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    Hi! I need to have the attached CSV (I will have 70 000 entries in total) export the IPTC data it contains to the respective file (stated in the sourceFile column). The data needs to be put in the document title, Description and Keywords IPTC data in order for it to be read properly when opened in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. Additionnaly

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    I'd like to have an Excel add-in created (for Excel 2007+). With the addin installed, the user presses a hotkey combination and ... ... up pops up a modeless form that displays a list of common keyboard shortcuts (say top 50 shortcuts) in a friendly grid. The same keyboard combo hides the form again. For instance see the black/white/yellow

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    Addin an acitivitie an excisting project

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    ...Format options HTML and rich text Retrieve emails Outlook/Office 365 addin So the user can save emails to a mongo server separating out email addresses, body content, and attachments along with user input describing the email and categorizing the email. We would like the addin to be available on the Microsoft store. Documentation The documentation

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    Create A Word Addin (Windows and Mac) to add content Features 1. Add sections with a click of button (section cab be preformatted content; placeholder text or external document) 2. Merge Documents with different formatting and manage sections

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    ... what's needed - an extension running in background: on loading of a webpage in browser, send the current URL to webservice and display some returned JSON text on chrome addin so here is method: e.g. [login to view URL] visits [login to view URL] in chrome [login to view URL] sends [login to view URL] to a webservice [login to view URL] does some stuff with the URL, and ...

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    there is existing working addin for solidworks. Some algorithms are messed up, some samples give errors, some new minor stuff has to be added and a lot of clean up has to be done. SolidWorks API knowledge is essential.

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    there is existing working addin for solidworks. Some algorithms are messed up, some samples give errors, some new minor stuff has to be added and a lot of clean up has to be done.

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    Hi Ahmed Mostafa S., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. I have a model with 2 parts that need to be cleaned of errors that Xometry addin (solidworks) is showing for CNC machining. If you can do this, let me know. I know it is a small job.

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    I have a cvs file that i need reformatted to work with Shopify requirements. I have attached a Shopify Sample CSV File and my my CSV file. I need all my CSV File data put into the format required by Shopify.

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    I had a freelancer draft a addin/pluginn done for me. Its working in many areas but there are errors in some functions which needs to be fixed. Additionally i want to do some upgrades in the features as well. The freelancer i used to work is not reachable for the last 2 days (otherwise if i had the same freelancer its a matter of minutes to fix the

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    Install a vtiger on a windows 10 system and all its addin.

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    ...knowledge. To help us create an Excel Addin that would link/Extract JSON data to the end-user spreadsheet. We require that the format is in JavaScript Object Notation making it easy to read and write in data-interchange. Work to be done - Create, develop an Excel Addin that will read data from JSON and paste it to Excel - Work with our development

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    Hi, I need a powershell script which exports all resources within an ARM subscription to a csv. The script should export a list of all - servers (with IP addresses, names, running states, AV extensions etc), resource groups, VNets, NSGs, AzureSQL Databases, AzureAD Accounts, storage accounts, network interfaces, load balancers and so on (complete

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    I need help improving the SEO on my website. [login to view URL] It is a very simple Wordpress based website with only 7 pages. Any SEO addin can be used. I tried using Yoast but I dont know what I am doing hence want a pro to do it.

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    Hi, these are the desire outputs: 1. VBA code that convert...random dates c. ALL "1" values in the workbook to random number d. Formulas should NOT be effected AT ALL 3. an Excel addin with a new excel ribbon. a. one button for executing the first code 4. an Excel addin with a new excel ribbon. a. one button for executing the second c...

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    ...selected company logo (resizing it to keep it in same space) and make it a combobox showing logo, company tax id and company name, to change the currently selected company, addin the option List, to see all the companies permitted for the current user. 9. Invoice email groups. Current user can create email group to send the invoice created to the customer

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    ...Expert who is familiar with Magento to help to export a product feed to CSV File. This is for the purpose of marketing on other price comparison websites such as Google Shopping, Shopbot, PricePanda etc. The quantity of our products is less than 500 SKUs. The CSV File should contain certain fields which will be informed after confirmation.

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    We need an application that open CSV file and change the columns of position. 1.-Open a windows 800x600 with browse button that search csv file on computer (get path of file) 2.-A second button that allow save file (get path and filename) 3.-A third button with name “save” that when you click on it read origin file, move fields of position and save

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    i have a project written in core native php 7.0 and mysqli i have a report to generate a csv file for a certain date, the report is not working. i need someone to fix the report, so that when we choose a date, the records for that day are downloaded as a csv file. If you can fix this for me, there is a lot more work on this project. Please don't

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    Hi Deyan N., I noticed your profile and would like to check your interest in developing an addin for revit that would block editing of the description parameter, both within the project interface and in the editing interface of the family I need an estimate of the time and cost to be able to prepare the proposal for the client. We can discuss any

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    Szukamy osoby, która będzie w stanie oprogramować kilka dodatkowych przycisków jako AddIn dla programu Revit. To konkretne zadanie polega na dodaniu przycisku, który stworzy parametry współdzielone rzędnej krawędzi górnej oraz krawędzi dolnej dla prostokątnego otworu w ścianie łukowej (otwór tworzony za pomocą funkcji którą można znaleźć na ...

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    I need to be able to take data from a csv file (sometimes just 10 lines, other times up to 1200 lines) and auto fill the data into a courier company client website portal. Build to be done for Mac.

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    I need to have a program where I can upload a csv file, run it and get the calculations described in the upload file. The csv always has the same columns.

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    ...for standard set of addin from wordpress or similar products 3- this is for hotel industry in India, would be targetted for people work in Hotel industry 4- I am looking for knowledge transfer as to how would i maintain the site after it is developed. 5- There should be a way to add multiple job seekers in one go using excel or notepad 6- i am looking

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    ...We are looking to expand the product line at some point. I am currently using Woocommerce and Wordpress as a platform for the website, it is currently integrated with many addin stripe, ebay & Amazon to ensure that the site offers the best experience. The Parcelforce shipping is done manually at the moment Requirements I need a company that is able

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    Create a small program there you you can select a top folder and you will get all files in a list with folders as shown below where . The program would hand...will get all files in a list with folders as shown below where . The program would handel unlimetid of levels of strukture all files bellow as shown , it can provide a CSV or a Excel file.

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    Freelancers required: I want to find a freelancer to start doing the csv file for me. Project detail are as follows: Project description: prepare a csv from different raw files. the csv will be used for uploading to ebay. tasks qty in SKU basis; 1 SKU => 1 row data total data file for 8000 SKU is required, will be run by batch. 1st

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    We need help in writing a Microsoft Outlook addin.

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    I'm looking to have an add-in created as I have tested many and not found any that match my requirements. Here are some of the main requirements. 1. Save email to SharePoint online document library 2. Request content type / metadata for unknown file (i.e. an attachment that doesn't already exist in the library) 3. Suggest a save location based on rules (from address, subject, cc,...

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    Create an WooCommerce addin to link woocommerce to Parcelforce, see attachment. Should be two way follow using SOAP/XML Create automatic shipping label and return label. Display tracking via the addin Close order once item delivered Notify of delays Auto calculate for shipping different countries Configure countries covered for shipping

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    Hey, would you be interested to write an Excel add in? The kind of functions I want mimic those in this video: [login to view URL] And the api from which you would pull data is this: [login to view URL] We can start by a small prototype and keep adding features in subsequent projects. This project covers the prototyping

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    The website i am looking is a job portal w...pay for services for Job Seeker and Employer 3- There should be a payment tracking mechanism where i can track who made payments and verify. 4- Looking for standard set of addin from wordpress or similar products 5- this is for hotel industry in India, would be targetted for people work in Hotel industry

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    im lokin to add somme modification on somme software addin me own Protocol +auto update have like 20flash to modifie im lokin only for the best tanks for understanding

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    I'am looking for a software developer to assist in the development of a MS Word add in project. The application developed should be able to review documents and based on a series of rules (which I will provide in a specifications document)

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    Please see attached document for detailed project description.

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    I want to export all my products images and categories from my old website and upload to the new csv to my new site.

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    ...module for a photo script in php developed with the framework Lavarel. [login to view URL] The Module shall: - Import CSV files with column: file name, tags, author and source. From a directory (eg Folder_root / folder1 / [login to view URL], Folder_root / folder2 / [login to view URL] ... - Must perform scheduled

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    Use this addin for Firefox (or any one not important to me) to auto fill this page syracuse > for sale > general for sale - by dealer > Also shown in the attached image. It has the following requirements.: Can be completed immediately 2 Text fields Postal Code and Phone Number 1 Dropdown field Condition should select "new"

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    I need an excel spreadsheet with a macro or add-in that will pull the status of a USPS tracking number and update the column next to the cell with the current status of the tracking number. Since the spreadsheets contain about 5,000 tracking numbers monthly, a manual option is not feasible. We used to use ShipTrack addin which has recently stopped

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    Abount GIS Esri Addin ArcMap

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    Automation of data entry from csv to a amazon vendor express website. also includes adding sequential pictures from a folder. PhantomJS, selenium, ubuntu, linux.

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    Only Experts in Excel & VBA Knowledge in Custom Tab onload, Application events required. More details over the chat.

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    I need to install this extension on my Opencart site ver. [login to view URL] I have already purchased this extension. N.B. I need a professional who gives me a job invoice.

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    ...where I can upload a 3 column CSV (contains user email, course ID, and course access duration in days) to do the bulk assigning. You can accomplish this in one of two ways, either (1) create a WordPress plugin that does it all automatically, or (2) create a plugin or software that converts my CSV into WPLMS-friendly CSV for import, so it would map

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    I have an excel macro that sends emails and calendar invites. I would some added features - like a text box showing what is being sent before I send it (as a final check). I also have a new add-in in Outlook that I would like the macro to populate. I cant send the addin, but can find the ids in the dll. Budget is A$10

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    Job Description The task is to create a csv file with a large number of questions and answers relating to the Python programming language. Each question must have: 1. A unique question id 2. The body of the question 3. The correct answer 4. Three other incorrect but plausible answers 5. A ranking (beginner, intermediate or advanced) There

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    ...set-up a excel spreadsheet which can 1. access pre-defined web-pages with desired financial market-data (such as Yahoo/QuadL/Google Finance, or other websites) 2. These market-data will be either 'delayed 15min' feed, and/or historical data from the web-sites. 2. Scrap/download/extract the data from these web-pages 3. Copy these data unto an Excel spreadsheet

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    We have a monthly .csv data center usage report that we generate that needs to be easily ingested into Zoho Books so as to generate automatic reoccurring invoices within books. We need an easy mechanism to know if someone has added/deleted a customer, server, policy.

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    I have developed a microsoft addin that I would like to sell through office store. In my understanding, this is a best way to monetize on the addin. I need someone to help setup the office store to sell addin along with working on trial and paid licence on it. I have no experience/knowledge of adding relevant licence framework. Need someone who

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