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    This project is part of a medical device prototype. It is a 110V output amplifier, capable of delivering between 100-3000 watts into an 225 Ohm load electromagnet, operating at frequencies from 4-300 Hz. The ELF parameters made the oscillator circuit of special interest. A simple R555 chip setup may be adequate, though several may be necessary to for complex waveforms.

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    I need an artist 2 hari left

    Im looking to get a photo of my wife drawn as an elf. Im wanting a "realistic " version not cartoony.

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    Necesito actualizar uno de mis proyectos en WordPress relacionado con noticias musicales con básicamente las siguientes características (para transformarlo en una especie de clon de Metacritic): - Mostrar un catálogo de Álbumes con calificaciones (dadas por los usuarios del sitio) - Mostrar los álbumes por artista, géneros o años - mostrar los detalles del álbum (título, pistas, duración, etc.) y permitir al usuario comentarlo y calificarlo - mostrar lo que dicen otros usuarios sobre un álbum en particular - opción de comprar el álbum (sistema de afiliación en Amazon y otras tiendas españolas) Si es necesario, no habría problema en pagar licencia para los posibles theme...

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    I need to install Eclipse or VSCode with ESP-IDF for ESP32 development in C, and be able to compile and build succesfully the hello world and blink examples that comes with ESP-IDF. We can use teamviewer or anydesk I already tried installing both, but i receive warnings and errors, like: /, crosstool-ng version esp-2021r1 doesn't match supported version I need someone with more experience for installing Eclipse or VSCode

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    ...pulls up, elves get out talk to the customers, the elf presents an iPad with a picture of a house with Christmas lights. The house on the iPad is the same house they standing outside off. Script: Step 1, book your appointment for a free quote and one of our Elves will come out to answer any questions you might have, then design a custom lighting arrangement using Commerical lights to fit your house or business. ———————————————— Action: Show a large calendar, the elf and the customers are look up at it and they pick November 1st. They then give each other a high five. Script: Step 2, Easily schedule your installation date with our Elves. ————&md...

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    Hola, Desarrollamos una app en base a un clon de TicTic. como un portal de empleo y necesitamos probar la app para publicarla, de tal forma de minimizar el riego de errores en la funcionalidad y la frustración de los primeros usuarios. El tiempo contemplado es de 20 horas. Donde debiéramos tener algunos requerimientos mínimos para la empresa que realizó el desarrollo de tal forma de publicar la app en las próximas semanas. Luego, en una segunda etapa y si el trabajo es correcto, acompañarnos en el seguimiento por 3 meses revisando los errores o mejoras que reporte los usuarios por WhatsApp para que la empresa que realizó el desarrollo las implemente. puedo compartir el link de la app por el chat de freelancer. Atte, Usabilidad, ...

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    World background details FYI and contest https://www.freelancer.com/contest/Around-words-of-fantasy-world-backstory-2142575/entries ** Part 1 ** NAME 'faction A & faction B' in antonyms, such as 'dark-side' & 'light-side' in Star Wars. Then, write a description for your named faction A and B. (± 100 words) Faction A is called : _____ Races: God / Elf / Angel / Human / Worgen / Mermaid / Titan / Dragon (± 100 words) Faction B is called : _____ Races: Cyborg / Imp / Devil / Undead / Vampire / Orc / Dwarf / Warcraft ** Part 2 ** Writing Introductions of the 16 fantasy races in English, around 300 words each. The contents are as follows: (± 40 words) Alliance: relationship with 2 other races, see attachment. (±...

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    Project: Writing around 500 words of professional paragraphs (English) Topic: The backstory of a fantasy world Keywords: Yggdrasil, four-dimensional space, t...Preliminary idea (feel free to use your creativity to add or subtract) three-dimensional world > Yggdrasil drop 16 runes > War > three-dimensional world Destruction > 16 races each get 1 Rune and teleport to different spaces > The power of runes forms four-dimensional space -------- FYR *attachment : each cube corner = each race *16 races: only let know, do not need to describe them one by one God / Elf / Angel / Human / Worgen / Mermaid / Titan / Dragon / Cyborg / Imp / Devil / Undead / Vampire / Orc / Dwarf / Warcraft Races contest https://www.freelancer.com/contest/Writing-words-Introductions-for-fant...

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    I need code written in Java (command line is fine) that can parse linux ELF files and output all section headers info. Example file offset of starting of each section and size of each section. Need raw java code. No libraries if possible. This is similar to Windows PE header but for linux.

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    We want to copy a Shopify website and convert it into our own brand theme + products + content. The website that we want to clon is We want the functionality + the flow to be the same. Only things that will change will be - 1. Products 2. Colours + Fonts 3. Images 4. Content We currently have two products which have 5-10 variations each. The variations are in size and flavors and bundles.

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    ...the below error on arduino using board UL FeatherS3 library is WIFIManager by tzapu (v 2.0.11-beta) error when I verify: In file included from /Users/admin/Library/Arduino15/packages/esp32/tools/xtensa-esp32s3-elf-gcc/gcc8_4_0-esp-2021r2-patch3/xtensa-esp32s3-elf/sys-include/sys/reent.h:503, from /Users/admin/Library/Arduino15/packages/esp32/hardware/esp32/2.0.4/tools/sdk/esp32s3/include/newlib/platform_include/sys/reent.h:17, from /Users/admin/Library/Arduino15/packages/esp32/tools/xtensa-esp32s3-elf-gcc/gcc8_4_0-esp-2021r2-patch3/xtensa-esp32s3-elf/sys-include/stdio.h:60, from /Users/admin/Library/Arduino15/packages/esp32/hardware/esp32/2.0.4/cores/esp32/Arduino.h:27, from /private/var/fo...

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    1. I made a clon e of the site, then the site speed became a bit heavy. The hosting technical team assured me that the reason was due to the database. I want to speed up the response of my site's database. 2. I think the site has been hacked. Some template features are not responding. i have upload the latest version of the template. But there are some features that do not work even after updating the template.

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    Hola necesito compilar una app nulled TAGXI de codenayon clon de uber quien pueda configurarla y compilarla y en el mejor tiempo posible estare agradecido .. deberá configurar , compilar y subir todo para que quede funcional

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    Hey there! I am Ishank, CEO of Elf Automation, a stealth mode startup. I am looking for sketch of application. Like designing a basic structure of the protype application on apps like figma. Contact me on: [Removed by Freelancer.com]

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    Elf Automation Tamat left

    I am looking for enhancements in our front end prototype for my product. Kindly schedule a meeting.

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    I search someone who can build chrome app to clon webpage, clickfunnels website and to systè in an easy 2 or 3 click fasts I found app to do that only in clickfunnel like : or in chrome app clickfunnel easy page duplicator ....

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    Trophy icon Aelfweard's Kitchen Tamat left

    This is a small startup enterprise making Chilli Sauces and pickles. I'm looking for a simple logo for the project with a maximum of 3 colours I will need the files after completion for printing of labels etc and displaying on web pages. Aelfweard is an old English name meaning Elf Guardian

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    I have a website I lost all my login for wordpress and server. i purchased a new domain and i need this site to be c/loned exactly and put in my new domain / wordpress. $20 dollar budget.

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    This quotation is for declare that our team will create your "The Meuporg" Game Assets. These are the assets list we'll be working on: Human Dwarf Goblin Elf Stick (wood) weapon Iron Sword Lumberjack Axe War Axe Wolf Boar Bear 1xGrass 1xTree 1xFlower 1xRock Please accept this quotation so our team can start the work on it ASAP!

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    Hello, I need someone to clon this website by downloading the database and uploading it to my hosting. I have already used Httrack and the whole website amounts around 13gb . I don't need it in every language, just english. And just need the global site. So it should come to about 5-6 gb. If you could do rebranding is an extra. This project is for educational purposes only.

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    I make elf prop boxes and I need 1 page designed with a welcome and goodbye letter from the elf 1 page with a naughty and nice notice from the elf 1 editable page with 6 boxes for daily directions 1 editable calender page I will link an idea of what I’m looking for in files

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    Hi This is a open contest for a brand name and logo for a vape pen (This is a device to smoke and has flavours. You will need to come up with a new brand name). Current vape pens (e cigs) that are popular in the industry include elf bar, elux, hqd amongst others. I am not looking for “Vape Pen”. We need a new name for an e cigarette brand. Good luck guys

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    Well the idea overall is to keepit as simple as possible. And therefore not making it too big to realize so you dont need to start from cero. The ideal approach would be to use a prewritten script template that has the main features like a paypal clon. The aplication doesn't need to be exactly as paypal, but the concept overall should be similar and as simple as posible. The main functionallity the app should contain are: -Payment gateway: send and recive payments, internal e-wallet. -Cryptocurrency support: Accept crypto payments, buy/sell cryptocurrency, send and recive cryptocurrency, solana cryptowallet. Features User verification Trade engine Wallet Calculations Transaction history Analytics Push notifications Payment gateways Here are some links about the ideas...

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    Hola, Necesito desarrollar una aplicacion hibrida android/ios. La aplicacion se podria decir que sería practicamente un clon de Paypal. La aplicacion tambien tendra integrada una billetera para criptomonedas con la funcion de poder enviar y recibir criptomonedas. Agradesco ofertas y propuestas

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    Hola, Necesito desarrollar una aplicacion hibrida android/ios. La aplicacion se podria decir que sería practicamente un clon de Uber taxis. Aqui adjunto un enlace con el tipo de ejemplo de que se trata esta aplicacion. Agradesco ofertas y propuestas

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    Trophy icon Looking for 2D digital artist Tamat left

    I'm looking for a creative digital artist who can help me replicate the funky art style, detail, and line work in the images attached, but as a lord of the rings themed elf! For the pose I want it to be the same as the linked images (front-facing, half body). Would love to see some creativity in adding different elven aspects/traits to the piece :) Looking forward to picking a winner to work with! Thanks.

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    i have cpp file that i want to build it into elf shared object ( not 64 bit )

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    I need logo for the application on the phone Name of the application “HelpMeNow” I need somebody very creative to make a nice looking logo maybe to add a little Elf to it or something like that. Please do not try to copy design from google images and send it over to me, do not waste your creative and get paid instantly. Thank you very much in advance?

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    Hello, I have a digital business card on a website but I need a copy/clon e (1:1 copy) out of it. All the functions should be working the same & responsive. Also i need to be able to change the language as in the original. If you want to see the business card site just message me and I will send you a link. Do not accept this project if you are not sure you can deliver in time and complete the work as mentioned in the details. I won’t accept mediocre work.

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    taxi mobile app similar to indrive where users would be able to register or login over the platform and can request for ride by giving their own price. Nearby drivers will receive offers and can accept the price given by customers or can either give their own price. Customers can view the offers with price of multiple drivers and can accept one of them

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    It's a set of models of the fantasy characters - 5 models together. They all will have a detailed description and a reference photo of the real person doing a cosplay for them. Sor the models should reflect the character and actual person features...lawful evil Has an enchanted raven skeleton messenger named Marrow Pose: Would probably be holding a goblet or Marrow (or both), looking haughty. All should be done in one style for example There will be more details if that's something you would like to do so please let me know

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    I’m looking for clon script of - it is a crypto arbitrage trading platform with unilevel compensation structure.

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    update my website with the new content of the original page (clon.. and copy) with the design and make some special changes. I have no server access to the original site !!

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    I need help to find and remove errors in an existing Arduino project. I have immediate need for an experienced Arduino programmer who can help find and remove errors. When I run the code, the Serial Monitor constantly repeats the same ELF data over and over again. Also, my communications to my Nextion touchscreen no longer appears to be working. Running the Exception Decoder, I am getting: Decoding stack results 0x4008397d: panic_abort at /home/runner/work/esp32-arduino-lib-builder/esp32-arduino-lib-builder/esp-idf/components/esp_system/panic.c line 402 0x400883c5: esp_system_abort at /home/runner/work/esp32-arduino-lib-builder/esp32-arduino-lib-builder/esp-idf/components/esp_system/esp_system.c line 128 0x4008d1c5: __assert_func at /home/runner/work/esp32-arduino-lib-builder/es...

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    READ THE DESCRIPTION CAREFULY AND INTEGRATE AN "ELF" IN THE LOGO, SIMILAR TO THE ONE ON THE FILE ATTACHED. Need a LOGO for an Application called “ELFER” that will allow independent skill traders to be connected with people who need help such as tutor, DJ or a handyman. The LOGO must include ELF, example uploaded, not the same picture please and the actual name ELFER P.S. ELF - is a Helper so with such a design we're trying to send a message that there's an ELF who's willing to HELP

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    CREATE A LOGO Tamat left

    Need a LOGO for an Application that will allow independent skill traders to be connected with people who need help such as tutor, DJ or a handyman. The LOGO must include ELF, example uploaded, not the same picture please. P.S. ELF - is a Helper so with such a design we're trying to send a message that there's an ELF who's willing to HELP

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    Project Elf Tamat left

    Build and launch an IOS and Android app that is designed for independent skill traders to be connected with people who need help such as tutor, DJ or a handyman.

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    ...promedio de Solana se comprime a 400 ms, y las operaciones en nuestra Wallet pueden realizarse en menos de un segundo. La Wallet, al ser una billetera sin custodia, tiene un cargo por transferencia de apenas 0,000005SOL, que está muy por debajo del costo de la mayoría de las cadenas de bloques. Los usuarios pueden almacenar activos de Ethereum y Solana con un solo clic, y activos centrados en el clon de Ethereum en Solana. Además, podrán disfrutar de operaciones instantáneas en Ethereum por 1/1.000 del costo. Permite a todos los usuarios acceder a Web 3.0 La billetera abre el acceso directo a subsectores de Web 3.0 como NFT, DeFi y GameFi. Los usuarios pueden participar en activos de criptomonedas o en la minería de liquidez de varios ...

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    hey i want to protact my js files from clon

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    I need to track a radio signal and it is a vlf a elf or a VHF however voice to skull is done , I know where the signal is coming from and I am wondering if my hack rf1 can capture the signal and if so I need help doing it because I know nothing about it

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    Hola deseo una aplicación con las mismas características de la aplicación de wish Donde tenga todos los parámetros configurables Categorías, productos y sobretodo el sistema de productos aleatorios al abrir la aplicación Necesito una aplicación idéntica . Hello, I want an application with the same characteristics as the wish application. Where you have all the configurable parameters Categories, products and above all the random product system

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    Trophy icon Woodlawn Elf Witch Tamat left

    Turn me into a cartoon or sketched woodlawn elf witch. This would be used as stickers and card as gifts for my small art business. Please no copywritten images. I would prefer an original design and not just manipulation of one of the photos. Thank you!!

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    Trophy icon Character Sketch Needed Tamat left

    I need a color Character sketch of an extreamly handsom male Dark Elf (Drow) for my book. The description from the book is below, and he has two curved short swords. He is a prince, and well educated in magic. "He had dark skin that looked as if it had never seen light, and those beautiful bright yellow eyes. He had long thick silver hair that came past his shoulders, and draped over his long black hooded cloak. He was taller than most, and looked very strong, but had an athletic build." Winner will likely be hired to create more character sketches later.

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    Hello. Looking for clon pinksale finance with 3 functions Launchpad and fair Launchpad Token mint Lock token and lp Please check the pinksale finance first and make attention that everything work automatically, every user can create presale contract in a few clicks

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    I have purchased two scripts from Codecanyon need install and setup andriod application and some modifications Tasks include: 1. Setting up the script along with the Android app 2. Removing unwanted features from the service provider and customer app 3. Add subscription payment to service provider app. Extra Payment option 5. And a few more Only intrested Devloper only contact ...along with the Android app 2. Removing unwanted features from the service provider and customer app 3. Add subscription payment to service provider app. Extra Payment option 5. And a few more Only intrested Devloper only contact me Mobile application skill Fluter and firebase Laravel, stripe, andriod platform

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    Trophy icon Elf metalsmith logo Tamat left

    The name of the shop is : ‘The Silver Elves’ I want an Elf working metal. It’s for silver jewelry. Maybe an elf with a hammer ?? An Elven metalsmith ? Female elves welcome. The logo should use only one colour if possible to make printing easier. Thanks for your help.

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    for elf module Tamat left

    I want to work compatible with elf module [Removed by Freelancer.com Admin for offsiting - please see Section 13 of our Terms and Conditions]

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