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    System Administrator Wanted We are looking for "per contract" system operator who is a pro for Linux. Permanent business relationship. ferk at stonediver dot com

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    We are looking for someone to manage our webmaster forum located at [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Job should take 5 to 10 hours a week and is ongoing as long as the job is performed successfully. Task Initial Task - Redesign web site. The site scripting is based on [log masuk untuk melihat URL] - the initial job will be to customize the template and site to offer more of a professional l...

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    I need to turn on Window messenger service on a computer that is not logged in as an adminstrator. Anyway to do that, short of logging in as as administrator, would be acceptable. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Deliverables must be in

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    ...and modify at least his data. 3. There is only one administrator at the system that is allowed to create new users and access to all the data. The project must be programmed with Borland Delphi, and at your decisition you can use Interbase (if you prefer client/server model) or a shared database. Of course, we want the source code and the project

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    We want a server administrator to be available 12 hrs a day 8 AM to 8 PM PST to monitor the server,any runtime faults , and our chat system as well as do programming when needed. you have to be in USA . You should know , and c# so that you can fix the scripts whenever needed and also do programming when required. 1st task is to to initially

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    Hi, We need one good person (ideally) to babysit/manage tasks/projects related to our site. We need a old fashioned professional/small team who understands our needs, despite our seeming inarticulate requests and renders appropriate answers. Some of these needs include a) Optimum Server Peformance - - Illustrative example - ensuring that visitors on the site always receive the correct response tim...

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    I am looking for a database driven web site developed in asp.NET using C# or VB.NET as the code behind language (C# preferred) You will design the web pages for the site as well as the MS SQL 2000 database that the site will use. You will be responsible to upload the site and data base to the web hosting company (Brinkster), and provide me with the

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    We need an ASP Script using Access Database 2000 for Windows Advanced Server 2000 built to easily integrate into a web site that will do the following: Identification: Class Registration Management for Small Company 1) Company needs to be able to set up new class schedules by category of type of class. They will want to set a category for the type

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    1 bida (XcNewsPlus), which takes care of article (later recipe) maintenance. Both modules operate jointly, and run on a MSSQL database. The software already offers any numbers of True/False options the administrator can use to fine-tune the functions and display of the site to his liking. But these options fall just short of what I need

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    ...allows employees in our company to submit their proposal for a new website for their department to be created and maintained on our Intranet site. It includes a submission form which ask the user about the site they would like created/added to the Intranet site, the data of which is then stored in a database. An administrator can they go into another

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    We are seeking a coder to develop a web based transporation scheduling application for one of our clients. The application is for a private aviation company which owns 3 planes. The planes are available for use by their owners (several owners per plane and some own interest in 2 or all 3 planes). The application is to hold a master schedule viewable

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    ...and a comment box integrated into customers order in database. Upload should allow us to place the files either on our own FTP site with manufacturer’s ability to access or to send files directly to manufacturers FTP site System will e-mail the customer confirmation of order and e-mail administrator the order. E-mail includes listing order #, full contact

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    ...will trigger an SMS message to go out that will notify the network administrator about this event. This software should be able to work on the following windows version: Windows 2000, XP HOME, XP PRO, and Server Versions. The purpose of the application is to notify the Administrator about changes made on the workstation/server. I want this application

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    ...invoice after a local delivery. Each Company has a purchasing department. Purchasers working on these departments should be able to buy (order) from osCommerce. Their respective accounts, for login into osCommerce, should be created by us, administrator of the store or by one of the defined purchasers from a Company. In fact, one or more of these purchasers

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    Employee Shift Tamat left

    I'd like a program that will do the late-nite shifts for the employees in our company. The program should be able to pick up the names of the employee from the database randomly and create a report. The administrator should be able to edit the schedule according to their needs. It should also check if the employee is on leave so it doesn't pick them

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    Mini Client Request Management System Access 2000 database deployed on a network via linked tables **Context** We need to install the database on a LAN using one master DB with separate DBs and, on each user's PC, a separate DB with a linked table to the master DB. I've used Access' default record locking. **The problem: ** It installs

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    I need a program that is able monitor a computer's usage remotley from a local netowrk and on a local machine. It must start up as the machine boots, if possible booting using another method other than via registry. Some machines I use disable registry run and runOnce. The program can in no way interfear with other running programs or services. It must consist of a server and client. MUST ...

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    Please place your bid for a per incident charge. We’ll deposit your bid and leave it in RAC until your first incident. We require a sys-admin to be available on a per incident bases to maintain our web servers. You could have a background in maintaining windows 2000 and 2003 servers and have knowledge with IIS5 and 6. An understanding .NET and HELM Control Panel would be an advantage. Whe...

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    ...calendars. Our admin tool will allow the administrator to mange all event information. No programming will be necessary for part “A?? of this request. Specific duties include: 1. View and pull event information from approximately 200 web site calendars per month (2-3 hrs each month) 2. Post event information in our database using an existing administration

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    We are working on a web-page for our company Global Media [log masuk untuk melihat URL] hasn't been uploaded yet because we're looking for a company that has a fast server to host the [log masuk untuk melihat URL] of our communication will probably be thru phone and email contact at first. We're looking for someone who is proficient at setting up a server [log mas...

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    You shall create a new small distribution or use a existing one which shall include utomatic configuration of network/sound, automatic partioning and installing. This distribution shall only contain the most necessary parts to run a linux system. The distribution shall be very easy to rebuild and update parts like glibc. Create or use an existing package solution with support for digitally si...

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    ...resources type of program for businesses and various organizations and need programming and web development. I need custom development probably in Coldfusion with access backend database. Other options considered. Must be willing to work closely with me (off-site) and communicate various aspects of the project as it develops. I already have a great deal of

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    General Description: The script in general is for a web based database for users to be able to list their company in a yellow pages type of web. It also needs to have an administration area where only the user(or owner of the account) and the administrator can change the information in their listing. The script needs to be template based Perl

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    ...scripts and an SQL/Server database to perform the following functions in a GPS tracking system. Some elements of the SQL/Server database such as the GPS data received are already designed and will be provided to the successful applicant. Administrative functions: 1) Maintain a list of client companies including usual company information, billing address

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    I urgently need a secure members only area to a web site that has been designed that will be able to hold a database of 1500+ members currently within the database (members will not need to be imported into the database). It will be required that new members can be added easily and no limit to the amount of members that it can have. The members area

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    PPC Search engine data entry administrator need. We are looking for someone with the following qualities - Familiar with entering keywords into Pay Per Click search engines such as overture, kanoodle, findwhat, google, enhance, looksmart, etc - Knows how to use ad tracking programs such as [_ProAnalyzer_][1], [_DynaTracker_][2], HyperTracker

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    ...and Paypal to our website ( [[log masuk untuk melihat URL]][2] ). Feel free to post commenting bids if you have more questions. 1, Code in PHP 2,Web Server: linux system, My SQL database, 200M space ([[log masuk untuk melihat URL]][3] ), SSL. 3, MUST be done within one week. 4, Technical Information at <[log masuk untuk melihat URL]>

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    DavidvsGoliath Tamat left

    ...option** StarShip™ shipping manifest support*# Pick lists CRM/Groupware Link multiple tasks Contact manager Personal/company-wide calendar Tasks/appointments/reminders Intra company mail Customer/vendor history calendar Document history calendar Auto preview and preview pane options in task browsers Create tasks

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    Modify simple PHP content management system CMS (no database) * * *The modifications I want to make are: **1. Integrate htmlArea v3** for cross-browser WYSIWYG editing. At the moment it uses a simple preg replace eg [heading: your text here] inserts <.h1>your text here<./h1>. Other details: * The htmlArea integration must have 2 "content

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    for unixtx who will do the job

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    ...program. All information regarding the affiliates and affiliate program settings will be stored in a MySQL database. The script will have a sign up page for affiliates, an interface for the affiliates, and an interface for the administrator of the program: The affiliate interface will allow affiliates to get their referral links, view their traffic

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    Please take a look at the word document for detailed information about this project. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will install the software (in ready-to-run condition) on the platform(s) specified in this bid request. 3) Complete ownership and distribution cop...

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    $100 - $500
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    I need to add administrator site features on my website, I need the following features. The site uses xml and java. 1,Random numbers generator, The numbers generated will be printed onto a scratch cards which customers will buy and have to enter into our site before accessing a restricted area to verify that they have paid. So the numbers will act

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    ...choose default interface languages when registered. Number of languages should be flexible. It can be topped-up using a credit card (integration with a credit card processing company) Account balance can be multicurrency (customer chooses one of the 3 main currencies when registering, so all the prices and account balances are displayed in a chosen currency

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    ...player database for characters of the game Vampire: The Masquerade. This database would need to allow for character pictures as well as a sort of bio of the character. Sample fields would include, name, DOB, Clan, Status, Position, etc. I require that the entire system can be administered and updated through a web interface both by an administrator who

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    ...(search database) especially, because I need the listings to be similar in terms of color and size. The site needs to contain the following features: E-Commerce Features •SSL support, for the ability to capture Credit Cards on Job Site •Admin can charge employers for posting a job. •Admin can charge employers for viewing the resume database. •Set

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    We want someone to move the database and web when we transit from Webmin to Plesk. Plesk experience preferred. You will also install Payflow Pro so Payflow Pro experience is required. Linux and Redhat environemtn. Web is php. Database is mySQL. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete

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    I have a server and I have another programmer you has access to the root. I wanted to have someone remove him from accessing the server anymore. And I am also looking for someone to work as a admin for us on a monthly basis.. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that w...

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    The Mold Consultants is an environmental hygiene consulting company. The current company website has outgrown it’s capacity, and some modifications are in order. These modifications are classified into two groups: 1) Ability to have a site administrator upload mold inspection reports to the server that are subsequently viewed or downloaded by a

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    I am looking for an administrator/code maintainer. This will be initially for $50 via RAC. If you do a good job, this will be an ongoing weekly payment of $50. You should consider this will be around 10 hours/week of work. There is the opportunity for additional work each week as well, we can easily help you make $100/week. You must know:

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    Order Database Tamat left

    Web-based Order Database with interface ## Deliverables represent [log masuk untuk melihat URL] We are a provider of color business cards primarily to the Real Estate trade. We currently have our users download an order form and mail/fax in their order. We also mail order form easels to client offices. We wish to make available to our customers the option of ordering

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    An e-commerce application for a small bike company. requirements: a typical application must provide list of the items in stock, allow the customer to select items in a virtual shopping basket, calculate the cost, allow the customer to place thier order and pay for it online by giving thier creit card details. Xml will be used for the web publishing

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    Hi we are a medium sized manufaturing company looking for an experienced PHP programmer to develop a user friendly MySQL/PHP interface similar to PHP MyAdmin where users can easily add/remove tables, insert data, and search the database. This application will also be required to automatically produce a html search page on the click of a button so that

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    ...project does not include creating the actual reports, but only a link to each individual report. All of the menu tree and report link information will be retreived from an MSSQL database. You will define the tables for the report menus and also create admin functions for those tables. The admin forms will also be implemented as "ascx" controls.

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    I need a database project(preferably done as a university/school project) It could be anything , library database,bank database,company database or anything .But it should follow these guidelines. i do know that some of the following guidelines depend on the administrator that uses [log masuk untuk melihat URL] if u think your project could be ch...

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    Hello, We are looking to purchase a PayPal, StormPay, Solarpay, Xcompete type clone. We are looking for a company that has already built a system like this already becasue we want to get to market very fast, we are not looking to build this from scratch and we do not have very spicific docs. to do so. We have a software that is built in php that

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    ...gateway systems like Paypal , Worldpay 2checkout etc as well as domain registration authorities like Enom , Planet Domain opensrs etc.. I need an automated web host administrator that will allow a client to select his/her hosting plan , select domain they want to register and the system will automatically do all of these without user intervention

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    ...I.T) _***You are a Project manager of a team of 4 software developers Your company has accepted a contract for the production of a piece of software from a travel company called 'Bright Tracking". They require a web based information system linked to a database. The databese will hold travel times for the road, locations, distances, traffic congestion

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    This is an opportunity for part time freelance work in the Indiana, (and adjoining states in the USA) area only. Currently I have two scripts written which need to be installed - both are mysql/php based scripts. This is a simple job which will take probably 30 minutes for you to do. If this goes well, you will be responsible for installing all our scripts and maintaining our virtual hosting ...

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    Small website for a South African ISP We require a website built, using ASP.NET, C# or VB.NET using a microsoft Access Database. Site will be hosted on windows 2003 server, run CLR 1.1, with ASPUpload, and JMail components installed. We will commission an artist to "brand" the website after it is delivered and working. A neat professional layout

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