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    ...series which simply shows someone how to get up and running with Powerpoint. Topics such as: 1. How to create your firsdt slideshow 2. How to choose a background 3. How to insert photographs 4. How to insert scrolling text 5. How to insert charts and graphs 6. How to use animation schemes 7. How to add sound and/or music to a presentation

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    ...completely to save time of future questions). Information for the admin part is below this. The attached file contains all the files stated below. Better formatting of the below text is provided in the zip file. If you have any questions post a message on the message board. **_compliancesurvey.html_** This is the page where a user will go and fill out

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    ...properties of excel charts to either a text file(CSV) or to an access table. We are looking to have these properties externalized so that we can use them to create graphs programmatically that have been designed by our teem members. The utility can be a VBA Excel Code or VB with Excel as the host app. The user would create a graph and then execute the add-in

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    I am looking for a coder to create a complete website With a flash design. While this is for an online casino site, you need not worry about creating anything related to the actual online casino (just basic web and flash design). Graphics/images for this site would also need to be provided by the coder (nothing extremely fancy). This site will be an

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    ...[log masuk untuk melihat URL] Where the first four letters are the ICAO code of the airport and then there is an underscore. 1. Keep a list of what each file is. Ideally you would create a table for me in MS-Access as such: FILENAME (example: [log masuk untuk melihat URL]) Country (example: BENIN ICAO (example: DBBB Description (example: Characteristics It gets

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    MSACCESS Tamat left

    ...and output them to a text file with '|' (all fields pipe separated) and with a space after and before the '|' pipes. Also, this file has to have a header and footer also pipe separated. nothing fancy example: ([log masuk untuk melihat URL] ) ----------------------------------------------------------- | Header1 | head a | Date | Date create | hea head...

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    ...I might want a gal for a trip, then another gal for another trip. These galleries should be displayed on a main page with a thumb of a pic in the gal and some text. (more about text in admin section) There should be an config file that will allow me to change the size of the thumbs, and how many are displayed per page. If there are more then

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    We need a GUI interface to create text (JOB) files that will be submitted to a (Windows 2k/XP) Command Line Interface. All of the command line parameters are defined and documented. The only additional requirement is that one field will be a serial number that the end user will input the starting number, the amount to increment by and then each JOB

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    ...TimesRoman etc, *Text box: Where i write the text. *Font style controls buttons: consists of three buttons 1,Arial, 2, TimesNewRoman, 3, Arabic When i write text and then click the button the text should change *Font type controls: consist of three buttons 1, standard, 2, Italic 3, Bold When i write text and then click the button the text should change

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    ...<[log masuk untuk melihat URL]> This hack will add icons in front of the title of topics <[log masuk untuk melihat URL]> This hack adds a text based link at the end of each post to allow a users email client to notify the administrator's (email address) of an offending post. Automatically populates the email subject

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    Hi. This is a very simple project I have redesigned a site and just need someone to help me copy the text from the current site to the new template. The html and graphics has already been created so it is just a copy and paste situation. I am using some buttons I created in flash and will need you to add buttons with flash the same way. You will not

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    CD/DVD Catalog Tamat left

    ...a CD/DVD b.) Create a new CD/DVD When they click Create user is given a form that has the following: a.) auto assigned ID Number for the CD starting with 1000 b.) auto assign data CD was created c.) CUSTOMERS: 10 free text fields to enter customer names d.) JOBS: 10 free text fields to enter job numbers e.) DESCRIPTION: Free text field to enter

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    ... | -User right clicks email and chooses “Create excel from E-Summary?? -User Chooses/ directory where to output the file | | Variable settings possibly in text or configuration file | -Store translation table

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    ...attempts to sell someone a product. We want to be able to track how far down a visitor scrolls when they view the web page. If there's some way of putting anchors in the text that automatically trigger some command back to our servers that notifies our servers that that portion of the webpage is now viewable, that might work. Perhaps there is

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    ...generate html tables code in a wysiwyg way, so people who don't know html could create tables without seeing the code. I really would like people to select the format options and then type the information wanted inside desired cell. right click and be able to change cell's text colors, align, background color. Be able to insert and delete rows and Cols

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    **Template based self replicating website system. I'm looking for a fast and experienced programmer to create a web based application that will allow me to feed in a list of keywords and create web pages "on the fly" that match those keywords. The output pages will be based on a template that I need to be able to change at will. I'll

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    Hello I need to write cpp tutorial for beginners. aprox (30 pages of pure text .+ sources ). You must explore web for good ideas. (no plagiarizm please). Also You can use tutorial attached as starting point. Use table of content and write text in another words. I need to illustrate all word Tutorial also must include links to other tutorials and to

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    Access Reports Tamat left

    ...reports in an access database 2000. There are 4 reports that I need help with. The database is already created and working. Will need to create Queries and the reports. Also import data into Access from excel or text file. Should be a couple hours of work. I would prefer to use [[log masuk untuk melihat URL]][1] and allow access to my desktop so that I can understand

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    ... enter a login name and password, and then be able to edit specified areas of text through a simple form-based system. They should also be able to add links within these allowed areas and apply basic CSS styles to the text. It would also be nice if they could create a new page by cloning an existing page and inserting different content. We

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    ...that I will attach in e-mail once a bidder is chosen. Select the referential integrity option and both cascade options for the relationship. 3. Use the Form Wizard to create a form containing a main form and a subform. Select the Firm# and FirmName fields from the Firm table for the main form, and select all fields except Firm# from the Payment

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    ...need the following files created, and please refer to the scenario below. You will use the following scenario as the basis for a course-long project. Each week you will create files that meet the outlined specifications. You will have some flexibility in how you can meet the specifications, so be creative. For example, in the second week, you be

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    ...- optional text area entry for the sender to send a personal note - Automatic page recognition (FULL URL!) and automatic return to that page upon completion of the form - OR ability to specify a different page url to recommend (a different "call_by") - a text file of all the senders** - a text file of all the recepients - a text file with the

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    ...of the shapes of alpha-numeric characters (letters of English alphabet in lower and upper case and 10 Arabic digits). Depending on a number of frames (instances) it should create intermediate states between any letter/number combination. There are 90 ways of transmuting shapes of 10 Arabic numbers. In fact, there is only 45 unique transmutations,

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    Hello I need to write cpp tutorial for beginners. aprox (30 pages of pure text .+ sources ). You must explore web for good ideas. (no plagiarizm please). Also You can use tutorial attached as starting point. Use table of content and write text in another words. I need to illustrate all word Tutorial also must include links to other tutorials and to

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    ...controls so I can insert them on my website. The controls are: 1. Search user control: It will collect the parameters given on the 'car list'. Some parameters will be free text like model and make, others numeric like odometer, and other predefined like Damage type. It will redirect me to a page containing a 'Search Results' (2) User control to display

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    ...website to purchase the software. Also a help link so I can send users to a page on my site for user instructions. You will also need to provide user instructions in a text format so I can create an HTML web page. Thanks for your bids! ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code

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    | i need a non-mfc c++ method that can be integrated into an existing c++ program to create a new text file from an existing text file. the method will selectively edit the data written to the new text file, eliminating any data starting with: **%macro** (followed by a blank space) and ending with: **%mend** (followed immediately or

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    ... I already made a website you can look at as example and from which you can use all text, logo and pictures (via pmb). For new customers, I must be able to customize and edit the look of the website: import logo, change the colors, edit and insert text, create a link to a Virtual visit (see example via pmb). The site I want you to make needs to

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    ...We need a flash ad creator application developed in .NET and Flash that allows a user to log into a secure account. Create a flash animation based on one of several templates. The user should be allowed to upload images, type in text and save the ad in a SQL database for later editing. We have a design for the site already laid out and we need

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    Hello, I need a writer to create text and copy for my website. [[log masuk untuk melihat URL]][1] One manufacturer at a time. Each manufacturer will have one page of text. At this time I need text and copy for one manufacturer. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done

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    Access help Tamat left

    ...assignment. The details are as follows. I need to maintain a payment database. 1. 2. Using Access and open the Payments database located in the file named Ebony. 3. Create a table named Payment using the table design shown in Figure 1 (Hint: Make sure that you include spaces between components of the custom format for the Date Paid field.)

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    ...Corporate images must be used and supplied by you. Original text has been written but layout must be professional and easy to the eye and to navigate with a number of hyperlinks throughout. Additional requirements include jobseekers to create their resume online and to submit it. We want to create an email database from all contacts. Email a friend with

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    I need to create a website before thursday, but unfortunately something has come up, and I will only have very little time to work with this project. I have decided to buy a template from templatemonster, ultravertex or similar. However, I havent decided which. In choice of colors it should look rather much like [[log masuk untuk melihat URL]][1], because

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    ...introduced. The user , after choosing a product, which is a label in this case, also needs to input some text. The label is then printed with the custom text that the user inputs. The proof of how the label will look like with the cutom text is provided by this new functionality. The label images are generated by a template php script which uses

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    We are looking to create a context sensitive add words script similar to Google Adwords . Have you done a advertisement script where by advertiser prepays certain funds to advertise a banner or a text link or pop under or popup on a website or pay per click search engine . And these adds are displayed base on the content of the website or the

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    ...all PDF files in Adobe Acrobat. - Close a file in Adobe Acrobat. - Save a PDF file with a new name. - Get the total number of pages. - Create a new empty PDF document. - Copy pages from one PDF file to another. - Add text to a page. - Save PDF file as image. If more than one page, save it as images. - Search for a word and get the XYWHP (x, y, width, height

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    ...channel that will support the NHI's core audience of students, parents, alumni and school administrators • Provide a conduit for incoming information from site visitors that will create efficiencies in application processing, alumni outreach and coordination of NHI representatives • Allow NHI staff to easily update and manage information coming in from the

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    ...moving behind the camera. First 5 seconds: the house itself. Text: "Do you think your house is safe?" Second 5 seconds: same house with flashing sirens moving behind the camera. No sounds, please. Text: "Protect agains emergencies: get your home security system today." The goal is to create a strong visual appearance that there is an ambulance passin...

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    ...this time, but may be integrated later on separate project. Simple: Enter Name Prompt, go into room, user list on right, "Type "/join room name" to create or enter known room" under the text input box. top blank space must be able to hold a gif or png for small banner. Please only Pocket PC experienced coders only. Thank you. ## Deliverabl...

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    ...clients and a server that needs to be developed, making use of a queue to serialise and log messages to a text file. This application can be a Win32 Console application, optionally including MFC support. The main thread in this program must create a ‘listening’ thread to await TCP/IP connections from ‘Telnet’ clients, as per the demo code (provided in

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    I want to modify the script I attached below. This is not "create a new" project. I'm planning to use this script for videogame related site(s). Here are some basic descriptions about my project. If you have any questions, please contact me anytime. I'm in MD, USA(EST). Please let me know what time zone you're in. I'm looking for a coder who's patient

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    We require an experienced website designer to create an elegant, professional ecommerce website for a growing gift and services company. Because our deadline is not flexible, the relationship with the chosen coder will be probabationary for the first 7 days of the project. If work is not progressing appropriately, the coder will be paid for usable

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    ...organisation promoting it. It is usual for organisations to have the same look to their printed brochures as they have to their web site. The task for this project is to create a (small) web site that reflects the same image as a printed brochure. This project will be promoting a leaflet for Skiing in Glen Coe which is in Scotland. You can find all

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    ...generates a list of text files. I run this program everyday, the output is something like. ABC031218 DEF040111 etc. + I will upload the text files everyday via FTP to a webspace I want to have a website with code that: + will read contents of directory and create an index page of available files + will render each text file as a php

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    Hi, I have an urgent project to mass whois domain names, extract the owners address, domain name, experation date and last modified date. It should create a delimated text database that I can download and put into excel. Database is to be structured as: unique id, domain name, first name, last name, street address, city,state, zip code, country,

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    ...and/or the Perl modules mentioned above. Your job will be to modify one of these scripts so that this script removes all of the web page tags, and only reads the human-readable text. A full explanation of the context within which this will work can be seen in the 'Deliverables' ## Deliverables Basically, the current environment works like this: 1)-A

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    Google Adwords Tamat left

    We are looking to create a context sensitive add words script similar to Google Adwords . Have you done a advertisement script where by user prepays certain funds to advertise a banner on a site or a text link on a website or pay per click search engine . And these adds are displayed base on the content of the website or the search results of

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    Need programmer to create custom daily journal program for users to record details of their dreams each day in journal format. Features wanted: *Allow user to add title for each dream record *Automatically add date to each entry. Allow user to change date *Allow user to make multiple records for same date *Have 1 field where user can enter full

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    ...customers to create and maintain their own web site from a standard interface that steps them through the process. Firstly to Create their web site they would have a set series of templates to choose from initially and would then select colour combinations of a template they select, and then move on to fill out the various content text. An example

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    Here are the steps i need the scripts to do. 1. User uploads a file in any text format. TXT, CSV, TAB DELIMETED. 2. The script will then search the file for email addresses and add them to a database named database1 for the example. 3. once it has added all the email addresses to database1 it will then compare database1 with database2(which already

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