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    Mampu menggunakan canva, Corel draw، dan Photoshop

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    Design project Tamat left

    Mengubah sejumlah gambar Mahir menggunakan adobe photoshop dan corel draw

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    Mendesain Tato Tamat left

    design gambar dengan format corel draw menghasilak resolusi gambar yang tinggi

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    Design project Tamat left

    Mengubah sejumlah gambar Menguasai Corel draw

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    Melakukan sejumlah pekerjaan Excel Mampu mengoperasikan Ms Excel Mampu mengoperasikan Ms Word Mampu mengoperasikan Adobe Photoshop ++Design Grafis,membuat logo pada Adobe Photoshop dan Corel Draw ++mengoperasikan Ms Excel dan menguasai VBA project dan formula pada excel.

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    Pekerjaan yang santai tp menantang Webmaster online promosi website penjualan dan dan marketing online. * Maintenant Website * Desain Grapic * Menguasai Photoshop dan Corel DRAW * Ilustrator & Dreamwever * Gambar Brosure PDf * Bisa bekerja team / individu * Mempromosikan website perusahaan * Link Building * Project Chanel Youtube

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    Sebenernya sudah lama tentang WPAP ini dibahas di beberapa blog atau website para sahabat bahkan berceceran di internet tutorial yang membahas tentang WPAP ini, berhubung ada pertanyaan dari salah seorang sahabat maka bagus juga kita bahas sekilas tentang WPAP dan sekalian cara membuatnya, begini pertanyaannya;rnrn mas ,tulung posting cara buat gambar wpap di corel y,,,rn & gimana cara cetak di kaos_y. . .rn N makasih y sbelumyrnrnApa yang kita pikirkan ketika melihat berbagai foto orang-orang terkenal dengan potongan-potongan warna yang bervariasi dan artistik? Pastilah kita ingin tahu bagaimana cara membuatnya.rnrnYa, itulah jenis pop art foto wajah seseorang, yang tentunya harus dengan resolusi kuat sebagai medianya. Di luar negeri terutama di USA, k...

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    $3000 - $5000
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    Nama saya Ida Bagus Putu Mahayana Dharma Yuda , saya sarjana S1 Jurusan Teknik Telekomunikasi ,keahlian saya adalah Mendesign menggunakan Photosop , Corel Draw , Pemasukan Data , Meanganalisa Data , Menulis , pekerjaan yang bersifat Teknik khususnya di Bidang Telekomunikasi.

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    $6 - $20
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    membuat design berbagaqi bentuk baik 2D dan 3D menggunakan PHP, GRAPHIC DESIN, LOGO, MySQL, COREL DRAW, arena, robocell, autocad, DLL. diperuntukan juga bagi perusahaan bersekala kecil menengah yang membutuhkan design produk atau berkenaan dengan design lainnya.

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    saya hanya bisa menggambar sketsa seperti wajah, animasi kartun, dan belum seberapa ahli menggunakan aplikasi desain seperti corel

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    $162 - $487
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    Trophy icon Abstract Art for Snack Packaging 9 hari left

    I am looking for a talented designer to create abstract art for snack packaging. The overall theme for the art piece should be colorful and textural, with appetizing details. The ideal candidate should have experience in creating vibrant and eye-catching designs, that would inspire a snacker to feel creative, to ponder flavor as an art and to draw connections between tasting notes and brushstrokes. The goal of featuring artwork on our packaging is to put the artist's work in the spotlight (not background) and ideally, we'd like to partner with someone who would be thrilled by the opportunity to gain large exposure to their artistry (in addition to winning the contest). Specific requirements and preferences: - The artwork should be compatible with our general brand colo...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can draw indifference curves and a budget line in Excel for my project. The purpose of drawing these is to analyze consumer preferences. I have specific products or services in mind for the analysis, so the freelancer should be able to incorporate them into the graphs. I need this project to be completed within one day, so the freelancer should be able to work quickly and efficiently. The ideal candidate for this job should have experience in data analysis and be proficient in using Excel. They should also have a good understanding of consumer preferences and how to illustrate them graphically. It is Managerial Economics.

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    ...realistic/CGI genre. The purpose of this 3D animated video is to promote our product to our target audience. We specifically need a realistic 3D animation for our product, which is a 3D hologram projector fan. The animation should be detailed and eye-catching. We are looking for a unique animation that stands out from the crowd. It should be professional and engaging enough to draw-in consumers. We will also provide our branding, logo, and artwork for the project, however, the animator should have the creative freedom to build off of our existing material and create something special. The end product should be delivered as a file compatible with all of the major streaming platforms. Ideally, the whole process should be smooth and efficient, while still producing a qual...

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    1. GPT Snowball - Automated Content Generation System 2. Overview: • Objective: Develop a Python-based environment to leverage the OpenAI GPT-4 API for automated, sequential content generation. • Requirements: Include error handling for network issues or API errors, and a robust saving mechanism to preserve generated content. 3. Mechanics: • 3.1 Topic Indexing: Draw topics from a predefined manifest list labeled “Topics.” • 3.2 Content Aggregation: Concatenate all previous GPT-4 outputs into a single text block, referred to as “Output.” • 3.3 Loop Mechanism: • In each loop, combine the next "Topic" with the current "Output" to form a new prompt for GPT-4. • Structure each prompt to introduce a ne...

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    I am looking for a skilled professional who can draw up architectural plans for a new construction project. I have existing blueprints or sketches for reference that can be used as a starting point. The purpose of these plans is to guide the construction of a new structure. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Proficiency in architectural design software - Strong understanding of building codes and regulations - Attention to detail in creating accurate and comprehensive plans - Ability to collaborate with engineers and other professionals involved in the construction process

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    I am looking for a skilled React Native developer to create a music chord drawing app for both iOS and Android platforms. The app should have the following features: - Chord drawing and editing: Users should be able to draw and erase chords on the app. - User authentication: The app should have social media login functionality for user authentication. - Implement a live firebase database so teacher and student can see live changes - User should be able save & delete a chord sheet (image) to firebase. (Saving Song Name and Chord Chart only) - Users should be able to search and share chord sheets Ideal skills and experience for this project: - Strong knowledge and experience in React Native development. - Proficiency in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. - Experience in developing mo...

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    The Footbool 5 hari left

    ...globe come together to compete for the coveted trophy, creating a shared experience that transcends borders. The World Cup is not merely a sporting event; it is a celebration of cultural diversity, uniting fans in joy and heartbreak as they rally behind their respective teams. Similarly, continental competitions such as the UEFA European Championship, Copa America, and the Africa Cup of Nations draw massive audiences and elevate the sport to a level of spectacle that goes beyond athletic competition. These tournaments become cultural touchstones, leaving an indelible mark on the collective memory of fans. Football's impact extends beyond the pitch. It serves as a powerful force for social change and unity. The sport has been a platform for individuals and communities to vo...

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    ...subject to non-disclosure conditions and will be the exclusive property of the company. Hence, it cannot be released as open-source software or a public repository. The developer must create this ROS2-GPS-module as an entirely new application, refraining from utilizing code segments or partial copying from third-party software, even if open-source or publicly available. While the ROS2-GPS-module may draw architecture inspiration from existing ROS1 packages compatible with simpleRTK2B GPS boards, it should stand as an independent entity, easily integrated into the ROS2 environment alongside the main Limo robot software. Furthermore, it must feature its own launch file for standalone operation and module functionality verification. The module should support data output reassignme...

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    Blueprints 5 hari left

    ...of December 5. When is project starting?- Now 6. What do you mean by ECR payment? When working with ReStore in the past they write a check to us directly. Please specify what you mean by ECR payment.- Restore Option One differs from Restore Option 2 – The Owner has to sign off on all payments, therefore it referenced as an ECR Payment for 1st draw after a passed inspection – No Down Payments - Can send an Invoice and the programs 1st draw pays after the completion of the foundation...

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    you will create legends and using the Annotate tab, you will replicate the detail given below, and detail the RCP's and one of the interior elevations. Legends: Door Legend: Include top and front views of all the doors Draw lines/add title to complete the legend Include types and names of doors. Window Legend: Include top and front views of all the windows. Draw lines/add title to complete the legend. Include types and names of windows. Similar to the door example above. Lighting Legend Include top view of all fixtures in the project. Draw lines/add title to complete the legend. Include types and names of fixtures. Detail: Create a new Drafting View (View-Drafting view) and using Detail Lines and Text, detail it to look like the given detail below. You might...

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    ...cite appropriate authority? 5. Analysis of the legal issues (8 points) Did you present a thorough analysis of the legal issues presented by the problem or issue you were addressing? Were you able to separate fact from opinion? Were you able to make persuasive arguments supporting a position you might have taken? Was your approach to the issues creative? 6. Conclusions (3 points) Were you able to draw useful conclusions from your work? What did you learn? What recommendations, if any, did you make about where the law should go in terms of dealing with the issue you discussed? THIS IS MY PROJECT PROPOSAL: Title: Deepfakes and Intellectual Property: Navigating Rights in AI-Generated Realities Problem Statement: In recent years, artificial intelligence has led to the rise of deepf...

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    Trophy icon Business logo 21 jam left

    Dear Freelancers, I am seeking your expertise in designing a new logo for my project. Attached are three images: one with circles that I particularly like, a font suggestion, and the specified colors for the circles. The Task: I need two identical logos with transparent backgrounds. The only difference between them will be the subtitles: Logo 1: "Quantum Thinking" By Teresa Reed Logo 2: "Quantum Thinking" Academy (TM) sign Font Color: Dark Gray Circles: Furthermore, I am requesting the creation of refined circles similar to those in the attached image. Please draw inspiration from the three shades provided and ensure the font used is either soft or in dark gray. Thank you for your time and assistance. Warm regards, Teresa Reed

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    Trophy icon LOGO NEEDED - 07/12/2023 11:30 EST 4 hari left

    Attached is files for your reference. Our customer wants a special logo making - badge type with CERBERUS KING CORSO He sells these special breed dog. Some logos for your reference. THIS LOGO MUST BE Something amazing! Must have a badge - like mascot type. Looking forward to entries. NO PHOTOSHOP - Corel Draw or Illustrator designs only.

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    I am looking for an artist to create a simple hand drawn character sketch with front and side views that I can use to create a 3D model. The character is already drawn by me, but I can't draw well and need a better looking version to work from. If you do well, there will be opportunity for other characters in the future. It should be drawn in a realistic style. Skills and Experience: - Strong hand drawing skills - Experience with creating realistic characters - Ability to depict front and side views accurately - Attention to detail

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    Learners & other academia survey data - about 8 quantitative items data received from 1226 learners & 320 other stakeholders - data analysis and interpretation - Purpose of the survey: Learners & other academia survey - Format for...320 other stakeholders - data analysis and interpretation - Purpose of the survey: Learners & other academia survey - Format for the survey data: Excel spreadsheet - Preferred analysis and interpretation methods: Descriptive statistics Skills and experience required: - Proficiency in data analysis using Excel - Strong understanding of descriptive statistics - Ability to interpret survey data and draw meaningful insights - Experience in analyzing survey data for academic purposes - Attention to detail and ability to present findings in ...

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    14 bida

    Need a team of 3 people to host a live draw for our company. A team is required to perform draws on their location with a complete setup. Our team will monitor each step and action remotely. The setup amount will be paid separately. They are: 40,000 INR for 2 hosts per month 15,000 INR for marketing and live-streaming setup 5000 INR for monthly office expense One-time fees For: 20,000 INR x 3 for office PC 50,000 INR for an 80-inch TCL TV 50,000 INR for live streaming camera and setup 25,000 INR for tables and chairs Live Draw Sample link:

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    Trophy icon One Line Art Designer 4 hari left

    Looking for a one-line art Designer who can create custom line art based on photos. Please make them as similar as possible to style the designs we attached to the job post. (This is the most important thing!). You need to draw in Photo1 or Photo2. After all candidates send us their designs, we will select the best ones. We look forward to seeing your drawings!

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    I need a freelancer to help me with modifying 6 pages in a Corel Draw catalog. The specific modifications required include layout adjustments, text changes, and image replacements. I have the replacement images ready for the freelancer to use. The project must be completed within a maximum of 4 calendar days from confirmation Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in Corel Draw and experienced in making modifications to catalogs - Attention to detail to ensure accurate text changes and image replacements - Knowledge of graphic design principles to make layout adjustments effectively - Ability to work efficiently and meet strict deadlines Required file: Corel Draw .CDR; Maximum version 2021

    $129 (Avg Bid)
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    I am looking for a freelancer who can create a 3D model of a 2D apartment drawing. The ideal candidate should have experience in 3D modeling and be proficient in the chosen format, which can be .obj, .fbx, or .stl. The purpose of the 3D model is for visualization, so attention to detail and realistic rendering are important. The client has provided exact dimensions for the apartment drawing, ensuring accuracy in the final model.

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can analyze a medium-sized dataset containing both numerical and categorical data. The ideal candidate should have experience with Python and its data analysis libraries such as Pandas, Matplotlib, and Seaborn. The main tasks for this project include: - Analyzing the dataset to identify patterns, trends, and relationships between variables - Cleaning and preprocessing the data, ensuring its quality and integrity - Generating meaningful insights and actionable recommendations based on the analysis - Creating clear and visually appealing visualizations to present the findings - Providing a comprehensive report summarizing the analysis and visualizations To successfully complete this project, the freelancer should have the following skills and experience: ...

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    We are looking at building an easy to use online web editor like 1. Ability to import different files types mainly photoshop, Adobe illustrator, corel draw, indesign etc. 2 Create variants of the same file in different sizes ( for banner for facebook, instagram, etc - we need 20 sizes) 3. Option to bulk edit the text or image in the master variant ( using CSV import or directly) This has to be easy to use for users who will be non techies. We need freelancers who has WORKED on something in the past only to apply. We shall need a demo link to confirm that you can handle this task

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    I am looking for a mobile app developer to create a mobile app that provides information about different types of windows and bathrooms. The main purpose of the app is to be a fillable form where the user can generate a quote with specifications and dimensions. For Bathrooms, the app needs to consider the bathroom dimensions, position of the PC Items, allow the user to draw a sketch of the current bathroom layout and proposed bathroom layout. To simplify the user interface, it should have check boxes, fillable fields and drop down lists. Preferably, allow user to insert pre loaded 2d sketch images (toilet, door, window, vanity/sink, shower...) For Windows the user needs to fill the specifications about the windows and sketch the window type and size. The sketch for the windows are...

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    56 bida

    ...that we gather the necessary information to inform our business decisions. - Survey Format: - The desired format for the survey is online. The freelancer will be responsible for setting up and administering the online survey platform. - Survey Target: - We aim to survey between 100 and 500 residents of Des Moines Iowa. This sample size will provide us with a robust dataset to analyze and draw meaningful conclusions from. - Skills and Experience: - Strong experience in survey design and implementation, particularly in an online format. - Excellent communication skills to effectively engage with Des Moines Iowa residents and gather accurate and relevant information. - Analytical skills to interpret survey results and provide actionable insights. - Familiarity w...

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    29 bida

    Hi Arslan, Can you possibly draw this elevation for me in the next 20 hours? Best, Brooke

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    Trophy icon disign a logo 3 hari left

    ...sailingboats or containerships. Isn 't there anyone who can create a logo with the right boat?? Can't somebody draw it from the foto in lines? Opdeboot Logo Design We are looking for a talented designer to create a logo for our business, Opdeboot. Opdeboot is a new Dutch business wich provides tours on a boat. Families, friends or teams can book the boat for a few hours with a captain. Also there are themed events were you can participate. There is a maximum of 12 guests at a time. The atmosphere is informal In the attachment you will find two photos of the boat. There will be beautiful colored chairs on the upper deck and colored soft cushions on the top deck. The project needs to be completed this year. I will need the logo i...

    $53 (Avg Bid)
    495 penyertaan

    My friend and I are developing a Sonic the Hedgehog podcast for Youtube. We are seeking a competent artist graphic designer to help draw some simple characters and create a simple logo, a banner, and a background for the videos. We have some very rough concepts we can run by anyone interested in the project. It shouldn't be too complicated or take too long. If interested please contact me and we can discuss ideas. Thank you for reading.

    $95 (Avg Bid)
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    44 bida

    I am looking for a talented graphic designer to create a logo for my Pop Up Card company. The ideal candidate should have following abilities: 1. Most important ability: ability to draw and have great designer quality. 2. Have the portfolio which will impress me (not quantity, but quality). 3. Put what he has in his mind into the graphical design. Requirements: - Ability to create a logo that will make people smile and feel like a child again - Experience in designing logos with characters, particularly bears - Strong understanding of minimalist and modern design principles - Creative use of colors, as pastel colors are preferred but open to suggestions If you are a skilled graphic designer with a knack for creating playful and whimsical designs, I would love to se...

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    164 bida

    ...stunning applications on the macOS platform. The application already exists and is using Core Graphics to create a CGPDFDocument. The only issue left to solve is creating a custom color space and then using that to set the () or () prior to drawing using () or other. CGContext drawing APIS. Only specific objects need to be draw with that color space. However there are two potential solutions 1) create a custom icc profile for the color space and load into macOS and then use that profile - presumably accessible via the ColorSyncManager APIs or 2) programmatically construct on the fly using the CGColorSpace(propertyListPlist:CFPropertyList) API. The latter is preferable, however some knowledge of how to create the color

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    12 bida

    Project Description: Blog Writer for Body Armor & Tactical Gear Company I am looking for a skilled blog writer to create informative and professional blog posts for our body armor company. Our target audienc...research skills to gather accurate and up-to-date information on body armor topics - Excellent writing skills, with the ability to convey complex information in a clear and engaging manner - Knowledge of SEO best practices to optimize the blog posts for search engines - Familiarity with the body armor industry and its regulations and standards We can provide a long list of competitors articles to draw inspiration from If you are a talented blog writer with a passion for providing valuable information to law enforcement personnel, we would love to hear from you. Please p...

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    My name is Aqash I am proficient in Coral Draw & Adope Photoshop. I am Professional Graphics Designer Having 5 year + experience in Graphics Design , Logos, Banners, Brochures, Flyers/Posters Social Media Ads & Youtube Thumbnail. I will provide creative graphic designing services. I have done so many projects on different freelance marketplaces. Graphics designing is my hobby and I am unique in it. I am able to deliver my service within 24 hours. I also love to help others out, whether it's by giving advice, support, or just an ear. I'm super friendly, open-minded, and outgoing.

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    Character Drawn 2 hari left

    Character Drawn I am looking for a cartoonish style character drawing. I want to draw A big-busted mermaid with black hair blowing a massive bubblegum bubble

    $20 - $165
    $20 - $165
    25 bida
    coral draw 2 hari left

    I am looking for a graphic designer who is proficient in Coral Draw to create 4 design pieces for me. Although I have a rough idea of what I want, I am open to other creative suggestions. The ideal candidate should have experience in graphic design and be able to bring my ideas to life using Coral Draw.

    $10 (Avg Bid)
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    10 bida
    NinjaScript 2 hari left

    I am looking for a skilled NinjaScript developer to help me modify draw objects to on render with SharpDX. The ideal freelancer for this project should have experience in coding trend indicators, oscillator indicators, and custom strategies in NinjaScript. To apply for this project, please include examples of your past work. The project should be completed within 2-3 weeks, but there is no specific timeline.

    $214 (Avg Bid)
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    4 bida

    I am looking for a skilled web developer to improve the design and layout of my website. Specific aspects to improve: - Design and layout Design style: - Modern Inspiration: - I am open to suggestions and do not have any particular websites in mind to draw inspiration from. Ideal skills and experience: - Proficiency in web design and layout - Strong understanding of modern design principles - Creative mindset to provide suggestions and ideas for improvement

    $185 (Avg Bid)
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    123 bida
    Trophy icon Drawing plan 2 hari left

    I need this plan draw according to photo

    $10 (Avg Bid)
    5 penyertaan

    I am looking for a talented illustrator to create a cartoon-style illustration of the Grinch riding a Christmas tree in the position of a speed motorcycle. The Grinch should be holding a bag in his hand and presents should be flying out of the bag. Specific requirements: - Cartoon-style illustration - Grinch riding a Christmas tree in the position of a speed motorcycle - Grinch holding a bag in his hand and presents flying out of the bag Ideal skills and experience: - Proficient in creating cartoon-style illustrations - Ability to capture the essence of the Grinch character - Creative and imaginative approach to bring the concept to life Color preferences: - No specific colors in mind, I trust the artist's judgment Revisions: - Open to 1-2 revisions to ensure the illustration mee...

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    106 bida

    I am looking for a skilled designer who can convert my raster logo into a vector format perfectly. I have the raster logo file available and I prefer the vector logo to be in AI (Adobe Illustrator) format. I also require major changes to be made to the logo during the conversion process. This project would be ideal for someone with experience in logo design and vector conversion. The final deliverable should be a clean vector logo that perfectly accurately represents the original design. This will require not only an image trace but a re-draw so the vector image is accurate to the original. I will not accept the work if it is not accurate.

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    84 bida