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    ...screen to gather user input. Notes Each feature/report in the system should open and close all the files it uses. Be sure to check for any possible error conditions. You can create your data files outside the information system, or as part of the information s ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as

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    ...attachment to an email that is sent to HR. All admin and template pages will be created and supplied to programmer. The project must use template to create page as well as use style sheet to format text. Programmer will have access to cgi_bin dir and all other needed directories of project. Programmer will be responsible for uploading all necessary files

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    ...demonstration program. You are not required to implement the interface to the track. Create a class to test the system by generating random numbers. · You can use the class ReadTest2 for inputting from the keyboard. · Graphical interfaces are not required. Simple text output is sufficient. this should be a simple c or java code and can be presented in

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    ...templates design. You must create 5 simple templates for test reason. The admin must have the opportunity to add a new template. 3. Customer can add site name and can upload their site logo. (Like [log masuk untuk melihat URL]) 4. Customer can add their custom links (like [log masuk untuk melihat URL]) 5. Customer can add images and their text to the site pages. (Like sitebuilder-...

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    ..."Mikey". It would then create as many screen names as the user wanted with Mikey in them (ie: Mikey20043884, Mikey18876544, etc) 3. SubProfile Spy program: I need this program to allow a user to view someone's SubProfile anonymously. This is pretty easy, all you need to have is an open area where it'll show their profile and have 2 text box's, one for the

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    homework help Tamat left

    ...have to make a .txt file that have a list of student name, year of school, age, gap) 2) Write a program to copy one text file into another text file in which the lines are numbered 1,2,3,4…..with a number at the left of each line. 3) Create a class called pyramid and define the public member functions volume( ) and area( ) for computing the volume and

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    ...file format are your free choice ) The location of "[log masuk untuk melihat URL]" should be at: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] + "DATA" if such a file is not found, or is empty, create a new one with a default user: username: supervisor password: s1s2s3 userlevel: 6 **[log masuk untuk melihat URL]()** when called, a "username" "password"...

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    Sample member Tamat left

    ...application that allows users to enter member information into textboxes, allows for Inquire, add, update, and delete records and print, and list [log masuk untuk melihat URL] form should consist of text boxes that allow the user to enter the following information. Data type length Member number String 10 Member First Name string 25 Member Last Name string 40 Member Address

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    C++ Homeworks Tamat left

    ...Assignment 1b - Create a function that will get a string from the keyboard or a file. The function should provide a way of displaying a prompt if the input is from the keyboard (to tell the user what to do) and suppress the prompt if the input is from a file. The function should also provide a "delineator" to separate fields in a multi-field text file. Assignment

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    ...alpha/numeric messages to pagers. The control will allow multiple modem ports to be utilized for round robin execution and have two methods; one for numeric pager another for alpha text pagers. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that

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    Create a standalone JAVA GUI with .awt that implements a drawing program with the following features: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] a Frame with a BorderLayout and title "Drawing". In the frame, you will have A) A canvas for drawing (Center), this should be separate class subclassed from Canvas. Its background color is black and foreground color is white. B) A panel using

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    ...network ready. ## Deliverables need speed, especially on a network.(server, peer to peer, etc.) Store These fields: Important Note: do NOT use a grid for data entry, use text boxes 1. Name( in One Field) 2. Date(in one field)(month & day only)Example: 10-02 is 10th month, second day. always 5 charactors. 3. Age (as integer)( Use combo box to enter

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    ...mail/attachment do the following: - extract the *.jpg picture attachments - Re-name the picture (random numerical value) - Save the picture to a folder on my server (../gallery/) - create a 50 pixels wide thumbnail of the picture (all incomming pics are originally 640x480 pixels) - save the thumbs to a subfolder (../gallery/thumbs/) using the same name as given

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    java project1 Tamat left

    ...status, and social security numbers of 50 employees. 2. A simple text analyzer would display the following statistics: A. the total number of words B. the average length of a word C. the longest word D. the shortest word E. write a program that allows the user to enter a word into the text area, and, when they click on the Analyze button, the program displays

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    ...use to format text, suitable for sending by email autoresponders. Usually autoresponder messages need to be formatted to less than 58 or 60 characters per line. I'd like a program that allows you to paste text in, choose how many characters per line you would like by entering a number such as "58" and then submit. Immediately the text is re-formatted

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    Updated 12/05 - hope it clarifies this project I am looking for a TOOL that will create a PHP script to handle db actions to a mysql db table with a ONE PAGE script. This one page script should be able to display a clean form to add records, and a form with values, if editing or deleting records. My Main concern is MUST HAVE A VERY VERY POWERFUL VALIDATION

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    ... some of them I already have done myself and they were not very hard for me as a begginer so it should not be a problem for the guy who knows a little bit more than how to create program "Hello World" :) But because of the lack of time (All labs must be submited before December 7) I'm seeking help. The name of the book for this particular course is

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    ... I prefer the app to use the windows API OR the KOL library (prefferred! find it at website: [log masuk untuk melihat URL]) to create a tiny one form application. This program will be the stub that can have any zip archive attached to it to create a self-extracting exe. NO DLL's - use VCLUnzip or Abbrevia for the Zip compatibility. It will assume by default the

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    Wondering how much to do a complete PHP site for an apartment complex and houses. The details are at [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Will need to keep track of prices for each room, and create an online form that will automatically fill in the description of each unit/apt/house (controlled from an admin page on the site) and prices for each. All pictures will be

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    Linked List Tamat left

    ...you used in lab 3. Of course, you will not call the two deleted sort functions; and you will explicitly test the copy constructor and the assignment operator. You must still create a second Voter_List object, using as input the output of the test of the "<<" operator. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable

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    please try to imagine this: one webpage interface with a single text box and a single push button. the input for this page will be a website URL, which will be inserted in the text box, then when clicking the push button, this web tool will quietly visit the URL specified, execute certain functions to analyze the website interface, such as checking

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    ...dynamic so it is not feasible to create a hard coded view for each category. We cannot give people outside of the company access to the system, so what we need is a simple app put together that we can look at and understand how it works. What we need is as follows: A form with a few fields on it, one of them should be a free text field called category. Another

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    ...The first line Sale is their card number expire date and amount. The next line is their account user name. We need to get a cgi or perl script read this file and create another text file with the information handle and amount only created to look like this. One user per line. michael 59.95 bonnie 64.95 and so on. Nothing else in this

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    ...Linux (first choice) or windows 2000 server. choice for the quality of voice compression used. The client, needs to have IM, text, voice, video chat, and file transfer, login and passwords, join rooms set by server, or create your own room, and become the admin in it, all IM windows and chat rooms must have ad banner space. must have total control for

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    piechart Tamat left

    ...corresponding to a particular party should use the colour designated by that party and be labelled with the value of their share of the vote. ElectionResults class You will create an object of this class, and call the various methods specified below to retrieve the information you need to display the results. String getConstituencyName (int index) int

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    Form designer Tamat left

    ...need a for designer Admin section can: Easy to use interfaces. Unlimited number of forms. Unlimited number questions and answers. Ability to create/edit/delete/publish/preview/archive forms. Ability to create/edit/delete/reorder questions. Ability to set required questions. Results can be viewed in comprehensive reports and graphs. Support Access 2000

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    ThreadedDialer Tamat left

    The goal of this project is to create a multithreaded automatic phone dialer capable of dialing a list of numbers and reading a text message to the person answering. Requirements: Program must be multithreaded. One thread is used for each phone line. Program communicates with the phone lines using CTADE, available from Intel/Dialogic. Program may dial

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    ...slice and optimize my image, create text navigation with rollovers and create a template page and 9 similar pages. Please look at [log masuk untuk melihat URL] to see the light background image. I think it is a 2k graphic that is repeated many times on a page, (all the pages of the site have a similar backround). I want to duplicate the text rollovers from that sam...

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    ...existing, closed FileMaker site: - Redevelop Home Page (design input covered) - Amend one other page - Create one new page - Create text-only email - Create 4 Case Study pages with y/n answer options (one already developed to act as template) - Create 'certificate' that takes user's details and generates a uniquely numbered certificate - Update ...

    $200 - $300
    $200 - $300
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    ebook creation Tamat left

    ...ebook or winbook. This will be for sale on our website. Must be done quickly. Please send us examples of what you've done before. All text and pictures are written and are in Microsoft Word XP format. You must then create an ebook from it with a cover, etc. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well

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    movies Tamat left

    Create a C program that reads movie data from a file, sorts the info, then displays the result on the screen and writes he result back to the file. Steps: a. Create a simple text file with the movie data in the folling form: Movie_Title, Director, Year_Released, Male_Star, Female_Star, Academy_Rating. Add data for 5 movies (see [log masuk untuk melihat URL] to find

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    ...Input and output need only be through text (cin, cout and cerr). Guide 1. Create two enumerated types: PieceType and PlayerColour. The piece types are pawn, castle, knight, bishop, queen and king. The player colours are black and white. 2. Create a Piece structure, which stores the type & colour of a piece. 3. Create a global array of pointers to Pieces

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    • I want to create a pay per thread/question/support service using an existing script called vBulletin. ([log masuk untuk melihat URL]) Please see attached text file for all additions needed. We are looking to form a long term relationship with a coder as we have alot more work needing to be done. Do well on this and you are guaranteed tons of work from

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    I need a program that would be able to create email accounts for free email sites like hotmail and yahoo. It should be able to create these accounts from random entered information or user entered information. It also must save the addresses to a text file. I need it to be done within 2-4 weeks. ALL EMAILS CREATED MUST BE WORKING. ALL EMAILS MUST BE

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    Manuals Tamat left

    Create 1-4 manuals, this will be discussed. First you will create a nice manual with a table of contents, the technical written manual and last a index page. Later on if we are satisfied you maybe will be asked to create some graphics for the manual (a attractive header). The program (for which you create the manual) and in some cases a small manual

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    ...buttons, all animated, for pet related website. Will provide a few images, but want designer to use creativity on at least one button/banner to create pet related theme. Would like cabability to change text on cube banner. Existing banner with logo attached. File sizes: 15k or less for the CUBES 10K or less for the Buttons. Would like them all animated

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    ... I have a fairly simple project, that could grow into something very special. I have already purchased a script solution, that contains three ".cgi" scripts and a simple text file database. The script needs to be modified to provide a bit of extra functionality ... The script that requires modification is an affiliate system, that operates through

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    ...shared property pages. The toolbox is complete and has been tested. Currently I use the tools in the VB IDE, place onto a form, configure through their property pages. I want to create a user interface in a compiled exe, that allow the user to drag and drop these tools from a toolbox onto a container (picturebox) and then be able to rightclick and get access

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    ...Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. Write a C program that will read from a text file called [log masuk untuk melihat URL]; which contains a full name and ID number. The program will read the ID number and generate a sorted dynamic linked list (largest to smallest), where each

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    Simple Matrix Tamat left

    Consider an NxN matrix as shown below. You need to find the number of cell groups. The program should ask the user for the size N, and create an NxN grid. It should then ask the user for the % (percentage) chance a cell is occupied and randomly populate the grid accordingly. It should then display the grid as shown below, with the results below it.

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    I have a Java Applet to create business cards, and I need to create a PDF (with PHP/PDFlib) out of the information of the applet. All the info I get from the applet (text and images coordenates) is given in pixels.. and the background is a 72 dpi image. I have the same background at 300dpi CMYK.. and I need to create the same card, but in pdf. I need

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    a sniffer Tamat left

    ...the site should be recorded and reconstructed into text format. A) Record data as it passes through the network, and save in original standard format readable by other applications such as NA. B) Reconstruct into meaningful data in text format All traffic should be recorded and reconstructed into text, separately for each protocol. 1. All web traffic

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    ...distribution copyrights to all work purchased. 4). 99% website uptime. 5). 100% immunity from all known computer viruses. 6) Logo integration/Build existing logo into site. 7. Website text, images and links added to site. 8. Add up to 20 web pages for free. 9. Optimize site for search ranking. 10. Optimize site for fast loading. 11. Integration of secure & friendly

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    ...Feature: 1. Support Multiple database connections. Allow user to create/customize database connection. 2. Display Tables/Queries/Fields from DB. 3. Allow user to build Query by selecting fields or by entering SQL Statement. 4. Display result in HTML table 5. Allow Result export to MS Excel or Text File I have attached a desktop query tool that highlights the

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    25 bida

    I have a large number of text files that are character delimited and have less than 10 fields. My project is two fold. First the name of the text files is also the account number of the information housed in the file and I would like it prepended, along with a delimiter, to each line in the file so I can keep it together in MS Access. Second I would

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    ...real URL of the file location. We could also add a small description in a html text form. We can also access previous software added and edit them to modify the info, or delete an old entry. - Email Campaigns : Here we need to be able to set the customer email adress, to create a login and password (this have to be a random generated pwd) and activate the

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    You are to write a program that takes a text file as a command-line parameter (I'll show how to do this in lab) and keeps a list of all of the words in the file, the number of times each word occurs, the number of unique words, and the total number of words in the file. This information is printed to the screen before the program exits. Here is a sample

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    ...would like for the class libraries from PHP Application Tools ([log masuk untuk melihat URL]) to be used -- specifically, patUser and patTemplate. I would predict 15 to 30 pages of simple text framework to be built. 2) No emphasis on HTML design. We will apply a design to the template pages afterwords. We have very excellent designers on our full-time staff that are

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    ...catalog info should be stored in a colection class objects that is itself a class [log masuk untuk melihat URL] retrieved from the collectionwhen the user clicks on the node, by using the node text as a key into the collection. the cataloge collection should be loaded from a random access file through the use of a "file /open "menue item after user has made item selection

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    ...to all work purchased. 4) The program needs to be professional looking. Actual layout can be determined by programmer. 5) There should be a startup screen with the text "This product is for SIL determination and documentation purpose based on layer of protection analysis. The calculation part requires input data such as initiating event frequency

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