, a formal shirt may have a sleeve length of 20cm

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    ...Jekyll to run on JRuby (including dynamic Ruby GEM installation) on Linux. It can not use anything other than the JVM 1.8 2) You then need to demonstrate that Jekyll can dynamically generate into html directory 3 of the following themes and they display correctly: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] BlackDoc Carte JustTheDocs plus this

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    2 bida date should be the earliest estimated delivery date for the product with the latest estimated delivery date (i.e. in most cases, backordered products). 3) Ability to dynamically change the estimated delivery date at the individual product page based on the customers' input quantity (before clicking on the add to cart button). Kindly refer to the

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    We need a website for leave tracking Admin screen, Employee Screen and HOD screen Admin screen: where Admin can give access rights Employee Screen: where employee...access rights Employee Screen: where employee can login and can apply fro leave HOD screen: where HOD can approve the applied leaves. All the above screen has be developed dynamically.

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    ...will take delivery address details once. Based on it we will give delivery time slots >> Profile update >> Account blocking feature >> Push notifications >> Dynamically adding categories >> Dynamically adding products >> There should some restriction to the user to add max 5 qty of products >> For some categories of products, there should ...

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    Hi, We are having software, which does not have many string manipulation functions. Unfortunately si...functions are: 1. String Split/strtok 2. ascii to integer 3. Ascii to float 4. Some trivial helper functions to pass multiple strings value Please keep in mind, we have to dynamically allocate memory Any knowledge about the GPRS modem will be pplus

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    ...description includes also a script that allows launching nodes on demand by for examle a rest-API (JSON) using a server on some cloud provider. I want to able to launch dynamically scaling tor-node network that are routing the traffic inside the ordered cloud network before letting the traffic go outside from the created cloud nodes. Suppose there'll

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    I am working on building a library to dynamically change the contents or add contents like a photo graph or button to the currently presented window / form. I'm using C++ in the .DLL with .NET 4.6.1 /CLR Project. Essentially, I would like to detect the currently presented window of the parent application that consumes my library, and add an object /

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    ...would like the upstairs of the property redesign to create 3 bedrooms rather than 1 large room at present. I would like to keep the shower room, but happy for this to re-designed. Additionally, I would like to utilised the loft space and cupboards on the landing to use the space more dynamically. Changing the window on the landing could also be incorporated

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    I need an ASP.Net project (VB) that will dynamically load and print an RDLC report on the client side. The report should directly print on a defined printer (assuming there are 2 or more printers connected to the client system). The project should be able to print the report to a local printer on the client side as well. Please test your code so that

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    11 bida information for the locations is stored in the Citrix app Podio. Currently, we export the data manually from Podio to create the map (see attached screenshot). The purpose of this project is to link the map dynamically to the Podio data so that it is always live and doesn't need to be manually updated. We run on G-Suite, so the map should be

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    ...description includes also a script that allows launching nodes on demand by for examle a rest-API (JSON) using a server on some cloud provider. I want to able to launch dynamically scaling tor-node network that are routing the traffic inside the ordered cloud network before letting the traffic go outside from the created cloud nodes. Suppose there'll

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    App API sys Tamat left

    Person should know *Symfony* framework v4.2 and have knowledge of HMVC framework. We want some feature to be added in our admin panel and want our form to be loaded dynamically using json file. Feature: Blockchain wallet API Bitcoin payment integration skills required: PHP (Symfony) HTML JS CSS

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    Dear All, I am a stock trader based in India looking for a vba coder, Hi all, I have an excel sheet in which data are dynamically updating every second. What i need is I need to the capture the data for every one minute and saving it in database and plot a dynamic chart based on the database. Happy Bidding.

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    ASP.NET Core (MVC) Web Page that: 1. Create Page with Menu and Search Box Area 2. Create Page/Area, where results will appear. 3. Search field: a. User searches - queries SQL Server (all selected tables and all selected columns) b. Search field dynamically auto-completes/guesses as you type and displays results as you type to bottom of screen

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    I have a html page dynamically generated from api request. It comes as a json data and it is generated as html page. Can anybody design html page as in the example to display json data? To get the api data, you can use sandbox created from [log masuk untuk melihat URL], product is education: 1. Download and store in your storage the report source document from:

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    Render the form dynamically from the Firebase, change in the schema should reflect the form view.

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    I need to use COM interface In VISSIM to dynamically change the signal timings.

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    Hello ...of this files, they are totally different in the selected range for printing, what I need is to add the that header to no matter what range/size is the document, must fit dynamically everytime The header height in the PageSetup configuration must be 2 inches, please refer to "PageSetup" image to see desired config. Any questions let me know

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    ...described below. When the simulation has been completed, you must present the user a menu with a list of possible reports for them to see the result. The system must create dynamically 100 companies. All of them must have: • A unique ID • A random number of shares (between 500 and 1000) • A random share price (between 10 and 100) • Any other attribute

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    I have a html page dynamically generated from api request. It comes as a json data and it is generated as html page. I have access to the sample page and can provide sample json data. Can anybody design html page as in the example to display json data?

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    I want to create the website from my own purposes that shows the results from several SQL servers tables with search ability. It is also necessary to make it able to manually add any additionaly table that exists in specific database. It is preferred to do it dynamically with sorting. Probably Javascript required.

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    6 bida the earliest estimated delivery date for the product with the latest estimated delivery date (i.e. in most cases, backordered products). - Bonus: If you are able to dynamically change the estimated delivery date at the individual product page based on the customers' input quantity (before clicking on the add to cart button), be it through dynamic

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    ...looking for a Adobe Animate CC Pro to assist in the conversion of a Action Script 3 project to html5 and JS. We will need to load in external resource files and fill in fields dynamically upon request . A strong understanding of Adobe Animate and Actionscript 3 + Javascript and various other javascript libraries and frameworks are strongl recomended.

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    15 bida

    ...improved. The picture are too big in size and not looking beautiul. The images and the links to it will be maintained in the backend database and it will keep changing dynamically in the run time. 7. Health Package Offer. It is a seprate section. The dyanamic content will come here from the database with links to it. Keep it as is. 8. Header - Keep

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    I want to have Android and iOS application project which are able to load flutter projects dynamically from external storage. So, application should be able to load needed files from some folder on device and run flutter view based on those files 100$ for Android project and 100$ for iOS project

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    Got an Open API defini...the attached file) . It’s supposed to retrieve the dynamic schema based on the entity name selected. Need someone who can fix this issue and retrieve the entity schema dynamically. Because It’s a very simple task for the person with the right skills, please do not reply if you have not already solved it. Budget is $60AUD

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    $21 - $178
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    ...may move created pins along the distance ruler and set fixed prices for each pin. As the user moves the pins left or right, the distance will change dynamically and the price per mile will change dynamically....

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    I want to built a simple order taking and order processing app which has multiple order statuses. It will be a web app and should dynamically adjust on tablets as well. Detailed flow diagram and requirements will be passed to potential candidates. Want to develop on REACT

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    Need to develop a web app which should be dynamically adjustable on tablets. The interface and transition of functionality will be similar to Trello - so please share projects which are similar to trello. Preferred technology is REACT for front end and java back end I ha e detailed flow and understand ding of the project so based on your relevant work

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    I would like to create dynamic web page that can be exported to PDF from a Google Drive sheet. The flow will be like this; I will put information to Google Drive sheets (you can find sample offline version attached, SPI Content Sales DB (2).xlsx) and you will create PDF pages dynamically (or web sites with paging) according to the template attached

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    I need a dynamic page scr...some of the info in the items link. we must repeat the process for every item. There are 8 main categories inside those 8 categories (Buttons on a page that expand the page dynamically) theres a couple hundred items in total each of which has a link containing the information needed. Contact for details. Payment negotiable.

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    ...moved forward, only these data records should be dynamically loaded and displayed. Example: When switching from 5 to 10 displayable data sets, only the respective 10 data sets should be loaded and displayed without page reload. If page 2 is clicked, only the records to be displayed are to be dynamically reloaded. Also without page reload. The project

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    Looking for a way to dynamically pull the following information and place it into a Constant Contact template design I had created: Upcoming Events Tickets Booth Purchases (Using Shopify) Recent Galleries (Smugmug) Banners for weekly newsletter campaign. Example of how my Newsletter Look is attached.

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    I need complete the following topics in php App: - Calculate input text created dynamically using js/jquery;

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    I've been struggling with using HighStock chart and yAxis classes to dynamically update the chart. Only those with expert level understanding of "chart" and "yAxis" classes, please respond. I'll need a 1 hour screen sharing session.

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    I need a Firefox extensions that will automatically replace links on pages from a certain website with other links that are three clicks further away. So manually I need to click A - B - C - D. With this extension when I click A I would like to be redirected directly to D. This entire process is dynamic, the last link (D) is not available on page A. I think it will need to be read from page C.

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    ...memTable b. display it in a db-grid. c. ability to publish to topics depending on what rows are selected in the grid. d. Columns for the table would be created dynamically as I will explain in Doc Include the word BlueMagic in your response, write if you have any experience using MQTT, Delphi version you use, FMX or VCL and why, and don't

    $30 - $250
    $30 - $250
    9 bida built dynamically from json tree type structure The middle section will be a form rendering.. will be built dynamically as well.. it will receive a json and will build the form and it will use [log masuk untuk melihat URL] to render the form [log masuk untuk melihat URL] see example: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] navbar is built dynamically using JSON

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