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    software Eng 6 hari left

    Only fix the the sequence in attched file please: Things need fixing: There is a problem we know it’s sequence diagram we must have an interface and entity Boundry controller but the problem is all the operation must be in controller and you did it in entity so it’s wrong plus the autoplay message cannot go to the user only go to the interface so work on this please and let me know ...

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    Already optimization done [log masuk untuk melihat URL] but looking for excellent results in pingdom, webpage test, dev [log masuk untuk melihat URL] [log masuk untuk melihat URL] [log masuk untuk melihat URL] [log masuk untuk melihat URL] If you can optimize the website and you can assure gurantee to get excellent results. Then bid on the project

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    implement the Dictionary/Map ADT using Hash tables. The hash tables have to implemented using two collision handling methods: 1. Separate Chaining (using LinkedLists) 2. Linear Probing.

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    Need new idioms of your languages and the explanation about that in english. I gonna make an idiom dictionary. help me I will discuss price in an interview

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    Lame Translator 5 hari left

    I need help coding this project in PHP. The idea of this project is to let the users define their own dictionary and then use it to translate English texts in input. You will have to: Build a web page that: •Ensures a secure Session mechanism. •Allows the user to submit a file (dictionary file) that contains English words of your choice and the direct translation in another language ...

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    Write me a resume 5 hari left

    S/w eng front-end html, css, javascript, jquery entry-level need resume writers who are effective communicators, can speak english well, has 5 years of experience in word document, and has a portfolio, and has success rates.

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    Just need a chatbot on AWS to show recent transactions, transactions for a certain merchant and transactions over a specified date range. You can use any dummy data to do this. The data doesn't have to be on dynamoDB. It can be on the lambda function as a dictionary.

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    I need to build a very small python program Personal Expense tracker(just a small text based menu but without GUI or databases on anything that needs installation). User registration, user login, and choose the task to input expenses or income, checking the available balance are some of the key functions of this application and generate the monthly, yearly income/expense reports and view expenses...

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    Need change the link to access details view, right now it is [log masuk untuk melihat URL] 23=ID I want it to be [log masuk untuk melihat URL](tittle) Also i need to add a EDIT function in 1 controller function.

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    I want to create an app that will allow users to search this dictionary: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] - Android + iOS - The app should work offline - When the sheet is updated, the app should be updated when it goes online - Users should be able to query and find words in any of the first six columns - Arabic diacritics should not affect the query, meaning that looking for عَن will still yield عن...

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    We are looking for an editor who have experience about cryto currency market. We will start with 10 blog posts a month. The content strategy will be; - brands seasonal announcements and service updates - trends, breaking news and new stuff in crypto currency market - how to blog articles for beginners - crypto currency dictionary (in the long run, second phase) As we are an SEO and performance a...

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    I'm building a Proof of Concept and require SAP ERP 6.0 audit table data structures and sample data in xls format. Can you please confirm the following information is able to be derived in these tables when providing a response. 1. Total access time for a day 2. Idle time in that session 3. Objects accessed/changed - reports,applications etc 4. Object configuration changes 5. Is there a dat...

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    READ / LEE ESTO THIS PROJECT IS POSTED IN ENGLISH AND SPANISH // ESTE PROYECTO ESTA EN INGLES Y ESPAÑOL. FIRST SECTION IS ENGLISH (ENG), SECOND SECTION IS IN SPANISH (ESP) LA PRIMERA SECCIÓN ESTA EN INGLES (ENG), LA SEGUNDA EN ESPAÑOL (ESP) ENG I need a web platform so I can keep track of my active properties, and my property collectors can follow up the properties that th...

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    I have People Soft CRM(Oracle) and VICI Dial (Calling Software) wchich work seprately but now i want to configure VICI Dial interface with my People Soft CRM . The main reason for this configuration is to use only one CRM i.e People Soft... I have attached a documentation link which helps you to configure this system... Check the heading in documentaion named "Click to jump to parent topic...

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    Develop a basic Stern-Halma Checkers; Browser based, HTML5 and javascript, OO approach, source code required; Traditional Chinese as UI language (Eng is also welcome but will be discounted (lower) price); NO A.I. while good algorithm design is required for the game engine; Client side programming only; i.e. NO server side programming, NO server side implementation, just the game itself with source...

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    Translation of website Terms & Conditions from English to Italian

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    Essay envi 2 hari left

    Explain and evaluate, using referenced evidence and data what the peak oil or peak coal or peak gas is. You should explain whether this concept is cause for concern or whether humanity can find ways around this problem. Provide evidence to justify your position and provide different perspectives on this issue. 500 to 750 words excluding bibliography. Part b: Critically assess the strategies energy...

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    I wanted to translate from Eng to Italy for basic dialogue for my Italy project and a basic paragraph that needed to be translated in Italy.

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    I am looking for someone to translate the texts for my website from PORT-ENG; PORT-SPANISH. Knowledge of technical legal and finance are essential, and estate planning a plus.

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    20 bida

    I have bought and installed on my server this template : [log masuk untuk melihat URL] The end result must be similar to : [log masuk untuk melihat URL] two languadges ENG and GR( the GR site will be exactly the same with ENG , I will do the translation myself) main sections: 1)get a quote based on a user selection from the attached picture ([log masuk untuk melihat URL]) and a user should be...

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    47 bida

    Method: Dictionary Learning using only Curvelet Transform. Development platform: MATLAB. Documented source code.

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    existing code enhancement . Existing C# code which need modified and enhancement and also json file need to be used.

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    Translate in word document. Urgent! Must be very fast and clear(Only Turkish Native)

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    Need expert Tamat left

    What is the group project about? This assignment may be completed in a group of 3 students or less (you may also work on your own). You will prepare an Excel Workbook based an existing organization or topic of your choice presenting company information and statistics such as: • inventory • human resources • sales and revenue • budgets • financial analysis and forecasti...

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    Hi, I need a python code that extracts information from pdf and words documents saved in a file. Result should be a python dictionary with key:value pairs for each document as below: doc1 { mainTitle : "main title of the document" numPages : "number of pages in document" numPara : "total number of paragraphs" subTitle1 : "1st sub-title" para1.0 : "1s...

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    i have Abaqus work for you please contact me.

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    Small Task Tamat left

    Backend and frontend The task, Predictions are word completions based on the input text, for example: If the input text is I like ca the predictions could be cars, cats and cake. The task requires you to create a small front-end and back-end that implements the word prediction functionality with results from a custom dictionary and our word prediction web service.

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    Need a cakephp expert to change the paginations routes, auctaly are [log masuk untuk melihat URL]:7 All routes in site are updated to [log masuk untuk melihat URL], i need the same in pagination, include the /lang/eng/, and if its possible change the : for _ , like page_7 Urgent

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    12 bida

    We need a VN-Eng translator in Saigon to assist us in speaking to potential clients. Involves walking around markets and helping us to establish a relationship with potential distributors. 1-2 day job with further work possible.

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    4 bida

    Short phrases and sentences in English translated into Vietnamese. Must be properly translated by a native speaker of Vietnamese.

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    32 bida

    Hi, I need a person who can translate in English an Italian article about photography, it's humoristic with some slang in Italian and many technical words about photography, that need to be translated in a correct English. You must be: Ita-Eng bilingual have knowledge of photography

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    19 bida

    Hi! I'm looking for someone to create a (physical) ERD for a pet store. I can submit several attempts of the ERD so if it is not approved then I'm expecting you to edit as necessary. I want the ERD to have these entities: CUSTOMER, PET, SERVICE (or HELP), SERVICE-PAYMENT, SALES, SALES-PAYMENT, PRODUCT, PURCHASE. Once the ERD is complete, it will be used as the "blue print" to i...

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    I have this code for a guess game in python. I need to store the input data in a csv file and read data from the csv file for the guess game. Only using csv reader and writer / dict reader or writer in python. I have attached the file. The csv file should be like: Name: Player1 name: jim, Age: 40, Movie title1: Starwars, Movie title2: starwars2 etc. Player2name: kim, Age: 42, Movie title1: Shar...

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    Hello :) I need an essay about the given topic around 2.500 words. There is some especific topics that need to be covered as well as especific bibliography. The essay have to include the definition of the word homoerotism given by the oxford dictionary (1991) A short historical review of the conexion beetween male identity and war ( this can be found in the book From chivalry to terrorism: war a...

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    Hey guys! I need a translator for translating a PPT presentation of <20 slides from English to Polish. The content must be translated and proofread. Please note that the PPT is addressed to an audience of youngsters, meaning that the language must be quite informal. Work must be done in 24hrs. No need to translate what's written in the notes for the speaker.

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    15 bida

    I have an existing dictionary android app and need to make following modification on this: 1. Migrate to AndroidX (current targetsdk 26, if only upgrade the version to 29 giving some errors. see screenshot 1) 2. There is a langiuage switcher which displaying words by lan tag. need to add option to display all words (see. screenshot 2) 3. Need to make it readable html tags. Description of translat...

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    8 bida

    I have a file with about 22,000 English words - I will provide the file in Excel format I need the definition of each word looked up here - [log masuk untuk melihat URL] - Returning all of the examples If the word is not found display "Not Found" I need the "Word Frequency" - e.g X from 5 Circles see [log masuk untuk melihat URL] I need a file in CSV format with the below...

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    46 bida

    location Germany! ENG: For a CRM we want to extend some functions of existing PlugIns. Further Details on request. Based on Software UCRM/UNMS from Ubiquiti Networks DE: Für ein CRM mit vorhandener Möglichkeit für PlugIns sollen mehrere Applikationen entwickelt bzw. weiterentwickelt werden. Für die Software UCRM/UNMS von Ubiquiti Networks Mehr Info auf Nachfrage

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    Termination translation, procedures unclear, preschool teacher consultant contract 428 words 2 characters without spaces

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    Business Analyst with knowledge of asset management business process with good understanding of investment accounting data , securities reference data , market data , investment & risk analytics data and typical enrichment  for the data elements. •          Strong SQL skills with good understanding of datamarts & ETL concept...

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    I am building a word search game where players can enter words. It is already published here: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] The application needs to have a list of accepted words, and I am planning to add support for multiple languages. This is the job posting for the French word list; there may be additional ones for other languages. Requirements: - The list should consist of 40.000 to 60.000 w...

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    Music is great way to learn another language. I want to develop a website where people can come to contribute their knowledge and learn other languages. I want to look at Spanish-English pairs first. [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Genius has an interesting system, but this contains more general comments from the singer about his feelings/history of the song. The new site will be much more ab...

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    PT- Boa tarde. Existe um formulário criado em Laravel e gostaria de implementar Pagamento por Debito Directo no já existente. ENG- Good afternoon. There is a form created in Laravel and I would like to implement payment methods like SEPA Debit Direct in the existing one.

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    There are two data sets in this project: demographic and credit bureau data. ( Data is in attachmnet) • Demographic/application data: This is obtained from the information provided by the applicants at the time of credit card application. It contains customer-level information on age, gender, income, marital status, etc. • Credit bureau: This is taken from the credit bureau and contain...

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    We are looking for an engineer to aggregate clickstream data from a data provider that has a panel of 50,000 users of which it tracks usage. The data is in time-stamped JSON format and uses panelist IDs. We can provide a data dictionary prior to moving forward to see if this is a job you can perform

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    Translate ENG to EE

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    I I'm myself and I will send you the best time to meet you in a few

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    Trophy icon Logo Beuaty Salon Tamat left

    Hello, Logo competition for a beauty salon, aesthetic medicine etc Name: Polski Gabinet (eng. Polish Cabinet) The logo must be as simple as the name. Something like modernity. Maybe the combined letters PG? Maybe some interesting graphics? I don't want it to be another salon logo with a woman's face, lotus flower etc. The higher the score, the more you should go in this dir...

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    Create an android custom dictionary (text only) app with search capability for english and greek language, I will provide the database that should be included in the app I will need some contact form also.

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    Hello. Iam eng Murad Ata the business development manager of Mahmoud Ata factory for metal products at jeddah Saudi Arabia. We are working with a witness company to get UL10C for our hollow metal door products we need to make flow simulation for the fire rating process at our avaliable design to check if the door can pass the test or no from now. Can you make flow simulation for fire at the door a...

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