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    ...minat terhadap produk dan perniagaan. Pengguna Sasaran: Melayu Islam lelaki dan perempuan, berumur antara 35 hingga 65 tahun. Kumpulan sasaran satu: Bekerja, profesional dan termasuk warga emas bersara atau separuh mencuba dengan yang prihatin tentang kesihatan dan kesejahteraan mereka. Kumpulan sasaran dua: Profesional muda yang pentingkan kesihatan, kehidupan kesihatan, menurunkan berat badan, diet, suplemen, penyelesaian organik, holistik dan alternatif. termasuk suri rumah yang mencari pilihan yang lebih sihat untuk isi rumah (juga untuk mendapatkan tambahan) Apa yang kita perlukan pada brosur? 1) Susun atur yang cantik, menarik, segar, kelihatan mahal. Kami memerlukan sambungan muka/manusia pada brosur. 2) Tidak terlalu banyak perkataan tetapi penjelasan dan dengan infogra...

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    copy writing Tamat left

    Copy writing untuk iklan fb dan berkenaan makanan kesihatan dan diet

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    Memasarkan dengan menjelaskan tentang beras diet dan diabetes

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    Saya jualan tas bermerk secara online dan ingin membuat artikel2 ttg hal2 yg bisa mempromosikan website saya. Bisa tentang tas2 ber merk tersebut, bisa juga tentang tip2 utk perawatan tas, membedakan tas asli dan palsu mupun ttg tips-tips baik yg berlaku secara umum sperti belanja hemat, diet alami, hidup sehat, dsb. Harus menggunakan bahasa Inggris.

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    Konsultasi gizi yang mencakup beberapa aspek antara lain : 1. Ingin meningkatkan berat badan 2. Ingin menurunkan berat badan 3. Diet diabetes Program diet minimal 2 bulan. Fasilitas : 1. Daftar makan sehari (kalori dan zat gizi) 2. Food record 3. Edukasi sehubungan dengan diet 4. Konsultasi dengan psikolog (conditional) 5. Cooking class (coming soon) 6. Gym together (conditional) More information 081235174802 pin:2a4ad418

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    Konsultasi gizi yang mencakup beberapa aspek antara lain : 1. Ingin meningkatkan berat badan 2. Ingin menurunkan berat badan 3. Diet diabetes Program diet minimal 2 bulan. Fasilitas : 1. Daftar makan sehari (kalori dan zat gizi) 2. Food record 3. Edukasi sehubungan dengan diet 4. Konsultasi dengan psikolog (conditional) 5. Cooking class (coming soon) 6. Gym together (conditional)

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    I am looking for a personal trainer and nutritionist who can help me achieve my fitness goals of gaining muscle. I am currently at an intermediate fitness level and have no dietary restrictions. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Certified personal trainer and nutritionist - Experience working with clients to gain muscle - Knowledge of different types of diets and ...no dietary restrictions. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Certified personal trainer and nutritionist - Experience working with clients to gain muscle - Knowledge of different types of diets and how they can affect muscle gain - Ability to create personalized workout and meal plans - Strong communication skills to provide guidance and support throughout the fitness journey -I want weight gain diet under a minimum bu...

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    Diet and health 6 hari left

    Project Title: Custom Interactive Diet and Health App Our goal for this project is to create a custom interactive tool or app that will help with weight loss, fitness, and overall health. Ideally, we are looking for a freelancer with experience in developing interactive tools or apps specifically related to diet and health. Successful freelancers should include their experience in developing similar projects in their application. We are looking for someone who has a strong understanding of nutrition, exercise, and health. The final deliverable should be an interactive tool or app that is user-friendly and easy to navigate. We want the tool to be personalized to the user's needs and goals, with features that include tracking meals, exercise, and progress, as well as pr...

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    Nutrition website 5 hari left

    I would like a nutrition website translated into several languages on the basis of paid monthly membership where to have a section of introduction of certain values then after paying a monthly subscription to receive the personalized diet by email according to the values entered and a section from where to sell my ebooks and books from future Amazon links....

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    ...the website using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, ensuring cross-browser compatibility and responsiveness. Implement the back-end functionality using a suitable programming language (e.g., Python, Node.js) and framework. Integrate the OpenAI API to enable AI-powered features, such as generating personalized fitness plans and recommendations. Build a user-friendly interface for the body type assessment, diet plan customization, workout routine selection, and progress tracking. Ensure data security and user privacy by implementing proper authentication and encryption measures. Optimize the website for speed and performance to provide a seamless user experience. Collaborate with the QA team to conduct testing and debugging to identify and resolve any issues or bugs. Requirements: Proven...

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    Hi Muhammad A. Thanks for doing the content for two of my products. Next I want the same for these three products Hemp Seed + MCT Heed Seed + Turmeric Heed Seed + Aswagandha And also need content for homepage too. My website is Hemp Rishi - (in development) All these products are oils come in 30ml bottle with a dropper. People need to add these into their diet to gain the health benefits. So need some change in last two product content as well. Can we talk?

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    I will provide you an SPSS file with which you will provide a well-written report based on your analysis. Quantify Iron intake in the diet of UK population using data from a certain rolling program. Also examine how it associates with some biomarker measurements. 2500 words full in-text citations and harvard referencing. Include relevant illustrations such as table,graphs charts etc. Budget: $30-35

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    Develop mobile application designed to help users monitor and track their health and fitness goals. It provides features to record and analyze various health metrics, track exercise activities, manage diet and nutrition, and set personalized goals.

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can create informative articles on Nutritional Health. The target audience is the General Public, so it is essential to provide information in a way that is easy to understand and follow. Some key requirements for this project include: - Writing informative articles that are engaging and easy to read - Conducting thorough research to ensure accuracy of information - Creating content that is well-structured and organized - Writing in a tone that is friendly and approachable - Providing references and sources for all information presented Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Experience in writing for health and wellness topics - Strong research and analytical skills - Excellent writing and editing skills - Knowledge of SEO and how to writ...

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    We are looking for an experienced developer to build a Diet Recommendation System that will help us improve our overall health. Our system should be able to provide us with weekly diet recommendations that cater to our vegetarian and non-vegetarian dietary preferences. We have no dietary restrictions or preferences, but we want to ensure that our diet chart includes both types of food. The ideal candidate for this job should have experience in developing similar systems and should have a strong knowledge of nutrition. The developer should also have experience in working with machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms that can help us generate personalized diet recommendations. Key requirements: - Experience in developing similar systems - Str...

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    I am looking for a skilled ghostwriter to help me create a book on biohacking for men. The book will be 224 pages long and targeted towards men between the ages of 18-38. The main focus of the book will be on biohacking for longevity and wellness. The ideal candidate for this job should have experience in writing on topics related to nutrition and diet, exercise and fitness, and sleep and stress management. They should also possess excellent research and writing skills to ensure that the content is engaging, informative, and easy to read. If you are passionate about health and wellness and have experience in writing on similar topics, then this is the perfect opportunity for you. Please submit your proposal with relevant writing samples to be considered.

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    ...training exercises such as weightlifting or bodyweight exercises is essential for a well-rounded fitness routine. Additionally, activities like yoga or Pilates can improve flexibility and promote relaxation. Remember to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new exercise program and gradually increase intensity to avoid injury. Section 2: Balanced Nutrition (200 words) A balanced diet is vital for providing the body with essential nutrients and maintaining optimal health. Focus on consuming a variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and healthy fats. Avoid processed foods, sugary snacks, and excessive intake of saturated fats and sodium. Hydration is equally important, so make sure to drink an adequate amount of water throughout the day. Co...

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    health diet Tamat left

    Health Diet for Improved Energy and General Health Improvement for Vegetarian Client - We are seeking a nutritionist or dietician to create a health diet plan for our vegetarian client. - The goal of the diet plan is to improve energy levels and overall health. - The client has no specific health conditions or concerns, but is looking for general health improvement. - The ideal candidate should have experience in creating nutrition plans for vegetarians and promoting energy levels. - The diet plan should be focused on plant-based whole foods that are rich in nutrients and energy-boosting ingredients. - The plan should also address any potential nutrient deficiencies that may arise from a vegetarian diet. - The plan should be easy to follow and include me...

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    ...About the Project: We have a prototype ready in Figma, which should provide a clear understanding of the app's design and functionality. We believe this will be a great starting point for the developer to understand our vision and requirements. Responsibilities: Develop a user-friendly iOS application based on our Figma prototype. Implement features such as video playback, calendar functionality, diet plans, and a calorie calculator. Collaborate closely with our team to understand and implement design changes and improvements. Test the app to ensure it is bug-free and delivers a smooth user experience. Qualifications: Proven experience in iOS app development. Proficiency in Swift and familiarity with the iOS SDK and development tools. Experience with Figma or similar des...

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    Hi Jennifer P., can you help me with tracking diet and exercise? My goal is very skinny

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    Healthcare Articles I am looking for a skilled writer with experience in healthcare topics. The articles will cover nutrition and diet, mental health, and fitness and exercise. The ideal candidate should be able to write in an informative format and have a strong understanding of the healthcare industry. The articles will be used for a business website and should be written with SEO in mind to increase traffic. The preferred length for each article is between 500-1000 words. Previous experience in writing healthcare content is a plus.

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    Hi can you help me with goal setting and diet for weight loss?

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    health & grow Tamat left

    ...well-being and development. Achieving and maintaining good health is essential for individuals to experience optimal growth, both physically and mentally. First and foremost, physical health is a fundamental aspect of growth. Engaging in regular physical activity and maintaining a balanced diet are key components of a healthy lifestyle. Exercise not only improves cardiovascular health but also enhances muscle strength and flexibility, contributing to physical growth and development. Additionally, a nutritious diet provides the body with the necessary nutrients, vitamins, and minerals needed for growth, ensuring proper functioning of bodily systems and promoting overall well-being. In parallel with physical health, mental health is equally vital for growth. Mental well-be...

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    Hi Syrra C., Can you help me with goal setting and tracking diet and exercise? Target is losing weight and aim is very skinny,

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    Please read all information. any generic reply will be turned away. I would like to find out roughly how much it would cost to design an app like- ME+ FABULOUS HABITMINDER TANGERINE I'D like it to have features such as- daily habits weekly habits beliefs challenges diet and health tips challenges budgeting and savings goals goal setting and breakdown

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    Mrs Beeton's Tamat left

    ... Are you looking for the perfect food to keep your furry friend healthy, active and happy? Look no further than Mrs Beeton’s Pet Food! We understand how important your Pet is to you, and that's why we have crafted our Pet food using only the highest quality ingredients, sourced from trusted suppliers. Our food is packed with all the essential nutrients your Pet needs for a healthy and balanced diet, including protein, vitamins, and minerals. What sets us apart from other dog food brands is our commitment to taste and texture. We believe that food should not only be nutritious but also delicious, and that's why we have created a range of recipes that will leave your Pet drooling for more. From succulent beef to tender chicken, we have something for every palate. ...

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    I am opening a new company and need logo designed. Its a healthy food online shop selling healthy snacks, diet and sport supplements

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    ...defense was an absolute farce. I was sentenced to a year in Safe-P and served 6 months, and then 3 months in a half-way house. After aproximately two years on probation, my PO, Tracey Edwards, revoked my probation when a meth pipe was found in my bedroom. I have since been diagnosed with congestive heart failure and am on medication to prevent heart failure, etc., am on a very restricted diet and must monitor my activities. I would like to get my probation reinstated or otherwise have the warrant removed. I would like an estimate of what you would charge to represent me and what you think the outcome of my case might be. Thank you sincerely Tara Higgins-Reed...

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    Hi Ria H., Can you help me with goal setting? My aim is weight loss, diet and exercise

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    Hi can you help me with setting goals for bodyweight and diet and exercise. My aim is very skinny

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    Analysis of food group intake in the national diet and nutrition survey of the UK

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    Looking for a freelance develope...button should link to a page that provides information about your website and its purpose. Blog: This button should link to a page that displays your latest blog posts. Secondary navigation menu buttons should be the category below. Contact Us: This button should link to a page that provides contact information for your website. Categories: Fitness and Exercise Yoga and Meditation Nutrition and Diet Mental Health Beauty and Skincare Additionally, the website will require a sidebar that automatically displays different blogs on each page refresh. The content displayed on the sidebar should be randomized to keep it constantly changing and engaging for users. The Wordpress theme i want to use is Kadence and a image of it can be found in the att...

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    Build an ai Tamat left

    I have a gym, I want to build an ai based on a fictional character named Coach Cramswell who inspires, coaches, reminds and listens to the clients. He will be my side kick and will be available 24/7 to help with diet, weight loss, bodybuilding, supplement, schedule and more.

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    Trophy icon Logo for Motivation Group Tamat left

    ...for a logo to represent a group I’ve created. It is called #TCOM365 and it stands for Taking Care Of Me 365 days a year. Finding something feminine with a Teal neutral color pallet. I would like imagery with the TCOM to stand for the meaning behind our group. TCOM365 reminds women (but anyone can live by it) to find something every day to take care of themselves. Mostly focused on exercise and diet but also includes anything that is good for the MIND BODY SOUL. Maybe that is taking a hot bath, talking with a friend, reading a book, exercising, wearing the red lipstick that you only save for special occasions because it makes you feel beautiful. It can also be big things like leaving a toxic relationship to quitting a dead end job after 15 years. I will be using this log...

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    Hi Beryl A., Can you help me with tracking diet and exercise and goal setting? My aim is weight loss and goal is very skinny

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    I am in need of a website to provide fitness information and tips, with the main goal of helping people make posi...helping people make positive changes to their health without expensive gym memberships or fancy gym equipment. The website should focus on general fitness tips, but with an emphasis on helping people make healthy choices without having to shell out hundreds on expensive gym memberships every month. The content should be provided in the format of written articles, covering topics such as nutrition, diet, exercise techniques, habits and mental wellbeing. Additionally, the website should allow users a way to interact with writers and hold further conversations if they so desire. The website should be easy to navigate and present information in a professional and trustwort...

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    I'm looking to learn more about the potential health benefits achievable through diet, exercise, and mental health. Specifically, I'm looking for advice on how to maximize these healthy habits, but I'm open to different approaches. I'm not opposed to including other health benefits, but I'm not looking to pursue any type of benefit specifically.

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    ...like the app to have and I am open to discussions about making any minor tweaks to ensure it meets the desired functionality. Specifically, I need the app to be able to track data, such as the user’s cycle length, ovulation date, and any relevant topic related to the menstrual cycle. The app should also include some additional activity monitoring so that the user can track their physical activity, diet and sleep patterns. And will offer different yoga meditation and meals for where they are at in there cycle and how they feel. User accounts will be necessary to store this personal information with sensitivity and privacy....

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    ALKALINE DIET Tamat left

    Keto Diet Cookbook for Beginners 2023: 1500 Days Delicious Recipes, Stress-free 30-Day Keto Diet Planner with Low Carb to Lose Weight

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    ...language processing (NLP), crowdsourcing, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, and a premier marketplace to revolutionize users' health journeys. The MVP will include the following features: 1. Personalized wellness plan page: A simple page that allows users to input their biometric data, such as age, height, weight, and fitness level, and receive a basic personalized wellness plan that includes diet and exercise recommendations based on their goals and preferences. 2. User-generated database of health tips and remedies: A simple database of user-generated health tips, remedies, and success stories, with an upvoting system to promote the most useful and credible information. 3. Mental health resources page: A simple page that offers basic mental health resources and support...

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    "Health in Action" is a project aimed at starting a new enterprise that focuses on nutrition and diet. The ideal candidate should have experience in creating content for beginners. The project will require the following skills and experience: - Knowledge of nutrition and diet for beginners - Ability to create content for a new enterprise - Experience in developing a content strategy for a new business - Understanding of the target audience and how to cater to their needs - Ability to create engaging and informative content that will appeal to beginners The project will involve creating content for a website and social media channels. The goal is to provide information on nutrition and diet that is easy to understand and implement for beginners. The content ...

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    The job is about promoting The Hottest New #1 Diet ! You choose the way you promote it , and you get payed about 40$ per person that buy anything. So, you get a link you promote and when someone buys from your ad i pay you instantly. start message with "ice cream" if you have read this It is simple as that.

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    Hello i need develope a simple tool to write into PDF nutritional meals for my clients. So in chat gpt i write what people need for example for 28 days, what kind of diet need and some nutritional facts to develope especific meals and plan. System must generate pdf with all info of my client also all the meals by day including kalories, picture of meals, some excersise tips and some motivational tips. The system (form) must be very simple using this kind of info: Name Age Height Weight Kind of Diet Numbers of Days for Plan Favorite Recipe to add Foods to avoid Also in end of each plan meals by day add: Motivational tips Excersise tip (very simple for regular people) PDF must have logo Header and footer So after add all this info. System must generate prompt and develo...

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    ML Problem Statement: Healthy food and drinks consumption can improve mental health and reduce hospital readmission rates. Eating a healthy and balanced diet, drink plenty of water and reduce or eliminate the intake of alcohol can reduce depression.1 The hypothesis aim is to address the problem of hospital readmission by improving the mental health of a patient via healthier eating and drinking. As part of our research, we have collected volunteers’ questionnaires around these three experimentations: 1. Nutritional knowledge leads to healthier food choices and by comparison no knowledge of nutrition leads to unhealthy food choices. 2. Reduce discretionary food cravings by offering similarly satisfying healthier food alternatives. 3. Reduce alcohol habits by offering simi...

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    Hi Joelly C., Can you help me with goal setting and accountability for diet and exercise? Target is weight loss and very skinny body is preferred

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    I am looking to have an iOS app created for my fitness startup. I specifically need the app to have a diet planner feature and require an online payment method. This diet planner will help users stick with their diet plans, track calories, and get helpful tips and advice from experts. Furthermore, users must be able to make payments online for the services provided by the app. The app must also be designed in a way that it is user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing, and highly functional.

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    Hi Rhea J., Can you help me with goal setting and accountability for diet and exercise? I am losing weight and target is very skinny

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    Hi Arlene L., Can you help me with goal setting and accountability for diet and exercise? My goal is very skinny

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    Hi Can you help me with tracking diet and exercise, for weight loss. I saw your interest in sport and enjoy exercise, my goal is very skinny

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    Hi Halim S., Can you help me with tracking diet and exercise?

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    Artikel Komuniti diet Teratas