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    446 database needed school tugasan ditemui, harga dalam USD solicit referrals for my business. My company helps automate the managing of high school reunions through an online database. The graphics needs to be a JPG when it's completed and the original source file size will not matter as I can scale it down as needed. I am envisioning the following: A flying "Superman" and a "Superwoman" with the wor...

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    24 bida only valuable if it is accurate, up to date and useable.. Data Entry operators must good in typing and numeric key entry skills are a common prerequisite. Knowledge of database software, spreadsheets, and word processing is helpful. Good spelling, grammar, and punctuation skills are also necessary, as well as strong reading comprehension. Major Job

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    31 bida, everyone will have their own desk with 2-5 screen monitors (linked monitors) along with other tools. Experience| Skills Needed: (Must have one of the mentions below) Coder Hacker PPH C++ Security Database Conrtol Tech more..... Age Requirement: Must be 18-28 Responsibility: Help code and launch an app. (Design is finished

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    To initiate and complete new hire on-boarding processes and fulfill supporting functions. This requires consistent communication with School Administrators, Recruiting, Payroll and IT departments. Essential Duties • Must have a good knowledge of all specialized functions in the company, a basic understanding of the company's organizational structure

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    School Management System Needed, will provide with functions list and database and some coding aswell.

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    Hi, I run a private school and want to provide a course for adults/teens aged 17+ in python for web development. I need a 8 week course design doing for a bootcamp style course. I will run in English to people that have no experience in development whatsoever. I am a developer so know about development but have no time to develop this guide at the moment

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    Hello, This program is used for after school classes. The idea behind the program, that we have classes that have teachers, but the teachers and members are interchangeable across the classes through the years. Students can be upgraded to be teachers, and teachers can be downgraded to be students. So the program design should be so flexible to take

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    ...[login to view URL] only don't need a screen, so it will be simpler. I also can use Ethernet and/or wifi shield for Arduino if needed. So i need a program for Arduino and Joomla component. Arduino program will forward all SMS to another number and also to Joomla database. Joomla component will display

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    ...Silva is a geographer of the Eduardo Mondlane University and Wildlife Manager of the College of African Wildlife Management. Armindo taught Cartographic Sciences at National School of Statistics and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to Biologist at Eduardo Mondlane University and GIS for Health at University of Zambeze. Armindo worked as an independent

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    Dear friends, I need a School Management Software with source code in Server Database (2008 or 2012 preferred) on Back end. Following are the requirements and can provide more if needed. School Management Software [login to view URL] Setup e.g. Session Class Batch/Section 2017-2018 One Geen 2017-2018 One Blue 2. Student

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    We have access to a database with just over 1100 schools, but need email address pulled for each school and each coach for the major sports (football, baseball, softball, volleyball, womens & mens baseketball, womens & mens soccer, track, etc). Each school has approximately 2-15 emails that are needed. Right now our database has 1110 schools for

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    ...PAGE Menu contains 1. Home 2. About 3. Add Your School 4. Contact Us User searches for schools by selecting options 1. State 2. City 3. Area 4. Type of schools. Once searched, displays results in GRID VIEW as per criteria selected 2 COLUMNS IN GRID PHOTO NAME OF SCHOOL ADDRESS PHONE NUMBER

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    Portal Website Tamat left

    ...that never helps. This is a 2 phase project: 1) Website and database design/setup and 2) Mobile App - We would like to setup a portal style website. This site will be used at many schools. The purpose of this site/app is to have the schools let teachers pick supplies/items/gear needed for their classes and allow parents to log in to purchase these

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    ...regarding setting up the installers and decising what technology is perfect for the use case. Here are the requirements and preliminary use cases -- The application will be a school management system. It will have a desktop application which will be used by teachers and students. -- The teachers and the students will download the application from the

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    An IOS...Xcode already, just the functionality is needed. Features: FEATURES -can categorise task (School, work, etc.) -create task +has level of priority (high, low) +description (task detail) +due date (deadline of the task) +alarm -can compose a note inside the app -has a firebase for the database -task tab (due today, due later)

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    I need php based database system for University/School. Core Requirements: 3 user system 1. administrator; 2. Teacher; 3. Student; Administrator Can: 1. Create accounts for teachers and students; 2. Create/add courses; 3. Create classes; 4. Assign students and teachers to certain classes and change classes if needed; 5. Assign teachers

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    Sila Dafter atau Log masuk untuk melihat butiran.

    Ditampilkan Sulit Peraduan Teratas online English school helping students worldwide. I am looking for an ACCESS database enabling me to track students who paid their monthly fee and who didn't. Reports, emails and updates will be needed. PayPal will only notify me of students who paid so the reports will have to be generated from payment entries into the database. Form: A payment

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    ...Aiming to develop a mobile app that allow users to revise school content with memo notes/gamified quizzes (MCQ) and keep track of current enrollment/course progression in our private coding academy - e.g. QuizUp + Memrise • The app should also have backend integration with our customer database • Solves the issue of content covered and aims to make learning

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    54 bida image controls respectively ready to be stored in database. it should be capable of off-line /on-line enrollment 2. It should be possible to upload data from excel file template into the data capture software prior to actual fingerprint and image capturing e.g bio-data such as name, age, school etc gotten from other sources can be uploaded into the

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    I need to create a database to collect, collate, and view school data. I want to be able to search by any field – asynchronous general search, granular if needed And show all the related data for whatever that is Granular search too - I.e.: schools in x that have done y there's the first id 00001 (A) which has all the info, and then there

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    ...Classic’s database, to make hotel inventory (guestrooms) available for sale through reservations. Once the information is entered, the Data Entry Clerk must also answer questions about these contracts and information loads for reservations as they sell vacations to Travel agents. Skills required for this position include basic math skills (High School or

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    This project is a school requirement. I already started the program itself but need some fix. This is to be develop in visual studio web developer 2010 fix needed: -export old database tables to a new database -fix the search retrieval data of the .net app and out it on the app itself

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    Sorry for my bad English. To the project. The task of my school project is to load from the input specific data type (* .ifcxml - building projects using BIM technology) and then stores it in MS SQL database in the first table. Then the program would be able to open any of the files stored .ifcxml and extract data from it to another table in MS SQL

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    ...any of the export information stored .. just exported like a mailmerge. the DESIGN_CODE will match many records the PROD_CODE will match one. For the example in the database I shared in my last post: 1) the user is prompted for DESIGN_CODE and PROD_CODE 2) FM finds ALL the matching DESIGN_CODE records 3) for each DESIGN record being exported

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    ...Therefore, the entire database they have. All of USA. I need the following fields scraped. Name of School Mascot Colors (separate into color fields COLOR1, COLOR2, COLOR3, COLOR4, etc..) Type Street (separate address into street, city, state, zip) City State Zip Phone Website Boys Teams (not every school has every sport, i need

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    This is simple school project. I already made database and web service. Now I need someone with experience in Android Studio to make the rest of the app. Activities needed: login, main, catalog activity so client can see offers, compare them with his phone that he is using at the moment and buy a new phone. Buying won't send you to real paying site

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    ...goes on to state that a building is not truly a work of architecture unless it is in some way "adorned". For Ruskin, a well-constructed, well-proportioned, functional building needed string courses or rustication, at the very least.[10] On the difference between the ideals of architecture and mere construction, the renowned 20th-century architect Le Corbusier

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    I have a school project work that needs to be completed within 48 hours Simple Html templates without a database(not needed). 2 html templates needs to be worked on JOB #1 A courier html template, which requires work done on the tracking # area, where html code needs to be inserted in the template Example: 12345678 and 10293485 are the tracking

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    I am currently developing a Raspberry Pi climate control system for use at my school and home. (I work at a school) So far I have some sensors, the logic and a device controller up and running. It is all written in Python but I am at the edge of my knowledge so progress is slow. First stage I am interested in finding someone who could help me by writing

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    14 bida employ them.’ So, teachers and schools will need to register first. The website will ask teachers their personal and professional information and store them in a database. (will be a lot of information, attachments, etc.) The website will ask schools about their employment needs and their contract details. (again, a lot of details…) Then

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    ...I'm lacking the time to complete a small school project that's been developed in Microsoft Visual Studio 2015, using Visual Basic and Microsoft SQL Server. The project needs to be completed in the next 18 hours, the 8 forms are all created and what's needed now is the code to get the content from the database (to fill in the comboboxes, listboxes and

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    For a little Flight School I need a Database in Access or a better System. Data should be collected and different Reports, like Account overview, Invoice, Income, ..... should be possible. User login with different rights must be possible. I added a short description and some excel sheets with the needed data fields. I have to place it again, because

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    ...using Java that allows the user to ADD, UPDATE, and DELETE data from a Microsoft SQL 2014 Server database. This is a simple database with 6 tables. Very few attributes in each table. I would like to keep this project really simple and basic. This is for a school project, so nothing fancy. My budget is negotiable, but I would like to keep costs low if possible

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    ...about products or the company Ask questions to understand customer requirements and close sales Direct prospects to the field sales team when needed Enter and update customer information in the database Take and process orders in an accurate manner Handle grievances to preserve the company’s reputation Go the “extra mile” to meet sales quota and

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    ...about products or the company Ask questions to understand customer requirements and close sales Direct prospects to the field sales team when needed Enter and update customer information in the database Take and process orders in an accurate manner Handle grievances to preserve the company’s reputation Go the “extra mile” to meet sales quota and

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    Developer to create a web app that will integrate with Office 365 Developer needed to create a responsive web app that can be used within Office 365 and integrate with an organisational Office 365 Active Directory infrastructure. The project is for a school and involves students uploading files as evidence that they have completed a particular criteria

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    I need a database web based interface for a project. The database is a kind of a school project that will keep students data and produce report from existing data. The data will be entered by web interface and also will be available for filtering. The interface design can be discussed. The database tables and fields are already defined. And

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    Project Description here are the things needed apply all security patches and fix issue on footer where ads are showing. Customer side: 1. Customer needs to see generic products, news, new release and promotion items only. When users select a genetic items they will be asked to create an account at checkout stage. No need to create an

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    simple project. * design on php, css, html and javascript *no database(optional database can add if needed). *designed for school or collage .

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    here are the things needed apply all security patches and fix issue on footer where ads are showing. Customer side: 1. Customer needs to see generic products, news, new release and promotion items only. When users select a genetic items they will be asked to create an account at checkout stage. No need to create an account before selecting an item

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    ...create a web page for a school to do result publish 2 pages needed and excel is the database. first page to get the credential like roll number, phone number. second page the result has to be shown after validating phone number and roll number. Excel is the database. Result page has to be configured in like A4 sheet. 1) School Name : RAVILLA [login to view U...

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    ...satisfaction of knowing the work they do helps save lives. We have an immediate opening aboard our remote admin support team. Work Schedule: Flexible. Requirements: High School Diploma or equivalent, Strong written and verbal communication skills, Ability to use MSWord, Excel, Quickbooks, Person(s) must be detail oriented, focused/driven and hard

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    Data base: - A database constructed with SQL 2012 Enterprise - Tables base BD: Author, Title, Document Type (Book, Newspaper, Manuscript, Image, etc.), Editor, Source (if not a publisher), PDF (the version of the PDF document), Cover (image document cover or the 1st page when not book), Data (editing or production of the document), summary (abstract

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    ...appropriate information when needed to the candidates. It will provide a solution to the problem of crowding the premises with students waiting for some information or the other. 5. Results Administration This module will be used to upload the results and screening outcomes of the examination conducted in the school. The result will be accessible

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    ...sections. What I would like these sections to include are: 1) Name of school + picture of school + school logo 2) Map of England with the school position highlighted (perhaps logo can go in this section instead) 3) Key information points (no title needed - this section will have: school type/year founded/age of student/number of boarders) Points t...

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    ...make use of and search criteria too. You just need to upload school database in Csv files and customize the home page as needed. What to do: • The search area can be on the sidebar like it is on [login to view URL] • I already bought the school database and with List of Database Fields that needs to be uploaded into the site using Csv...

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    ...home page as needed. What to do: • I will be buying the school database and with List of 40 Database Fields that needs to be uploaded into the site using CVS files (([login to view URL]) • The types of schools found in the database include: Regular School, Special Education School, Vocational School, and Other/Alternative

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    DO NOT send a generic message We have a driving school with instructors around Australia and we are looking for a Virtual Assistant to assist us with the day to day running of our company. We want a long term relationship with someone we can trust. We would prefer an organised, bright bubbly personality, who can take initiative with a can do attitude

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    I would like to create a database of surf, kitesurf, windsurf schools in Spain and Portugal. I wonder if someone could help me by using some magic tools of data mining. Info needed: -Surf school name -Location (city, region, country) -@ email -mobile -type of service Thanks

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