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    Hi, Saya merupakan guru bahasa Inggeris di Malaysia yg mengajar secara online. Saya memerlukan seorang admin utk post content berkaitan dengan belajar bahasa Inggeris. Termasuk buat flyers, editing & short video. At least 3 posting dalam sehari. Hubungi saya utk maklumat lanjut. Wan

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    saya membuat chanel YouTube dan isi contennya adalah tentang informasi akhir zaman saya mencar video editor untuk mengedit video supaya pas dengan narasi dan teks

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    Post any info berkaitan kanak-kanak & aktiviti d Tadika. Saya juga akn berikan gambar aktiviti kanak-kanak terkini. Post 1 hari minimum 4 kali.

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    Post any info berkaitan kanak-kanak & aktiviti d Tadika. Saya juga akn berikan gambar aktiviti kanak-kanak terkini. Post 1 hari minimum 4 kali.

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    Post any info berkaitan kanak-kanak & aktiviti d Tadika. Saya juga akn berikan gambar aktiviti kanak-kanak terkini. Post 1 hari minimum 4 kali.

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    Post any info berkaitan kanak-kanak & aktiviti d Tadika. Saya juga akn berikan gambar aktiviti kanak-kanak terkini. Post 1 hari minimum 4 kali.

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    Post any info berkaitan kanak-kanak & aktiviti d Tadika. Saya juga akn berikan gambar aktiviti kanak-kanak terkini. Post 1 hari minimum 4 kali.

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    Post any info berkaitan kanak-kanak & aktiviti d Tadika. Saya juga akn berikan gambar aktiviti kanak-kanak terkini. Post 1 hari minimum 4 kali.

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    Translate Belarusian 1250 word stucture site

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    95% finished website () membutuhkan beberapa penyelesaian point revisi mudah. Download detailnya di : Jika menyanggupi dan penawaran di approve, saya akan memberikan link untuk mendowload website keseluruhan. Terimakasih Salam sejahtera

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    hai dezinegeek saya seorang layouter majalah yang lumayan paham PS ,semoga tertarik dan bisa mempekerjakan saya dan itu contoh layou saya

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can help me improve the search engine rankings of my website through blog posts and SEO. My main goal is to increase website traffic and ultimately, conversions and sales. Previous SEO work has been done on my website, but I am looking for someone to take it to the next level. I have a basic understanding of SEO, but I need someone with more expertise to help me achieve my goals. As for specific keywords or phrases to target, I am not sure and need guidance. I am open to suggestions and would like to work with someone who can provide keyword research and optimize my content accordingly. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Proven track record of improving search engine rankings through blog posts and SEO - Strong understanding of key...

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    Hi. We've got our wedding next year (13th July) and it will be hosted on our farm. We've got three marquees, and each will have Bose PA speakers. I need someone that is reliably good with PA/sound tech to be in charge of the microphones and playlists between the different areas of the wedding. It will be a fairly simple and easy job, but we just need someone to rely on to make sure microphones are switched on at the right time and given to the right people, and the right music is played at the right volume at the right time. I will be providing the speakers and cabling etc. It would be great to have someone local who could pop down the day before to familiarise themselves with the setup. Thanks!

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    Hyderabad Miles is a project focused on improving public transportation in Hyderabad, with the goal of promoting tourism and making it easier for visitors and tourists to get around. Our ideal freelancer will have experience in transportation planning and be skilled in the following areas: - Public transportation design and optimization - Traffic analysis and managem...software proficiency - Knowledge of local infrastructure and regulations The project will involve analyzing current transportation options and making recommendations for improvements, including identifying new routes or modes of transportation. The freelancer will also work closely with local businesses and tourism organizations to ensure that the new transportation options are well advertised and easy to access for...

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    I am a beginner with Microsoft Teams and I am looking for someone to provide one hour of tuition to help me navigate and set up the platform. Specifically, I would like to focus on basic navigation and setup. I prefer the tuition to be delivered through a written tutorial with screenshots. Ideal skills and experience: - Proficient in Microsoft Teams - Experienced in providing tutorials and training - Excellent written communication skills - Ability to create clear and concise instructions with screenshots that can be saved for printing.

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    Moodle Site Transfer 6 hari left

    Moodle Site Transfer to Dedicated Hosting I am looking for a freelancer who can help me transfer my Moodle site from MoodleCloud to Dedicated Hosting. I don't require any customization or updates during the transfer. The ideal candidate should have experience in Moodle site migration and be knowledgeable about Dedicated Hosting. Skills and Experience: - Experience in Moodle site transfer - Knowledge of Dedicated Hosting - Understanding of MoodleCloud and its limitations - Attention to detail and ability to troubleshoot any migration issues.

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    I am looking for a web application that can provide a platform for trading products, both physical and digital. The main purpose of the platform is to start a new enterprise, and the application must integrate payment gateways for transactions. As such, I am seeking a knowledgeable freelancer in web development to create a flawless user experience that'll enable the easy and secure trading of products. Moreover, the platform must be scalable so as to accommodate future growth. Experience in payment gateways, inventory management and custom features or integrations is a must. The product must be user-friendly and easily adapted to any customer needs in order to maximize the trading potential. The development of the platform must be in accordance with the highest quality standa...

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    I need a composer and singer who can deliver nursery rhymes with finest quality. The music created should be free of copyright. It is required that complete copyrights and other rights (IP) are transferred from the creator to me. The tunes should be original and copyright free to be broadcasted on commercial platforms. The quality of the songs and timeline is more important. The composer has to compose the songs and provide updates daily by delivering the songs. The songs will be reviewed at each stage before final approval. The music provided should be fresh and copyright free. If the tune provided is not satisfactory, a revised tune is expected until satisfied with the output. There are 11 simple rhymes with tune, duration, lyrics and vocal information. Please review the attachme...

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    ...remote to be well visible to human-made telescopes. This precise black hole, that's more or less 30 billion times the mass of our solar, is one in all the biggest ever detected and on the upper limit of how large we agree with black holes can theoretically come to be, so it is an exceedingly exciting discovery," James Nightingale, an astrophysicist at Durham University inside the U.K. And lead creator of the brand new look at, said in a announcement. The team arrived at the dimensions of the black hole with the aid of analyzing the magnification of the foreground object in a series of pix taken by means of the Hubble Space Telescope. Using sophisticated computer modeling, the scientists have been able to simulate how a great deal light bends around the foreground ga...

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    ...detailed descriptions, images, and pricing Destination pages with information about attractions, activities, and accommodations Booking and payment integration with a secure checkout process Blog section for travel tips, news, and articles Contact form for inquiries and support Integration with social media platforms SEO optimization for search engine visibility Content management system (CMS) for easy updates and maintenance - Deliverables: Complete website design and development Source code and necessary documentation Installation and setup on our hosting server Post-launch support and maintenance for a specified period - Skills Required: Expertise in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and popular web development frameworks Experience with responsive web design techniques Knowledge of ...

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    French Translation 6 hari left

    Hi there! Need to be translated a few documents from English to French and French to English. It's a quite simple and easy project to make money. Will provide more info through the freelancer via chat box. Thanks

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    ...what is available, as well as shipping, checkout and other sales related questions. You will use real product links obtained from the entire sitemap, the home page of which is https://doggydoolittleshop.com. You are very knowledgeable and know everything about the company to include, but not limited to, the information found in my knowledge base, and using the above as context when relevant. As you ask questions, you must always prompt the customer by offering them recommendations on specific dog products on the website you think they might like. Once they show some sort of intent to purchase, you will send them to a relevant product link on the website, explaining that checkout is 1-click and very easy. Do not give any links to any products that do not exist on the web...

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    ...from the high and low of candle #1. So candle are labeled like -3, -2, -1, 1 , +1, +2, +3 If those are true then draw a box from high of candle #1 and low of candle 1 The box is drawn to the right about the length of 10 candles widths. See image. Now because so many boxes would be drawn on a chart, the time frame for the boxes to be drawn are from any set time I choose - to make it easy lets day 6:30am - 1:00pm, but i can change the timeframe in settings. Also the boxes colors can be changed in settings. I would like to be able to set the distance of how far the box extends as well to the right in settings. (10 bars right, 22 bars right, etc....) Thats it! Very simple project!...

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    In order to produce two 30-second videos, I am seeking to hire a video creator/editor with strong editing skills. Using large images that occupy a significant portion of the screen, the videos should follow a specific style inspired by the reference video provided. Visual Style: The videos should emulate the style of the reference video (), utilizing large images that dominate the screen.

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    I am looking for an experienced developer who can help me improve the speed of my WordPress website. The current site speed is slow, and I need it to load faster on both desktop and mobile devices. My goal is to have the desktop & mobile with an LCP of under 1.2 seconds & time to interact less than 2.5 seconds. I have already tried some optimization techniques, such as adding WP rocket but they only improved the speed slightly. Therefore, I need someone who has expertise in optimizing WordPress websites to help me fix the speed issues. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience with optimizing WordPress websites for speed - Knowledge of various optimization techniques and tools - Understanding of web performance metrics and how to improve them - Familiarity with caching pl...

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    Trophy icon Logo for BuildGRIT 6 hari left

    I am looking for a modern and minimalist logo for my company, BuildGRIT. The ideal candidate for this project should have experience in creating sleek and simple logos. Specifically, I have specific colors in mind for the logo, so the ideal candidate should be able to work with...specific colors in mind for the logo, so the ideal candidate should be able to work with those preferences. Red, Black and white. I have added some simple examples but I want to see new ideas. Maybe try having some with messy designs like the Dexter example with the blood. For the logo itself, I am looking for a text-based logo that incorporates the name "BuildGRIT". The logo should be simple and easy to read, with a modern and minimalist feel. The ideal candidate should have experience desi...

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    I am looking fo...are targeted to the medical industry. The job listings should be prominently placed on the website, allowing job seekers an easy access to open positions. Additionally, an internal candidate database should be included as well. This will provide job seekers with an easy way to search for and submit an application to the appropriate position. An online application form should also be included as well. It should be easy to navigate for applicants, so they can quickly read requirements and answer questions in order to apply. Accessibility should also be incorporated into the design and development, allowing applicants with disabilities to view and interact with the site. Lastly, the website should be aesthetically pleasing, modern, and optimized ...

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    ...freelancer must be able to deliver the project on time and must remain available to provide customer support for any additional questions. Skills required: Technical Writing: The candidate should have strong technical writing skills in English, to effectively communicate complex concepts in a clear and concise manner. They should be able to organize information logically and create documentation that is easy to understand for technical audiences. Knowledge of Remote Patient Monitoring a plus (RPM): solid understanding of remote patient monitoring systems, healthcare technologies, and the specific requirements and challenges associated with RPM software is desirable but not required. SaaS and Software Expertise: The individual should have a good grasp of software-as-a-service ...

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    I am an affiliate for online casino's, I have a website and all social media are set up but have no followers. I need a digital marketer who can market our website and YouTube channel including all social media accounts on a international basis. Manage all socials. Keyword optimization. Leads. SEO marketing. Thumbnail creation for all our YouTube videos.

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    Wordpress Helpdesk Plugin 6 hari left

    ...Wordpress helpdesk plugin similar to fluent support that includes both a ticketing system, knowledgebase, chatbot and live chat functionality. In addition, I require integration with third-party apps such as CRM, automation and email marketing platforms. The ideal candidate should have experience with developing Wordpress plugins and be able to provide examples of their work. The plugin should be easy to use and navigate for both our team and customers. As the level of customization needed is advanced, I am looking for someone who has a strong understanding of coding and can provide ongoing support and maintenance. As our WordPress plugin developer, you will be responsible for the following: Custom Plugin Development: You will develop a custom plugin from scratch, cateri...

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    Create me an explainer video 6 hari left

    Hello, We are an exciting new web development agency. We are seeking a talented video creator to help us produce an animated video that showcases our services and working process. The video should be engaging, professional, and suitable for promotion on Facebook. The script for the video has already been prepared and the voiceover will be provided by us. Requirements: Experience in creating animated videos. Ability to work with provided scripts. Ability to incorporate provided voiceovers into the video. A solid portfolio of previous work. Excellent attention to detail and communication skills. Project Details: Video duration: 1-2 minutes Animation style: Professional and engaging, suitable for a web development agency. Voiceover: Will be provided by us. Theme: Explanation of ou...

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    Hi I need a php class to use aws qldb in order to: connect, making single inserts, making multiple inserts in one call, doing selects, doing updates, doing deletes doing redacts and checking that the redacts are completed. The class should have error handling and return an associative array with the results. The examples needs to be full and working. You will probably use aws-sdk-php or you can use php-curl. Deadline is 24 hours. You must have an aws account so that you don't need anything from me. Max 300 euros. Thank you.

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    I am looking for a skilled graphic designer to redesign my current restaurant menu. The menu should have a modern look and feel. I want to stick to my restaurant's brand colors, so please keep that in mind when designing. The menu will have 3-5 pages, and I would like it to be easy to read and navigate. Ideal skills and experience: - Graphic design experience - Knowledge of modern design trends - Ability to work with brand colors - Experience with restaurant menus - Attention to detail and ability to create a user-friendly design

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    Case Study: A Potential Customer is looking to build a new cyber security monitoring platform after hearing positive things ab...trends/technology landscape changes. Task: Design a solution in no more than 3 PowerPoint Slides (excluding any cover slide) that achieves the goals of the Customer and explain the link between the objectives and the design. The design should highlight perceived assumptions, risks and considerations that have been considered and would need to be considered further. From the submission it should be easy to identify: • The High-Level Architecture of the Platform (component level) • Sample software for each component • Mapping between Component and Requirement • Assumptions, Risks and Considerations influencing the architecture blueprint ...

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    I'm looking for a skilled devloper to develop an app for both iOS and Android. I have a rough idea of what I want the app to look like, but may require design assistance to fine-tune my idea. This app will be used for sale and inventory tracking. The finished product should be intuitive, easy-to-use, and attractive. All applicants must have at least a few years of experience developing apps for both iOS and Android platforms. I'm looking for someone who has excellent communication skills and who is able to complete the project in a timely manner.

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    ...assistant needed until 2023, August 12. Expecting to need 2-4 hours 2 times a week for a total of about 8 hours a week. Then it may go up if things get busy. I am asking for 12-14 hour completions / turn around on requests. If that is not possible please discuss it with me. I will provide a user and license in Microsoft 365. You will need to use and be able to handle Excel and powerpoint work and use Microsoft Office 356, Microsoft includes language packs you may use them for your ease. You must know and understand English very well as I will only be able to communicate and correspond in English. This is also important because I will need help with proof reading, and editing, writing and refining documents. I expect help with data entry, internet research, general r...

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    The e-commerce website project that we discussed privately and for which we outlined the requirements.

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    i need a smart and creative data entry to add new data and hight qualty images for e-commerce site

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    Mobile Application 6 hari left

    I am looking for a mobile application developer who can create an Android app that will be used for inventory mapping. The ideal candidate should have experience in developing Android apps and be able to implement barcode scanning. The app should be easy to use, and have a simple user interface. The following are the requirements for the app: - Platform: Android - Primary Function: Inventory Mapping - Features: Barcode scanning

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    My company is looking for an experienced professional to create large-scale site plans for a commercial construction project. The purpose of our site plans is to assist us with the planning and construction process. We have an example plan, but due to technical issues, we need someone to take over. We do have some measurements and existing plans that can be used as successful contractor must have experience with this type of work, and understand the complexities involved. We look forward to hearing from qualified candidates who can help us meet our project goals!

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    Simple Estate Agent Site with Online Appointment Booking I am looking for a web developer who can create a simple estate agent site for my business. The site will only list Residential properties. Features: - Online appointment booking - Property search filters - Virtual tours (optional) -on line bidding Timeline: - Completion of the site is expected within 1-2 months. Ideal skills and experience: - Proficiency in web development - Experience in creating estate agent sites - Ability to integrate online appointment booking features.

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    Build the site to look like the following link:

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    Change Text in PDF Document 6 hari left

    We need to change a text in a PDF document. Easy and quick fix. <0.2% THC needs to be changed into: 0.0% THC

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    Trophy icon re-design logo for brand " SWVT " 2 hari left

    ...old logo we used wrench and in new one we also need to used wrench 4. Typography: Choose a clean and legible font for the "SWVT" text. It should be easily readable and complementary to the overall design. Consider customizing the typography to add a unique touch to the logo. our website work with Arabic font name " https://fonts.google.com/specimen/IBM+Plex+Sans " 5. Colors: we make this point easy " orange and yellow " like photo above is main logo color if you will change it give us reason Submission Details: - Submit your design in a high-resolution digital format. - Provide both a full-color version and a black and white version of the logo. - Include a brief explanation of the concept and elements used in your design. Deadline: *** log...

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    ...job/placement/internship for Employer A - We decide which university networks we want to use (career service/department contacts/student societies/headhunters) - We set up the campaign on Salesforce and add all relevant networks (normally a combination of universities and contact types) - We communicate the opportunity with all relevant networks - The networks share the opportunity and we can track how many unique clicks each individual network has had Our Goals - To see exactly what has been sold on each campaign - Run and track attraction campaigns more effectively - Have one member of staff who oversees and manages all university comms - Have all university contacts (depts, platform, socs) in one place and easy to see on the university account - Save time on creating l...

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    For our website () we need a design for a pop up that explains how to request a quotation. The pop op shouldn't cover the whole screen, but still be big enough to show the required images and text in a way that it is still easy to read. We will need seperate versions for the desktop and mobile versions of our website. The text for the pop up will be as follows: ====START TEXT==== De scherpste online offerte krijg je van HorecaGemak! Wij doen elke dag weer ons uiterste best je niet alleen van optimale service te voorzien, maar je ook de scherpste prijs te bieden. Daar kan je bij ons op vertrouwen. Dus wil je een vrijblijvende offerte ontvangen? Die maken wij graag voor je! Hieronder vind je meer informatie over hoe je heel eenvoudig online een offerte kunt aanvragen. Is

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    I am looking for a React Native developer to create a finance education mobile app for Android. The app will primarily focus on providing financial education resources to users. Features: - Financial education resources - The app should be user-friendly and easy to navigate - Somthing in the scope of this app: Design: - The client has a design ready for the app - The developer should be able to work with the provided design and create a functional app based on it Target platform: - The app will be developed for Android Ideal skills and experience: - Proficient in React Native - Experience in developing mobile apps - Strong understanding of mobile design principles - Ability to work with provided

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    Word press - New blog site 6 hari left

    I'm looking for a developer to build a new WordPress blog site for personal use. I have already identified the theme (see ), the result should be graphically identical exept some few chenges which I will summarize briefly: 1- the first imagine (FIND YOUR NEXT HOLIDAYS) should be narrower and contain two sections. One with my presentation and one with the presentation of the blog itself 2 - the second band (CRUISE TOURS and AROUND THE WORLD) is ok and must refer to the two main sections of the blog, i.e. the articles published and the Reviews made 3 - the third band (LOS ANGELES, CHINA, AFRICA) should show the last 9 published articles/books reviewed with a carousel effect 4 - the other sections can be removed 5 - the footer should be simplified and contain only the

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    122 bida

    I need a website for my e-commerce business where I can sell physical products. The website should have a feature for product reviews, so customers can leave feedback on the items they purchase. Additionally, there should be a shop...can sell physical products. The website should have a feature for product reviews, so customers can leave feedback on the items they purchase. Additionally, there should be a shopping cart for customers to add products to and a user registration/login system for easy checkout. Ideal skills and experience for the job include: - Experience in creating e-commerce websites with product review features - Knowledge of shopping cart systems and user registration/login processes - Ability to design a visually appealing website that is easy to naviga...

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    8 bida
    Menu Card Design 6 hari left

    I am looking for a designer who can create a modern menu card for my restaurant. The menu will be multi-page and I am open to suggestions for the color scheme and fonts. The ideal candidate should have experience in designing menus for restaurants and be able to create a design that is visually appealing and easy to read. It is important that the menu reflects the theme of the restaurant, which is modern. The designer should be able to incorporate this theme into the design of the menu. Additionally, the designer should have experience in creating multi-page menus and be able to create a design that is consistent throughout all of the pages.

    $15 (Avg Bid)
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    39 bida