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    We have replicated a browser-based ePub reader from GitHub as per this reference - Our ePub Book Link: The epub book has audio file but not working on the above link. attached book video with audio in local player.

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    We required freelancers for XML and E-publishing Projects. Needed Experience 5-10 years

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    So I need epub or pdf or sql file converted into sqlite3 files. We need the same structure as the files attached.

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    I have a fully formatted Word document for KDP Kindle but would like it to be converted to an epub for IngramSpark. No additional formatting should be required. I may have other similar jobs after this one. Please let me know your previous experience in this field. Thanks!

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    We need a mobile/Web-based platform that can automatically convert input documents in Word (.docx) or PDF (.pdf) format to professional-looking eBooks in EPUB (.epub) format. The input documents may contain only text or text and images.

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    Evaluate my needs for book publishing with ADOBE InDesign, XML, JavaScript, ePub Please, bid USD 50. Book to the subject InDesign CS5 Automation Using XML & JavaScript By: Gamble, Grant, February, 2011

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    ereader something similar to

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    PDF, Word file for paperback, epub for ebook, Cover design

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    I would like to convert my e-book so I can post it on amazon marketplace. It is 58 pages and contain a lot of pictures.

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    We have old 3b2 format document in Arabic that we need to convert to an ePub format document.

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    Maquetación de epub para publicación digital (ebook) en Amazon KDP

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    "Glenn's Sister" memoir, 17 photos, 274 pages plus covers.

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    I have a 125 page book already formatted with photos that I created in PPT. I also have a PDF version. I need the book converted into EPUB format with a clickable table of contents. I would like to maintain the original formatting as much as possible.

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    Necesitamos integrar en nuestra web una plataforma o programa que permita visualizar una vez pagado libros en formato ePub con las condiciones de seguridad que no se puedan transferir imprimir descargar etc si o solo leer en plataformas de ebook

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    Mam już pewne wybrane narzędzia z których chciałbym żebyśmy skorzystali podczas tego projektu. Takie jak aeneas, deepL, L-aligner. Proszę o kontakt w celu omówienia szczegółów.

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    Provide final word and PDF for paperback and colored ebook epub file. Cover may be customized to meet the paperback.

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    Hello I have 120 pages and want to create an EPUB book with professional design.

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    An encrypted epub file. Thank you

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    Hi. I am looking for someone who can add This Widget to My FlutterFlow (An Online Flutter Development Platform) Project. Widget Link: It is urgent. It must be done in 30 minutes from now. Will await for your proposals. Thank you. Be seeing you. Damian.

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    I have two published e-Books. Those are in EPUB format. - The first book has been published as a paperback edition with a different name in my country. So I have the first book's InDesign file as well with a few changes such as the cover and title are different. - Both books will use the same template with a different layout size which is good for Amazon Kindle Paperback. - The first book has around 25 images on the inner pages. - Second book has around 50 images on the inner pages. - The paperback edition has QR codes for redirecting readers to listening (hyperlinks). The freelancer can use Indesign auto-QR option to create the redirecting the codes. The work: - Using the EPUB files to understand how to create/edit the file and check the texts. - Editing the Indes...

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    I have a pdf that needs a cover switched out and a conversion into an ebook for Kindle and Ingram Spark

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    Provide Word file and ePub files for a provided list of IMAM books.

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    There is a manuscript that has 198 pages that I'd like to convert into an ebook/epub format. It has numerous images and photographs and will be submitted to KDP and Ingram Spark

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    I'm seeking for someone who can convert a printed book into an EPUB for Kindle.

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    $8 - $15 / hr
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    Covert Quark or PDF files to epub for kindle

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    Layout design, providing Word file, PDF, eBook (epub) file.

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    Convert a book into e-book (ePub). the books is 230 pages (107K words and includes 50 vector images and about 150 endnotes).

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    Hi Muthu M., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    I want an android app which can read epub file and pdf file from file manager or anywhere from the phone if user click on epub and pdf file then it should ask to open in my app...... Design no much matter... simple design will also be good but if you have more awesome and attractive design then you can add in that app..... I want monetization by admob App should be under google policy so i can upload it in google play store it should not violate any google play rules or admob rules...... Only Serious Developer.... Please dont bid if you dont have time to talk with me or work with me... no timepass pls....

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    GENERAL DESCRIPTION This project consists of the creation, maintenance and implementation of a Virtual Library of Digital Publications in PDF and EPUB format that allows users to upload, search, assign and view them, as well as access to an administration and control panel from which they can control and modify all aspects of the Library, upload new publications and access key metrics and reports on the use and consumption of the library and its publications. PLATFORM SPECIFICATIONS Own viewer of publications in PDF and EPUB format that allows to enrich the consumption and reading of publications from where the user or reader can: - Authenticate using their own credentials. - Option to subscribe to all or part of the platform. - Connection with my company (so tha...

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    Maquetación de libro en formato papel y formato ePub y mobi APRA versiones digitales , supervisión de las fotos y en su caso reemplazo por similar temática y calidad adecuada, diseño de la portada y contraportada junto al índice general

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    I Have books Written in Hindi and is available with me in hindi format i want to convert them into Epub in Hindi Format

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    Cześć, poszukuję programisty do zbudowania programu/narzędzia (na Windowsa) służącego automatyzacji tworzenia plików EPUB 3 zawierającego audio zsynchronizowane z odpowiadającym tekstem. W tym momencie mam opracowany proces tworzenia tych plików ale manualnie korzystając z wielu różnych narzędzi takich jak: Aeneas command line tool (do synchronizacji audio i text), tłumaczenie DeepL (tłumaczenie tekstu z jednego języka na drugi), LF-aligner (program do segmentacji i dopasowania dwóch tekstów w różnych językach), generowanie plików xhtml z pomocą excela, itp. Więc proces jest opracowany, biblioteki/narzędzia/API z których chce aby skorzystano też znane. W tym zadaniu chodzi o połączeniu tych bloków w jeden software na Wi...

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    I have the ebook material in word documents and images. Your work is to use my material and make an ebook in epub, mobi, pdf. Attached please find the material I will provide to you.

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    30 bida

    I have word documents and images. Need to make the ebook out of it so it can be used as EPUB or mobi or pdf

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    82 bida

    ...management 4. Ebook upload - encryption and storage - ePub format with audio, cover page 5. Various subscription schemes and their management 6. Order flow and management 7. User review management 8. Usage reports Mobile, tablet and Webapp for customers: 1. iOS, Andriod and web platform for customers 2. Webflow and mobile flow to showcase books by authors, category, sub-category, usage, user rating and review 3. User notifications 4. Payment gateway integration 5. SMS integration for phone number validation and email validation Application support: 1. Testing and deployment to AppStore, google playstore 2. Continuous maintenance for bug fixes if any in a time-bound manager for atleast 6 months Note: This requires a knowledge of ePub format. (It is not a complicated form...

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    $1840 - $3067
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    Chosen freelancer will be provided with InDesign package to create reflowable epub. Formating in Epub needs to look as possible the same as enclosed PDF file. There will be 455 pages to convert, this is just 1st chapter, but formating in other chapters are the same. No images inside book. Winning freelancer will be with best price provided and shortest term possible. Contact me in case of any questions. Please create and share with me sample epub file from enclosed PDF file

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    36 bida

    Buscamos un especialista para editar y ayudarnos a publicar un libro en epub en las principales plataformas.

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    11 bida

    I want my book to be published in digital stores. Already designed and prepared.

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    27 bida

    I have a pdf designed book and need it prepared to upload as an epub to KDP

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    48 bida

    I need to make my children's book in Epub format. The book is in Spanish. I need a ready-to-download ebook file. About 126 pages.

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    27 bida

    Make an script or any other method for: Get Epub or Pdf or other format books From android application. Application is for books and there is Unlimited book access. They are in text file format.

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    9 bida

    Hello , we are looking for company that can finish project we started two years ago and did not got completed. It’s ebook website with android and iOS applications.

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    Tengo un documento indesign que deseo en la mejor calidad EPUB posible, no hay que hacer demasiado porque ya está CASI todo listo. Solo es cuestion de hacer ajustes pequeños.

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    16 bida

    I have published a book of approximately 125 pages. It is currently in print format and a word document. I am looking for someone that can format and convert it to an ebook, (.epub file) This includes removal of blank pages, that are not needed in ebook format, editing page numbers on the contents page as they will change after its formatted. I will only hire someone with previous experience and they can send me samples of their work.

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    59 bida

    Hello. I hope everyone is doing very well. =) At the moment I'm in need of: 1) A custom widget for FlutterFlow () to read and display 'Epub' files (ebook files). That is all. Send me a quote, clarifying if you REALLY UNDERSTAND WHAT I NEED. Thank you =). Eric.

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    2 bida

    make revisions and produce pdf and ePub

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    61 bida

    Produzi um ebook em formato de PDF e quero convertê-lo para Epub.

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    25 bida

    Maquetación PDF, epub y portada para publicación en Amazon KDP, de acuerdo a lo acordado por mensajes.

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