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    ...Experience with java-servlet and .jsp applications (Existing application) - Experience with iOS development Good to have: - Experience with dating or hot-or-not applications - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Default buttons in bottom: Home, Browse, Mails, My stuff, My Profile Startpage when not logged in: Form to login Action: Create new user

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    ...tree only leaf nodes contain the actual values, and the leaves should be linked into a doubly linkedlist. The following operations should be implemented: 1. Initialize(m): create a new m-way B+tree 2. Insert (key, value) 3. Delete(key) 4. Search (key): returns the value associated with the key. 5. Search (key1, key2): returns values such that in the

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    We need AEM, Java developer to give job support. It's long-term job support you need to give support every day. We will pay monthly Rs. 18000/-. Job support means I am busy with my personal works and you need to complete my office tasks. I will share my TeamViewer regularly when I have a task you need to connect through it and complete the tasks whenever

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    Create a chess-bot in C++, C, Java, or AHK (whichever is the easiest)

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    Plataforma web para la venta online de cupones de ofertas. Se te ha puesto como requisito que la tecnología a utilizar sea Java Server Faces (recomendable con PrimeFaces), JPA y EJBs. El ejercicio está en marcha pero necesito depurarlo y terminarlo

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    ...places, career choices they can make etc.. I have a very basic outline of the program with rewards and scholarships that I can make available. I wanted to know if some one is interested in developing an outline, material including PPT, Questionnaire, Pre qualifications program etc. training. The resource must be experienced around learning programs for

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    I need a simple C++ based matrix program. It will take 1-2 hours

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    Java Program Tamat left

    I would like to create a regular java program

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    Need some learning about how Java Protocols work You should write a simple transport protocol on top of a lower level communication stack. Given interfaces. We can assume that the communication stack provides a link layer that is capable of transmitting data in chunks of 20 bytes. Java Task Summary: Write transport protocol on top of the provided

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    I have a C++ program built and working perfect .. it's a simulation program in networking .. I need to calculate something in the program ( this is the requirement) Please contact me to send you the code with requirements after running the code

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    ...web application development using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, ReactJs, PHP Experience developing multi-threaded and high performance software. Key Skills: Development exp, Java Script, HTML, CSS, ReactJs. As of now your have to prepare simple demo and need to present with client on [log masuk untuk melihat URL] share the demo requirement in chat, The mention budget

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    hello everyone , I have a current website on Wix and after a year of operation i would like to create it on Wordpress and add new features. I am looking for a web designer to create a new website for a real estate brokerage brokerage firm operating in New York and Connecticut. We currently have a simple website on Wix but looking to move to Wordpress

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    We require a skilled and committed developer on a part time weekly bases for ongoing projects. The successful applicant must be committed and willing to start work immediately. Best of luck.

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    BlueJ IDE Find attached "[log masuk untuk melihat URL]" for more details.

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    Java only web based ready made accounting/ERP source code. please note ready made only.

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    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed for Windows using Javafx, and scene builder. The project is building a simple garden planner program. All the instructions and a sample code will be given for you to work on. More projects to come.

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    The program is built and running very good Need to calculate one extra thing which needs to understand the process of the program Very simple and easy to implement It's a simulation program in networking..

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    I have a react-native project which is using firebase as backend I need to embed a VPN service into the app so the users from Iran can use the app and firebase service...a VPN service into the app so the users from Iran can use the app and firebase services which are blocked by Google. React-native project has the android folder containing java code.

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    I'm looking to have a program developed to scrape Facebook (and, if possible, Eventbrite) for free fitness events in certain geographic areas (e.g., yoga in the park in Atlanta). I would like the results to be exported to a file or other database.

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    Intermediate level Java coding project.

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    Necesitamos Desarrollar un sistema que contenga los siguientes modulos: *Compras: COMPRAS, Proveedores, reportes de ventas Ventas Facturación, apertura y cierre de cajas, Diferentes establecimiento y punto de emisión , reportes de ventas por filtros fecha productos clientes, reporte de caja Inventarios Anulacion de facturas Productos, ajuste de productos, tipos de productos , (term...

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    Hi, we have a website which is built on .NET and MySQL. This is WebApp and DB configured in 2 Tier architecture. Need developer who can work with us to take it ...configured in 2 Tier architecture. Need developer who can work with us to take it forward. We need to work atleast 30 Hrs in a week. Need experts who is good in .NET, HTML5, JAVA, MySQL.

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    We are looking for an experienced machine learning Developer who can build the complex intelligent ML java backBack algorithms for our company.

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    Everything inside the rar i need it to be finished today

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    For a School works, simple tutorial needed.

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    Hi, my name is Beau. I have coded, with a team of people, an interactive map for a gaming community. The map displays on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge with no errors and quite beautifully. However, it will not load the map in Internet Explorer of Firefox. My team and I, are not coders by any means, and done lots of research to get this far, but we have tried everything we can find and think of ...

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    Need to upgrade java desktop apps for additional requirement : - add login in setting (login for synchronizing and downloading data, different from login apps) - create local login and password - synchronize token and data using button synchronize means uploading image data via ftp and data using web service, then downloading vendor's token list

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    We are about to create an advanced modern web application that would leverage the cloud to deliver recruiting as a service to job seekers and companies: We are looking for an experienced architect to help with creating a design, develop and implement. And can work in U.S time, and fluent in English. Here are the skills we require the architect to possess:

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    Write a network program where a client will prove to the server that it knows a secret key without reaveling the secret key. Implement the Zero Knowledge Proof technique to achieve this. The secret could be a large number or hash code of a paasword. Use BigInteger API in Java for hanadeling Big Integer.

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    Basically i need a program that can convert a specific file format from an online game "Silkroad Online" into a obj format to be imported into 3ds max or maya or any 3d game engines like Unity or Unreal Engine 4. This specific file format is actually ".bms " . More details regarding the formats for this online game is available here https://github

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    I want to hire someone who is experienced in this areas jAVA EE project Entity models JPA session beans REST- representatyion of back end resources JEE security roles Junit testing

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    It uses following concepts: jAVA EE project Entity models JPA session beans REST- representatyion of back end resources JEE security roles Junit testing

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    I need an expert in JAVA Round Robin method to help me out with some stuff. I'll share complete details in the inbox

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    Looking for hadoop developer with java and scala experience. This is a long term project. Someone who can work from 10 am to 5 pm eastern New York time. If you are a corporation, please don't bid. Looking for individual only. I am looking for the following technologies and programming experience. -java -Scala -Spark -Hive Please don't waste my time

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    ...languages (Python, Perl, Java, Ruby…) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [B] DEVELOPMENT APPROACH [Requirements for this project] For this project I need you to review the current “MS Excel Report Generator” and determine if the formulas within this program are (1) salvageable

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    i need to build a c++ program that will advise students on what class to take and adapts depending on the students status and create a priority system that orders the classes in highest priority to lowest. Program requirements: Selection and suggestion of such units is a function of the following conditions: . Current student GPA . Minimum/maximum

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    I am looking for somone to make me a simple c++ program

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    I wann insert some simple text from Java-tool into a textfield within an external software.

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    i need a script that post a on specific [log masuk untuk melihat URL] in specific time reading data from a file using PRAW & paython

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    I want a lead counter on my Unbounce page that increases each time when a new signup happens. The counter should be coded in JS /CSS.

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    I have a java programming project which has to be used with oops concepts for testing purposes (polymorphism, inheritance etc to be used).

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    Java project Tamat left

    Will discuss later

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    need a expert in java script for Vue.js JavaScript framework

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    The project is puzzle game solver by using breadth first search, depth first search and heuristics in java.

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    Program C++ -- Tamat left

    C++ Program Only part 3 and 4

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    Hi there, I purchased a facebook post scheduler but do not know how to install​ it

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    We need a program to use in our school. It needs the following characteristics 1) database of all the topics that we teach 2) assigning a student the topics from the list 3) checking off topics as we teach 4)students views the list checked in his profile page on our site

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