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    I have a Python script which I used with my eBay API to cache data in my database. I was passing some parameters to and it uses my API credentials to search in eBay database, now I have got access the eBay daily dump and I can download all the products categories which I wish. I need to modify the script to work locally and read from the files which

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    I need someone to take a program that has not been updated for a few years and make it so the ebay listings show up on the store pages. They used to. But they do not now. So my guess would be that ebay has changed the way their listing feeds work. I have a work-around setup that works fine, but it’s more involved than the way the program was intended

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    i need php scripts for using different ebay api's - to upload my inventory (FixedPriceItem) - to modify the uploaded item - to close items - get orders - change the order status and help to install this on my vserver.

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    Ebay does not search easily for ranges of items. For instance “bolts 5mm”. Please create a php script that shows a form that takes a input string such as “bolts Xmm”, a start number, and ending number and returns a table of url, title, price for the results in the range. For example “1”, “10”, “bolts Xmm” would out pu...

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    I need only php script. 1) eBay Catalog API with upc, ean, mpn 2) Revise item. If exists in catalog and has image revise item. 3) End Item. if not exists in catalog or has no image. Please bid and discuss more via chat.

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    Create PHP API Script which will get all 3rd party eBay listings from their store and list on woocommerce using API. and same script (If already exist) will use for updates like price and quantity. Please note all products listing will be grab with variation and EAN/UPS number. eBay API will shipping and finding API only so no eBa...

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    I look for a developer to complete my old dropshipping project from Amazon on Ebay The project is incomplete, for now the script adds Amazon products to a database and updates all product prices by checking if they are Prime, availability, old price, new price. Amazon products are scraped (ASIN code) from the Amazon site with a scraper. 1) CURL must

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    Your task is to create a script, preferably in php, which will upload a return label for a return on ebay using ebay Post Order Api . You will get returnId, the return label is .pdf and stored on the same server.

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    I have a PHP script that runs for ebay shop. It automatically sends message to buyer once item sold. I want to differenciate and send 2 seperate messages. Someone with PHP and ebay api knowledge will be able to do this in 10 mins. Thanks

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    ... function 1 - a simple function to upload a listing to ebay, with all data fields are required. For your testing, you can put together a simple array with the all of the necessary data points. I will build some other functionality to build this array, later. When a listing is sent to ebay, another simple array needs to be created with all pertinent

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    This should be small script executed every x minutes using CRON or queue that will check new products (within defined criteria posted) to on eBay using eBay's API. No interface required. Notification should be sent to slack channel or just stored in the db. Criteria of product: - country - search string - category - condition This could be

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    ...software for me. I would like this software to be developed for Linux using Python. Freelancer Logo Log In Sign Up CLOSED Build a script to pick up Amazon Flex Blocks BUDGET $30-250 USD Freelancer Jobs Android Build a script to pick up Amazon Flex Blocks I am wanting a Server Based Block Grabber for an android program called Amazon Flex. Blocks are released

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    ...com, a. When i upload images to sell items, it is even slower. That part will also be under 5ms. 2. I will be working with a company called www.haravan.com. I will need an API to connect to website and app. 3. use GITHUB so we can see all the coding being done 4. It will be in 2 languages, plus option for additional later. So you code to make

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    ...the account. I want to simply pass the ebay ecommerceid to the function, and have it return any debug information as well as end the listing, or reason for failure if it fails. function 2 - a simple function to change the quantity of a live listing associated with the account. I want to simply pass the ebay ecommerceid to the function and the new

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    ...com, a. When i upload images to sell items, it is even slower. That part will also be under 5ms. 2. I will be working with a company called www.haravan.com. I will need an API to connect to website and app. 3. use GITHUB so we can see all the coding being done 4. It will be in 2 languages, plus option for additional later. So you code to make additional

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    Hello, your task is to create a script in php, which will using ebay marketing api create an ads campaign and add there listings by listing id, listing ids will be provided.

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    All I need is a quick PHP script that returns any eBay 'Buy it Now' item matching the word 'iPhone' in a specific price range, and that has been added in the last 5 minutes. Any results should automatically be added into an email and sent to me.

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    ...REQUIREMENT I'm looking to develop a PHP service for MercadoLibre. MercadoLibre is a ebay-like website. In there, customers can buy products. Once MercadoLibre notifies one of my products has been sold, the script should send a predefined message to the buyer through MercadoLibre's messaging system. For Mercadolibre's API reference, please check...

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    ... OpenCart eBay Importer, needs to be modified for categories. This tool will pull/copy over about 5000 eBay listings to our new opencart website. All of our eBay listings are in specific eBay store categories and we have made the exact same categories on our opencart website. Currently the tool "OpenCart eBay Importer" will copy over eBay list...

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    i need a simple php ebay api script.. Which will allow me to add / update / remove items from my ebay account

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    Required- A highly skilled PHP developer, with experience of working on MySQL Database and JSON parsing to 1) Write a script for auto-updating selected information of price change, addition/ deletion of items from various e-Commerce websites' API like Walmart, Amazon, eBay, Bestbuy, etc. in a custom MySQL database. 2) Include comments in all programming

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    I need someone, you is fit with the ebay Api. What i need in the end: 1. A script, which get all active Items from an ebay store. 2. Data file in .php oder .html with the output. It would be nice, when i can change the app-id from ebay developer to my own id. I just need the script and the output file, no styling (css) necessary.

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    Ich suche jemanden, der sich mit der Ebay Api auskennt. Was ich brauche? Ich möchte aus einem bestimmten Ebay-Shop alle Produkte auf einer separaten Webseite anzeigen lassen. Sollte der Ebay Nutzer ein neues Produkt hinzufügen, soll dieses automatisch z.B. nach einem Reload der Seite mit in der Ausgabe erscheinen. Ausgegeben werden sollen: Bild,

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    Your objective is to create a script using php which will upload a .csv file from server to ebay. It will change prices. It is the same function, as build-in csv-manager, just done via API. I am interested in a reliable freelancer for building multiple other small ebay api solutions, we can discuss further work after this project done successfully

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    We need to upload product using Magento2 REST API in PHP. Our images are coming from Ebay. Therefore you need to take care of it. You must make the Product Attribues viewable on web. You may need to define Attribute set for Product. You must work through TeamViewer. We have a script, you will just modify this one.

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    I'm seeking a developer to create a quick PHP script that will run on a cronjob and automatically leave feedback to our eBay customers after an item has been shipped. This system will also need to prepare an email that inserts into a database for delivery with our mail [log masuk untuk melihat URL] email will be sent after x days (in config) asking the customer to leave

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    Hi, for my client I must provide a php script that download the orders from Amazon and Ebay (examples files provided as attachment). I need to be allowed to change the ebay and amazon profile as variable or function parameter (they have several marketplace profiles) and to have clear and well indented code for mantainance. I need the order files

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    ...experience PHP Developer who can automate our eBay product quantity [log masuk untuk melihat URL] are using a script for product quantity update on [log masuk untuk melihat URL] script generates a CSV file with updated product [log masuk untuk melihat URL] download this CSV and upload this CSV into eBay file exchange [log masuk untuk melihat URL] need to Autom...

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    Hello, I have a php script that got data from the ebay api an store it in mysql. This data i want to store in a fast database in the aws. 1. I need help to install everthing in the aws (Skype seccion) 2. I need help to build the small project (Skype session + Your work) 3. You got more jobs like that to build more scripts (Your work) Here

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    I need a simple PHP script that, based on ebay API keys and on ebay shop account can retrieve some infos from shop ads and format in a CSV or Excel file. The file should be similar to the one that can be downloaded through file exchange (active ads), but have the following columns (data): - ItemID - Quantity - Total Sell - StartPrice - Category

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    We do sell on ebay, our inventory items available on Amazon FBA. We need a script in PHP, that automatically send the order to our amazon FBA account for processing when we do have a sale on ebay. Items will be related each other with the same "SKU", so there wont be a problem by matching it. Also, that updates the tracking number provided for Amazon

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    Simple php script that connects ebay api ([log masuk untuk melihat URL] or similar), gets sold items (all related data for those sold items, like: item data, buyer data, billing and shipping address, payment data, etc) of the last X days and filters it with included/excluded text in title. Then shows result on a webpage. no formatting

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    I have already a PHP script that runs everyday to get information from a website (API). These information is about sales in an e-commerce website like EBAY. So, all information already is in database. We need to show this information (that is in database) to simple user through interface. Details in attached file.

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    I need a script similar to [log masuk untuk melihat URL] I need the script to generate affiliate RSS feeds for just four platforms: amazon, ebay, bestbuy and clickbank only. You need to undertsnd the latest API of amazon, clickbank, bestbuy and ebay to set this up. I need it built as a simple standalone php script without subscription. Thanks.

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    Crawling, Web Scraping and API I need to hire an experienced software engineer, who can design a script or make an API for price comparison website and collect data for all of the mobile phones including; description, memory size, images, make and model. These can be scraped from the Internet. I’ll provide a list of websites where you have to extract

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    hello all, i am looking for a php programmer who is able to write a php script that is able to read data from ebay account, and ones a product is Payed status on the ebay page, that it will automatic send a xbox code/ login, like custemor 1: load code 1, + delete + save log of sended custemor 2: load next code + delete + save log of sended

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    ...is for a Full eBay Listing and Management Script Project Description: Ebay scripts and associated PHP classes for eBay Trading API. Should be compatible with current API version. Scripts to include: Multi User System for my Web Hosting Website - Login and Session set by my existing website. Listing Service.. 1. Add items for eBay Onlin...

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    Hello, I'm looking for a programmer with experience with AMAZON API to build a PHP script to run Amazon product updates. It need it to manage current amazon product availability and price changes. This is for amazon to eBay selling. -bulk add via product URL or ASIN -save & group products by type/name -bulk & single price updates & scheduled updating

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    I need a developer to write a php/javascript to use to the ebay api to look at recently sold listings and create an average /good/excellent price analysis. I would like the data stored in a DB so later we can chart history. I'm on a wordpress/PHP platform, so ideally in would be coded in php with JS. But I'm open to other ideas if they would work

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    We have a simple script that works as a wordpress plugin. It create HTML pages for copy and pasting into eBay for sales listings. There is no API. The script is made to support various templates, so it can handle different gallery and thumbnail layouts as per each template. We require an experienced PHP / Wordpress coder with good understanding

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    Hello, everyone I try to study API ebay on developer ebay. but I can't. My skrill : I can use API paypal and other api some website. I have 2 special needs 1.I need 4 Functions for Add, Remove, Revise and Relist. For this request, Now I have variable for use, I just need function for use. 1.1add_item($authToken,$product_code, $qty, $price

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    We need a PHP Script which can submit all information about an order at Ebay Deliveryadresse (from Paypal or Ebay) Paymentadresse (from Ebay) The Articles which ordered And check payment at Paypal. For your information, i will not give you our API Key. Please take you API Keys for programming. Then you send us the script and we replac...

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    ...custom web application to repricer product prices using API. Tool will have dashboard, where I can login . And I can see repricing history and pricing history of my products to competitors in graphs. And so other statics, details in tables. Logic of repricing will be provided. Similar tool / script will also be provided. Looking for someone who can

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    I'm looking for someone to build a php script that can be ran from a cron job it needs to use some information from my database to carry out an api call to eBay it must then store the information it gets into my database and then carry on going until it hasn't completed everything (in a loop) more info can be provided shouldn't be very difficult as

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    Looking for PHP developer with good knowledge of API Experience eCommerce API like Magento, ebay, Amazon is big [log masuk untuk melihat URL] let me know what API you have worked on. I am looking for simple script that does this 1. Get all active SKU using API 2. User upload feed file from tool 3. If SKU from feed is active on site, just sy...

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    ...an already working script but I would like to add some features. The script basically can convert a CSV in turbolister format in magmi csv format. I need 1. To optimize memory performance. Now the script load the whole csv into an array, I want it to process che csv line by line, to avoit php memory limit problems 2. import ebay category 1 path into

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    Languages/Frameworks used: Php, MySql, [log masuk untuk melihat URL] This tool will be very similar to [log masuk untuk melihat URL] in that it searches for keywords using the Google Suggest API (or another API) and shows them to the user. However, there will be multiple additional features that will be supported. [log masuk untuk melihat URL] is a really good refer...

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    ...files with images and description to our hosting. The script will be able to upload images and description, which will change per page created. The system will be able to accommodate several templates and be easy to transfer to different hostings and run under different domains. The script should have a image resize engine, similar to magento and

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    I need Affiliate Shopping engine script to be installed on unlimited domains. Here is the requirement below • Automatic import of products from Flipkart/Snapdeal/Amazon/eBay/Paytm/Shopclues/Streetprices/Yahoo Shopping/GoogleShopping/Become/PriceComparison/PriceforSure/PriceGrabber/PriceRunner/NextTag/SortPrice/PriceWatch/TheFind/Smarter/UnderBid

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    ...project I am thinking of purchasing a premade php script of a multi eCommerce solution. This script pretty much has everything I could need, but it needs some improvements. It can be found here at [log masuk untuk melihat URL] The first thing would be to inspect if the script is solid and can be improved for quality Not

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