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    I need a website template created that looks and feels exactly like [log masuk untuk melihat URL], with the following functionality: - Signin / Register with Google, FB, email - Courses -- Lessons / Tutorials / Exercises / progress / instructor - Syntax highlighting for code, datagrid output - accept response from user and compare it to stored answer - query demo database tables to pull data...

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    Consumir servicios de IDECA y mostrarlos usando DataGrid y Leaflet

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    Hi there, So you will help me with this project of mine and make me understand every bit of data bindings including the complex ones etc.? For example there is a table named tblOrderHistory. This table has employee_id and customer_id columns as foreign keys, and I have to fetch the employee and customer names against those IDs from their own respective tables and present in the datagrid; there are...

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    I’m writing a small vb.net program for school. I’m having trouble with deleting a record from datagrid. I need a vb.net expert to help me. Currently, I’m stuck at Error “ Rows cannot be programmatically removed unless the DataGridView is data-bound to an IBindingList that supports change notification and allows deletion.”

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    We have Windows application, in which there is numeric keypad. Its working fine in text boxes But not datagrid view. Backspace, delete button all must work same like key board.

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    Sila Dafter atau Log masuk untuk melihat butiran.

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    Goll Project : - Server can send looping 500 data to all client without freeze in both, we can see step by step data (running data ) incoming in datagrid client - All client send looping 500 data to server, without freeze in both, running data at incoming server DB sql server tblSetting : IDsetting int(Primarykey), SrvIP as varchar,SrvPort varchar tbluser : UserID int (PrimaryKey) , UserName var...

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    WPF application that retrieves data from an api then displays it in a Datagrid. This data grid should allow pagination. And also notify if the data has changed from the api data retrieved

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    Hi ktanpatel, I noticed your profile and would like to ASK If u can fix fast one datagrid on C#

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    I wrote a small application, which lists some files containing XML-snippets from a folder into a DataGrid. Now I want to add a button with the label "Install" to the first column, which gives the user the possibility to install the snippet to another file. If this snippet is already included into the file, the button should change to "Uninstall". Therefore I added the followin...

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    I have a website with a member info database written in php/mysql/ajax. Members can add, view, and edit (their own info only). I need the following: 1. Fix the [add new] member button. There is an unknown error when trying to insert a new record. 2. I need to add a new [Report] feature that allows the user to (a) filter records in the datagrid, (b) choose up to 5 fields they want to display in...

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    This work requires listening to updates from Apache Kafka messaging system and show the update on the DataGrid table on the UI.

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    The general perspective is described at [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Whichever Component will be used, we will send the final designs directly due to the selected UI framework. In the system, the business layer will consist of the display of JSON results that you send and receive from the web services we provide. There will be no business logic in the system. It doesn't have to be NATIVE...

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    We are looking for a simple grid view on an admin Web page.. an administrator will update information on this grid view. Which should then be saved to a sql database. (Or equivalent to sql). Updated grid view will then be available to other website users. Where they can add additional information, without modifying the master data.

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    We have Ms. SQl server Db we need expand base on query

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    I am looking for a proficient developer working with vuejs, nodejs and mongodb to create - one landing page (based on template) + user sign up/password recovery - 4 internal pages (based on vuejs template) - working based on api calls to backend nodejs CMS; mainly datagrid based pages; backend is done, api to query DB is available - frontend app needs to communicate with a chrome extension (CMS ...

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    It's about a Beauty Salon Front End Application (Mobile & Web App for Hair Salons / Barber Shops / Nails Salon). We need someone to build the FRONT END functionality (UI-UX, the backend is up and running as rest api or GraphQL) using Ionic 5 (Mobile with Capacitor) and Angular 9 (Web) for our Hair Salon Application as well as our landing page (either using pure html or wordpress) The f...

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    We have an admin panel in which we are using MUI-DataTable component. When we need to edit a record then we click on a link "Edit" and user goes to another page and makes changes and press save button. But after save or cancel he does not come back to recently edited row. Therefore we want to use an inline form editing for updating a record as shown in the example below: [log masuk untu...

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    We have an admin panel in which we are using MUI-DataTable component. When we need to edit a record then we click on a link "Edit" and user goes to another page and makes changes and press save button. But after save or cancel he does not come back to recently edited row. Therefore we want to use an inline form editing for updating a record as shown in the example below: [log masuk untu...

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    We have an admin panel in which we are using MUI-DataTable component. When we need to edit a record then we click on a link "Edit" and user goes to another page and makes changes and press save button. But after save or cancel he does not come back to recently edited row. Therefore we want to use an inline form editing for updating a record as shown in the example below: [log masuk untu...

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    This job comprises adding OPC DA and UA access to an existing WPF application. The OPC library preferred right now is Advosol, but other libraries may be considered if the developer has previous experience with a library. If needed, the core DA functions requested can be created in a separate application. The application will have to support several instances of long running OPC actions including...

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    I have a personal project where I want a website build with a defined list of pages. I will provide an API call for the various actions each page has to enable. I would like the website to be built using HTML5 and a provided Bootstrap 4 theme. A good UI experience / design is required as part of the page layout and design. The final version of the web pages I would like to have integrated into a...

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    I had an WPF Desktop application and i want to insert a datagrid to [log masuk untuk melihat URL] datagrid will read the incoming orders from a Web page that i have,and print them to thermal pos [log masuk untuk melihat URL] API already exists

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    Hi Kiran! - I will send you tomorrow morning a very little WPF project where i've tried to use your Datagrid with some modifications, and i couldn't... - Please take a look as soon as possible, as i would need to have it working as soon as possible... - Thanks!

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    I run a company Paramount Aromachem Pvt. Ltd. This is a automation chemical company , we have enough workforce on Software Developer, my developer team are working on c# (visual Studio Platform) making our enterprise Software/Application. We Find a good experienced programmer on SQL Database, to solve out our problem on paid bases. Currently my development team work on Payroll management System ...

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    I need an excel-like data grid on my current webpage (internal website) that allows me to enter item SKU Details of a Sales Order. Please see attachment. Currently, we are entering this information through simple CRUD inline form with ADD/EDIT/DELETE/UPDATE buttons. Even though this app is using classic ASP. The code here can be written in PHP if required. The code should use AJAX/Javascri...

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    Modify customized Datagrid UserControl with ComboBox/Textbox feature and Sorted rows

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    WPF-XAML Datagrid to Label UserControl conversion

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    Descripción: En ScharfsteinLabs estamos desarrollando una aplicación, y queremos que sea la mejor, tanto funcional como en diseño. Esta app, consiste en una plataforma de control de acceso, cuyo usuario es el guardia de seguridad en condominios. Para ello, nuestros ingenieros ya tienen todo el código implementado para la interacción entre las vistas y las funcion...

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    Dear Freelance, This is a little project with a FIXED price of $30. Please do not bid if you do not agree with this, thanks ;-) I am learning C# with WPF and the MVVM pattern, and there's a problem I encountered today and could not manage to solve, for what I attach a zip file containing a very basic project I already started, which i want to get to work for the sake of learning. What I requ...

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    I need help displaying List<object> data along with its nested List<object> data (variable number of objects) in one DataGrid in WPF.

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    Need working sample implementation of C# WPF applciation. The sample should implement following : - SQL server express as data source - DataGrid to select / insert / delete / update data from/to SQL table - Need to process required event from DataGrid to process CURD work without any user's manupulation (like clicking Update button, etc) - Entity Framework 6.4

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    Hi I'm interested in converting an existing app that works in Windows Forms that talks to a SQL database. - the main screens need converting to work with Sap Business One The existing application talks to an api that we have designed so we just need an event adding to a button or 2 to call this and return an object that will then update to SQL table & form / grid. There are a few basi...

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    design web application - master page with expandable sidebar menu and form with two buttons ( when click show calendar to choose date) - page with datagrid and dropdown menu - header and footer - page with tables and buttons javascript function to show message box javascript to show input box script to show loading box when the application busy should not be complicated and load fast language ...

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    Looking for help with a .aspx web page using Datagrids/Repeaters and Bootstrap. Need my datagrid 'on-click' item to produce a drop-down div containing additional MS SQL data. Backend code is Visual Basic.

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    Hello Dear Freelancers! I need a professionally looking windows forms user interface for the desktop application. UI must be built using Dev Express v19 controls. Application will have various controls, such as datagrid, graphs, ribbon, sidebar, etc. There will be tabs and several windows. Freelancer will discuss with me what should be included in a user interface and create it accordingly unti...

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    I need a programmer who is expert in C Sharp to debug the error. I have a Form designed in C# which has as a datagrid. I am trying to access the value of the datagrid from another function within the project and I am not able to do this. Attached is the error. I will provide a remote desktop connection from where you will need to debug the code.

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    I need some help with coding in Livecode. Please bid only, if you are familiar with the Livecode Architecture and Coding. I need some help parsing XML into Datagrid.

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    Hi, I have a XML Site: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] I want the node: messe in a datagrid, this should be clickable and lead to a new page where the other contents of the page will be displayed. Please provide a working Livecode App.

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    The task is a nodejs Loopback version 3 (restful) API development for the demo datagrid. This API have to serve this demo React datagrid with data: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] The datagrid have to work the same way with the new API, so just for example, the all dynamic sorting, grouping, multiple grouping, fetching, and any meta data have to be served and work with the demo datagrid. I will...

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    i have a form with a textbox that needs to work as a lookup for a datagrid that pulls data from msql and deletes data as well minor troubleshooting project that is needed

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    I am currenty developing an UWP app, but I am not really experienced with the platform yet. One of the pages currently shows a datagrid (see attachment), I want certain columns to behave like editable comboboxes. The control should ideally behave like this: 1. User is able to type in just like a textbox 2. User can pick a value from a list of choices like a combobox 3. When focused, the controls ...

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    use Laravel and Vue.js for show automatically live/updated data with mysql queries in this grid framework [log masuk untuk melihat URL]

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    You will include SQLite Database so that multiple users at one same time can access same database and perform different CURD operations simlutaneously. The software must run on Windows XP/7/10 without any specific software requirements and vb.net and Sqlite application for CURD operatings with datagrid view and facility to import data from excel file and facility to export data to excel/pdf. Y...

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    Hi, i want someone expert in c# to fix and improve the code of this open source: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] I had made a few changes, like translate to portuguese and added a new filter, this new filter has a few bugs and need to be improved. Basically i want the possibilite of click on a cell in the datagridview and as you type the datagrid is filtered. I had implemented that but its not worki...

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    I need a pivot Datagrid in WPF with c#. I need it within a 4 to 5 days

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    I have a WinForms Application, it has a element Host control that contains a WPF program. The WPF has a Datagrid on it. When the user click's on the row in the data grid the Textbox on the Windows Form must contain the details of that row in the WPF form grid.

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    I would like to have a demo website/solution so I can learn more about updating tables on client browsers through SignalR. I need to be able to capture data and validate it before it gets pushed. I'd prefer to be able work with events (Button1_Click). Button1 would relay the information to the database and then on users via SignalR. Objective: I need to see how to broadcast to all clients ...

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    1 - Melhorar Pesquisa no DataGrid Produtos, reduzindo consumo de memória e tornando rápida mesmo com um volume alto de registros. 2 - Permitir edição do valor de determinada coluna em lote de acordo com os registros selecionados (Opção disponível ao clicar com botão direito nos registros selecionados) 3 - Implementar Métodos Inserir, E...

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    I need help to build a grid of textboxes, where it can execute some formulas such as finding the mean, mode, average across a number of cells. I cannot use DataGrid, in fact already started the coding using for loops. I have to make it look and work similar to an Excel Spreadsheet.

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