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    I am looking for someone to script some code in VBA in excel for me. I have a large number of .plt files (batches of 5000 or so) that I want to extract data out of. These files have a program number in column L and a sensor value in column J if you import and separate column by tab. I’d like to point the script at a directory and process everything in that directory giving me the following:...

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    Hello. Here the task: I have: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] in English and Russian 2. Html texts - utf-8 What I need: 1. Module of text (html) analysis. Need to find keywords from dictionaries in texts and assign name of thematic to texts according to dictionaries. 2. Thematic can be assigned if there are 2 words(minimum) from dictionary/dictionaries(in total) were found in a text. 3. API This...

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    Hello. Here the task: I have: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] in English and Russian 2. Html texts - utf-8 What I need: 1. Module of text (html) analysis. Need to find keywords from dictionaries in texts and assign name of thematic to texts according to dictionaries. 2. Thematic can be assigned if there are 2 words(minimum) from dictionary/dictionaries(in total) were found in a text. 3. API This...

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    I'm looking for someone who can reformat all the citations for my book into Chicago Manual of Style 17th edition for endnotes. The book includes 112 endnotes that need to be reformatted into this style as well as the bibliography.

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    (***only drupal 7 expert bid please) Need help on a website which is based on drupal 7 which has conflicts in jquery. Uncaught TypeError: $(...).once is not a function at [log masuk untuk melihat URL] ([log masuk untuk melihat URL]:18) at Object.<anonymous> ([log masuk untuk melihat URL]:112) at [log masuk untuk melihat URL] ([log masuk untuk melihat URL]:2) at [log masuk u...

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    Hi, I'm working on a project that turns a PC to a Virtual Sound Level Meter. When connected to internet noise level ans other relevant data y uploaded to a SQL server. I need to create an executable programm in the form of an API (similar to CURL but running locally) that computes and extracts Noise Levels (different parameters in overall dBA levels and ANSI compliant one third octave band ...

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    Hallo, ich brauche Hilfe bei meinem eigenen Projekt. Damit mein Programm möglichst effizient läuft, möchte ich alle CPUs nutzen, was wohl nur über multiprocessing geht. Doch die Teilbereiche, welche dann auf die Prozesse aufgeteilt werden, sollen auch in alle Richtungen miteinander kommunizieren können. Ich habe mich bereits mit queue und manager usw rumgeschlagen, bekomme...

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    i need somen who can build a program thath can manage networkseitch and be a nac and sandbox

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    Hi, I have to create a program in python. i have to build an ER diagram with 4 Relations and then take the data via webscraping from 2 homepages. Then i have to upload this Programm via Pymysql to my Database.. sry for my english

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    Hi, I have to create a program in python. i have to build an ER diagram with 4 Relations and then take the data via webscraping from 2 homepages. Then i have to upload this Programm via Pymysql to my Database.. sry for my english

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    I’d like to get a method to dupe/duplicate items in new wonderland online (hk). All previous methods were related to WPE.

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    Hallo I have two seperate WPF projects that are similar but need to be combined. The Programms were written on Visual studio WPF. Attached you can see both programms. Each is acting as an configuration software for Microcontroller. There are two different microcontrollers. So what i need is if user plugs microcontroller in (visible upper left side "Devices"). The Programm should show ...

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    need an automation to draw lines on an attached 2D reference. Want just click on a specific polyline and automation draw automatically on the line, so that create real dgn elements like shapes and complex lines, Ellipse. In best case an importable mdl application or an mvba programm.

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    Hello, I don´t know if this is the right page for this. What I need is someone who tells me, how to to this task (what classes etc.). I will do it by myself then. Just guide me a little bit, as I completely do not know how to start. Even a brief text might be sufficient. I am a student and also happen to have computer science. Now we have a task that is to be finished within 2 weeks. Unfort...

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    Required a floor plan drawing on website and mobile with estimation with a pricing Calculator programm Fog example please find below. [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Should build be able to draw houses, carports, decking sheds, and give out a calculation estimation. Only Company who are able to build such sites please send your offer, those who havent done this kind of jobs do not send us your o...

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    Hi, I would like to hire someone to build a client for a game called Tanki Online. The client should have an inbuilt fast clicker that does "double left mouse click" and "enter key" at the same time once it's activated. I will provide a file of a similar client that has one of the two functions, from that one you can help yourself out and configure the rest. This is a scre...

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    Generell geht es um einen Amazon Scraper/Crawler , welcher bestimmte Produktdaten crawlt und diese in eine Datenbank einpflegt. Dies soll mit Hilfe der Amazon MWS API geschehen. Das Programm wird auf einem externen Server laufen und soll selbständig automatisiert einmal am Tag laufen und die Datenbank aktualisieren. Es geht um Datenmengen bis ca. 500.000. Eine genaue Beschreibung der Begriff...

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    Необходимо перевести (транскрибация) видео в текстовый формат Word . Транскрибация со вставкой в текстовый документ скриншотов (фото из видео) Видео: 112 мин.- 800 руб. Срок выполнения задания: 3 дн Обязательные требования 1. Текстовый формат Word 2. Грамотное чистописание 3. Структурировать информацию со вставкой в текстовый документ скриншотов (фото из видео) всех графических рисунков и таблиц....

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    customiced shutdown timer with the following features - insert shutdown time after startup the computer - 15, 10, 5min before shutdown a screen massage comes up (not a seperate window!!) blinking overlay (so if you're in game you can continue) lasts bout 15 - 30 sec - 5 min before shutdown all colors are faded (b/w screen left) you should still be able to use the computer. - it should not be ...

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    Creating ransomware programm

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    I am looking for someone who can create similar application: postsscraper(dot)com It needs to be able to scrape Facebook pages ( public) posts and organize by likes/shares/comments in the program Export to google sheets/excel [log masuk untuk melihat URL] This should be done legal, meaning no limitations and used by the Facebook API so the accounts don't have no risk of being banned. Sin...

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    With the details below please create me a video to advertise my upcoming conference. Bethesda Women Fellowship int. Ireland Presents DUBLIN WOMEN PRAYER CONFERENCE 2020! Theme: The Woman with purpose. Date: Friday 6th Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th, March, 2020. Ministering; Minister Joy Edjeren from the USA (former Nollywood star) and Evangelist Esther Saforo (of 'one soul a night'...

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    - 112 or 224 images (depending on the price) - Project: Bible book - Target: Children

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    I am looking to have a billboard design made for my business. I am looking for original creative designs that direct viewers to my phone number and web page. The final size of the sign is going to be 6 tall by 12 feet wide. I have a attached a copy of my logo in both black and white as well as a copy of my business card. The final file needs to be in pdf format with LZW compression wi...

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    Hi Koustav. I have read you are expert in C++ and Windows applications. I have a working C++ utility programm and I need just a small extension of it, a drop down menu with a link to my privacy policy on a web page. Would you be interested for that?

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    Ich suche einen Programmierer, der mir ein modernes responsive Design für osTicket erstellt. Wie das ganze am Ende aussieht, bin ich für Vorschläge offen. Das Design soll den Kundenbereich und den Mitarbeiterbereich umfassen. Die Software ist ein Online-Programm, das auf PHP und MySQL basiert. Die Software-Demo kann auch unter: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] (Kundenbereich) bzw....

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    I’d like to get a method to dupe/duplicate items in new wonderland online (hk). All previous methods were related to WPE.

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    Trophy icon Low cost warehouse design 4 hari left

    I own a 42x32 metre lot on a flat land where I want to build a grain storage godown (built-up space need not to exceed 400 square meters using brick and mortar). I am looking for a complete floor plan with realistic measurement and 3D model in pdf format. I would like the plan to include a side small quarter house for an on site manager that is not part of the main godown. The godown need to have ...

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    Dijamin Sulit
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    Having a requirement to create a single tool where different languages programmes can be run like Java, Python, mysql & SQL.. like within this tool there should be an options to chose Java , Python,C, C++, mysql & SQL Languages. after choosing the language , the required interface of that language should be launched and the programm can be written/executed in that particular language...

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    Guten Tag, ich möchte alte Videos digitalisieren. Dazu habe ich mir das Programm MAGIX Video deluxe gekauft und von der Hardware alles vorbereitet. Das Programm hat allerdings sehr viele Einstellungen und ich habe nicht so viel Ahnung von Video, dass ich hier die perfekte Einstellungen finde. Der Auftrag ist folgender: Sie bekommen einen Zugang per Teamviewer auf meinen Rechner und wir gehen ...

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    I have a programm written in python that opens different Spotify accounts in Google Chrome incognito mirrows. I need to add proxies. Should be a short work. The proxies are written in a proxy. Txt and the accounts in another txt.

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    Hi Mehedi, i have a new project for you (PROJECT 01-03-20) (112 files)

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    Programm in C# Schreiben Sie ein Programm, das ein Labyrinth von der Kommandozeile einliest und graphisch darstellt. Das Labyrinth ist in der Datei [log masuk untuk melihat URL] mit dem folgenden Inhalt abgelegt: 19 13 ################### #.................# #.#.###.#.#.###.#.# #.#.#...#.#...#.#.# #.#.###.#.#.###.#.# #.................# #.#.#.### ###.#.#.# #.................# ...

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    Wir sind einer der führenden Business-Programm-Anbieter für Coaches, Berater und Experten. Wir haben Massstäbe gesetzt. Wir wachsen stark und erweitern unser Marketing-Team. Möchtest Du mithelfen, unsere Kunden zum Erfolg zu führen? Du hast Freude daran, genau hinzusehen auf das Marketing der Kunden und ihnen genau zu erklären, was sie besser machen können, dam...

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    Bist du an einer langfristigen Zusammenarbeit interessiert und hast Spaß an Grafik Design? Dann haben wir eine geile Möglichkeit für dich: Wir sind auf der Suche nach einem Freelancer, der Thumbnails für unsere 2 YouTube-Kanäle erstellt. Voraussetzungen für diesen Job sind: - Erfahrung mit Photoshop, Gimp oder einem ähnlichen Programm - Schnelle & zuverl&a...

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    Hello, am searching for a programmer with ATMEL, C and Pascal skills. It would be a goody, if there will be now how with sensors or motors. A part of a programm flow is available.

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    Hi. I need a Revit model (LOD 200, architectural and structural elements) for this scan: - RCS file : [log masuk untuk melihat URL] - Matterport virtual tour for visual reference : [log masuk untuk melihat URL] I need this in 2 days time. I have a budget of $80 for this. Apply only if you can work within the budget and have worked with scan data and have converted scan data into revit model befo...

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    ###HAS TO BE FINISHED WITHIN THE NEXT 6 HOURS### Write a Python program that makes simple room planning for a calendar week provides. To this purpose is only a class to write the class RoomManagement_CW, in the following information is: - The calendar week (as an integer) - The information about all rooms (provided as a dictionary, where the key is (unique room name is and the value of the numb...

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    I need online trainers for my project. Digital marketing, Web develpoment, Programm developers, Motivational speekers, Spoken Englisj trainers etc...

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    I am a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., the first African-American female sorority. I have been asked to give a speech at a Founder's Day luncheon. The luncheon is celebrating 112 years of service by the sorority to all mankind. It is also recognizing it's Founders. The theme is 112 Years: Celebrating a Legacy of Excellence and Service to All Mankind. It is held on a HB...

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    I need the program for document management system. In the institution the boss can send a mission to the workers and give a time for completing. And when the time is end the programm remind it to the boss. Also must be a few kinds of users (superadmin, admin, user and etc). And boss can send file in any formats (png, jpg, doc, pdf and etc). Also all files which sended from boss to workers or from ...

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    Need to verify side business income by CPA as a requirement for apartment Move-in. Income Statement (very simple), transactions Excel workbook with summary, and Bank Statements ready. 112 transactions total for 2019 Revenue and Expenses. Must be signed by Certified Public Accountant and Notarized. May take an hour or less. Need before move-in on January 23rd.

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    Access Programmierung bei mittelständischem Elektrounternehmen in Hamburg. Ein vorhandenes Programm auf Access-Basis greift derzeit auf die SQL-Datenbank des ERP-Systems zu. Das Access-Tool wurde damals nie beendet und muss nun abgeschlossen und in Teilen verbessert werden. Zudem ist angedacht das Tool in einem zweiten Schritt nachhaltig weiter zu entwickeln. Support im Nachgang ist daher au...

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    Hello, I need someone with strong knowledge in automation programm with javascript or python. Contact me and i explain you the project.

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    Hallo/Hi (Please translate in google translate for English) Ich habe für einen Kunden einen Auftrag ein Appartment House auf 3 Stockwerken umzubauen und muss dem Kunden nun eine fertige Visualisierung plus die Baupläne abgeben. Damit ich für den Kunden das Projekt umsetzen darf, muss ich die bestehenden Zimmer neu gestalten und dabei einen guten Eindruck hinterlassen. Mit einer 3...

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    I need to convert an AutoCad proyect into BIM LOD 400

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    The project is a part of programm. The project is about a sharing economy platform with different iteration. Actually android and Ios has been build for the first iteration. We are actually looking for a company to build the web version of the existing iteration which should manly be front end. All teh different operating systems use the same database. The Ios and Android has been developed as nat...

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    Es soll ein digitaler Erfolgsbegleiter programmiert werden der einen bei der Erreichung der Ziele unterstützt. Grober Funktionsumfang: Auswählen verschiedener Kategorien, To-Do´s festlegen, Erinnerungsfunktionen (email, SMS), Eintragen der erledigten To-Do´s mit Analyse und Darstellung der Fortschritte Ähnliches Programm: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Programmierung als ...

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    Our company sells IT support subscriptions to ethical, conscious and green online businesses. You will be paid per sale of website maintenance/support plans at 30% per sale. Eventually the job can grow into a full-time position. You must: - care about the environment, justice, lifelong learning and making the world a better place - have proven sales experience * Daily Work Description * It...

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