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    For this task, you are going to develop an application that displays information (including an image) about celebrities (or cars or football players etc.). Developing the application is split into a number of steps. Exercise 1 For this exercise, display a web page with a form that allows the user to type in the name of a person (or a car etc.)

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    5 bida I want to convert it into iOS game application Keeping the same database of PC version But with video YouTube interface so my players in PC version will not be starting new account They will be able to play mobile and PC version with the data of PC database This is video of expected game for mobile iOS [log masuk untuk melihat URL]

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    I need a program written in python to simulate an NBA season in short it will create a database and use web scrapping to take the statistics of all the NBA players, via [log masuk untuk melihat URL], and place them in there. Use recursion to take each player's stats and run 82 times to come up with an average for the season, each time it is ran there will be a chance of

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    Native android and IOS App for athletes. We are looking to converting our online database of players onto an app that will also allow them to search for different products and services regarding the sports world. We would like it to include live chat and a new feed that allows each profile to post video and sports content.

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    Hello, i need just one PHP/PDO Function for m...Player are playing. 1 Player vs 1 Player(random) (all players may only play once against each other over x Rounds) Function for each duell, P1 Won DRAW P2 Won, Time out win Then write the in the Databse and then transfer the data to the next round. The Players will be inserted via database.

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    9 bida that tracks the social media popularity of every professional sports athlete and team. This site is going to be utilized so that fans can easily access their favorite players/teams social media pages. Social media pages include Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter accounts. -Sports include; --Cricket --Soccer --American Football

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    ...Script for me. The database conn should be done in PDO. - Site for Login -> Registration of a referee should be done in the ACP. - After login: Welcome referee, post timestamp, Buttons "create tournament", "edit tournaments", "show tourments", "delete tournament". - Create Tournament: Titel of the tournament, Amount of Players (ma...

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    ...Some players have 1000s of rows of data, so loading smaller datasets would be good for us. "With server-side processing enabled, all paging, searching, ordering etc actions that DataTables performs are handed off to a server where an SQL engine (or similar) can perform these actions on the large data set (after all, that's what the database engine

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    ...can battle their pets against AI enemy pets in a 1 vs 1 battle (like Pokemon battle system) and even other online players. - AI Shops: Multiple AI run shops selling different items and the current items in the shop shown to all players viewing that shop (so all users see the same items for sale). - User Shops: Users can create their own shop, add

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    NBA players, modes, and your sponsor for a new NBA game done by Summer 2018

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    An IOS, and ANDROID app with serial communication to receive inputs from Arduino. MYSQL database to store data and scores. Login brings to separate accounts: Admin, Manager, User, TV Display. APP LAYOUT in LANDSCAPE SOUND IN GAME SET TO MAXIMUM, cannot lower. LOCKED. OTHER APP SOUNDS (calls/texts) DISABLED, vibrations enabled instead. LOADING SCREEN

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    ...script to grab players stats from [log masuk untuk melihat URL] and add stats into a MySQL database. Grabber must collect data from multiple players ( I want to have the ability to add more players easily (I have a lot of players) ). Script must update database table everytime he's running. Here's the link: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] al...

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    I do this for charity.. these games will be played free in events at temples

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    I would like to use woocommerce or something similar to enable my players to buy a virtual credit that can be used within the external game. Main domain is WordPress. The game is in a subdirectory using a different database. The game uses WordPress login system and the user information is available within the game by using wordpress header.

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    ...The basic concept is that there are 2 opposing football players standing on a football field, and flaming footballs are falling out of the sky with numeric values on them. As the footballs make contact with the players the players become larger in size based on the value. The total for both players are kept above their heads and there is a timer that keeps

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    It will be same [log masuk untuk melihat URL] website, and also we need IOS and Android Apps, Please first login [log masuk untuk melihat URL], examine all site's functions, then give real bid. we have 20 days for project. Payment Plan; 1. Milestone 25$, we will start project 2. Milestone 75$, we will finish all website front end design and we will finish login signup functions. --...

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    ...Stories, Locations, and Connect. Sermons, Stories, and Locations will navigate to detail pages allowing video and/or audio players to launch. Most of the content for these pages will be provided via an API with the Church’s database. The rest of the content is static and can be taken from the current app. Creation of the API is not part of this project

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    ...that will call information using steam API’s. The plugin will allow me to: Type the name of a game (the plugin will then search the steam database using the API) It will allow me to display the concurrent players for the game It will allow me to display the information about the game in the sidebar (Title, Genre, Developer, Publisher, Release date)

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    I'm looking for a scrape specialist. there are 268 teams. pl...there are 268 teams. please check this link. [log masuk untuk melihat URL] and there are 40~70 players in each team. I need the info of each player whose birthplace is in Latin America. please check attached pictures. and you have to make a database using that data like below pic.

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    I want a game that is playable in-browser and on iOS and Android. Players will need to be able to log-in to their account to play their save on any platform. The players will gain experience points and level up by performing tasks in real-life like performing certain exercises, changing their eating habits, et cetera... and then checking those tasks

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    Need to design a database and web app for a local cricket club. The database should have list of club players, sponsors, team batting averages, bowling averages, scores per match, Practice session scheduler, sponsorship agreements and players agreements section, files storage

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    Carrom game like "Carrom 3rd at applestore", 2 Currency's 'Coins and gems' - Multiplayer with database and register players using Facebook or directly to database.

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    ...basics of a RPG game typical register username, password and gender and of course the login Player movement needs to be click to walk. Equipment system which adds stats to players skills. Spawned enemies from server upon death the enemy drops items and respawns the enemy must not leave it's area but can walk around within a given radius. I will

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    ...pulling user name and password from phpmyadmin database Player stats: Hp / maxhp (100 hp) Attack Strength Defense Magic Woodcutting if the Player presses I for inventory to display on screen with 28 inventory slots if the Player presses C for character stats to display on screen (players combat level attack level hitpoints strenth woodcutting

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    ...MySQL knowledge and know how. I need the database to: 1. Update the user database when people sign up or delete account 2. Update the contests database when contests are over, began, deleted, or cancelled ****3. Have registration timers for all contests. If a contest does not fill the required amount of players before registration end, then the contest

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    ...mod-ability for GTA 5 which uses a system called fiveM ( [log masuk untuk melihat URL] ) basically I want a program written that the client runs when they join the server, it will get the players location and mute everyone except those around them and fade voice for people that are further away in the vicinity, sort of like in real life, so it acts like a normal voice

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    5 bida get to select hair style will need only 2 options for each gender character information saved to phpmyadmin Login system pulling user name and password from phpmyadmin database Remove create server from open page only need login and register on start page Player stats: Hp / maxhp (100 hp) Attack Strength Defense Magic Woodcutting Player key pressed

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    ...(legal) for GTA 5 which uses a system called fiveM ( [log masuk untuk melihat URL] ) basically I want a program written that the client runs when they join the server, it will get the players location and mute everyone except those around them and fade voice for people that are further away in the vicinity, sort of like in real life, so it acts like a normal voice

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    I have a database for a sports website I run. I have been able to do simple SQL queries in phpMyAdmin that allow me to get the data I need. I then use that query to show the data on a PHP page. My database consist of 12 tables. I have been able to create this page [log masuk untuk melihat URL] What I need now is to be

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    I want to make a website/game/app that allows people to play chess against each other for rewards. I would also like an eCommerce side of the website that allows players to earn/buy a digital currency that could be wagered on their game that would allow them to redeem rewards faster. In addition to this wagering system, the house can receive a percentage

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    22 bida where players/teams from multiple games can compete on a weekly basis in tournaments. Tournaments will require registration based on tokens that players/teams will be able to purchase and use as an entry fee. Token pools will be distributed/awarded after tournaments/matches end. Website should be able to hold a large database of players and teams

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    7 bida where players/teams from multiple games can compete on a weekly basis in tournaments. Tournaments will require registration based on tokens that players/teams will be able to purchase and use as an entry fee. Token pools will be distributed/awarded after tournaments/matches end. Website should be able to hold a large database of players and teams

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    i have an arabic website for soccer matches predictions. players register via the website or using facebook. every predication give the players points and there are 2 tournaments (monthly and weekly). i want to develop app that connects to mysql database and players can login in the app and predict and do everything as if he using the website and

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    17 bida and how we can help them. • Ask pertinent questions to understand the client’s requirements • Record the client’s personal information accurately in our client database. • Deal with complaints or doubts to safeguard the company’s reputation • Go the “extra mile” to meet goals and facilitate future sales • Keep records o...

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    ...which allows the following: --- Background --- The client is a sporting organisation. They often need to notify parents and players of last minute changes to games. They don't want to have to maintain a large database of ~1800 phone numbers and want a simple way they can send notifications out to their users. --- How it would work --- - The

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    ...move from their current league to a new league if there are compelling reasons to move - if we collect data we can determine how many players and establishments are interested in participating - there are enough players to get a league started in each county designated Objective: 1. Ensure we have enough teams to be cost effective and cash positive

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    I need an Android app. I would like it designed and built. It is required to build a network game with players database based on map location that if the one player will request from other players if they have time they will share the game

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    i need some images searched on google images and cropped into 160 x 252 total number of images will be about 100. there is no other requirement, images are related to cricket, there is no specific requirement for pictures, in play and head shots should be given priority. group photos should be avoided if possible images are used for editorial work and not exceeding 50,000 so there w...

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    Develop an educational game to improve meta-cognitive skills for players (such as problem solving, associative reasoning, accuracy with details, etc.) Text me for more details.

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    ...I would be able to extract data such as resent matches and popular heroes for the Vainglory API. That is what I need to do in part. We created a web application that helps players in improving their winning chance by doing "optimal" in drafting process. Our front-end interface looks like exactly what's in the Vainglory game. User will be able to choose

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    Currently I run a gameserver for counter strike and I use an online mysql database called "AMXBANS". This database stores all the "higher" authoritative players on the server.. such as admins or vip players. I have a control panel that I login to to adjust my admins or vip players through the amxbans website. However.. I sell VIP to my users o...

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    ...uploaded Access Database. My ultimate goal is to create an export file for Excel, which includes all of the fields from the GL2016 table, and all of the fields from the "Batting" and "Pitching" tables for each player listed in the GL2016 table (there should be 2 pitchers, and 18 batters listed on every row of the GL2016). Players are organized in

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    We need a custom admin script for FiveM GTA. The script should have the following features. 1. Kick Players 2. Ban 3. Unban 4. Userlist (Only Admin Can See) 5. When banning them it should ban their IP and SteamID which puts it into an SQL database. 6. When they first join our server it should assign them a unique ID that they will always have.

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    ...complicated. The more simpler, the better. -No borders in designs at all. -Excellent English UK/US Skills. -Project has 3 parts. Audio and Videos files will be stored on a database and streamed into the Audio/Video Player. Maybe through PHP through XML Playlist? We can discuss the best option. Part 1 Audio Video Player (Around £150) An Audio Video

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    ...for a grand theft auto server. When the player connects to the server for the first time** - the menu pops open allowing players to set their characters phone number, first name, and last name which will be saved in a mysql database. A tutorial made by some one else i obviously cant understand ;P [log masuk untuk melihat URL]

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    The web scraping application consists of looking for players who create innovative solutions in Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. Objective is to scrape data from the sources given, store and process them in order to have a database that contains scraped information of those players and visualize them in maps.

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    Need to create a database for various players. The database must allow query and filter. The User interphase to the database will be online and the website must request authentification for USERS ACCESS. Also an internal memo of communication will be assigned to comment on the situation of players in-within all the register users or between groups formed

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    ...ability to set minimum $ amount to participate, maximum skins per players, play timer, website rake % , ban players ip/steamname, moderate chat. - Chat for users, ability to create rooms/lobbies for mods/admins/donaters. - Login/Logout through Steam. ( all users added to DataBase) - Setup a steam bot with authenticator, bot takes rake % of bets

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    ...the following format: Taylor Mike Bryan Bret Steve Fuji Secord Chris GP Jordan 18 9 Here, the team on the left (5 players) matched up with the team on the right and won, 18-9 (all games are to 18) I have ~105 games in my database currently with around 25 unique player names. I'd like to get a win-loss record for each unique player, as well as matchup

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