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    I am looking for a skilled Magento developer to upgrade my 2.2.3 version and install Elasticsearch on my website. I currently have custom extensions and themes installed, so experience working with these is required. Specifically, I am looking to implement the Search Autocomplete feature using Elasticsearch. The ideal candidate will have extensive experience with Magento and Elasticsearch, as well as the ability to work efficiently and effectively to deliver high-quality results.

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    delete with logstash 6 hari left

    I'm looking for someone who can assist with deleting data from elasticsearch using Logstash i have logs from logstash and file i run this on my local machine but have anydesk and i can send files

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    Hello, we are looking for a full stack developer to collaborate for our sportive social network project. Technology Stack: Frontend: React.js / / Javascript Backend: Symfony Database: MongoDB Caching and message queue: Redis and RabbitMQ Search engine: Elasticsearch Authentication: OAuth We will take the application live with the determined features in the MVP position. It is a startup project. Our budget and time are limited. By adopting the project, we ask our friends who will be with us with real devotion to bid. After the project goes live, our cooperation will continue and you will be rewarded for your dedication. Best Regards.

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    I want to create a linux server on google cloud with some security patches. install mysql install elasticsearch install bitcoin core install apache

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    I am looking for a Node.js developer to help me kickstar...welcome ● Understanding and experience with the MERN stack ● Knowledge and experience in NodeJS ● Experience in designing, querying, and updating databases in MySQL/nosql ● Basic understanding of web technologies including HTML, CSS, JavaScript. ● Passion for best design and coding practices and a desire to develop new bold ideas ● Good to have knowledge of AWS server-less architecture, Redis, ElasticSearch ● Knowledge of containers and Kubernetes will be helpful ● Excellent verbal and written communications, ability to learn quickly and a willingness to work and add value to the team Desired Skills and Experience Microservices, Amazon Web Services (AWS), NodeJS (Node.js) and HTML/CSS Experience: 3+ years of experience

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    Magento 2 Installation and Configuration Create a new free account in AWS to use AWS services Alternatively, you can create a new free account at Digital Ocean Launch an instance Debian Buster and install the following components: PHP 8.1 Mysql 8 NGINX Elasticsearch Install latest Magento 2 via composer with Sample Data and Elasticsearch Please use the domain "" (localhost ==> ) Install Redis-Server and configure Magento to store the cache files and the sessions into Redis instead of the file system Change the ownership of all files to user "test-ssh" and group "clp" Configure NGINX to run as user "test-ssh" Create a PHP-FPM pool that runs as user "test-ssh" and group "clp" and use this pool in yo...

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    I am looking for a network admin who can help me solve an error I am experiencing with Elasticsearch. Here are the details of the project: Specific error: ReleasableBytesStreamOutput cannot hold more than 2GB of data

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    help on EKL 2 hari left

    Good morning, I am trying to put into practice on a LAB ( EKL stack (elasticsearh, logstash and kibana). I am following a YouTube channel "@evermighttech" for training. I'm stuck for fleet server implementation. I need your to solve the problem and explain me why. I will surely need help on EKL as I progress in my LAB. I have a working elasticsearch + kibana with SSL self-signed on ubuntu 22.04. i will provide a teamviewer or anydesk on a workstation for investigation if need. Thanks

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    set up llm search engine 1 hari left

    I am looking for a freelancer to set up a LLM search engine for research and development purposes. The preferred search engine is Algolia or Elasticsearch. I have data to be indexed but no existing database or index. The ideal candidate would have experience in setting up search engines and be proficient in Algolia or Elasticsearch.

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    ...vFlow or Logstash and ClickHouse or Elasticsearch as the database backend. This project involves configuring the NetFlow collector to gather network flow data, parsing and processing it, and storing it in a scalable and efficient database. Requirements: Expertise in NetFlow technologies: You should have a strong understanding of NetFlow protocols (e.g., NetFlow v5, v9, IPFIX) and be familiar with the collection, analysis, and visualization of network flow data. vFlow/Logstash experience: You should have hands-on experience with either vFlow or Logstash, including configuring the collector, defining parsing rules, and handling various flow formats. ClickHouse/Elasticsearch proficiency: You should be skilled in setting up and managing ClickHouse or Elasticsearch d...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can assist me w...Linux operating systems. Project Description: Network Intrusion Detection System (NIDS) with ELK Stack The Network Intrusion Detection System (NIDS) project aims to build a robust and scalable solution for monitoring and detecting potential network intrusions on a host machine. The project utilizes Docker containers to package and deploy various components, including Suricata, ELK Stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana), and Filebeat. By deploying the project in Docker containers, it provides a portable and scalable solution that can be easily deployed on different environments. The isolation provided by Docker ensures that the NIDS components operate independently and securely without interfering with the host machine'...

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    ...- Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or relevant field or equivalent - At least 5 years of relevant work experience is a must. - Good Exposure in NodeJS and ReactJS - We are looking for people who can write clean, effective code. - Proficiency in programming languages such as Javascript, HTML, CSS, Python, Go, ReactJS/Vue.js, NodeJS, PHP, Laravel, or other languages. - Familiarity with Elasticsearch/ELK stack, data structures, storage systems, cloud & on-premise infrastructure, front-end frameworks, and other technical tools. - A passion for understanding how technical decisions impact the people who will use what you’re building. - You will lead a tech-team member, work effectively in teams, technical or non-technical....

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    ...extended, and maintainable software - Experience using SVN in a team setting - Willingness to test the code thoroughly for any bugs or performance issues before shipping - Good spoken and written English skills Bonus points for: - Symfony 5/6 certification - Experience with scraping websites - DevOp skills (OS, apache, shell, cron, logrotate, ssh…) - Experience with MongoDB - Knowledge of ElasticSearch - As a successful candidate, you will: If you are interested in this position, please send me your proposal....

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    ...talented freelancer to fix the select categories page on Auctionit.org.uk. This project requires a programmer with expertise in PHP, HTML and CSS code. The ideal freelancer should have a portfolio of past work relevant to this task and submit a detailed project proposal as part of their application. The estimated duration of the project is 1-3 days. The site has recently been disconnected from Elasticsearch as we were having difficulty getting the new servers to talk, while all functions seem to be working for no obvious reason users cannot list. when users attempt to list They next button does not appear. An error is shown in inspection. "5902:4 Uncaught ReferenceError: $ is not defined at SubmitBoxes (<anonymous>:4:2) at HTMLSelectElement

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    6+ years JAVA/J2EE development experience on mid to large scale projects • 3+ years Microservices development experience using SpringBoot and SpringCloud • Fluent in database technology like MySQL, Oracle, MongoDB, Elasticsearch and Redis • Experience in popular frameworks, such as Spring MVC, Spring Security, Spring Data JPA and Hibernate Experience on microservice's architecture, including service naming and discovery, centralized configuration, API call tracking and tracing fault tolerance and cross cutting concerns. • Experience with Kafka, Kafka Streams and Kafka Connectors Experience with deployments on Docker, Kubernetes, Tomcat, JBoss • Experience in working with AWS or GCP cloud environments • Knowledge of agile development practices and L...

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    I'm looking for help updating to Elasticsearch 7.11 on a Windows 10 computer. I do not have the experience to do it myself, and I may need additional assistance with data ingestion or customizing configuration files at a later date. This project needs to be completed as soon as possible. I currently have ElasticSearch v 6.7 running on this PC and need update it to 7.11 and re-index. Will supply remote desktop access.

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    I am looking for someone who can support by writing JAVA scripts for Elasticsearch script_score using roaringBitmap.

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    Install Elasticsearch 8 latest version on linux Install on Centos 7 . We have tried ourself and we are getting error : ERROR: Failed to determine the health of the cluster.

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    Looking for someone to create a script to parse CSV / XML data feeds or files to import content into a database which is then searched and indexed by Elasticsearch, displaying results on the front-end with bootstrap. Looking for absolute speed, millions of rows in the database. Work has already been done by someone who didn't do the fields correctly, they used node.js, react.js , so some level of work has already been done, I just need this sorted out as the developer just disappeared and left me with something not working correctly! Content is NSFW.

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can assist me in installing Elasticsearch (ELK Stack) with APM Server on my Windows server environment. Ideal skills and experience: - Experience with Elasticsearch installation on Windows server - Experience with APM Server integration - Knowledge of ELK Stack - Familiarity with Windows environment Project requirements: - Install Elasticsearch (ELK Stack) with APM Server on my Windows server environment - Ensure proper integration of APM Server - Provide detailed documentation on installation process - No ongoing maintenance or support required.

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    ...and prevent unauthorized access. Integration with popular social media platforms to allow users to easily share search results. Machine learning and natural language processing techniques to improve the accuracy and relevance of search results. Technologies: The following technologies will be used to develop the search engine: Python for back-end development ReactJS for front-end development Elasticsearch for indexing and searching Docker for containerization Kubernetes for deployment and scaling Machine learning libraries such as TensorFlow and PyTorch for implementing machine learning and natural language processing techniques Timeline: 04/30/2023 note : above text is just for writing purpose I give you details when we communicate, very fun going project we give you some exa...

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    hi, need help to build mapping for index on elasticsearch i have name field and if it's text or int i build search engine but sort order not good and i think because no have mapping my code write on php and connection to elasticsearch on php too

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    I need someone who can help me to create a cron job to Delete the Documents older than 3 Months automatically. There are many indexes available. is it possible to delete from all Indexes with different Time To Live spans?

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    workspaceai Tamat left

    Looking for a one hour consultation with a ChatGPT specialist to help us understand the necessary steps required to build a platform/program/web app that utilises powerful search engines like elasticsearch or algolia to index company pdfs and then integrate with ChatGPT to provide interaction with the user around those search results all on a closed network.

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    I am looking for a DevOps team to provide infrastructure setup support for my small development team. Specifically, I need help with the following: - Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Expertise in AWS infrastructure setup and management - Experience with continuous integrati...provide infrastructure setup support for my small development team. Specifically, I need help with the following: - Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Expertise in AWS infrastructure setup and management - Experience with continuous integration and deployment tools like Jenkins, Travis CI or CircleCI - Knowledge of monitoring and logging tools like Nagios, Logstash, and Elasticsearch I would prefer a team with a proven track record of delivering DevOps solutions for sm...

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    You just need to Deploy Elasticsearch Cluster on Kubernetes along with Kibana. You have to configure fluentbit on it for the logs. Most of The YAML files are ready with me. Just need assistance.

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    Deploying Elasticsearch Cluster to GKE configuring Kibana and Fluentbit on it.

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    Funded NICHE SEARCH Start-up Lead the building and continuous improvement of niche search capabilities backed by Google or Bing. Exciting full time and project remote opportunities. PLEASE APPLY ONLY IF you have relevant experience such as search, search architecture and design, Elasticsearch, Index creation and maintenance, Key term mapping, Search algorithms and Machine learning, Custom Bing, Google Programmable Search Engine, Google API, Bing API, SOLR, Term weighing, Scraping, Search Architecture, Amazon OpenSearch and other aspects of search. IF YOU HAVE NO CONNECTION TO SEARCH, PLEASE DO NOT APPLY. Please see attached file, if you have any questions please write [Removed by Freelancer.com Admin]

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    ...trouble shoot the issue. See the following urls below. - - - - Please mention your favourite colour in your reply so I understand you have read this brief. Thank you. ...

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    I am looking to build a simple html website that will search elasticsearch database and show results. The website will need to be responsive and seo friendly. Will provide figma design and elastic search access.

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    we have a current website running on laravel. the website was deployed to use aws cloudsearch. We are moving the server to elasticsearch. need to update all fields and parameter for site to be working with new elasticsearch server. Hello, I'm looking for an experienced Laravel developer to help update my existing project. Specifically, I'm looking for someone to take care of bug fixes, security updates and add new features. Additionally, the users of the project should be notified of any changes. Furthermore, the developer must understand that any new updates will require additional dependencies. If you believe you can handle this project, please submit a proposal.

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    We recently did a test migration of a client's Magento 2 website to a new server, and while it is working OK in the origi... on line 96 Reading about this, it is recommended to run the following : rm -rf generated/* && rm -rf var/view_preprocessed/* && rm -rf pub/static/adminhtml/* && rm -rf pub/static/frontend/* && php bin/magento c:f && php bin/magento s:up && php bin/magento s:d:c && php bin/magento s:s:d -f This produces it's own error Could not validate a connection to Elasticsearch. No alive nodes found in your cluster ElasticSearch is installed and working perfectly on this server including with another Magento website Looking for a Magento expert for an hour or two to help fix these errors. There...

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    We are looking for someone with expertise in ElasticSearch index modeling and querying in high volume production environments. This includes the need to properly store and retrieve extensive datasets into and out of Elastic for performance and scale. Strong understanding of analyzers, tokenizers, boosting, and matching concepts that Elastic offers is a must. Must be able to explain the pros and cons of different setups and approaches. Knowledge of e-commerce systems a plus. We currently have 2 active projects and are utilizing Elastic on both project teams. We expect a significant initial engagement followed by the need for ongoing support.

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    For this project, I am looking for an experienced engineer to set up a Palo ...to set up a Palo Alto Netflow with an ELK8 Stack. My team requires that the setup include syslogs and dynamic dashboards that provide real-time visibility and trend-based metrics. Our goal is to monitor our system logs, so we need a reliable solution that can run syslogs through ELK8 to alert us on any changes or abnormal activity. The engineer must be knowledgeable in setting up Logstash, Elasticsearch and Kibana in order to ensure proper implementation and configuration. This project requires an experienced engineer who has worked with Palo Alto Netflow with an ELK8 Stack, as mistakes can be difficult and expensive to rectify. We need someone who is trustworthy and can deliver the deliverables without a...

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    ...Задача На проекте предполагается такой стек, как Kotlin, Python, Spring Boot, Axon, Django, Django Rest Framework, FastAPI, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Kafka, RabbitMQ, ElasticSearch. Перед специалистом будет стоять задача - настроить поиск по всей системе и всем параметрам - встроить его в разделы - настроить его в соответствии с пермишенами - использование ИИ для принятия решений при поиске информации и выборе результатов Для нас важен: - опыт разработки на Python, - уверенное использование PyTorch - опыт работы с Elasticsearch - опыт настройки моделей для Elasticsearch (BERT) - опыт внедрения и настройки Smart Search от Elasticsearch Будет плюсом: Опыт работы с GPT-3 моделями Интеграция GPT-3 моделей в приложения

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    Project ARROW is the first stage in deploying a commercial niche (conservative political) search project by a US based funded start-up. We are looking to rapidly h...search project by a US based funded start-up. We are looking to rapidly hire teams to complete this work. The successful completion of project ARROW will move our search product closer to full commercial deployment and helps us identify teams which we can work with on future projects, as we work to bring our search product to market. IF THERE IS NOTHING CONNECTING YOU WITH SEARCH, IF SERP, ELASTICSEARCH, SOLR, INDEXING, SCRAPING, ALGORITHMS, RELEVANCE, ETC. PROFESSIONALLY MEAN NOTHING TO YOU, PLEASE DO NOT APPLY. IF YOU CANNOT DO THE WORK, YOU WILL HAVE WASTED YOUR PROFESSIONAL TIME AND OURS. Project description i...

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    I'm looking for an experienced freelancer with past work in the field, who can help me update my elastic search ingest pipeline. Request: We have a document for which the current pipeline needs to be updated. The event original we need to parse is <134>1 1679513579.357357556...to be updated. The event original we need to parse is <134>1 1679513579.357357556 ABC_DED_SW1 events port 35 status changed from down to 100fdx", Up to "events" is already parsed correctly. We now need to add the port id (35) old port value (down) and new port value (100fdx) Pipeline we are using Please provide us with additional configuration for this pipeline to parse the data.

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    Configure CWP panel for Magento 2 Varnish + Nginx + Apache + FPM - OPcache - SQL MariaDB -PHP 8.2 - Bread - Elasticsearch - email For Magento 2: Redis AQM

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    ...platform for museums to manage their inventory, built on Symfony and heavily using , stimulus-js, bootstrap, APIPlatform 3 and Postgres, leveraging the jsonb datatype. The platform is functional and demos have been well-received, but there are several small and larger tasks we need to address in the coming months. * speed up searches using GIN indexes for JSONB data. * Switch to ElasticSearch * Clean up front end -- the javascript/css comes mostly from a theme we purchased. * phpunit tests * various features, including tools for data migration * Social media login / registration The ideal candidate would have experience in building a multi-tenant platform in Symfony. For the screening questions, please install Install the repo at

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    I have an existing Elasticsearch (ELK ) server which requires to pull some data from an existing Kubernetes cluster.

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    ...order to new stack server at hosting company. The Freelancer will copy the current Magento Production Stack to this new server and will assign it another domain name (Used the time of the upgrade, and later migrated to the original domain name). When the Magento 2.4.3-p1 will be duplicated, the Freelancer will start to work on its upgrade (Stack service upgrades to upper versions like php, Elasticsearch, etc). During this task, the Freelancer will be vigilant on the possible miscompatibilities in composer. The freelancer will coordinate the upgrade of the extensions to their latest version (A budget will be assigned to it). The Freelancer will quote for the duplication and upgrading journey, including the extension upgrade monitoring. The 1st mission milestone will be deemed acco...

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    We recently attempted to move our elasticsearch installation, for We can see the servers are talking to each other, however the listings do not seem to be importing the site spends time running the query that should import but then fires out Notice: Undefined offset: 1 in /home/auctionit/public_html/includes/DOA/ on line 255 The sites entire browse mode relies on elastic search so when you try to browse a category you get the following error. Notice: Undefined property: User::$location in /home/auctionit/public_html/includes/DOA/ on line 212 unable to find script [listingTemplate] in cluster state We can see the Template for some reason is not syncing but cannot work out why

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    We would like to develop a full text search for the cloud storage software Seafile. The files are not in plain text. Therefore, they must first be read / opened with the Seafile "functions" and then the contents sent to Elasticsearch for indexing. Indexing should be done as efficiently as possible, since in some cases several hundred TB of files are indexed. The speed of the indexing should be able to be changed during operation, so that it can be slowed down if necessary, if the storage backend is too busy.

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    Elasticsearch (ASP.NET CORE 7 MVC PROJECT) : 1- implementing send data from MS SQL Server to elasticsearch omre than 4000000 recurds in minimum time (fast dumping data) with multi level in tables relation (master - details tables) 2- implementing full text search (Elasticsearch SQL) in Arabic Language to get result with synonyms in the same meaning (with options: sentence search, word search, paragraph search, or full-text search) 3- implementing pagination with infenity scroll 4- coloring the key words in the result text. 5- show only the 2 sentence near the search key words in the result text.

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    We offer cPanel based web hosting packages. We would like to offer Elasticsearch to our clients which does not come built into cPanel. We need a cPanel module building that will connect to an Elasticsearch install (locally installed or on its own server), setup the user details and provide these details to the user so they can use it in their scripts (usually Magento2). The module and accompanying Elasticsearch integration needs to be secure and include scripts or detailed guides on how to install to the cPanel server and Elasticsearch server (if applicable). We are aware of others in the industry offering similar such as:

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    I need to integrate elasticsearch into a wordpress site. *I don't read bids from bots read the project till the end" We will use an external cheap VPS and if needed elasticpress plugin. You have to be able to install elasticsearch on the VPS and on the website and make it work with proper search result customization. Instant results, custom terms etc. -------------------------------------------- <!-- IMPORTANT READ! --> -------------------------------------------- I don't read automatic bids, so please show me that you read the project starting your bid with this sentence: "Elastichsearch is my bread and butter" Thank you for spending your time reading the proposal and for your bid.

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    41 bida

    Requerimos el montaje de un disco duro adicional a nuestro servidor WHM. Actualmente hay 2 discos duros configurados en Soft RAID 1, y tenemos un disco adicional que deseamos utilizarlo para asignar las nuevas cuentas cPanel. Además, en el servidor ya se encuentra instalado ElasticSearch, pero se requiere su habilitación la que no ha podido ejecutarse por un error que está generando. Cabe mencionar que el servidor está configurado con CloudLinux y LiteSpeed.

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    I need a Kibana and python, Elasticsearch, and python to build analyzers, modify dataset, index,

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    6 bida

    Using Elasticsearch, Kibana and python to build analyzers, modify dataset, index, search

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    22 bida

    Small project using Elasticsearch, Kibana and python to index, change and search data

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