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    ...MINE - I REPEAT... DO NOT BID IF YOU ARE NOT IN THE U.S. ** (when reading this please bear in mind that mac osX is COMPLETLEY unix based - 100% pure, real unix) I'm looking for a patient and kind person located in the united states who is willing to provide me with phone support to help me learn unix, php, sql, etc... I'm a quick learner when i'm taught

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    I have purchased an auction script and would like some modifications done to it. It is up and running at www.topbidz.com. Anything posted on it now is for testing purposes. The following are the basic features I would like to change: Remove banner rotation from top and place on bottom of page. Add highlited box to top right corner of page with scrolling

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    Complete flash intro for pending website by adding: * Two sample articles and introduction regarding site for users to view (content will be provided upon bid acceptance) * a directory that allows viewers to add a link upon approval that is a clone of [log masuk untuk melihat URL] but with the look and feel of the pending website and without the

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    ...emulates the [log masuk untuk melihat URL] detachable tabs (URL for demo provided) This control essentially emulates DockStudioXP's implementation ([log masuk untuk melihat URL]). This is a *heavily* modified version of RamoSoft's .net Tabs (see PSC). The drag n' drop emulation ([log masuk untuk melihat URL]) I'm targeting is provided in demo (everything you sh...

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    ...new mp3 links to the DB, rank them according to how many valid links they give 4. allow other sites to have my mp3 downloads links directly on their site thru a javascript call 5. grab all mp3 links from [log masuk untuk melihat URL], [log masuk untuk melihat URL], [log masuk untuk melihat URL], [log masuk untuk melihat URL] and add them to our DB. Prevent any other site from doing that ...

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    Add bulletin board to site currently under construction. Will contain 5 or 6 forums. Require source from and familiarity with [log masuk untuk melihat URL] and prior experience with creating bulletin boards. Only present portfolio examples that contain this work. None others will be reviewed and will be considered non-responsive as will form bids. Project Goals: *

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    This is a great and simple project for those with design expertise. Site content will be provided by buyer. Site menu and features attached. Having difficulty visualizing how to organize the content into a suitable website. A site with similar content and features is [log masuk untuk melihat URL] I would

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    Read Deliverables for info... ## Deliverables Before you read any further you must first make sure you qualify with everything listed below: 1. Know about ringtones and are pretty familiar with them (how they work, how to set up sites with them, etc) 2. Be extremely create with a NEW design... (PHP or ASP) 3. Can work reasonably fast... If you qualify

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    ...articles using system like [log masuk untuk melihat URL] stars. Bulletin Board creation & site design functionality to accommodate this & the articles are the key features & skill requirements for this project. Want end product with look and features of [log masuk untuk melihat URL] with rating system of [log masuk untuk melihat URL]

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    ...programmer to pick up where the other left off. What I have already: * mock-up of the home page * flash intro for the site for early sign-up before the site is complete that is about 75% complete. Besides from this, I have no specific needs for flash. I am open regard to the creativity of the coder. My expectation is that once the site is up and running

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    ...produce whatever link works for their site. I would like to produce 4 or 5 options of different texts and banners. What I have now is this and it obviously doesn't work. [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Finally, I would like the deliverable to be scalable so that I can reproduce the html infomation for a potential affiliate program

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    ...run on a dedicated box. We prefer Unix for everything that we do, however we will use Windows if it saves time, money, or will make the program run better. ---------------- Part 1 We would like clients to be able to phone our office, punch in their ID and password, and record a message as a WAV or MP3 file for broadcast online. The program will need

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    ...project that was started and not completed. I need a programmer to pick up where the other left off. What I have already: * mock-up of the home page * flash intro for the site for early sign-up before the site is complete about 75% complete. The site is a database oriented community site. Need work in php. **Please read this before you bid as non-responsive

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    Americapet Tamat left

    ...species of dogs and cats giving all info on the animals as well as how to care for them and pictures of all breeds.2)I'd also like to make it a requirement that peolpe sign up for an account and have to login to access site free of charge.3)I'd like to have a "real-time chat room for pet talk"4)I'd like some sort of shopping cart "which I alrea...

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    Hello I need a 2 (two) small scripts in Perl or PHP as follows. SCRIPT 1 for Provider Website (example [log masuk untuk melihat URL]): Member signs up (incl. optin for email confirmation) for monthly subscription fee of A.) $09.95 or B.) $14.95 or C.) $24.95 . Payment via paypal (subscription), when payment was successfull, redirect from PayPal to member

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    ...type of game, if you are skilled with any of the following please send me a message on icq at 9-4-9-5-8-9-0-1 (remove the dashes, they are there incase my uin has been blocked): 3d engine coding(we will use opengl while we code the game and wait for the rest of the engine, but will need coders working on other parts after the opengl portion is complete

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    ...(to be done in groups of two) Due date Dec. 17th In this project, you will develop a web based simple document management system called docsys for a computer engineering department. Your system will serve 5 type of users and manage 6 different types of documents. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form

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    ... Not only they pay, they also provide you with a very sophisticated computerized opportunity to access and follow up your activities and gains generated second by second . Everything is incredibly registered. Anyone, regardless of country, financial situation, education, experience, or background has an equal opportunity to reap the rewards of success

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    $200 - $300
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    ...the C-application you'll be writing VBAPP 1- VBAPP creates 3 files ([log masuk untuk melihat URL], [log masuk untuk melihat URL], [log masuk untuk melihat URL]) 2- VBAPP appends the 3 files to [log masuk untuk melihat URL] (programmatically) 3- [log masuk untuk melihat URL] is ready for distribution Third Party is given [log masuk untuk melihat URL] 1- They run [log masuk untuk meli...

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    ...[log masuk untuk melihat URL] I am looking for a similar job search database with the below features. I already have people doing the graphical design but they have no database experience. 1. Advanced job search box, where you can sort database of jobs by criteria: date jobs added; keywords; job category; state; country etc.) 2. Join and login area for both 'Job Seekers'...

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    ...when I accept your bid. The schedule will be as follows: First 5 will be to design/code/test all public pages that people will see that don't log in. Next 13 will be to design/code/test all pages that require the user to log in. Next 12 will be to design/code/test the admin pages. Last 5 will be testing the whole system and fixing any issues. The above

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    ...we want is 10 templates for our site, we will give you all the themes ,but from these we should be able to create our own anyway. 4. The site is coded in ASP/HTML with SQL Server7 backend. The complete code for this site is about 125 ASP pages long. We can provide DNS connection or can supply copy of the database (30Megs). 5. What you will have to provide

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    Directory Tamat left

    The Instructions For The Program Is In The Attached Zip file cause it would not all fit in the limitations for the discription window. It is a fairly easy program for an advanced ANSI C programmer. And should take approx 1-2 hours to complete. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete

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    ...manage listings functions to make it easier for members to adjust keyword bid amounts and enter new keywords 4) I need to add tracking feature to the affiliates area and set up an affiliate recruit program 5) I will need all of the tracking feature to be able to be downloaded directly onto a excel spreadsheets for off site storage 6) I will need an IE

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    I need an order page for custom-made jewelry with a series of drop-down boxes. There are 15 different items, each with 2 to 5 customizable attributes. When the customer selects an item in the first drop-down box, its price should be noted on the form, and the options for it should be shown in the other boxes. Some options have added costs, and choosing

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    ...course registration program. The available courses are represented as an array of structures with the following typedef: typedef struct course { char title[ 20 ]; char code[ 5 ]; int enrollment; int max_enrollment; STUDENT* student; } COURSE; The user-defined type STUDENT is given by the typedef: typedef struct student { char name[ 30 ]; int id; struct

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    Games Network Tamat left

    This is a small personal project where I want to create a games network on which I will launch some games that I will make (or hire someone to make) at a later stage. For this project I require various pieces of software which all need to interact together in different ways. The first piece is the server which must run on linux in a background daemon

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    We had a small php program created for us and now we need someone to install it on our server. Setup Instructions: 1) Edit [log masuk untuk melihat URL] following the instructions listed at the top of the file. 2) Create Database/Tables by using the [log masuk untuk melihat URL] file. 3) Upload the files to your webserver. 4) View [log masuk untuk melihat URL] from your webbrowser to begin....

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    This is the second of 14 programs we need (3 a week for 5 weeks). It must be in Delphi 3 or Delphi 5 (not 6, not 7). The starting interface for this project is already done and is included in the zip file. This program will "prepare" a web site or other collection of HTML files on a PC for compiling by an ebook compiler. It will traverse the directory

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    ...files. 3. Sort, de-dupe and merge multiple data files, then spit out a clean copy of the data into a new delimited text file. 4. Compare lists - to remove blacklisted recipients. 5. Ability to sort by domain of recips, then cabability to build new lists with specific domains. 6. Counter utility that gives statistics of recipients by domain. (it would also

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    Paper Tamat left

    A book review that is 3-5 pages and is double-spaced. Please choose from ONE OF THE FOLLOWING: 1.)James A. Henretta, et al., AMERICA: A CONCISE HISTORY, Vol. I (Bedford/St. Martins, 2002) 2.)Dabney, Virginius. THE JEFFERSON SCANDALS: A REBUTTAL (University Press of Virginia, 1991) 3.)Cochran, Thomas C. FRONTIERS OF CHANGE: EARLY INDUSTRIALISM IN AMERICA

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    I have a MLM business with a 5 by 8 forced structure matrix. Everything is in place but I want to do something to integrate with it. It is a fairly complex and delicate program from what I understand already so whoever does it needs to know what they are doing. What I want done is as follows: What I would like for the project is as follows: What it

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    The attached file has deiatled specs and instructions for bidding. this is a DELPHI application. The new project is in 4 parts, all in Delphi. One part installs the program, one checks the net for updates (checks the contents of a file on one or more web sites), and starts up the third module, a special browser, if it finds updates, to display them

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    ...similar to [log masuk untuk melihat URL] and and also offer the featured home page listing along with everything else plus the folllowing: Exit exchange members should be able to view click through rate of all credits earned and already sent to them alog with everything available to them at [log masuk untuk melihat URL] I want the site setup with [log masuk untuk melihat URL] a...

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    ...Parental Monitoring Program in Visual Basic 6.0. PLEASE DO NOT BID IF THIS IS YOUR FIRST JOB (I.E NO RATINGS) SORRY!! Now with that out of the way. I only have a small budget for this project. I know there has been a few of these applications posted on RAC already, so if you already have the application written even better, i need ALL of the folowing

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    ...Friday, November 15, so time is a big factor in this request for a coder, and my inability to focus let alone stand. I'm certain a professional can do this all in a few hours flat. You will be working with a database in mysql and will be provided with access to the db and website's cgi bin for testing. User name and password will be provided. The project

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    I need a simple one page website that will look professional for collecting information from a potential prospect. The site may have some light flash and have the ability to sell advertising banners on it as I will add banners for my existing businesses on it. The site will generally have the following functions: 1) Display a title, description, and

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    What i am looking for is a PHP picture post html enabled chat script (image and url tags only). I have enclosed some detailed screenshots and a html example of what i want the script to able to do. A couple of other things i would like are : 1) Moderators to have a different Name colour to regular users. 2) Moderators can delete a post, kick

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    Website Design Tamat left

    ...businesses, mostly women or minority owned. Homemakers. Site Type: Informational. Content: Narrowly focused business information in specific area. Don't want a "too much of everything site." Want visitor to have hands-on info right away in a few, but key related categories. MUST BE SCALABLE so that I can add more costly features later without overhauling

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    ... An exemple of things i do not wish to read: "Advertise your site with us for 1$ per thousand!" Something which vanish and need constant payment isn't good. Be ready to write a very detailed explanation of what you suggest and / or make a visual draft of it. For exemple, if you offer to build a flash game, tell what it is and how it would

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    ...week, what prizes won/received, EVERYTHING) 4) Admin can send an email to all users in HTML/TEXT 5) Admin can send special promotions to members where they click on the link and will get a certain amount of Casino Dollar which is one time use only 6) Admin can send special promotions to members where they sign up for that offer (third base company)

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    I have a work-in-progress web site for my company that I created. I have very basic skills in PSD 5.0 and I use DreamWeaver MX for web site editing. What I would like you to do is go look at my site first, then: (1) Propose a Flash to replace the top banner. Our logo must appear in there somewhere. The Flash animation should be "soothing" as to

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    To develop application software for surveillance and security purposes. The software would accept input from multiple digital cameras such as webcam via firewire, USB ports, etc., and: 1. Display streaming video in resizable windows. 2. Upload video streams to a website so that remote users can access the website via internet and watch real-time

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    ...make multi rooms in these rooms players must click a ready button to be in the game then the moderator of the room clicks a launch button and the game is automatically lauched for all players in that room. It must intergrate with my database with an Admin only section (bad word filter/kick,Ban and so on). All users names should be one color But Admin should

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    ...images as appropriate. 3) If enabled, Watch a field in a SQL server table for a flag to know if it can be compressed or not and locate the file to be converted/manipulated based on another field in the same table. 4) If enabled, Set a new flag indicating it is complete. 5) Have watched folders that can have different image and compression profiles

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    2 bida

    ... There needs to be a simple buddy list, and a simple messaging window just for testing. We don't need all the smiley face graphics or anything like that. Before starting this project, we will give you the exact events and methods needed in the communication objects. For example: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] (username, password) [log masuk untuk melihat URL]

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    ...Application for users to download 2) Connects to the server 3) Must have a database for the users (username, password, email, address, history of log ons, history of prizes won at auction, Casino Dollar currency amount, change information, etc.) 4) Users can log on to the site to change their information and look at their information 5) After users

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    homework Tamat left

    Your program should do the following: 1 Ask the user for the name of a text file and open it to read. 2 Read the file, split it apart into individual words, and insert the words into a binary search tree. With each word will be kept a frequency count (how many times the word appears in the input), and when duplicate words are encountered, the frequency

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    ...need to have a space for item number (verified by the import so nobody can put a bogus number in) A space for a TAG number and a space for a count. The inventory items may be in several locations so i could concevably have 20 different tags for one item number. each time a count is entered i would like it to update the total amount for that item. i also

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    viicom chat Tamat left

    What i am looking for is a PHP picture post html enabled chat script (image and url tags only). I have enclosed some detailed screenshots and a html example of what i want the script to able to do. A couple of other things i would like are : 1) Moderators to have a different Name colour to regular users. 2) Moderators can delete a post, kick

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