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    ...creating seamless textures using tools like Substance Painter or Photoshop. - Strong portfolio showcasing relevant works. For security and relevancy, this gives us a better overview if you're a good fit for our team. - Must be able to speak decent English, Dutch, or Urdu for clear and efficient communication. Having a microphone is also preferred, as we favor verbal communication through Discord. We can schedule a consultation if interested! ? Our experience: We've collaborated with many amazing artists and are excited to welcome new talent to our team! Our workflow blends 50/50 inspiration from the original Dinosaur King franchise and modern paleontological representations. This unique approach allows us to create dinosaurs that have never been seen before i...

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    Create and upload learning materials (possible with ai) I am looking for a freelancer to create and upload teaching material for my new company. This person does not need to have any previous experience as the work will be very easy with the help of canva and ai. ...every 10. The material should be a high quality freebie to attract buyers. (Include more QR codes for paid material from the shop in this free material) The goal is to create 6-12 files per hour. tools: -canva -chatgpt -image ai’s Salary: 1$ (83 inr) per hour With long term cooperation the salary can be increased Meetings: The recruitment interview and all other meetings will take place on Discord. Working hours: Initially 2 hours per day Up to full time with proven long term commitment Below you will find sa...

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    I have a JPEG profile picture that I am looking to convert into an AI-generated realistic image. Key Requirements: - Convert an existing JPEG profile picture to an AI-generated, realistic style. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in AI image generation - Strong attention to detail for accurate conversion I'm willing to use this profile picture on platforms like LinkedIn, Discord, and so on. I've attached some of my images that need to be converted. Don't forget to use the same color tone as my skin color. Best regards, Porosh Note: You are not allowed to use this image in any other work, and sharing it with others is also prohibited.

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    I need a developer with experience in Interactive Voice Response(IVR) and Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency signaling (DTMF) who can create a bot for collecting product feedback. Key features: - The bot is to be a desktop application/web base/telegram/discord/anything - Primary function to revolve around surveys and feedback collection Ideal freelancer: - Proven experience developing IVR and DMTF applications - Proficiency in bot development, preferably with experience in integrating survey and feedback features.

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    ...a customer-centric approach. **Responsibilities:** - Provide prompt and professional responses to customer inquiries via various channels, including Discord, and social media apps. - Demonstrate a deep understanding of our products/services to address customer concerns and provide accurate information. - Utilize effective problem-solving skills to resolve customer issues and escalate complex matters when necessary. - Maintain a positive and empathetic attitude while interacting with customers, fostering a customer-centric culture. **Requirements:** - Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English. - Proficient in using Discord and various social media platforms. - Strong interpersonal skills with the ability to adapt communication style to diverse audiences...

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    Necesito un moderador para una comunidad de Discord que esta en crecimiento

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    We as an Agency are in need of an experienced community moderator for our client's Discord, Telegram, and Reddit platforms. This role will include a range of tasks such as: Discord: - Deleting inappropriate messages. - Managing user conflicts. - Enforcing server rules. - Building and maintaining an engaging server environment. Telegram: - Monitoring chat activity and ensuring user's compliance with community guidelines. - Identifying and removing spammers. - Managing user bans efficiently without disrupting the positive community vibe. - Providing guidance to users, addressing their queries, and enhancing their platform experience. Ideal candidates should have prior experience managing these platforms and have great conflict resolution and community management sk...

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    I am in need of a developer to assist me in setting up a system that will automatically remove users from my Discord server when they unsubscribe from my Stripe payment system. Key Requirements: - I need an automatic removal process; I would prefer that it is triggered when a user unsubscribes from my Stripe. - The system should match Stripe customer data with their Discord username. - This is primarily for customer support purposes, not intended for any other usage. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in Stripe and Discord API integrations. - Experience with user management systems and data matching. - Excellent problem-solving skills.

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    I need a male voiceover artist to deliver a friendly, engaging voiceover for my Discord server's rules. The script is less than 50 words long and simply outlines the server regulations. Freelancers with previous experience in voiceover work, particularly in a casual and friendly tone will be ideal for this task. Understanding the nuances of Discord would be a plus.

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    ...with experience on modding Call of Duty Black Ops 2 and bot development on Discord. The project objectives include: CUSTOM IN-GAME COMMANDS AND PERKZ - Creating custom Plutonium server settings for Black Ops 2 Zombies. - For the commands, i want there to be the basic commands that anyone can use, and “vip” commands for the players who have vip role. - Most if not all of the custom perks scripts i want have already been published on the plutonium forum. - Also needs stats tracking DISCORD BOT - Developing a Discord bot capable of linking a player's Discord account to their in-game GUID. - Granting players access to vip in-game commands thru the discord bot - in-game points rewards for when a player links their discord accoun...

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    I'm looking for experienced Discord moderators who can handle diverse tasks across my 1-5 servers. Key Responsibilities: - User Management: Ensuring a healthy environment by managing users, their permissions, and addressing their concerns. - Content Moderation: Regularly reviewing content, ensuring it aligns with community guidelines and promptly removing inappropriate posts. - Conflict Resolution: Skilled in de-escalating conflicts, addressing disputes between users, and maintaining a harmonious atmosphere. Ideal Candidate: - Extensive Experience: I prefer moderators who have more than 3 years of experience in Discord moderation. Your experience should include handling a variety of tasks and dealing with challenging situations. - Communication Skills: Excell...

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    I'm in need of a developer with expertise in creating Discord plugins. The crucial functionalities of this project include: - The reading of locked channels. - The plugin should be limited to viewing messages in the locked channels, without the ability to send messages. - The plugin must only interact with the private channels on the server. The ideal candidate should have proven skills and experience in Discord plugin development, specifically with access and management of locked channels. A comprehensive understanding of private Discord channels and how to appropriately interact with them is also essential.

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    I'm in need of an expert in developing Discord bots, particularly one with experience in horse racing prediction functionality. Key Requirements: - **Betting Functionality:** The bot must allow users to place bets on horse races. - **Real-Time Race Updates:** Users should receive live updates on horse racing events. - **Customizable Predictions:** I'd like the bot to provide predictions that can be customized in certain aspects. The bot will need to gather data from reputable horse racing sources such as Racing Post, Daily Racing Form, and Equibase. This is crucial in ensuring the accuracy and reliability of the predictions. **Programming Language:** Python is the preferred language for this project. Your experience with Discord bot development and utilizing hors...

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    I'm looking for someone to integrate an existing machine learning model into a Discord bot. The bot should cater to three main functionalities - sending daily race predictions, responding to user queries about race outcomes, and providing real-time race updates. Key Requirements: - Integrate an existing machine learning model into a Discord bot - Implement a feature to send daily race predictions on a specific channel - Develop a query system that effectively responds to user queries about race outcomes - Enable the bot to provide real-time race updates Your Skills: - Proficiency in machine learning model integration with Discord bots - Experience in developing chatbots, particularly for Discord - Knowledge of horse racing and related terminologies - Abi...

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    A one time project to design a three part billet aluminium swingarm for a 2007 Triumph Bonneville. Ideally designer will have some experience in designing parts in the automotive field or an area when stress/strength etc are a safety factor. This will be the largest part I will have had designed and made for my motorbike. Attached a...have experience in designing parts to be capable for CNC, as that's how it will be produced. Also due to the nature of the project and requirement for additional measurements and reverse engineering, which I will be doing, this project is expected to have to be completed over a slower period of time, with me providing info when needed. I am also totally happy to watch live screen share over Discord call while design work happens, if that work...

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    I need a developer to create a bot that provides real-time horse racing predictions to users on Discord. This bot will be integrated into my Discord server, and I intend for it to acquire race prediction data through an in-house data collection process. Key Objectives: - Develop a dedicated bot that acquires data from a proprietary data source - Provide real-time predictions for upcoming horse races - Implement a method to deliver these predictions through this bot on Discord Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in Discord bot development - Experience with data collection and analysis - Knowledge of horse racing and predictive modeling The freelancer should ensure that the bot is capable of handling real-time data updates, and that its predictions are consistently acc...

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    I'm looking to hire Key Opinion Consumers/Leaders (KOC/KOL) for the game category. Requirements: - You should have a minimum of 1K followers on your any social medium channel - You must be willing to join our discord channel - Ask 10 friends to join our discord Benefits: - Competitive pay for your services - Opportunity to be a part of a growing community - Flexible working hours - Easy work

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    # Seeking: Fractional Monthly Community Manager We're looking for somebody who's passionate about charity, who loves people, who loves to empower people, who speaks clear spoken English and is good with Discord. # Payment $200-$500 CAD (CAD = 73% of USD) monthly depending on your abilities and quality of work. # Non-Profit Org We're an organization dedicated toward making video games that improve people's lives through education and through raising awareness. # Key Requirements - A PC that can play games - Good spoken English - Able to be online from 2:00 P.M. EST - 6 P.M. EST - Stable internet. # Org Details In joining us you will be joining a community deeply passionate about empowering other people to succeed. Your goal will be to connect with peop...

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    ...predict race outcomes with high accuracy. Additionally, it should suggest profitable betting strategies based on its predictions. Key Requirements: - Develop a machine learning model that can predict horse racing outcomes. - Utilize historical data, horse performance statistics, and weather conditions. - Suggest betting strategies that have proven to be successful. - Fully integrate the model into Discord. Programming Skills: - Proficiency in Python is a must for implementing the machine learning model. Experience: - Prior experience in developing machine learning models for sports events or betting is highly desirable. - Familiarity with horse racing data and analysis will be an added advantage. This is a unique opportunity for a talented individual to create a cutting-edge...

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    I need an experienced Discord user to create detailed tutorials on getting started with the platform and managing servers. 1. Your tutorials should include the 10 topics i mentioned on the attached file. it's important all the tutorials are screen recorded and done by you i don't want get in trouble of copyright so all the work should be done by you. 2. all 10 videos should be up to 5 minutes and should cover the topic clearly - videos should not be rushed - quality of the videos should be high - Each tutorial should be a step-by-step walkthrough, including screenshots to help illustrate each point. - - Extensive experience with Discord and great communication skills are must-haves for this project. I look forward to seeing your proposals. 3. For th...

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    ...We are seeking an experienced social media marketer to elevate our brand presence across various social media platforms, including Reddit, Twitter, Discord, and Telegram. The ideal candidate will effectively market our brand, website, tools, and content to the right target market using legitimate strategies that adhere to community guidelines. Responsibilities: Increase brand awareness through targeted marketing strategies. Drive website traffic and generate leads and sales. Identify and engage with the target audience, primarily in the 25-34 age bracket. Market our brand and content in relevant groups and communities on Reddit, Twitter, Discord, and Telegram. Develop and implement marketing campaigns that comply with community guidelines and avoid penalties for posting a...

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    $250 - $750
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    I need a skilled developer to help me collect data from various websites to find a competitive edge. Key Requirements: - Prior experience in web data scraping - Ability to scrape data i...data in real-time to ensure the information is up-to-date - Understanding of data analysis and how to interpret the results - Familiarity with competitive research The data collected will be used to inform my business strategies, so it's crucial that it is collected accurately and efficiently. Although not the immediate priority, I'm also interested in exploring the possibility of creating a discord bot and potentially web design in the future. A developer with experience in these areas would be preferred, though not essential. The developer must be located in Australia ideally Pert...

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    I'm offering $1000 ($500 upfront before doing anything as long as you've shown up skill, downloaded everything se...(ala right now); download the files get setup in PPSSPP. paypal or cashapp only; no crypto/others, sorry I'm paying also for patches made to eboot and a gui wrapped mod tool that edits all game data, so it will more than 1000, too; especially if you can also work with source code, SDK and emulators. Just DM me if you can/available; want/need something to do, they're open. preferably faster on discord: derricktri Respectfully, please only DM if you can actually do; I don't want your or my time wasted. Console: PlayStation Portable Game: FINAL FANTASY IV: The Complete Collection Version: V1.0 ID: NPJH-50414 Region: NTSC-J (includes English by ...

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    Hello, I would like to hire someone who can create a complete discord server, with bot design, channels, etc.

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    I'm looking for a freelancer who can help me with selling my NFT collectibles. Here's a brief on what I need: - Expertise in NFTs: I prefer Ethereum blockchain for my NFTs, so experience with this would be id...a freelancer who can help me with selling my NFT collectibles. Here's a brief on what I need: - Expertise in NFTs: I prefer Ethereum blockchain for my NFTs, so experience with this would be ideal. - Marketing: In addition to selling, I'm also looking for someone who can handle the marketing aspect of NFTs. You should be able to handle: - Social Media Promotion - Community Building on Discord - Influencer Partnerships ** I will give 25% as a commission on each transaction. Please bring your expertise in NFTs and marketing to help me sell my...

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    I require a proficient developer who can code a stock checker bot for Lowe's. The bot will need to be compatible with Discord, as we'll be using commands there to pull product ID and zip code data. Key details include: - It must be coded in Python. - The bot should track stock availability at Lowe's for a specified zip code, in real-time. Requirements: - Competency in Python is a must. - Previous experience in developing bots compatible with Discord. - Understanding of real-time data tracking. - Knowledge of Lowe's system or similar would be advantageous. The final deliverable should enable users on Discord to run a command with the product ID and zip code to get real-time results on product availability and price.

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    I'm in need of a professional and dependable individual based in Nigeria to assist me with purchasing digital products. Specifically, these will be software licenses, e-books, and online courses from various platforms, including Youtube and Discord. Key Responsibilities: - Acquiring the mentioned digital products on my behalf - Ensuring successful transactions and delivery of digital products Ideal Candidate: - Nigerian-based with experience in purchasing digital products - Has past work to demonstrate capabilities in this field You'll receive a generous 45% commission of the product's price. Interested candidates, make sure to include your relevant past work in your application. I look forward to collaborating with you.

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    Hi Hasnat K., I have a job for you, I need to make some modification on the Data Extraction bot you did for me. Can you contact me by Discord or email ? In fact I just need that extraction, brings me some new columns: -Volume at Trigger time -Max high previous trigger -Time Max high previous trigger -Max high after entry -Time Max high after entry -Max high 1mn candle close after entry -Time Max high 1mn candle close after entry -VWAP Please contact me to discuss about your avaibility and price for that mission. Thanks in advance

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    Create a script for a game called Ark Survival Ascended. I need someone to program either AHK or some kind of script that will automate th...collect metal will teleport to Metal tp 1 > metal tp 2 > metal tp 3..... so on and at the end of the sequence it will telport to a forge, grab all the material out of the tame and put in into forges like tping to forge 1 > forge 2 > forge 3 ...., then there will tp's to drops that spawn every 30 mins collect it, screen shot it and send it into discord. Any actions the bot does it should just send it into discord. Like I said we can hop into a discord call and go more into detail about everything. << This is a requirement. I want to show you exactly what I mean. The freelancer who I choose will be the one I w...

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    ...individual who can actively engage and interact daily with the members of our NFT (Non-Fungible Token) Crypto community on Discord and interact (view, comment on twitter). Your main role will be to foster a sense of community by maintaining lively discussions on topics around NFT and Crypto. - Responsibilities: You will be expected to send between 10-15 messages daily over a period of 2 month, with the potential of an extension up to 2 months. Your daily interactions with the community should be engaging and informative. - Skills required: Your communication skills must be sufficient English, daily few msg spread over the day. - Requirements: Global looking verified Discord and Twitter account (non asian profile pictures etc) - Basic knowledge of English The daily i...

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    19 bida

    I'm searching for a proactive and skilled UI/UX designer to give a fresh, redesigned look to an existing WordPress site. () The site is built with paid Elementor tools The purpose of the site is to display works and 3D models The payment method on the site is based on a specific system, which is direct communication with me via Discord to purchase Key Tasks: - Construct inventive wireframes to stipulate the new design - Develop intuitive interactive prototypes for testing usability - Produce visually attractive designs that enhance user experience Ideal candidate should: - Have experience in redesigning and enhancing existing websites - Be proficient in creating wireframes, prototypes and visual designs - Hold in-depth understanding of WordPress platform

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    Tengo que hacer unos cambios sencillos en Discord, añadir unos bots, cambiar otros porque no funcionan de forma correcta, añadir unos canales y quitar algún otro. Algo sencillo que yo mismo pudiera hacer pero no tengo mucho tiempo ahora mismo. Busco una persona que sepa lo mínimo de Discord. Presupuesto de 10$ y una buena reseña en la plataforma. Español preferiblemente. Serán tomados en cuenta los que hagan una propuesta corta que no sea escrito por una IA.

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    I'm...(alt:V). Key Project Details: - The design will be for a PC game, so it needs to be optimized for desktop users. - I'm specifically looking for a minimalistic design, so experience in creating simple, yet engaging interfaces would be highly beneficial. - While the design should be minimalistic, it also needs to be aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly for gamers. - Communcation will be trough Discord. - About 25 - 60 UIs Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in UI/UX design, particularly for gaming applications. - A portfolio showcasing minimalistic design work. - Proficiency in designing for desktop platforms. I'm looking for a designer who can bring a fresh, minimalistic approach to the game's UI, making the gaming experience both visual...

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    Suchen einen Frontend Dev der Figma Designs erstellen kann und diese dann umsetzen kann. Am besten über Discord erreichbar.

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    17 bida

    Quiero un bot para discord con funciones simples, y con una economia: "!dialy" te de unos puntos Que con "inventory" solo puedas ver tu inventario, una especie de leaderboard. "/add inventory [user] [item]" el item puede ser como la monedo o dinero de descuento. "/remove inventory [user] [item]" Quiero agregas unas cosas más.

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    10 bida

    I need someone to implement this discord scheduler

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    For this assignment, I'm looking for an experienced developer to link Puntingform and our own API to develop a text-based Discord software. Essential Requirements: - In-depth understanding of API integration - Familiarity with Discord API - Ability to create software with real-time data updates - Proficiency in text-based software design By completing this project, you’ll facilitate an essential function of our Discord platform - real-time data updates. I am counting on your expertise to ensure seamless service for our users with this text-based application. Prior experience working with Discord API would be a definite plus.

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    Saya membutuhkan discord admin/manager/mod untuk mengatur discord setup dan announcement. Tidak perlu chat dan cm rapiin discord nya seperti menyiapkan discord bot verify, announcement, dll Latar belakang pemain atau pernah beli NFT diutamakan. Usia diatas 20 tahun. Kalo mau kontribusi lebih dengan chatt atau cari WL lebih silahkan, akan di bagikan profit dari penjualan NFT. Berikut gambar lampiran NFT kita adalah game, dengan real use-case

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    ...on AI capabilities and comfortable working with adult content. The ideal candidate must have experience with Stable Diffusion and Large Language Models (LLMs). They also must have skills to impart the AI component with chatbot and animated avatar features. The main goal for this project revolves around a content management system. You can see our progress @ (NSFW). We also host a discord bot from our cloud GPU running stable diffusion and sadtalker for animating the characters. Key requirements: - Extensive React and Laravel/PHP experience - Demonstrated expertise in AI - Proven proficiency in Stable Diffusion - Experience in creating Chatbots and Animated Avatars - Knowledge in Large Language Model (LLM) This project is an excellent opportunity for those who have a pas...

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    126 bida

    I am in need of a Discord self-bot that's capable of responding with tap on reaction of famous bot karuta message and also reacting on it more details in dm - Implementing image reactions: The bot must recognize and respond to specific user commands with pre-defined custom images. Skills and Experience: - High-level understanding of bot creation and functionality in Discord. - Proficiency in using API for creating reactions. - Experience designing and implementing custom functions in Discord.

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    10 bida

    ...of a proficient developer to create a Discord Crypto Faucet with unique functionalities. As a digital asset enthusiast, my plan revolves around creating an engaging and interactive platform that will not only serve as an avenue for crypto enthusiasts to have fun, but also learn more about and claim cryptocurrencies. Features include: - A robust system enabling users to claim crypto rewards - Integration with a cryptocurrency wallet for seamless transactions and security The specific cryptocurrency to be supported on this faucet is RHINE. Lastly, users should be able to claim rewards from this faucet every 5 minutes. This unique feature will serve as a strong attraction for users. Skills and Experience: - Extensive experience in developing Discord bots - Knowledge of...

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    55 bida

    ...website to Discord, specifically to verify member usernames. Budget $20 Here's what I'm looking for: - Immediate Availability: I need this done right away via TeamViewer. If you're able to start immediately, that would be a huge plus. - Discord Integration: The main purpose of this integration is to verify user membership. I intend to use this verification to provide access to certain areas of my website. - PHP/MySQL Stack: My website is built on PHP/MySQL, so you should be proficient in this technology stack. Skills and Experience: - Strong PHP/MySQL background - Proven experience with Discord OAuth2 - Understanding of user verification processes - Ability to work through TeamViewer - Experience in quick turn-around projects. Please note, I do...

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    7 bida

    I'm seeking a seasoned graphic designer with a proficient command over creating social media graphics, specifically tailor-made for the Discord platform. Your Key Responsibilities: - Develop a comprehensive and compelling branding design that aligns with our identity - Design creative social media graphics that elevate our visibility on Discord Ideal Skills: - Solid expertise in branding and social media graphic design - Familiarity with Discord and its aesthetics - A keen eye for detail and a creative mindset.

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    27 bida

    Need a bot that will only allow one message "/verify *email*" in a channel then the bot already built to handle /verify will respond and grant necessary roles We then need it to delete the interaction between them

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    28 bida

    Project Proposal: Webhook Forwarding Bot Objective: Develop a robust webhook forwarding bot capable of efficiently distributing incoming cart links from a main webhook to multiple destination webhooks in a round-robin style. The bot should include features for customization, such as defining the number of carts to be sent to each destination webhook in each round-robin cycle and the ability to reset settings. Features: Round-Robin Forwarding: Incoming cart links will be forwarded to destination webhooks in a sequential manner, cycling through the list of destination webhooks. Once the end of the list is reached, it starts again from the beginning. Customizable Distribution: Users can define the distribution pattern of carts among destination webhooks. Options include: Equal distributio...

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    30 bida

    I need a skilled professional to create a tailored Discord server for our PC gaming community, focusing on first-person shooter (FPS) games. You should be experienced in Discord server setups and familiar with gaming communities. Your tasks will include: - Setting up different channels for various discussions - Integrating voice channels for live conversation - Implementing anti-nuke bots for server security - Configuring permissions for user roles - Adding a support bot that can manage member queries with specific commands Having experience in creating Discord servers for other gaming communities would be ideal, particularly if they have been related to FPS games. The server needs to be stable, engaging and conducive to positive interactions within the gaming commun...

    $55 (Avg Bid)
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    11 bida

    ...specifically AMP, to assist me with: - Setting up a control panel interface for several game servers, including FS22, Rust, Assetto Corsa, and Assetto Corsa Competezione. - Integrating two specific webapps to these game servers - A game stats tracker and donation pages. - Coding two custom plugins - An economy plugin and a custom game modes plugin. In addition, if you have experience in creating discord bots/webhooks, this would be beneficial as I would like to integrate these within the server. It's crucial you have ample experience in managing various game servers, coding custom plugins, and integrating webapps into server interfaces, specifically the ones mentioned above. AMP interface knowledge would be highly beneficial. Don't hesitate to share similar project...

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    18 bida

    I'm seeking an expert to develop a daily appointment reminder service delivered via Discord to resident Karens Key Features: - Creation of appointment reminders. - Delivery of those reminders via Discord platform, daily. The ideal freelancers for this project should have: - Demonstrable experience in dealing with Karen’s.

    $18 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    36 bida

    I'm looking for a Java developer who can help me implement some basic methods in a given UML structure. I have already created the s...help me implement some basic methods in a given UML structure. I have already created the structure - you'll just need to handle the implementation. Key Requirements: - You need to be proficient in Java. - The methods are of basic complexity, involving loops, conditionals, and similar concepts. Communication: I'd prefer to communicate with you through instant messaging platforms like Slack or Discord. email or messaging here works as well Ideal Skills: - Strong Java programming skills - Ability to interpret and implement from UML diagrams - Good understanding of basic programming concepts like loops and conditionals. Looking for...

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    I need an experienced Discord user to create detailed tutorials on getting started with the platform and managing servers. 1. Your tutorials should include the 10 topics i mentioned on the attached file. it's important all the tutorials are screen recorded and done by you i don't want get in trouble of copyright so all the work should be done by you. 2. all 10 videos should be up to 5 minutes and should cover the topic clearly - videos should not be rushed - quality of the videos should be high - Each tutorial should be a step-by-step walkthrough, including screenshots to help illustrate each point. - - Extensive experience with Discord and great communication skills are must-haves for this project. I look forward to seeing your proposals. 3. For th...

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