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    ...for a mailing list manager that can handle my large list (150,000+) with no problems. I've found some online that are close, but not quite what I want. This is a closed newsletter type list that Only I send to. I need something that will handle that large of a list with no problems and have some of these features: Double opt-in from a form or email address

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    ...program to manage a mailing list for contributors to a charity. Your program should have the following commands available from a menu:- Add - Add a new contributor to the mailing list. Sort - Sort the names of the contributors into alphabetic order. Delete - Delete a contributor, and all associated information, from the mailing list. Lookup - Look up

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    linked lists Tamat left

    1. generate a linked list based on the folwng program 2. Add two member functions to the List class performing two separate sorting operations. 3. Use the functions in step (2) to sort the linked list of step (1). /* Object-Oriented Linked List This program defines a linked list and inserts 10 elements in the list. There are a number of functions such as Insert, Delete, Print, and Length, which we...

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    We need someone to setup MS SMTP Server. However, we also need the person to optimize it or do whatever is required so that it can support atleast 75K mails per hour. If needed, we will allow you access through NetMeeting, however, we would like the user to first give us the steps on how to do it. Only bid if you know you can do it!! We have a 667MGhz, 500MB RAM machine with a cable connection wit...

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    ...service to help people build their mailing lists. Basically, I will create a site that explains the service, and as people join they will be placed into a 7 X 7 forced matrix. The system will need to include: - ID tracking, so the members can promoted their coded URL to build their downline list with my system - Email autorsponser system to send the

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    ...including: * ability to incorporate secure browser-based login, multiple administrators, email notification to super admin and super admin approval/editing. * base level admin submit/edit/delete page, including multiple entry fields (eg title, description, contact email, contact phone, date etc) * super admin approve/edit/delete page, including fields

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    Mailing Label Tamat left

    I need a program written in Visual Basic that will create Mailing Labels from the information that is stored in an access database. Mailing Labels should allow the user to select the type of label (Avery) and with one click the labels should be created in Microsoft Word. The Mailing labels creation should be compatible with Microsoft Word 97 / 2000

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    [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Mailing Manager - Custom Software [log masuk untuk melihat URL] is a company that sends emails to music fans across the world that are interested in a certain bands music. [log masuk untuk melihat URL] needs custom software to send out these emails to different lists of individuals. Software Information: Online or Offline Software that allows us to send ...

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    ...administration interface and web based clients interface, emails are either text or html with the options for attachments, email can be saved as seporate lists and can be imported or exported. There is also a need for a schedualer, where a mailing can be schedualed to repeat every so often. I am sure some of you already have something like that, the more features

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    22 bida a file from our server, he should be asked for name and email address first before he can start the download. When download is complete, a "thank's John Doe, for downloading ..." email will be sent to him. It should also send out 0 - 10 different time delayed follow up emails. Each email sent shall have a "remove me" link that the receiver ...

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    ...that will make accounts to free email services(we can discuss which ones), then send mails with those free accounts to all the emails in the lists I choose off my HardDrive. Also I want to be able to select a list of "Remove Emails" that the program will filter the Emails or strings out of the List files, before mailing. I want this to be 100% reliable

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    Hello. I need you to clone this script for me: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Two things are really important: 1) That you are allowed to work fast-paced because my project schedule is tight. (delivery within 10 days). 2) That when the project is done I keep the full rights to the script. All right ladies and gentlemen, start your bids! =)

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    looking for fully functional web page access, cgi based mailing script, welcoming any fair suggestions, submit all proposals with prices for evaluation. Am looking for bids on a fully functional web page based cgi mailing script. Please provide experience and details for assessment. specifications (in part) Need a fully functional ready made cgi mailer

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    ...login Change GUI looks make checkboxes actual checkboxes and make GUI more 'user friendly' if possible. Instead of manually adding from and to email address add a browse button to open a .txt file containing the email address seperated by like the following [log masuk untuk melihat URL] [log masuk untuk melihat URL] [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Besides that no other cha...

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    Write a program in C++ using structures and linked lists to maintain information about students in a class. 1) The structure used to maintain information about students should have at least the following components: Student's Name Student's ID Student's Major A pointer to the previous node in the list A pointer to the next node in the list. 2) The Student's

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    Hello! We are launching a portal for Indian users and need email addresses for marketting purposes. This is not for spam purpose as all our mails will meet the requirements for non-spam mails. Thank you. Please mention the # of addresses you have, % of addresses invalid, and your rate. I am looking for Indian users only. **ONLY BID IF YOU HAVE > 1 MILLION

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    ...exchangers, bypassing ISP. 6. Include the following: Inbox Sent items Deleted items Archive folder Address book 7. Has password protected Administration mode. 8. Distribution lists. 9. Auto responders. [log masuk untuk melihat URL] filters. 11. Unlimited message size or can limit messages size. 12. Can listen on single IP address, rather than all addresses available on your

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    8 bida[log masuk untuk melihat URL] username: andrew password: andrew Have a look around do what ever you want send mail , create letter etc . You wont be able to import or create new lists. If you are the winning bidder I will supply all existing code and you can use/sell it frely - no copyright or licence issues **Required** I need to improve features something

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    ...1: FSM for recognizing valid C++ identifiers This is a modification of the first programming assignment. This time you will need to store all the tokens in one of the linked lists. So again you will need to have a a program to simulate the FSM in the figure (same as before). Input will be an arbitrary long list of comma ',' separated sections of characters

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    Write a C++ program to manipulate a deck of 52 cards. This program should be able to shuffle a deck of cards in addition to deal them out. The Decks must be Linked Lists. Program must include: - Creation of a Deck - Print a Deck - Shuffle a Deck - Add a Deck to the Original Deck - Search for a Card - Remove a Card from the Deck - Copy a Deck ## Deliverables

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    ...very large lists of email addresses from all domains. I am looking for a mailer to be built for me. Deliverability and speed is the key. HArdware is 1 dual CPU mySQL server and (4) 1.4 mhz Athlons with 2G Ram. Need standard list of mailing list servers like import/export, html/text MIME email delivery, auto unsubscribe, multiple lists, bounce handling

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    I am an opt in mailer with very large lists of email address from all domains. I am looking for a mailer to be built for me. Deliverability and speed is the key. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. Complete copyrights to all work purchased. ## Platform

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    require a program to be installed over the existing web site - [log masuk untuk melihat URL] to simultaneosly capture info of visitors to create mailing lists. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. Complete copyrights to all work purchased.

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    to capture info of visitors visiting our web site to create mailing lists. Other features to include autoresponders. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. Complete copyrights to all work purchased.

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    Email Service Tamat left a mailing list of sorts for our non profit membership. The script would be in php that makes use of mysql and sendmail. The script must be able to be administrated by a admin. The script would be able to blend in with the current web page look The script would have these abilitys fo members; 1. allow members to add, edit, remove their email addresses

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    I need a simple mailing list program. The source should be kept as simple as possible, nothing fancy required. :) Specific requirements: - Must be written in PHP - Must use MySQL to store the database - Must have an [log masuk untuk melihat URL] script that will create the database - Must have an authentication procedure. eg, based on a checksum/code of some sort, where

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    ...or several mailing lists. These lists will allow him to post a form on his site and let his visitors sign up to his ezine newsletter. These lists should allow him to add personalization tags (first name, last name, email address) so that he can include those on his mailings to his list(s). The program should also give him a choice to email his list(s)

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    ...features of the following websites into one program... Autoresponders: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Ad Tracking: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Email Mailing List: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] (you can find the mailing list features at [log masuk untuk melihat URL] by scrolling down to the Mail Master Pro section and clicking on the Features

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    C linked lists Tamat left

    ...linked list. Each item in the list will be an entry from a contact list. Each person in the list will have a Name, Phone#, Email, and then a pointer to the next person in the list. struct contact { char *name; char *phone; char *email: struct contacts *next; };The functions that should be used are:struct contact * createList( void );void addContact( struct

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    Build a file to contain the attached student information. Each line of the file contains: student last name, student id, and test scores[4]. Utilizing the data in this file, create an internal database of student information by developing a linked list maintained in ascending order by name. In addition to the link information required for each node of the linked-list, each node is to contain the f...

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    ...that need to be evaluated NOTE: Before you place your bid, please be assured that these are legitimate products for a legitimate email distribution provider. We have been called upon to distribute large opt-in business lists -- and prefer the flexibility of a server based utility such as this one. ZIPS will be provided to you of each application. SCRIPT

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    Here's the web address of the hw in a clear fashion. the hw is hw#2 [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Implement a menu driven application that demonstrates two classes: a ListOfVectorsOfNames, and a VectorOfListsOfNames. Each class should use the STL classes, Vector, List, String. Each class should get data from a data file whose data consists of several sets of "categories" of people f...

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    29 bida[log masuk untuk melihat URL] MUST have all the same options. The program also must be modified to send to another computer which can remove the the senders header information so the email cannot be tracked. Program must also be made so that the person who installed the mailer has to type in a ID# that will access a database over the internet to verify it. If

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    We are a small beauty & else product outlet. We buy mailing lists from provider/sites in the field. We post our offers on WWW but when some third party sends bulk email, our offers are shut down. We need a smart programming solution ## Deliverables Complete source code of all programming work done ## Deadline information serious

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    ...right-click on and have the list of sites to choose from in the menu. Final item is the creatation of site that would allow login to a secure area so that each user can create lists to be downloaded. Prefer development completed in VB6, however will accept other suggestions. ## Deliverables Delivery of application with requirements and site with requirements

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    We require a database to track our mail order sales and generate email mailing lists, sales reports etc. First thoughts were to use Access because we all have it but maybe we need something more professional. Any ideas will be welcome. At present volume of work is low but expected to grow rapidly. The need is urgent

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    $200 - $300
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