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    saya ingin decode/decrypt 1 file yg di encrypt/encode menggunakan ioncube. dan script harus berjalan/work seperti seharus nya

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    Hello everyone, I will need a someone with knowledge of javascript decryption for demonstration purposes. The exact details and data will be sent on chat Deadline 27/9 Budget $40 USD

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    We are seeking Laravel Experts. What you’ll do - With PHP at its heart, our world comprises of (not limited to) PHP 8 (Laravel v8), Gitlab, Docker, PostgreSQL, Terraform, VueJS 3, Bootstrap v5, and AWS to realize our vision, ensuring our products and tools embrace the frontier of innovation: - Designing, ‘debugging’, and writing code for a growing network of medical researchers...

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    Looking for programmers to build Templated Smart Contracts. In essence, once proof of concept is completed I will require multiple updates and ongoing support. The initial round (proof-of-function/concept) will need to use the Blockchain's security protocols. We will need the ability to create multiple contracts in the future. I would want to save a cryptographic signature of a document or f...

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    Cryptography 4 hari left

    Write a program (in a language of your choice) that gives the user options to encrypt and decrypt with DES and AES. The program should further offer the user to select a block mode from the options: ECB, CBC, OFB, CFB, and CTR. Your program should be able to work with any length of plaintext message. (b) Test your program and record the results in a table that shows the output for a corresponding ...

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    cross function 3 hari left

    I encrypting data in golang and I need help to decrypt in swift.

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    Project: Create a Windows console application (written in C#) that takes an encrypted hex stream (captured from a packet), decrypts it and extracts string information from it. Decryption methods are provided. Background: I am a player of an old MMO game. I working on a bot that will keep track all of players currently logged into the game. When a player in the game requests a list of other online...

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    Connect to server(one time action) User login Download encrypted pin codes Register Pin Codes request(Card number, Card picture, Beneficiaries picture or ID picture -> Save in the device) Decrypt Pin Code using decryption code received from Web App Synchronize to the server(Send all requests, download pin codes decryption) Decryption Pin code. Open Support Ticket

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    Hello to all developers, and welcome to my project, I am seeking a C# programming specialist with extensive experience in Windows forms and able to update my current project with more features than it already has, I will be encrypting the design documents via pgp public key so you must have one to successfully apply for this project - sign the NDA and the IP as well other criteria and as well a...

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    I have a password-protected HTML/Javascript file that runs self-contained in the browser; the code is used on a recreational game site that I own. Some text is encrypted and included in the file. I need someone with good skills to see if she/he can retrieve the text (decrypted). Entering the correct passphrase will decrypt the text and display it on the screen. Can you access the encrypted text? H...

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    Took a course and the instructor set up some challenges. Can you help? See below: Fresh Keys Per Transaction This challenge is to implement a solution to a possible attack vector which tracks a public key’s usage throughout many transactions, and attempts to decrypt its private key. A solution to this, is to implement a wallet, that creates a fresh set of keys on every transactions. It&rsqu...

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    hi want fix one old script to encrypt and decrypt same variable using private key with rsa + base64

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    I need to find someone to help me decrypt files encrypted with Lqqw virus. Thank you,

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    Hi Ivan K., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. you can decrypt .json file?

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    I need someone to write a python program to decrypt https traffic using any library you like, eg scaly.

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    Hi Shanawar I. 1 - Create API for the Current application (Secure API) + integrate it with applications 2 - create GUI design to fix the responsive issues (Application should be responsive in all screens) 3 - Auto update (user will get notify for update the app and they can update by clicking one button and application will direct update). 4 - Application should be work offline as well to view d...

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    Please decrypt the document to Swedish. If you can decrypt the first pages, I will assign you the job.

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    Want to make module to encrypt and decrypt using cryptojs for secure api connection

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    Hi, I have a gd proxy player script it's written in PHP language and I want someone to add some new features and modify my script. features I want to add. 1. I want to embed any kind of video (MKV, Mp4) 2. I want the feature to decrypt any kind of video link. 3. I want some specific supported website (only link copy-paste work)

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    Hello, [log masuk untuk melihat URL] this link explains the whole process. (Translate page to English) . My gig is about decrypting game assets. I need the game documents to be decrypted not the game itself. I want a script that decrypts audio files, graphics etc. from this game. Encrypted assets look like this: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] [log masuk untuk melihat URL]

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    We need you to convert two .NET methods into equivalent java methods. The simple methods encrypt and decrypt. I can provide php and .NET sample code. Please check the attached file. Method#1: generate sha1 hashkey using iv and salt Method2#: decrypt the hash key and show same params I will pay $20 for this job if you can delivery in next few hours.

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    Hi, I have an anime website and I want a player for my website. So I can easily embed video links manage. I want a powerful player that can easily play any kind of video format link mkv and mp4. I want player manager same as gdplayer script and Decrypt any type of encrypted video or links. I want some supported websites So I can easily embed videos from supported websites.

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    We are looking for a simple java script which will do the following: 1. generate a hashkey based on few parameters 2. decrypt the hash key and show same parameters We will provide the sample .NET source code to follow. Looking for someone who can complete in next 1-2 hours. I will pay $10 for this

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    Hi I want someone to decrypt MAKOP ransomware or MAKOP virus. Feel free to contact me. I want to finish my files tomorrow.

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    Need a developer for the following project. Support for EVS audio codec 1 Introduction A .net DLL and/or Com DLL to support decoding of recorded audio call with EVS codec. The idea is to build a .net DLL and/or Com DLL which can run on Windows (x64) platform and capable of decoding recorded media using the EVS codec in which it was recorded. 2. Key information PCAP file has all RTP/SIP for a c...

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    Hello this is to decrypt a QR code and modify the information

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    Hello, I want you to make a private server for the game called Idle Heroes I managed to decrypt the xxtea encrypted codes of the game made with cocos2d .lua .png .plist

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    - Implement the RSA algorithm. Suppose a company decided to use the RSA algorithm to encrypt their email communications. The content of the emails are purely text, and all the messages are in capital letters. You are asked to implement this program in Java or C++ to encrypt and decrypt emails for this company. The two prime numbers p and q are given as 13 and 23, respectively. You must find the pu...

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    Need a developer for the following project. Support for EVS audio codec 1 Introduction A .net DLL and/or Com DLL to support decoding of recorded audio call with EVS codec. The idea is to build a .net DLL and/or Com DLL which can run on Windows (x64) platform and capable of decoding recorded media using the EVS codec in which it was recorded. 2. Key information PCAP file has all RTP/SIP for a c...

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    help in crypt decrypt function in webpage

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    Looking for someone to decrypt my files which were affected by Neer ransom virus.

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    For a project; Reverse engineering and decoder are sought for PHP and .SO files encrypted within the PHP Script software. Looking for a developer to provide reverse engineering services to decrypt files encrypted using PHP, Phalcon, Curl, Zephir ([log masuk untuk melihat URL] ), zend. We are looking for experienced friends in PHP, Phalcon, Curl, Zephir, Zend and Linux. cURL, Linux, PHP, Softw...

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    Hello good Morning. I need to decrypt a ruby ​​file which is a sketchup plugin. is it possible to get the source code somehow? so I can improve it and create a new one?

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    Hi Arvind K., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. I have a sketchup plugin that I need to decrypt in order to get the source code. can you help me ?

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    I have a very small project in which I need to encrypt password in the [log masuk untuk melihat URL] file. I will be also needing the steps to decrypt the same.

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    This APP is mainly used for external users to open our encrypted files. Before user opens a file, the APP need to check control policy and apply controls to the user (e.g. allow print, copy, screen watermark), in order to prevent data leakage. - User login function - Connect cloud policy server to verify login and document control policy - Decrypt the file and make sure the user cannot take that...

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    Perjanjian Kerahsiaan
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    Hello, I own an authentication API and a customer of mine needs a Lua API wrapper, an example of how to communicate with my API in Lua. It needs to be able to send POST HTTP requests and decode the JSON response, as well as encrypting the requests and decrypting the responses. I have an API wrapper in C# if that would be of any help for reference [log masuk untuk melihat URL] The encryption is a ...

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    I'm looking for someone to convert from PHP to Node the following functions. This should be a pretty quick task for someone who knows cryptography and JavaScript and PHP. I have attached the PHP functions, so please review them before responding and only respond if you know you can convert these to Node.js

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    I got a ransomware attack on my files and they are in .zzla format. Will you be able to decrypt? File Size 30-40mb

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    I need you to decrypt a encrypted binary video file

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    I would like to convert this java code try { Crypto crypto = new Crypto(secretKey, hmacKey, userId); { String encrypted = [log masuk untuk melihat URL](plainText); // encrypt message String decrypted = [log masuk untuk ...

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    We do email marketing but affilate give us supression list in md5 hash which we can not suppress from our [log masuk untuk melihat URL] some suggestion or create a platform for md5 decrypt

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    WECHAT Backup file open and convert to Excel (Windows) or any other readable format In the readable format, there should be the contacts and the messages and optionally, media files. I got the the initial Wechat Backup 5 files from different PC backups. - [login to view URL] - BAK_0_MEDIA - BAK_0_TEXT - BAK_1_MEDIA - BAK_2_MEDIA I need the chat history and the contact information, the medi...

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    I would need to recover the password for an encrypted BIP38 private key for a bitcoin wallet. I do not have info about the lost password. When I created the wallet series I was very new to Bitcoin and I thought I was creating a random string to help the wallet program to create the private key encryption. Unfortunately i have no additional information regarding the password. There is also a 3 BT...

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    Hi all, My laptop is affected with " .iqll " ransomeware and all the files in the system have got the extension ".iqll'. I'm unable to view them or use them. I want someone who can fix this and help me with removing the ransomeware and decrypting the data in my lap. I'm from India and I pay for this. Intrested and folks who have already worked on this can contact me ...

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    I need to encrypt and decrypt files using the openssl library in C++. I use the following for encryption to run in shell: commandToRun = "openssl enc -aes-256-ctr -pbkdf2 -salt -in "; commandToRun += in_fileToEncrypt; commandToRun += " -out "; commandToRun += in_fileToEncrypt; commandToRun += ".enc -pass pass:"; commandToRun += in_password; I use the followin...

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    [WINDOWS 7] I have a wonderful folder protection program called Hide Folders This program protects folders with a password, but it doesn't protect them if the drive is removed. I want a different program. I want to protect in such a way that there is a password and protected folders on the removable drive. When you connect a drive, I want to encrypt or set a password - enter a password or dec...

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    I want a website/desktop application that offers securely sharing data and messages to the people involved in our organization. It must have the following features: 1. Signup/Login 2. Add friends who use that portal 3. Upload photos/videos/text files and encrypt them 4. use a 2nd password (key) to encrypt them which will be sent as a text message to the receiver who will use that same '2n...

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    I want a java program to encrypt or decrypt a plaintext message/ ciphertext using RSA. Encryption: Users can enter the public key e & n value and the plaintext message. The program will output the result in hexadecimal digits. Decryption: Users can enter the Private key d & n value and the ciphertext hexadecimal digits. The program will output the result back into plaintext. Example: You...

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