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    we need to collect tron link fot accept cryptocurrency on our website like metamask

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    I need a video scribe premium license for for 1 pc, if anybody have bulk license, I am ready to buy one for 5-6 dollars

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    Hi I would like to hire a professional to create somw unique contents fot my Instagram account! Please visit my Instagram account @ Fitnessbyeddy , and get back to me with some of your options what you can do to improve my profile! PLEASE , don’t contact me if you have not see my account before contact me ! Thank you in advance!

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    I need you to design and build it.

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    I need Desktop Pos Fot My Small Laundry Buissness.

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    Hey, I'm looking for someone who can create an original logo for me. For a company that trades coffee and tea products, maybe something with a coffee bean or a tea leaf... I would like to use the colors brown, green, black and white. All original ideas are welcome! Chek at the example images for possible targeting ideas. Company name: LeafBean Thank you

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    Hi Maria do you have testbank fot this Digital Business & E-Commerce Management, 7th Edition (2019), Dave Chaffey, Tanya Hemphill, David Edmundson-Bird, Prentice Hall, ISBN: 978-1292193335.

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    Hi Maria do you have testbank fot this Digital Business & E-Commerce Management, 7th Edition (2019), Dave Chaffey, Tanya Hemphill, David Edmundson-Bird, Prentice Hall, ISBN: 978-1292193335.

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    I need to do responsive one little page not all web

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    I need an Android app. I would like it designed and built.

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    I need a series of characters created as per my descriptions

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    I have a nft website you will have to connect wallet using metamask

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    So i want a logo for a discord and steam, i want it to be like a happy skeleton with headphones. And i want LOGO in White, pink, purple corolor. Maybe in LOGO can be something from cyberpunk style. (i will use LOGO in discor and steam) down is an example but i dont like it i want something exlusive And also i want to see nickname in logo :Waylitt

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    PLEASE READ THE WHOLE DESCRIPTION The name of our project is ObZEN BREWS Hello everyone! We need the logo, typography and brand identity for our craft wine project, and we would love for you to help us translate our concept into a simple logo but with personality and character. The logo must be simple and versatile to be used on surfaces of different colors and for different purposes such as la...

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    Hi, I'm rebuilding this website in WordPress [log masuk untuk melihat URL] I'm using this plugin to submit the properties (as posts) [log masuk untuk melihat URL] now I need to send these properties to zoopla. would u be able to this this integration fot 80£ max

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    The project is to design a logo of our brand name. The brand is about indian made products which tells a stori ot India's art and tradition. The brand is also into creating advertisements fot clients with a storytelling approach. The logo should be Simple, Classy, A mix of Indian tradition and Modern appeal.

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    Hello, I need to have a logo created. Logo is for brand named like Canada Apparel. 1. Logo should not have a whole or a little bit modified flag of Canada(country) inserted in logo.(otherwise trademark commission will not accept it). 2. BUT logo must have in it parts of a Canadian flag, like leaf and colours of Canada must be used. logo should remind parts of Canadian flag but not to copy it i...

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    Social Media Marketing and content creation fot travel agency

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    Trophy icon Logo fot a spa Tamat left

    Hello everyone. The spa is called "Le Salon" with the slogan "Estudio de belleza". It should be elegant, with golden color, beige, camel, and champagne. It should be minimalist, simple lines. memorable. The typography should be flashy, and delicate. It may be coming with an illustration. The examples have been given below.

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    Hi guys, I need an expert who can install jitsi on AWS manual and customize as I want. And then I need to integrate jitsi to my web and mobile app(Android and iOS). This should be done in 10 or 12 days. And you shoud work on my PC via remote controller. This is long term project and current task is only first stage. After this stage, I need to add more features. I will create milestone step by ste...

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    I need a PHP Developer for the next 1 year, who can assist my Senior Developer. The Ideal developer will be someone who has more than 1 year of experience in developing custom PHP Application. Someone having experience in Laravel will be preffered. I need someone who can devote few hours everyday on my work. If you are already employeed and do part-time freelancing, then you may not be the right c...

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    t-shirt design Tamat left

    i need designs fot shirts. to give as a present

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    Hi, I need someone who can develop me a website with a modern design to be able to implement my developed system. I need someone who understands WP

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    Hello This payment is fot the SEO services by 16th January till 31st January 2021.

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    The logo must represent the power of feminine energy, ideas at the end: moon, nature, rites, spirituality, Branding: "La Mujer Ritual" It must be in Spanish, its meaning is "The Ritual Woman" Main Color: Purple

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    I need some help with selling something.

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    Webpage and online courses for fitness & health. Holistic premium coaching with a mini spiritual touch. I wanna help humans to change fot the better and stay healthy. currently im running a personal traings boutique gym since 10 years. Now i wanna build a new company paralell with online couses. 3-6 products maximum and full automated. But it should also will offer 1:1 online trainings. Inthi...

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    top logo for Youtube, tik tok, Instagram

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    Looking to redesign an existing dating app ui design. want a very minimalistic design with a easy sign up process. aesthetically pleasing and very user friendly fot the users.

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    I need help with the preparation of several behavior trees systems (for different cases, using Behavior Designer - Opsive) and integration with A * system, 2D navmesh and game code for a 2D game. I provide all necessary plugins fot this job. Knowledge about the behavior trees and pathfinding is essential.

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    Need to help with our bank account in BCR Bank. They need some documents fot unblokcing and I need to know exactly what they need and help with administration about this issue. Seems with my English I am not succesful.

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    Hi, please read my project carefully and dont place an offer if you are not enaught experienced or dont accept my rules. I'm looking for SEO specialist for 4 Brand new Polish Websites. All Websites are Made only in Polish language, and need to be Ranked for Polish keywords, in Polish Google .pl. Websites: 1. Web hosting service from 2010 year, good backlink history but was not used for last ...

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    banners design Tamat left

    design 4 boxes with text on it for this site: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] (you will see 4 squares under main slider) each box will have bg color, a small image on corner and a tittle. attached ref file for design. tittle box 1: מוצרי אופיס ׂ (in english its 'office products') tittle box 2: מוצרי ווינדוס (in english its 'windows products') tittle box 3: משחקי מחשב (in engli...

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    Hi i am to have a word press webshop build simple. All i need is the structure set up and theme along with the pages. The pages can be left blank i have wll the informartion to add to the pages i also can add the products myself and sort the payment gateways etc. So really.i need a blank shop and i can do the rest. Thanks fot takimg the time to read. Kind regards

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    Fot this video: [log masuk untuk melihat URL]

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    Hello can we work? If you find any client who wants android,ios,game or website let them call me and i give you money fot this job. If a small project Budget less than 500$ I give you 3% of budget Good project: Budget less than 1000$ I give you 5% of budget High project: Budget less than 1500$ I give you 8% of budget If tou can bring a project by 2000$ I give you 10% of budget CV ...

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    Writing a nice and interesting story for children. Short, with a clear moral and preferably educational.

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    If you find any client who wants androis,ios or website let them call me and i give you money fot this job. If a small project Budget less than 500$ I give you 3% of budget Good project: Budget less than 1000$ I give you 5% of budget High project: Budget less than 1500$ I give you 8% of budget If tou can bring a project by 2000$ I give you 10% of budget

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    Create a Shopify app fot me. Just like you done the Shopify manual integration for me, I need you to create an app where clients don't need any coding. Push order details to my API: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] (Look from line 78)

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    Hello, we will ship some small presents to customers and need the design of Giftbox (full color pint) Polo-Shirt (black / white print - no grayscale) Cup (black / white - laser engraved - no grayscale) Covid-Mask Details: all deinings very dark - black. Black Poloshirt - print black and white (max size of print 10x10cm - chest front left) Sleeve for gift box - full color, wide15,8cm [log masu...

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    I will commission a simple computer program for Windows and Mac. This program is an emulator of old NES / Nintendo games (.nes extension). The program can be a copy of the already existing free emulators which are full on the Internet,eg VirtuaNES, but it should have an original, colorful layout and company logo and be very very simpler fot use. There are open source of NES emulator-[log masuk unt...

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    T want to run all code + some work + and correct this issue : ound input variables with inconsistent numbers of samples: [2, 6386]

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    Decerto Sp. z o.o. is looking for a person who will take a position as a IT Content Marketing Creator. If you are tired of being bored and repeatability at your current work and you would like to change it, we have an offer for you! We are looking for someone experienced in IT Content Marketing. If you are proactive, follow new trends and technology, and you would like to create new things, we ...

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    I need a Tuya app developer to create my personal domotic app fot IOS and Android.

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    Hi, I am planning to open a surgery center. Total area is 1400 sq feet. I want interior designer who can help me out in creating nice design and layout. I like this layout [log masuk untuk melihat URL] But, i am open to all the ideas. Freelancer has to provide me layout, interior design and cost fot building it. Extra - I will like to shoot video which I will put on my facebook pag...

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    I need an Android app. I already have a design for it, I just need it to be built.

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    We have small manufacture where we print on blank mobile case some our design. We have attached to some of final products EAN-13 (something like UPC barcode for USA, EAN-13 is barcode for Europe) We have list of manufacture (every day we have new list of manufacture - cases which we print in this day) and we need fot it automatically and fast print Barcode EAN-13 without popup/new tab etc.

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    I'm a personal trainer and I need a logo fot my webpage. [log masuk untuk melihat URL] I want it to be a lion to represent my strength and power. I want something strong but nice at the same time. I just recently tattooed it so it means a lot. Im gonna post the reference photos so you can be based on it. Looking forward to it.

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    Hello im looking fot a italian freelancer who can buy italian wash parfum and export it to the netherland. the supplier dont do export, so i need a italian freelancer who can buy the products from me. i wil make the payment to you. and you wil pay the company. You wil get commission for this handling. also i need you in upcoming orders. so it could be a long term relationship.

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