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    Solve this two equations on excel I want it by tomorrow

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    bearing capacity of footing on sloping ground

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    ...freelancers to help me with retyping from PDF to Word documents. The content is mostly related to English, Physics and Math Exams. You need to be skilled to work sometimes with equations, need to know how to do numbering and some basic formatting things. Please do not accept if you don't know how to create header or footer, table, or how to insert numbers

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    We are looking for stats and maths expert who can solve different equations. This work will take your 2 hours.

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    ...adjacent data points with a low-degree polynomial by the method of linear least squares. When the data points are equally spaced, an analytical solution to the least-squares equations can be found, in the form of a single set of "convolution coefficients" that can be applied to all data sub-sets, to give estimates of the smoothed signal, (or derivatives

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    ...explain for report with equations. Those who have experience on writing technical paper in image processing field can be perfect for my project. For more details feel free to contact with me. must need to have experience on technical paper writing in image processing field, need to explains not only in words, but also with equations and if possible graph

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    ...learning and Neural Networks, supervised and unsupervised techniques etc • SVM Focused theory Theoretical background to SVM, equations, decision boundary, linear and non-linearly seperable, kernel trick etc References, diagrams, equations to help here specifically • Cybersecurity / network security chapter, including how machine learning and SVM fits into

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    Stick diagram of differential amplifier using schematic in Cadence

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    I have been working on a trading model from which I have written the equations in plain english, but do not have the coding competency to write them. I would need the code to pull financial data from previous days (whether it be the past week, month, or quarter). The code would be ideally written in python so I can understand the mechanics. The code

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    ...Detail-oriented. You love getting things right the first time. - Self-starter, great at working with little supervision - Always learning new things! Roles and Responsibilities - Draw equations and formulas using ChemDraw Software OR equivalent - Answer student questions over chat/text and through our website Tools used: - ChemDraw 12.0 Software OR equivalent -

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    Write a detail project report on the simulation of the differential amplifier in Cadence.

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    I need an experienced, well read editor to work on the editing and proofreading of my academic article. It is about 10,000 words. I prefer if you are a n...style, heading, or anything related to the document layout and style. * YOU SHOULD NOT change/edit the citation style or references. * YOU SHOULD NOT edit the mathematical equations. Thank you,

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    Dear friends, We are looking for an experienced developer...or IT company for our Online Test series project. What we require - I want to upload questions, options, and solutions from word document along with images, mathematical equations, diagrams, question type, level, and marks. Please go through the attached document for word document reference.

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    Write paragraphs on topics related to scientific computing like math modeling, approximations, truncations errors, roots of equations etc.

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    ... geometric figures, like a tree, sea shell, snow flake, the intestines, etc.) to send messages, like vector graphics that take up very little bandwidth. Study Mandelbrot equations. Think of a tree trunk above and below ground, growing into two shorter branches and roots, then three smaller ones, etc. if you see the pattern. The goal is to use a random

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    Differential equations Maths expert for simple questiosn

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    Have to convert the pdf file to word file, all the things should be written specially the equations

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    I want to calculate the volume of a bumpy sphere is to generated using the halton points. The equations are in the image

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    volume of a bumpy sphere is to generated using the halton points. The equations are in the image

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    Hybrid of PSO and DE to predict the academic performance of students and used with classification algorithm of Adaboost ensemble and DE (ADA-DE)

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    ...to create online test series. Now the problem that I am facing is that I want to upload questions, options and solutions from word document along with images, mathematical equations, diagrams, question type, level and marks which I am unable to. Can anyone let me know how I can do this and how it is possible or please refer me a good site where i can

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    I need someone to help me with this homework [Removed by Freelancer.com Admin]

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    I want someone to help me with my homework

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    I need someone to type a handwritten document for me on latex. The person must be able to type complex mathematical equations on latex and also make a latex presentation based on my handwritten document that looks like what is attached here: The presentation is no more than 3 pages on latex which will be like 10 slides of presentation.

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    ...effect on strain gauge (piezoelectric cantilever sensor). This research should conclude the temp. effect on the strain gauge (piezoelectric cantilever sensor) with basic equations in two different scales: 1- normal scale (macro scale) and 2- micro scale. Also, make a table for most to date strain sensors in terms of temperature range and operation

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    I need to prepare equations for a project ,It is a long term one provided the person gives me a sample and a competitive price

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    mathematics Tamat left

    need mathematics expert who can solve equations easily with proper explanation.

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    Just a few easy equations that I'd like to put into python code.

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    Hi Reka S., I needed a set of math equations put into a python script, you would be perfect for my job

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    Need someone with a medical background to help with this. Health History Physical Examination Critical thinking and cl...medical background to help with this. Health History Physical Examination Critical thinking and clinical reasoning Investigations Conclusion, Provisional diagnosis, Differential diagnosis, and other problems Decision Plan

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    Hi Mohammad Suman K., We have a lot of chemistry, Physics and Math MCQs in excel files with lot of formulas and equations. When we tried to import these MCQs into mySQL based database all subscripts and supercripts used in formulas lost and taken as normal character e.g, H2SO4, CO2, CH3 etc and makes our formulas and elements name nonsense. Is there

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    I want someone to design Simple matlab code for harmony search method Attach you to 7 links for equations, please use them to test optimization method 1 [log masuk untuk melihat URL]~ssurjano/[log masuk untuk melihat URL] 2. [log masuk untuk melihat URL]~ssurjano/[log masuk untuk melihat URL] 3-https: //[log masuk untuk melihat URL]~ssurjano/[log masuk untuk melihat URL] 4-https: //[...

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    ...formulae of the Repayment Capability, Credit Worthiness, Credit Reputation and Credibility fuzzy relations 2. Your membership functions need to come out clearly i.e. provide the equations giving those plots of the mfs. (note based on experiments it has been concluded that the three membership functions triangular, trapezoid, and Gaussian provide the same result

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    ...hierarchy flow o Past customer interaction details &engagement o Rates/Quotes offered accountwise o Custom Workflow and Approvals o Complete Customer & payment History • DIFFERENTIAL RATE MANAGEMENT o Price Management o Apply Discounts instantly from system o Offer Management • SALES FORECASTING o Predictive Analysis o Sales projection based on pipeline

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    PDF to text 2 Tamat left

    I need someone to write the text from the pdf files into a text format in doc, the pdf contains equations and I need the text format for it too, you can copy paste most of them.

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    the website and app have to be SAAS based. it will help freelancers / small busine...will also have a POS system for restaurants, the ability to connect two or more different accounts together, ability to upload and save data. almost all the financial equations are available. more details about the project will be given once awarded the project.

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    Hi Aurelijus C., I have another excel job if you are interested. This one is for calculating View Factor and flame angle. (I can provide documentation with equations) if interested I will provide documentation, then pls send me your quote kind regards Damien

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    differential cryptanalysis on 3 block ciphers

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    ...right(starboard) side. so, the collision situation will be decreased. I’d like to apply SVM (support vector machine) I attached some files. And also please write down core equations(formula) for Journal manuscript....

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    ..."Potentiostat/ Electrochemical analyzer" capable of doing analysis most widely used techniques such as Cyclic Voltammetry (CV) and Linear Sweep Voltammetry (LSV), Normal and Differential Pulse Voltammetry, Square Wave Voltammetry, Chronoamperometry Specifications: Potentiostat : CV and LSV scan rate: 0.00001 to 1000 V/s or better Max Current: ± 250 mA or

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    Need to solve equation for temperature profile of fin in heat exchange. All equations available. All results available just need to code to match the results. Look at Page 9 of the article to see the equations I am unable to put into code form.

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    Aiming to carry out a technical review of chemical composition of hydrocarbons and how it impacts the corrosion mechanisms in oil and ...a technical review of chemical composition of hydrocarbons and how it impacts the corrosion mechanisms in oil and pipelines. Require understanding of electrochemistry and equations of corroding carbon steel material.

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    I have a document, it won't be more than 4-5 pages in latex with many mathematical equations and one image.

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    I need a Latex developer than can type advanced math equations like the one i attached to this request. It is not the same as the attached document. It only looks like this. I ONLY NEED LIKE 6 PAGES OF THIS.

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    Create a software that generates simple addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problems. User can request 1 to unlimited pages of simple equations to solve.

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    For a research, a sort of an Electromag...cable is used to power different devices, like CCTV cameras, access points etc. The freelancer need to provide design if the project is possible to do, and the numbers and equations used. PoE cable is normal cat6 cable un-shielded. please reach out to me if you need further information at mohdbushnaq@[log masuk untuk melihat URL]

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    ...flagging performance of the Sysmex XN9000 analyser around its WPC channel for the diagnosis of abnormal White blood cells. I am comparing the results from the White cell differential channel and white cell precursor channel with microscopy examination. I have however, collected data from the laboratory but need help with presenting my results in-terms

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    I need to implement equations and redo simulation of one paper using Matlab

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    I want the inverse kinematics of the robot in the attached paper, to be implemented on MATLAB. DH parameters are provided, and equations are provided, please verify that you can do the job.

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    Evaluation of c o r e-l o s s i g n o r a n ce in induction machine **Two types of models IM : 1-without core ... **steps of study : 1)parameters identification (regression):by matlab optimization algorithm -with core loss -without core loss 2)modeling of IM: Matlab for differential equations solutions 3)comparison for different conditions

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