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    development of iOS application. This application will consist of 3 parts. 1. augmented reality system, which will be integrated by two parts, image recognition (Target) and the appearance of a three-dimensional model (Models 10), and the option to see them directly in the application in 3D format (independent of augmented reality) the models will

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    Looking for someone with automative repair / mechanic experience to pass the Section 609 Certification Test. The MACS Worldwide program has been approved by the U.S. EPA to meet technician certification requirements under Section 609 of the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990. It is designed to help you comply with the law, protect the environment and conserve the supply of CFC-12 for future serv...

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    I need good sql database agent to finish my files and work with me on weekly task . Paid 10-15$ a week. Average 2h a hour !

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    Currently, I am a university student and I see an issue regarding the club system whilst finding it difficult to find a committed programmer who can assist me in making this. There is almost always a huge queue outside a club and I believe those waiting want to know how long they will wait. The basic idea of this is to be able to track the lengths

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    Employe management system project consist of full details of employees of an organisation with their mandetory fields.

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    A system that visualize random sensors data as a live chart and heat map then save the data onto a database

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    [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Need to finish this page that a copied. Need it t get done. Just finish so it get clean. Without error. Its simple and Just need it fast.. Its a 30 minute job... Just Index page related with some files..

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    Looking for an A.I. expert who are having practical knowledge and good hand in A.I. and work according to my requirements.

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    I need a small CRM System with some basic functions. Add Customer Delete Customer Update Customer Add Sales Partner Delete Sales Partner Update Sales Partner Add location to Sales Partner Delete location to Sales Partner Update Location to Sales Partner Customer Fields: Prename Surname Mail Phone Credit Value Sales Partner + Location

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    we required online recharge system which is already running . so that we can finalize asap

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    I want to develop a recommender system based on item based collaborative filtering and matrix formulation to predict the customer's next purchase of clothes in my apparel store. Please contact me at the earliest.

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    job order inventory management system(JOIMS) is the the project that i made for the benefits of the user,traders and client of SMBA Maintenance department. I'm a front end and back end developer i love coding i do a lot of project for my self as my own self practice. i do also Photoshop and visual basic.

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    I need some help with finding some leads.

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    Courier Mangement System is a kind of Project done in PHP, CSS and the validation in Javascript.

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    I have servers in US/Japan/HK/Canada etc. I am looking to build a software that works with Mac and Windows with simple login (username, password) option and a dashboard to show servers. The user cannot login unless he paid previously on a website. This should all be connected to a database and have a dashboard to control who paid and when it expires and the data they used. Also should be easily cu...

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    I have 3 excel sheets. containing link of videos. Videos length is from 10 minutes to 1 hour. I need you to listen those videos & identify 2 minutes duration where the speaker is taking about spirituality, Emaan, amazing something, about prophet Muhammad. In first sheet for USA , I have filled one column just for instructions. I am also attaching documents. please apply as early as ...

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    You will implement two system calls in Reptilian along with two static library functions that allow the system calls to be invoked from a C API. These custom system calls will get and set a custom file attribute you will create, called Security_Tag.

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    I need help in research on "Information Security in Health care system" includes the software used in industry, networking, policies, hardware devices , and human mistakes or lack training.

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    Pre set up inspection, advice on product and installation once purchased for home sound. Music, television and radio

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    To automate all activities related to the education institute and its educational and management processes. Automate admission process Automate entire information management Maintain student, parent, teacher and staff information and relation efficiently Maintain students & staff attendance management - e-track (RFID,GPS/GPRS) Automate time-table generation Manage fleet and tra...

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    ...have the file. But the problem is there is no parent/child relationship between the colors and sizes. This is the most important thing in managing an apparel based inventory system. The product should be the parent item. Then the colors should be the children and the sizes in each color the sub children. This is essential for managing the database

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    I am into education consulting and understands education market in K12 [log masuk untuk melihat URL] is a hure gap in the industry and every area has their own specific [log masuk untuk melihat URL] the K 12 segment I am seeking an android app developed for me where parents, students and teachers can connect me and i can assign assignments to teachers.

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    Hi Everyone, we are looking to add an reservation/payment service in our website built in adobe muse. Our website is this one: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] We would like to have a system similar to those webpages: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] [log masuk untuk melihat URL]

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    ...or company that can develop a bespoke FVMS application. To deliver a manageable fuel purchasing credit management system in line with existing clientele market fuel purchase and accountability using fuel vouchers. The system will only be accessible by user login. The home page will be added to our existing domain and website and application

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    ...heating system including radiators and/or underfloor, and provide us with a system schematic and a list of materials needed. We will provide 1. Design Brief 2. Plans 3. Product Catalogue to select system components from We require: 1. Heat loss calculations 2. Equipment layout plan 3. System schematic

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    ...network is benefitial. The system shall enable passing encrypted data, encrypt data and sell everything on any market including crypto currency. Security mechanisms have to be included. The bidding is NOT for the setup but for the detail planning of the internet infractructure including software distrubution etc.. The system shall have enough stability

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    Implement the following components: 1) Application client at user’s side. 2) Dummy web server [log masuk untuk melihat URL] 3) Dummy local DNS server. 4) Dummy authoritative DNS server for domain [log masuk untuk melihat URL] which will return URL for [log masuk untuk melihat URL] 5) Dummy authoritative DNS server for domain [log masuk untuk melihat URL] which will return IP address for...

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    This an AI-based reporting system which combines charts, excel files and pdfs. Data should be retrieved using Hibernate in a fast changing data environment. Price will be setup per report. There are over 50 reports.

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    as photos in attachment and i will give you some information about this company

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    ...to be based on swedish language i can add the translations so no worries about that. The project itself is going to be something similar to [log masuk untuk melihat URL] But with an escrow system. Need more info? Contact me for a chat i am only looking for people with similar experiences. Who actually work their logged hours and who dosen´t just bill me while

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    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed . I need a custom firmware for coban gps tracker tk303, i need some small changes in text message sent by device, i need the source code as well as the tools to upload the custom firmware.

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    I need some changes to an existing website.

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    Handle entire online infrastructure of University, Python-Web based application, using Django framework. The application involves various modules based on access-levels and hierarchy of the university. The users are of different prospects like Students, Faculty, Management, and Administration. All accessing the same web-application, yet having different Access-Permissions. The infrastructure sh...

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    Design for specialised ERP system based on mockups provided.

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    ERP system Tamat left

    Develpoment of MRP/ERP system.

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    A report using matlab and maths on a topic of signals and spectra. This proejct t is going to examine the concept of spectrum and consider some of the Fourier analysis techniques including the Fourier Series and Fourier Transforms.

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    A site where customers can join and enter Greyhounds that want to follow and will receive email confirmation when there Greyhound is entered into a race through [log masuk untuk melihat URL] This I think will involving scrapping of the site to grab the required information when there selection is entered into a race.

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    Reconstruct existing software developed using .NET to Python. The CMS software will serve as a Graphical user interface for facility managers at industrial/ administrative complex to monitor situations of fire.

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    State Machine and Timing Diagram for Embedded System. More details to be provided.

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    We would like to Hire a Freelance to create a user friendly Fleet Management System that can perform the following; Development of a database for a Taxi Management Company to have the following features; a) Storage of vehicle records to include Vin #, registration number, driver details and contact # etc b) Store staff & driver details with individual

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    Hi, We need a Rental Property System built in Laravel 5.5. We already have the project setup and admin panel developed. The product we are building is a SaaS platform. We need someone who has great expertise in Laravel 5.5 who knows to fully utilize the provided features in the framework and great structural coding skills. The hired freelancer will

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    Hi I want to design a distributed system. For more information contact me.

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    i will try to do level best for programming level so that i am do unpossible work into essly way. i don't have extraordinary knowledge .

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    I need someone that knows how to create a DVR system compatible with Hisilicon Hi3520D to teach me.

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    ...an open source IPTV/OTT Middleware. must have experienced with Javascript,PHP, network and internet securite. the proejct need to be complete in 3 weeks. must have previouse experience on similar project. the job will be consite to add the following features : - Billing system., -customers management / STB, android, smart TV - info on STB/player

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    Integrating HR and Payroll System

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    - Adjuste in system in php - section saparated for informations - create spaces for banner advertising - translate the texts ( i´ll provide the texts ) - Forget password function All of this functions alread exist in the system, we just organize that.

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