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    sy ingin mencari kepada sesiapa yang boleh tolong kan run project sy ni.. program da .exe tp, xleh nk run cleaner and restore. please, need some help. direct contact qaiyum 0176633924

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    Web scraper 6 hari left

    i want to create me an aplication .exe with python

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    i want to creaate .exe program

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    Hello, I've created a game that has several files. I'd like to create a mac-compatible version to allow players on apple devices to play. This is not a mobile app, this is a desktop program (.EXE) that uses game files.

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    I want Dev x unity apk to full source files & Scripts unpacker, if someone can provide ne the software or extract source code for me at low price then please let me know [log masuk untuk melihat URL]

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    Commercial VPN solution 4 hari left

    Hi, we are looking for an outstanding development house to build us a class leading VPN service the service will be a centralised CMS solution that will serve multiple websites 1-1000+ the project will allow us to sell to end users as well as become a vendor t sell to resellers. The CMS solution should allow us to create and add new websites to connect to our servers and we can select w...

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    We have a software written in VB and we want to launch as Android application

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    GUI based Trading API bridge 1 hari left

    Trading API bridge to support 3 brokers Place orders, track order, read order book Read signals from already available python code Final delivery to be .exe file when the user can authenticate and connect to our server Should interact with our AWS server to authenticate users before placing trades Automatic generation of access tokens once the program is started. Developers with similar backgroun...

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    Need a LabVIEW service project that integrates Top Shelf ([log masuk untuk melihat URL]) as a Windows service helper, this is to replace NSSM which is included as an example. It installs any LabVIEW built applications as a Windows service. Required functions are install, start, stop, restart, get status, and remove. Create a launcher exe that installs the included [log masuk untuk melihat URL] as...

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    Contact me for Manual, Automation, Security, Performance, Compatibility testing activities- Web, Mobile, Desktop, Exe

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    build a big project with c# and vb.net

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    This Job is to build 2 different forms in HMTL and PHP: General Requirements: 1) You must be highly skilled in PHP Contact Forms with PHP Mail. 2) The Forms are to be HTML Responsive and laid out in " display: inline-block" (Label and Input Fields on the same line). 3) You will build the latest validation and security into your code. 4) Email field names are shown on the attachments. ...

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    I am looking for senior expert that can restore a exe program.

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    I need a username and password to be added to my exe program I made the program needs to be setup using a username and password and also in order for the user to be able to login they will need a key to activate the program the database needs to have a SQL database as I will be hosting the database on a server to AUTH users if you can't do this don't bid on this job as i have posted ...

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    Hi! We need application (library) which will securing audio files. This securing should be based on addition data to audio, without affecting the quality. Use case: 1. We are firing this library passing parameters: type of work (encode), path to audio file, text which should be added to audio. 2. App create new file, with additional data. 3. We are firing library passing parameters: type of work ...

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    I am new to Intune to a certain degree, I want to get hands on training on how to setup software deployment installs with .exe, msi, apk, etc, using intune for Windows OS Hosts, Android devices Tablets, Mac's, Iphones, Android Phones, and the Company Portal. Configuration Profiles and just a solid hands on training to get m up to speed with really knowing the different enrollment processes,...

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    Decompile an exe app in .NET using DevExpress. Clean errors - allow recompilation with updated references

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    I need a code in VB.net to automatically download email attachments and print them from a Gmail account. It must also download the content of the email and print that as well. The attachments will mostly be pdf files. The software should only check UNREAD emails. Once an email has been read and printed, the software should mark it as READ so that it is not accidentally printed again next time. ...

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    Hello i sell a snipebot crypto. If you know the crypto it will be easy to use. I will deliver with the .exe a pdf to explain you how to parameter him.

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    Third Person Game Project, High Quality & Using ALS. I don't want anything complex, I just want a playable .exe packaged folder of a good looking map with a high quality character moving with ALS and that's it.

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    I need to create dummy software with few buttons working and showing loading status. If you experience to create exe file please contact me.

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    I need a logo created for some browser software that is vector and png in different sizes (all raw files provided). It needs to be supplied in any size that you would need something like a Firefox/Chrome logo for browser, taskbar, desktop exe etc. Very simple project, and I have the exact two logos I want to combine and manipulate. I want the shape and colour variations of the first logo, but m...

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    Im looking to get the text data from 3 very old software programs into a CSV or plain text - something usable today. History The software in question is from mid 1990s. They were CD ROMs with births deaths and marriages around Australia. They were executed each disc at a time - so you put one disc in, and you ran the EXE on that disc and search the data on that disc. To search a new disc, you...

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    Below are the requirements of the software 1. web based software or an exe. Reference Links: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] [log masuk untuk melihat URL] [log masuk untuk melihat URL] 2. The exe when runned the exe. file should not be in the system 3. while running the exe the file should contain an ID and password to run the application 4. The id password should be changeable 5. The software...

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    Build a script Tamat left

    Here is the problem: I can only type one amazon asin number in my amazon account one at a time. Yet I have hundreds of asin numbers to check whether I have the right to sell on Amazon. So, I want a script, better in an exe format Funcitons: 1) Load a list of Amazon asin numbers from excel or csv or txt 2) Type into an Amazon account 3) Showing the selling right

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    Sila Dafter atau Log masuk untuk melihat butiran.

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    I have ready the Python code and I only want someone to test it and then create a PC application that will run the code, either from the command prompt or to create an application (.exe) in order to run it from different computers or even possible to inform how to create a live streaming

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    I have a Visual Basic program which is written a long time ago. I lost a source code and want to decompile it from exe. It's written in VB6.

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    I have developed desktop software that is in C# and has software licensing that will enable me to prevent people from distributing the .exe. Currently people download the software to their PC's. We do want to also put the software in the Cloud on Windows 2022 server and create USER Logins to access the software on the Cloud. Here is the issue: How do we prevent the one user sold from g...

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    We need tanimation files to be compiled with mp4 videos to make single standalone exe that can play our lessons. Skills needed are flash cs6/adobe animate ....this is time bounded work so please bid if you have done such work in past.

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    Django to exe Tamat left

    Convert any django project to exe file and send me the same.

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    I have a folder containing multiple .txt files of the form that I attach. I want a simple program that will erase x rows from the bottom of each .txt file in that folder. I will specify the path of the folder and the number x, hit 'Run' and the program will do the job. It is a very simple .exe but I need it within the following few hours for sure.

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    I need a program that creates Crypted EXE which must be fully undetected by all anti-virus programs. Pay attention to NOD memory scan! - It should not require any additional libraries - Should be written in C++, C, or MASM - Source should be provide with it - Should be undetected during scan and while running - Encrypted strings - Unique stub generator/polymorphism some compression algorithm...

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    I tried to convert the py file to exe in order to open the app but when I do that the file won't open I copied and paster the photo used inside the code in the "dist" file but still, the exe file won't open. I need help to understand the error and fix it

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    Hi all I need data processing in some csv files. I provide some input files and need scripts that manipulate these input files and create output files. The desired solution are some .bat or .ps1 script files. If your solution requires to install some programs, exe or dll you need to specify that in your proposal and later deliver those programs with your solution. I need also to see the source of ...

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    convert exe to msi for SCCM or Seamless installation

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    1) cisco UCSC-C240-M5S server 2) OS Ubuntu Server 20.10 3) Mono package (to run .exe applications and run web server) 4) Soft to work The essence of the problem lies in the Mono package (, after starting the software, after 5-6 (approximately) hours, everything starts to slow down and hang, access to the web interface is carried out remotely. After entering the "killall mono" ...

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    Create exe. screensaver for win 10 from a video .avi file. Must be easy to install and video must run without jumps or jitters.

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    3 bida

    Video of Problem: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Example Product: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Note: You CANNOT gain access to WEBSITE Cpanel Until you ACCEPT the Project Note: You may Need to use a USA VPN to access website Platform: Wordpress Shopping Platform: WooCommerce Problem is variation is not showing price and is missing the buy it now buttons.

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    This project is about to deobfuscate a .NET app. Required deliverables: *) .NET completely deobfuscated, i.e., *complete* C# code must be seen in tools like dnspy, dotpeek or JustDecompile. The deobfuscated program must be 100% working. I need human-friendly names of fields, properties and etc. *) Documentation of how to get the deobfuscated EXE, i.e., which tools and methods were used to deobfusc...

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    Check diagram image 1-Linux is proficient in any operating system version, 2-You can make changes in the kernel while the server is running with shell script or exe in the linux that they dominate, 3-Create the second root and encrypt the first root with the standard password we set, 4-Able to set up an automatic Virtual Machine (VM) and create a lower layer with a shell script or exe, 5-The cre...

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    I have a ready adobe AIR app. I want my adobe AIR app & adobe AIR to bundle to exe executable file.

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    I need a file, [log masuk untuk melihat URL], for upgrading my proliant server, could you provide?

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    I need a file, [log masuk untuk melihat URL], for upgrading my proliant server, could you provide?

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    1 bida

    I need a file, [log masuk untuk melihat URL], for upgrading my proliant server, could you provide?

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    build a 2 D unity game similar to this one: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] consists of 8 boxes, user has to click on the box that changes its image (only 1 box at a time) then another box changes it image, and so on.. after the time is up, display how many boxes did the user click on -there is a background image for the game -The game will be 2 rounds -each round to have a time limit -after each ...

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    video editor Tamat left

    video editor for gaming montage,funny,exe etc

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    TOR C++ Client Tamat left

    Buying C++ source code for TOR client - connection to TOR and download one file It must work with new v3 onion domains Visual studio c++ 2008 express project Release compile option with all default libs ignored, linked with [log masuk untuk melihat URL] from win200 sdk, so the compiled file works fine on all windows 32 and 64 bit to keep filesize small as possible Pure TOR protocol connectio...

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    Trophy icon Create file format icons. Tamat left

    I want it to look something like this for example [log masuk untuk melihat URL] but you have to make it your own do not download other people's work. You can see they have a transparent background and the white file icon bent at the top right corner with gray file logo then colored label with the capital letters file formats. That how I want it. I want it to look nice and professional. Size:...

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