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    Saya pembuat aplikasi dekstop dengan menggunakan Delphi

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    Für unsere bestehende Software, benötigen wir jemanden der die Software pflegt und nötigenfalls erweitert und verbessert. Gerne als Remote..... Quellcode vorhanden. Aufgrund der Sprachbarriere bevorzugen wir jemanden aus Deutschland.

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    I want Dev x unity apk to full source files & Scripts unpacker, if someone can provide ne the software or extract source code for me at low price then please let me know [log masuk untuk melihat URL]

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    I have a .NET project, created to find Products, stored as items from a SQL Database. This code is functional and have some properties which was not developed yet. We need to convert the source code into Delphi 6 language to integrate with another legacy application wich is under use in the sales point. We prefer Indian developers to the job.

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    Tenho um sistema e preciso chamar o cliente no celular e gravar a conversa com vídeo e áudio, preciso dos fontes para incorporar ao meu projeto principal, os clientes atenderam por celular, a matriz usara ambiente windows, a gravação tem de ser mp4 e enviada por IP ao servidor local. Preciso do tempo de desenvolvimento e o valor

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    Fix issue with delphi edgebrowser not displaying content on RAD studio

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    I want to make an application that contains Tedgebrowser and a button that will log into a website

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    I have a windows application written in Delphi and I want to change the twebbrowser component to chromium whilst retaining the features and functions of my original application.

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    Add click webpage Counter to existing Delphi App

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    Hi Aleksey, Have you kept up with your Delphi translation of the Nikon DSLR library so it is on the current Nikon release version with the latest Nikon SLRs? I assume you just did a translation of the header files so the library works the same way as the documentation and examples, it's just in Delphi pascal? Thanks...

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    Consumir webservice con autentificación tokenuser (usuario/contraseña) Código en delphi para realizar conexión con webservice y consumir una función. Seguridad WS-security. Encriptado AES256 GCM Interesados contactar, mando documentación y url webservice para pruebas con usuario y contraseña.

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    Im looking to get the text data from 3 very old software programs into a CSV or plain text - something usable today. History The software in question is from mid 1990s. They were CD ROMs with births deaths and marriages around Australia. They were executed each disc at a time - so you put one disc in, and you ran the EXE on that disc and search the data on that disc. To search a new disc, you...

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    Make revisions to existing DELPHI app including JAVA

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    We are looking for someone to compile the 32/64 bit dll's and dylib, and provide a delphi unit that can interface with the LCMS library [log masuk untuk melihat URL]

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    I am new to Rest API calls and would like a new program with just one button to make a get request to a website and display the results in a memo field. I can get it working in Postman ok but cannot get it to authorise using RestRequest. Probably really simple but I cannot see it. A quick project that would help me to see how you do it. Website API Get [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Authorizat...

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    I have a Delphi FMX program that fetches data from a REST server and displays it in a grid of cards. We need to make 2 small changes to it now. We would also need to make some other changes and phases to this project down the road. Set me your offer, don't bid above 300, and include the word BlueMagic in your offer. I would then send you a link to more details of the project.

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    $250 - $750
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    i want to create QR code from Delphi 7 project and paste in crystal report by save QR in database or anything ** anything will do over Anydesk ** QR Code accept Arabic language and English

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    I want the attached python codes convert to delphi codes Delphi and python examples are attached. Python codes work fine. i need delphi applicatiıon, I want to get same result using delphi

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    Hi Ugur C.! I've accepted the proposal to work on https://www.freelancer.com/projects/delphi/Extract-Microsoft-Word-Thesaurus/details at the end of July, and have to inform you that I completed this task today (25.08.2021) at a much lower price. Thanks for your attention.

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    Need to port a small .dll from Delphi (RAD studio) to C++ (MS Visual C++) Sources will be available for review in chat.

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    Al Salmu Alkume , How are you today , I need to make HR project , and we need to know the price . for your information . i will help you in project analysis , my description in the project are you should made project by Delphi language 10.20 , Unigui and fast report , before the agreement i need to see your works you did by Delphi program, best regards

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    Hello developers, We have a browser web app called PDQ ([log masuk untuk melihat URL]) that needs an update. If you have worked on app-cache to service worker type projects before please respond. I wrote the backend server in Delphi and the Web App uses some AJAX, Get and Post to talk to the server. This conversion should NOT require any of this part of the code to change. 1) Convert an ex...

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    seeking a part time developer to maintain existing code and work on new modules and reports. preferably familiar with version 5, 7. as well as firebird database and has 5 years of experience. Software is an accounting, stock control, and production.

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    I have 2 Delphi units this I will like to convert to JAVA/HTML The most inportant is call BtnPanel The other unit is call SqlAccess. I am using Eclipse and JDBC to access Microsoft SQL Server. I have upload Msg2 for if you want to see the code in it.

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    Saya membutuhkan program Delphi 7 yang berisi prosedur untuk mengolah suatu data dari beberapa Kurva sbb: Input: 1. Jumlah Kurva (NKurva) 2. Tiap kurva berisi n data koordinat x,y [x1,y1; x2,y2; .....Xn,yn) Output yangdiharapkan: 1. Sebuah Kurva yang merupakan superposisi (penjumlahan dari semua kurva), berisi data koordinatnya (x,y)

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    C# Basic Code Tamat left

    I Wanna Just Basically, Convert My Code To, Powershell Or Delphi.

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    25 bida

    We need someone to create a unit that allows the Delphi Firemonkey CanvasD2d class (windows) to allow clipping paths. (On Direct2D it may use push/pop layers) While windows supports this operation, it is not exposed in the Delphi Source. Also, it should be preferably done as a class helper.

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    Upgrade Delphi Tamat left

    Hi, I need to upgrade old project of Delphi to new latest version of Delphi. I am not sure what version of Delphi it is, but its quite old as it was on Windows XP. Database is also older (Oracle 6). Project has a lot of forms and its split to multiple projects.

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    Hi, I am looking for some assistance in establishing a connection to AWS IoTCore MQTT broker from a Delphi VCL application. I presently use TAmazonConnectionInfo to connect to AWS services such as S3 but I cannot find any example Delphi code to show me how to use the AWS IoTCore service. I use Delphi 10.4.1 Sydney and Overbyte ICS & Overbyte ICS SSL components for TCP socket connections bu...

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    I would like an interface that will allow my Delphi 2005 point of sale software to talk to a Chinese C++ dll in order to obtain the caller id. The documentation can be found here - [log masuk untuk melihat URL] The caller id is returned by the ChannelStatusChanged heartbeat (Login -> Heartbeat in the documentation).

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    I need a developer that can convert me a delphi function for my vb.net project.

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    11 bida

    Hi, I need simple application to monitor up to 4 folders. Good WinAPI and multithreading delphi programming experience is must have there. I don't care on GUI look - just does not matter here and for testing can be any simple since it will be part of other solution.

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    12 bida

    Need onsite IT Support L1 x 2 1 in Sydney 1 in Adelaide Needs to have Knowledge and Experience in these areas: - Good command of written and spoken English - Technology savvy in and familiar in computer systems (e.g. Microsoft Operation Systems, Kronos, Opera Cloud, Simphony Cloud, Citrix, Delphi, Wincheck, Sun Accounting System, Office 365, etc) - Familiar ...

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    Hello, I need a simple program that will validate HTML and return me list of errors, same like used in [log masuk untuk melihat URL] but native in Delphi. You can use any open source libraries out there to complete the task.

    $10 - $30
    $10 - $30
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    Link verilecek ne istenildiğine dair

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    6 bida

    Build solution to Automate image comparisons of Parts from Delphi v Drivcat. Deploy on Google Colab 1. UI to Input Part numbers into Delphi site. 2. Output - Collect data and image and Fitment/part position details from Delphi site. 3. And Input Delphi Outputs into Drivcat site. 4. Drivcat Output - Collect data and image and Fitment/part position from Drivcat site. 5. Download data as Excel

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    1 bida

    I need an excellent Delphi programmer with a lot of experience with FMX Android (and maybe Apple). I would assign you small task to solve which are over my knowledge limit. Fast reply, flexibility and good communication skills would be requiered. Paid hourly. Only looking for single developers - NO TEAMS

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    15 bida

    i have program compiled by Delphi 7. And I need to disable 1 button with debugger. you have to tell the RVA address where to disabled it. Need someone who have experienced with it.

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    9 bida

    A Delphi desktop program that will keep track of employees, their personal details, the responsibilities they have, etc. This is a program that is based around event management, so if you have a better idea, please let me know. Needs to be linked to a database with at least 2 tables, CRUD operations need to be catered for, a text file can be used if needed, and there can only be one integrated pro...

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    J'ai commencé un logiciel Delphi FMX (qui fonctionne sous Windows dans sa première version) et je veux le mettre aussi sous Android. J'aimerai quelqu'un qui m'accompagne pour faire la mutation. Ensuite, selon la cohésion, il est possible que je fasse appel à vous pour les évolutions à pratiquer. Je souhaite faire cette mutation Androi...

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    We have a piece of software that we use to scan water samples and match them with barcoded outlets that is written in DELPHI. We would like to change the software's programming language to a more modern language. .

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    I will provide source HTML and other files for a Windows HTML CHM Help file. Convert all sources into project to build with eWriter ([log masuk untuk melihat URL]), providing all files to build source into ewriter file, including contents, index etc and consistent modernized formatting ready for use with Delphi application as for the original. The original compiled CHM file is attached. Please gi...

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    BACKGROUND ---------- We need to add a simple communication layer to an old Delphi 6 app to allow it to exchange messages and files across a local network. No security or login required in this task, since we will add that later when we incorporate code from this tast. So perhaps we have Computer 1 running this Delphi app, and Computer 2 is running another instance of the same app. One POSTs text...

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    I would like an interface that will allow my Delphi 2005 point of sale software to talk to a Chinese C++ dll in order to obtain the caller id.. The documentation can be found here - [log masuk untuk melihat URL] The caller id is returned by the ChannelStatusChanged heartbeat (Login -> Heartbeat in the documentation).

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    This is a large, complex graphics editing program, for the medical industry. Must be well versed in Delphi and Microsoft Visual Studio C++. Must be a Delphi expert with at least 4 years experience, and have the Delphi 7 and Delphi 10 compilers. The program is in Delphi 7, must be converted to 10. It uses GR32 which could be a problem with Delphi. We will want to add a few enhancements to the exist...

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    Implement in Delphi 10.4 or compatible, a custom visual control called TPTZColorBar. Please see the attached screenshot as it could look like in an application. The color bar is used to hold between 0 and 10 elements or blocks. Each block has its own color, border color, focus color and focus border color. In a normal state, each block is drawn using its defined color and border color. If the mou...

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    Implement in Delphi 10.4 or compatible, a custom visual control called TPTZProgressBar that is to be used similarly as TProgressBar in a VCL application. Simply put, the multi colored progress bar shall look like the progress bar in Firefox browser's mobile version. For reference, attached are two screenshots showing the Firefox mobile browser loading this website. Notice the colorful progr...

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    I want to make an android interface application in delphi rad studio to remotely connect to the database on a global server. I want to place my database on the server and make connections with rad studio.

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    Preciso de um desenvolvedor delphi que tenha experienca: 1 - extract software images to mount an identical copy 2 - web browser 3 - communication with webservice more details will be sent via chat

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    Je développe un projet de gestion des animaux (bien avancé en FMX) et je veux le passer sous Android. Je bloque : l'application passe sur mon tel, mais rien n'apparait à l'écran à part une jolie flamme rouge de Delphi ...

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