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    ...maintainability, and performance. * Deliver well-documented, clean code that facilitates future maintenance. **Qualifications:** * Proven experience building mobile apps using Flutter framework. * Strong understanding of mobile app development best practices. * Experience with UI/UX design principles and implementation. * Proficiency in Dart programming language. * Familiarity with Android Studio and Xcode development environments. * Experience working in the gaming/gambling profitability industry is a plus (not mandatory). * Excellent communication and collaboration skills. * Ability to meet deadlines and work independently. **Benefits:** * Competitive one-time fee for the completed project. * Opportunity to work on a challenging and rewarding project. * Build your portfolio...

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    ...centred around mobile app development, particularly for iOS devices, and will involve using the latest Swift and XCode versions. Key requirements include: - Solid understanding of Swift programming and XCode - Experience with pushing apps to the App Store - Willingness to work during EST time for at least 3 - 5 hours The apps created will have a diverse range of functionalities, including user authentication, push notifications, and in-app purchases. They will cater to a broad audience, ranging from the general public to business professionals. The ideal candidate for this position will have: - Proven experience in Swift programming and iOS app development - Proficiency in using XCode and submitting apps to the App Store - A good understanding of user authenticat...

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    ...centred around mobile app development, particularly for iOS devices, and will involve using the latest Swift and XCode versions. Key requirements include: - Solid understanding of Swift programming and XCode - Experience with pushing apps to the App Store - Willingness to work during EST time for at least 3 - 5 hours The apps created will have a diverse range of functionalities, including user authentication, push notifications, and in-app purchases. They will cater to a broad audience, ranging from the general public to business professionals. The ideal candidate for this position will have: - Proven experience in Swift programming and iOS app development - Proficiency in using XCode and submitting apps to the App Store - A good understanding of user authentic...

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    I need a POC Flutter project that runs on iOS based on these 4 Flutter pub packages: Developer need to already have xcode, flutter SDK,simulator etc. up and running and know how to import pub packages and navigate in the pub example code. 1. 2. 3. 4. And the functionality is very simple, so I basically just need the 1. Main templetate would be but with an additional screen using other 3 packages. 2. I will provide Okta ClientId and details for Okta App Application rough design: 01. Clone git and work from provided

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    esse e o modelo atual que uso e preciso melhorar ele eu preciso de imagens de alta qualidade: Utilize imagens que mostrem painéis solares instalados em propriedades residenciais e comerciais semelhantes à do ...layout organizado e fácil de seguir. Mantenha a consistência no design em todas as páginas da proposta. Exemplos de recursos visuais que você pode usar em sua proposta: Imagens de painéis solares instalados em propriedades residenciais e comerciais Gráficos que mostram o potencial de economia de energia com energia solar Tabelas que comparam os custos de energia solar com outras fontes de energia Diagramas que mostram como funciona um sistema de energia solar Testemunhos de clientes satisfeitos

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    Descripción: Necesito un diseño en 3D de una caja compacta que pueda montarse en un carril DIN estándar. Esta caja debe alojar tres componentes electrónicos con las siguientes especificaciones: Relé Dimensiones: 60mm x 45mm x 28mm Requiere acceso a 4 tornill...Asegurar que los tornillos del relé y el conector micro USB sean accesibles sin desmontar la caja. Montaje: La base de la caja debe permitir la fijación en un carril DIN estándar. El diseño debe ser práctico, bien ventilado y seguro para uso eléctrico. Proporcionaré fotos y especificaciones adicionales de los componentes para facilitar el diseño. Entrega: Archivos en formato STL para impresión 3D. Diagramas o instrucciones de ...

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    1. Need a page made for inputting phone numbers in iOS Xcode storyboard with ViewController 2. Need a page made that pulls from an API via AlamoFire and also plays an audio file with each item from the database (array) - also need to add a description field under each item in the array.

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    Hi there. I'm running XCode 15.3 and I need a few pages done with simple, clean storyboards and View Controllers. I use Alamo Fire and Swift, so if you could use that to pull my data via my API links and display it in several pages that would be great. Categories > Collections > Items > Item Details You select one and it shows a list - Item Details is one record from a MySQL db I need each selected item to be a variable in the code of the ViewController so if I use the print function, I can see it at the bottom of XCode. I'll give you the 3 or 4 API webservice links. I can give you a super simple app to put it in too...

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    I am in need of an experienced iOS developer who is skilled in using Xcode and Swift UI. Your main task will be to develop an iOS application that integrates autofill functionality. Key Requirements: - Expertise in Xcode and Swift UI is non-negotiable. - Experience in integrating autofill feature into the apps is required. - An understanding of user experience to assess how the app functions with the autofill feature. - There are no specific UI design guidelines, so I welcome your creative input to develop an intuitive, user-friendly layout that adapts to the autofill function. Please provide a portfolio or examples of your previous iOS development work, highlighting any projects where you integrated autofill functionality.

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    I have an iOS app ready to go and an active Apple Developer account. I've managed to set up the app's metadata and assets for the App Store. However, I need someone to assist me with the final step of actually publishing the app. Ideal skills and experience: - Experience with publishing iOS apps to the App Store - Knowledge of Xcode and the iOS development process - Proficiency in managing and navigating the Apple Developer account interface - Ability to troubleshoot and resolve any publishing issues that may arise - Excellent communication skills to guide me through the process and answer any questions I may have This project is quite straightforward as most of the work has already been done. I just need someone to take the reins and ensure the app gets published succes...

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    I have a simple iOS app with subscriptions enabled, I would like to track conversions in real time by integrating mixpanel to my existing code. Should be an easy job if you know how to integrate mixpanel sdk and conversion tracking on the current code. Looking for someone that already integrated this successfully on an iOS app

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    ...and iOS platforms. The module should facilitate real-time communication between users with support for audio and video streams. Platform Requirements: Android (Java): Target SDK: Android 6.0 (API level 23) and above. Development Environment: Android Studio. Libraries/Frameworks: Google's WebRTC library for Android. iOS (Swift): Target iOS Version: iOS 17.0 and above. Development Environment: Xcode. Frameworks: WebRTC framework. Functional Requirements: Send a text message with URLs, which will preview automatically in a small box in their chat window. Send an image from their camera or gallery Send a video from their gallery Send an animated gif via integration with Tenor or similar Start a video call with the timer It will disconnect after 1 hour. Start an Audio call ...

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    I'm in need of an iOS walkie-talkie app, similar to "TenTen" in terms of functionality and user experience. Here's what the project entails: - The app will need to be developed in xCode. - Modifications to the core mechanics of the app will be necessary to ensure it's unique yet still maintains the essence of "TenTen". - No additional unique features are needed beyond what "TenTen" offers. Ideal skills and experience for this project include: - Proficiency in iOS app development, particularly using xCode. - Experience in walkie-talkie app development. - A good understanding of user experience design, specifically for chat apps. - Strong communication skills to discuss and implement modifications to the core mechanics of the app.

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    Create a new version of our existing ABCs feature with images instead of static letters. This page should be created with Storyboard and a View Controller in Swift for iOS XCode. And it should work in both iPhones and iPads and be a full-screen page with a white background - image in middle and arrows on left and right.

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    I have a 1 page app that was created for me, but it was made with the Scenes feature of XCode and my app that I'm trying to copy it into is made with View Controllers and Storyboards. I think I have to make the scene page into a "widget" or something with its own target to get it to work in my existing app. I'm getting a lot of the "main" errors. I would like help fixing this asap. Thanks!

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    Hi. I want to display one item from an array on the middle of the screen with next and previous button. I need it to be auto layout so it fits iPhones or iPads. And I need to be able to build and run it in XCode 15.3 to check it. See image example. I need this fast.

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    Hi there. I need a quick page created (for iOS in Swift) that displays one letter from ...move to next. Basically, the function would help me create a way to automatically change the letter to the next letter IF some condition exists, which I will handle myself and assign to the variable you create. IF $somevariable = $current_letter THEN move to next letter I would like you to use auto-layout, so I can import this into the App I want to and use it for iPhones or iPads. I'm using XCode 15.3, so I need to be able to run the App in that. Thanks! And, I need this asap. Then I need you to show some images/layers IF the $somevariable function is correct and other images IF the $somevariable is incorrect (see attached images). It's sort of like a simple Learning Exercis...

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    ...wish to see examples of apps that you have created already, which are currently available for download on Google Play or the Apple App Store. As I would want my app to be uploaded onto both of the major app deployment platforms, Google Play and the Apple App Store, I would want a developer who understands the criteria and policies of both platforms. As the Apple App Store requires a minimum of Xcode 15 and the iOS 17 SDK to be incorporated into the app, this needs to be taken into consideration....

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    I have 2 issues that are occurring with my app. Both of these issues are now happening on my app in the store when no changes were made. In other words, these crashes are not from any changes I made. It just started to not work. The first issues occurs when trying to login. It is timing out. This is the second error I'm getting is a crash that occurs after signing in: ** Assertion failure in UITraitCollection *UIViewControllerMissingInitialTraitCollection(UIViewController *__strong, UIApplicationSystemVersion)(), UIViewController.m:2749 *** Terminating app due to uncaught exception 'NSInternalInconsistencyException', reason: 'UIViewController is missing its initial trait collection populated during initialization. This is a serious bug, likely caused by accessing...

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    ...and inconsistencies using bug tracking tools (e.g., Jira). Collaborate with developers to troubleshoot and resolve issues in a timely manner. Conduct usability testing and provide feedback on user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) elements. Requirements: Proven experience as a QA tester with a focus on mobile app testing for Android and iPhone platforms. Strong knowledge of Android Studio, Xcode, and mobile testing frameworks (e.g., Appium, XCTest, Espresso). Familiarity with mobile OS versions, device fragmentation, and compatibility testing across different devices. Ability to create detailed test plans, test cases, and test scripts based on project requirements. Excellent communication skills and attention to detail. Experience with bug tracking tools such as Jira or si...

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    I'm in need of a skilled Flutter developer capable of tackling two important tasks for our project. 1. Flutter App Issue Resolution: There's an ongoing issue impeding our ability to create builds on Xcode 15.1 using Flutter version 2.12. We're receiving error messages during the process and require expert assistance in troubleshooting and rectifying it. Xcode build done. 245.6s Failed to build iOS app Parse Issue (Xcode): An attribute list cannot appear here /Users/anju/Desktop/flutter-projects/projects/mybhc/ios/Pods/FirebaseFirestore/Firestore/Source/API/:0 2. New Flutter App Development: Besides fixing the current app syndrome, we're also initiating a new project and need it to be developed from ...

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    Code: iOS build (yarn ios) fails - see attached logs. Requirements: - fix iOS app build - android build should stay untouched - it need to build iOS app without errors - no library should be removed - existing libraries should work as they are - React Native version cannot be downgraded - it should build with Xcode 15 - it should build on MacOS 14

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    I'm encountering an issue with my iOS development project and need assistance in resolving...my iOS development project and need assistance in resolving it. - I've already set up signing certificates for iOS development in the past. - I've primarily been using Xcode's automatic management for this purpose. - The recent update I made was to Xcode. Since then, I've been facing the error: "No signing certificate 'iOS Development' found". The ideal freelancer for this project should be experienced in iOS development and have a good understanding of Xcode's automatic certificate management. A solid knowledge of updating processes in Xcode and macOS would also be helpful. The main goal is to troubleshoot and resolve the certific...

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    ...El cliente enfatiza la importancia de la simplicidad y la asequibilidad debido a restricciones presupuestarias. - Expresan interés en explorar posibilidades para futuras iteraciones y escalabilidad a medida que el proyecto avance. - El cliente reconoce sus recursos limitados pero mantiene una actitud optimista sobre el potencial del proyecto. #### Información Adicional: - Se han proporcionado diagramas que ilustran las pantallas principales de la aplicación por parte del cliente. - El cliente ha destacado la necesidad de una solución sencilla que permita su participación futura y una posible expansión del proyecto. #### Presentación de Propuestas: Se invita a las partes interesadas a presentar sus propuestas detallando su enfoque...

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    I need a skilled Flutter developer to enhance my existing 8 apps. The development environment is Flutter version 3.7.9 and Dart 2.19.6 in Android Studio on MacBook. Firebase Projects experience is a must as well as Xcode experience. No upgrades of existing versions will be accepted. Need to provide proof of IDE setup before project is awarded. Also, experience in addressing "Null Safety" issues is a must. Key deliverables will be: - Push notification integration for immediate user updates. - Implementation of login functionalities including a secure user login with username and password and a seamless user registration system. Under user registration, there are two main features that should be incorporated: - User profile creation which should be easy and intuitive. -...

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    I have an app develop in xcode. This app contains a webview control but when i click in any amazon link my aplication call de app amazon. I need to avoid this.

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    I run an existing business and we're currently in the process of updating a project using React Native 0.74, React 18.3.1 and Node 20.12.2. We've hit a roadblock - a particular error that comes up during compilation. We're in dire need of someone who can step in right away and get us past this hurdle. - Error in xcode ( see PJ ) Crack this compilation error and get our development work back on track as soon as possible.

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    I need a macOS application developed in Xcode to accompany a Python script. The script currently converts hex values to decimal and saves the output as a .csv file. I now want to package this functionality into a user-friendly, intuitive desktop application. Requirements: - A clean and intuitive UI that complements the script - Dark mode compatibility would be a bonus - The application should support file upload for inputting hex values Ideal Skills: - Proficient in Xcode for macOS development - Experience in integrating Python scripts with UIs - Understanding of file upload functionality in a macOS application

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    I need a Flutter developer to fix a Udemy project on my Xcode Simulator. I just need the project to load. Code is complete. Shouldn’t take over an hour or two. It needs to run on my computer as well.

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    ...Pasarela de Pagos: Tres planes (Starter, Pro, Expert) con pasarela de pagos y cupón secreto gratuito. Desarrollo de Paneles: Paneles para super admin, admin, supervisor y agente con permisos y analíticas. Entrenamiento Legal de la IA: Entrenamiento de la IA en temas legales mediante aprendizaje supervisado. Entrenamiento de Llamadas y Audios: Zona de entrenamiento de llamadas o audios para la IA. Diagramas de Flujos: Crear rutas para la IA con opciones de bifurcaciones. Integración con Twilio: Integración con la API de Twilio para realizar llamadas o mensajes. Funcionalidades Principales de la IA: Permitir a la IA realizar llamadas o mensajes a posibles compradores. Mensajes de la IA: Envío, recepción y contestación de mensajes par...

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    Aquí adjunto un archivo del proyecto la problemática, basado en eso necesito que me ayuden a plantear dos soluciones, es decir, dos posibles esquemas de entidad relación E/R. El diseño deberá ser en diagramas E/R

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    I have a mac with version 12.5 Montery I need to upgrade it to 14 or above as the xcode requires 14.0 or later

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    ...la atención de los estudiantes. - Seleccionar una paleta de colores, tipografías y un estilo gráfico que reflejen el nivel de profesionalismo y formalidad del curso. 2. **Optimización de Contenidos Visuales:** - Revisar y mejorar la resolución de las imágenes existentes. Reemplazar aquellas que estén pixeleadas o de baja calidad para garantizar claridad visual. - Rediseñar esquemas y diagramas para que sean más claros, precisos y atractivos, utilizando herramientas de diseño gráfico modernas. 3. **Cohesión y Atractivo Visual:** - Desarrollar un hilo conductor visual y temático que se mantenga a lo largo de todas las presentaciones, facilitando así el seguimiento y compr...

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    I am seeking an experienced iOS App Developer to develop a minimalistic application which would enable voice calling over the internet. The app should be designed with usability in mind. More detailed specifications are to be discussed. Key Features: - Voice calling Preferred Skills: - Experience in Xcode - Prior experience developing voice calling mobile applications We don't need any complex interface or features. This is a test app. On opening the app, I just want to see 1 button where I can call the other person who has same app installed. That's it. Only bid if you have previously developed a similar app. Please respect our time and yours.

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    I am in urgent need of a high-quality app developer who is deeply versed with MacOS , I already have an app, images, source code etc but I keep getting errors while trying to upload to Mac app store Key Qualities and Skills: • Proficiency with MacOS Software Development inc Xcode I am working on tight schedules and thus I need this project completed as soon as possible, hence a developer who can keep time without compromising on the quality of output is preferred. Commitment, reliable communication, and professionalism are key traits that I am looking for in my potential hire

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    I'm in need for an expert iOS developer who can help me add new functionality to my existing Swift application by integrating a Cordova project. Key Responsibilities: - Integrate/embed a fully functional Cordova project into a separate UIViewController of an existing Swift application - Ensure the sea...similar look and feel throughout the application. Your contribution will be crucial not just in the integration process but in the overall enhancement and support of our application. ---- You will be provided with a Cordova project and a Swift iOS application. I need a Swift iOS application that includes a fully functional Cordova project (all in one bundle), which should successfully build in Xcode and run on a device. * Attached is an image to help you understand the sco...

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    Hello, I'm looking for someone who could continue programming my iOS app and possibly fix any errors. This is actually a relatively simple app that shouldn't be very difficult to program. You don't have to do that much because the app is actually relatively simple. Key Responsibi...actually a relatively simple app that shouldn't be very difficult to program. You don't have to do that much because the app is actually relatively simple. Key Responsibilities: - Addressing UI/UX, performance, and functional issues that may arise. - Implementing new features based on provided specifications. Ideal Freelancer: - Proven track record of iOS app development. - Proficiency in Swift and Xcode. - Experience with bug tracking tools. - Ability to translate user feedback...

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    I'm seeking an experienced iOS app developer to assist with bug fixes and future feature implementation on my existing application. Key Responsibilities: - Addressing UI/UX, performance, and functional issues that may arise. - Implementing new features based on provided specifications. Ideal Freelancer: - Proven track record of iOS app development. - Proficiency in Swift and Xcode. - Experience with bug tracking tools. - Ability to translate user feedback into actionable development tasks. Please include your experience in your application.

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    I'm seeking an experienced app developer for a project. The task is to create an app on the iOS platform using xCode. This unique application will allow users to send short voice notes to their friends via the internet, with the ability for these notes to be played through notifications. Key Features: - The app needs to have an ability to send voice notes, with a maximum duration of less than 1 minute. - Upon receiving, the voice note can be played automatically or manually based on user settings in the app. Ideal Skills: - Extensive experience with iOS development and xCode is a necessity for this project. - Experience with online communication features, such as voice note sending/receiving, will be highly beneficial. - Knowledge in user-interface design to i...

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    Hello, I need help to build a simple Xcode project that is in GitHub.

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    I'm looking for a skilled Flutter developer who can help me in compiling my app and publishing it to TestFlight. The main purpose of the app is testing. Must work on a mac 14 using AnyDesk, XCode is already connected to my Apple developer account Key tasks include: - Compiling the Flutter (or XCode) project properly - Deploying the app to TestFlight for testing Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in Flutter/XCode app development - Experience in testing and debugging - Familiarity with TestFlight deployment process - Strong problem-solving skills - Good communication and attention to detail - SPANISH LANGUAGE PREFERRED If you've done similar projects before and have the necessary skills to help me, I'd love to hear from you. Budget: $50 (including site's...

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    Discern & Learn is looking to hire a professional/academician/research scholar with over 10 years of teaching/relevant experience with expert-level knowledge in AI, JAVA, XCode, React Native, Android Studio, and other related software. Our goal is to mentor high school students to help them create a dummy app. We are committed to: - Enhancing the students' critical thinking and analytical skills in the span of a 2-3 month project. - Teaching them how to create and utilize a dummy app. We are looking for a mentor who can: - Implement problem-solving strategies using AI. - Instruct students on various software tools like JAVA, XCode, React Native, Android Studio, etc. Hence, candidates with experience in both educational and practical aspects of the above-mentio...

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    A mobile application developer is needed to implement subscriptions on a IOS WebView application. The source code for the WebView application is available on XCODE, and the requirements are as follows: Add subscription offers that appear to the person who downloads the application from the store, allowing them to subscribe to a limited-time package. After the period ends, they cannot browse the application except after making a purchase again, meaning a subscription system linked to the store. Subscriptions are linked to Apple developer account in the Subscriptions section. The source code for the application "IOS" is ready, and the only requirement is to add the subscription interface for new users who do not have a subscription. The work is required for IOS . A samp...

    $6 - $64
    $6 - $64
    10 bida

    I'm in need of an ex...app, as well as 3D graphics designing for AR. Key Responsibilities: - Creating AR graphics (3D modeling) - Integrating AR elements into an existing app - integrating a .usdz files into an AR environment - Do a simple animation to the AR environment (such as make a message to be moved from one point to another) - Developing an interactive user interface Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in Swift and Xcode - Strong experience with AR development - Ability to integrate AR features into an existing app - Prior experience with integrating a .usdz files into an AR environment - Familiarity with designing interactive user interfaces I'm looking to have this project completed as soon as possible, Looking forward to collaborating with a talente...

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    I'm in need of an experienced Swift developer, who's experienced in developing Augmented Reality (AR) enviroment, and has the ability to integrate AR elements into an existing app, as well as an AR graphic designing. Key requirements are: - Proficiency in Swift and Xcode - Strong background in the design of augmented reality content - Ability to integrate AR features into existing apps - Prior experience with integrating a .usdz files into an AR environment - A keen understanding of user experience design to ensure this new feature enhances users' interaction with our product information. Looking forward to collaborating with a talented and experienced professional.

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    ... Technical requirements: 1. Use Mac development environment and tools 2. Suitable for general AI models that can be directly downloaded and used online (some AI models for celebrities, singers, anime characters, etc.) 3. All Mac computers (including Intel and M series) that support MacOS 10.15 and above systems are required 4. The presentation of software needs to be built and run through xcode Notes: 1. Ensure the maintainability and scalability of the code, and adopt good software engineering practices. 2. Comply with relevant laws and regulations, respect intellectual property rights, and do not infringe on the patents or copyrights of others. 3. Provide all source code for the project, including detailed business logic documents, development and usage guides, and r...

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    Everything is ready in the App's new update. Just need to push an update on Apple store using Mac Xcode.I don't have a MacBook, I will pay you Rs.500 everytime you push my new update on Apple store

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    We have an ionic iOS mobile app connecting to an API. The connection is successful from the iOS simulator but is failing on the device with the following error; [API] API MISUSE: Resuming an NSURLSessionTask with nil URL. 2024-04-09 19:26:04.511175+0200 App[2111:189464] Task <CC0CCC7F-E6CC-4FD3-90D3-E66270A91BDF>.<42> finished with error [-1002] Error Domain=NSURLErrorDomain Code=-1002 "unsupported URL" UserInfo={NSUnderlyingError=0x28238d6b0 {Error Domain=kCFErrorDomainCFNetwork Code=-1002 "(null)"}, _NSURLErrorFailingURLSessionTaskErrorKey=LocalDataTask <CC0CCC7F-E6CC-4FD3-90D3-E66270A91BDF>.<42>, _NSURLErrorRelatedURLSessionTaskErrorKey=( "LocalDataTask <CC0CCC7F-E6CC-4FD3-90D3-E66270A91BDF>.<42>" ), NSLocalizedDe...

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    Brief: Looking for an experienced C++ developer with CMake expertise to compile the MVS-Texturing project for iOS/arm64 and integrate it with SwiftUI in Xcode. Familiarity with iOS development and the ability to solve issues independently are crucial. Responsibilities: Compile MVS-Texturing for iOS/arm64. Integrate compiled code with SwiftUI in Xcode. Requirements: Advanced C++ and CMake skills. Experience with SwiftUI/Xcode for iOS. Knowledge of MVS-Texturing (GitHub: nmoehrle/mvs-texturing). Completion Check: The project is considered complete when: A simple ios swiftui app with button can trigger the MVS-Texturing process. Documentation on integration steps is provided. Apply If: You have solid C++/CMake skills and experience with iOS/SwiftUI projects. Briefly s...

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    I urgently need an expert with extensive Xcode experience to solve persistent issues with my application game created in Buildbox. My game presents a black screen during testing. Besides, there are some issues when archiving the app that I need to solve see picture below. - Black Screen: The game unpredictably goes into a black screen mode during testing; this is a significant hurdle that needs immediate attention. As an ideal candidate, you should have a solid understanding of Xcode platform. Proficient troubleshooting skills to diagnose issues and implement effective solutions are highly crucial. You should also possess an ability to function independently, logically approach problem-solving, and exhibit sound judgement. Prior experience in resolving similar issues will...

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