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    I want a logo similar to this, but instead of an “M” it will be a “W” The W should have a color fade similar to a flame ( see attached cup color ). I want some unique and a different font. This is for a custom motorcycle and truck shop. Thank you

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    Hi, I need to make VFX for my short movie. I have a footage of a balcony, where people are standing and I want the balcony to fall and then there will be fade out. I am willimg to negotiate the price and answer to your questions

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    i need a move brush in order to manipulate the mesh at runtime. there is an asset in the [log masuk untuk melihat URL] that is not allow to use brushes at runtime. you can examine the asset below: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] as you can see they created a sculpt window and you can manipulate mesh as you like. i need your help here. -first you should create a brush and user can adjust the brush ...

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    I am a worship pastor and I need an mp3 player for pads I play in the background while I play guitar. All players I have don't crossfade when I advance to the next pad. It only stops abruptly and then starts the next, abruptly. I need a simple MP3 player with this functionality: 1. Load songs from my drive. 2. Place them into a playlist that I can name. 3. I need to be able to move song ord...

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    Champ Website 5 hari left

    Need to build one page responsive website. To Navigate project images: Click right side of image to go to next image / Left to go previous -Curson turns into an arrow To Switch Projects: -Scroll down to fade to next project / scroll up to fade to previous project -Alternatively, click on respective up and down arrows (see attached example) -the window should not move when scrolling. Please see...

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    We need a freelancer available to do this work over the next few hours. Please do not bid if you are not able to start work immediately. There are 4 screens needing editing (refer to attachment) The only add on to this template is we need a website to fade in under logo on last screen.

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    I would like a video very similar to the one below, but probably in the 45 second range. I will provide the content, but believe it will be a relatively simple project. I need it completed by Thursday afternoon 9/12 at 9:00pm EST. The link to the video is [log masuk untuk melihat URL] The pages (transitions to a different screen) for the video would be as follows: • 1st page&m...

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    Good evening. I am looking for someone willing to proofread, and if necessary slightly edit, a 14,953 words screenplay and a 713 words synopsys. The screenplay has already been edited two times, so it only needs a final polishment. The vocabulary used is extemely simple. The screenplay has been written on Fade In. If you do not own the software, you can download the demo version on their site:...

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    Trophy icon i need an artist 3 hari left

    i have this oc she has black hair that goes down to a pink fade her clothes resemble Lolita fashion i will be using this for my YT channel that i hope to start in the near future her favourite animal is a jellyfish and a wolf i want there to be a title SilverKurage she is curvy but thin at the waist, she has a cutesy smile but she is cunning. i want stars and water to be involved in some way. have...

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    this project is based on Digital Signage Android player. this player should play videos, pictures with fade transition. the player should read a playlist to how to play the content. each content should have a start date and time and stop date and time. all the content has to be store on the android device. the Android device have to connect to an online server to chack if a new playlist is availab...

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    I already have the logo in 2D but i also want a 4K size version of it, and i want to make a 3D one but i need it to look simple and colorful which will make it stand out on screens. Our logo is Glass looking and its a mixed color of Purple, Blue, & Pink. i need the logo to be around 8-10 seconds long & in Full 4K 4096 x 2160 Second 0 to 6 The logo will fade in and gets bigger but very s...

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    See attached logo concepts (there are 2). Recreate as vector logos. Option 1: 1. Remove window 2. Remove Silver Chimney 3. Remove the fade aspect on Net Zero and make it a solid colour right across 4. Possibly a couple more minor revisions like this to satisfy the client then we are finished Option 2: 1. Change the colour to black for Net Zero construction 2. Change the lines above into Blue(lig...

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    I am wanting a fade effect implemented for my sold out variants on my product pages.

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    I need a new website. I need you to design and build my online store.

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    Need a developer fluent in react.js and jquery to implement the new design of my website (2 pages) for desktop and mobile, fully optimised and smooth animations and transitions. Details will be discussed further. I want the site to feel like [log masuk untuk melihat URL] (as its a product for apple), which means it has to be very smooth and react well (with window resizing, different mobile siz...

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    Looking for a text editor that auto formats specific templates for fiction writers. The application needs to have an intuitive GUI and auto formats and has auto complete for repeating elements and characters element. Needs to support the following Script formats: Screenplay Teleplay US Radio Drama BBC Scene Stage Play Format Graphic Novel Format (in this link: [log masuk untuk melihat URL]) I&#...

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    I want to create a gif that has a linked transition between each play of the gif so it wouldn't look like cutting into the next play but rather connected without cutting or fade in transitions. In short I want a gif in loop without noticing any transitions. Here's an example of precisely how I want the gif to be like: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] (( If you can do the same from the exa...

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    I am looking for someone to create a animated glow c# script for me. I downloaded a few from asset store, but they dont work as expected. If you know one let me know! This still should be a simple script so dont expect to bid high. Here is what IM looking for. I should be able to drop a UI canvas, then a UI image or a UI button. Attach a sprite, I will provide the sprite for testing. All I need ...

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    I am looking for a website designer and coder to design a Pole Vault Club website. Website design Style: Simplistic, timeless, rich, luxury design (Not looking for athletic based website designs) Font used for “pole vault” in logo: Quattrocento (if this helps) I have the logos completed and a rough mock up for the homepage (I would like for the homepage/website to resemble this desig...

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    I have 235 videos (numbered), I need to extract from each video 2 images, its means all the videos its of exercises, I need to extract images of before and after of the movement. All the images must to extract from the premiere (there is a button that do this action), they need to be in PNG format. every video have number so the images will be in folder of the number of the video. except that from...

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    I have two images and I need certain objects faded out of them over time. Leave 5 - 10 seconds between each object being faded out. I have attached a PDF that has the mages that need to be faded out. I also have a dealine of COB, Thursday 29th August 2019 (Brisbane Aus). Thanks

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    I'm looking for a person who can animate a logo for discord that depicts a rocket flying across, trailing smoke. Once the rocket has passed, I would like to have the smoke form into the letters "NW" and then have the color fade in. :)

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    32 bida

    I have a super urgent request 1) a CSS white vertical line same height as text next to text (either left or right) in the middle of the screen. 2) A zoom parallax effect to some images 3) Transition between pages (fade into load image page, open new page) I need this done tonight and work on it together live.

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    41 bida

    I need to change my black blazer into white and fade the background. What will the cost be?

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    Trophy icon create a design Tamat left

    Butterfly design in attachment 1 and ‘Karla Gambell Bodies’ (attachment 2) as the steam of the branch from attachment 1. - cursive font for ‘Karla Gambell Bodies’ similar to Attachment 2 Can the colour fade from white to pink on the butterfly wings. Can the background be black please

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    I have a .mov file that I need the first 34 seconds clipped out, an intro image added with a white background that fades into the start of the video where we clipped out the beginning, and at 1:36:23 it should fade to the black outro logo that's already included (seen at 2:07:27).

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    14 bida

    Create an app that menages and allows users to play quizess. The App is consisted out of 2 parts, the admin dashboard part which can be only accessed through login page and the front part which allows anonymous users to play the quizess. Admin page needs the following functionalities: -> The path to all admin pages is /admin/ and all pages require the login to be accessed -> USER CRUD sect...

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    15 bida

    I am looking for something like the tool slice-image in python ( [log masuk untuk melihat URL] ) But I want this tool to act a little different. A: I want to be able to specify the size of the sliced images. For instance if the high resolution image is 8000x8000 pixels I want to specify that the slices are 128x128 and the program will figure out the rest. B: I want the slices to overlap by aroun...

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    21 bida

    I am looking for a Unity3D & Spine developer with expert experience. I am not looking for someone to learn, but instead someone who can work with me 1-1. I am a 20+ year developer using c# .net. I need someone who is quickly and effectively can write scripts for me on the tasks assigned. Explain the scripts if needed. This person should be familiar with 2D work and will be helping me build ou...

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    19 bida
    Trophy icon Lion and wolf design Tamat left

    1- a Lion with a cool haircut combover or fade and beard 2- a wolf in the same way with a cool haircut maybe a combover and a beard. They do not have to be full body of the cartoons it can be just neck and head. I also would like it in png format black, white, and gold. These will be used for merchandise hats and t-shirts

    $65 (Avg Bid)
    45 penyertaan

    1- a Lion with a cool haircut combover or fade and beard 2- a wolf in the same way with a cool haircut maybe a combover and a beard. They do not have to be full body of the cartoons it can be just neck and head. I also would like it in png format black, white, and gold. These will be used for merchandise hats and t-shirts

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    25 bida

    Hello, There I need a Genesis Child Theme Expert. I need custom customizations but need It urgent if anyone can do it within a day. Thanks My requirement, I've this theme: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] My theme alrady have these functions: Category Archive Grid Display CSS animation on logo Smooth page transitions Scores a 91 out of 100 with Google PageSpeed! 5 home page widgets with cu...

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    22 bida

    I am looking for someone who can create a video testimonial sample, with a logo, and name of student. I will go with the best entry. Files are uploaded. Send me the link of your video. Theme is learning / courses / language / English. Should include logo, music, student name: e.g. Alex - China - Foods Manager. Duration less than a minute. Video samples I send you to use will be less than a minut...

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    edit a video Tamat left

    Very simple project. I have a 150 second 'talking heads' video - and towards the end there are two short sections that fade to a black screen. I simple need those two sections cropped out and the talking head video faded out / in with no loss of sound.

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    32 bida

    Hi Md Nurul Amin, I have 10 product photos (tiff files). Editing that needs to be done: - white background - removing date stamps (some photos) - add small shadow in the bottom - remove/fade flash light /white paper reflections Would you be interested?

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    1 bida

    Please have a look at our website: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] As our background is not in web design or development we just wanted to throw something together to link to our domain. We am looking to change the design a bit but still keep it simple. Small things like backgrounds, headings and usability. - For the home page we just wanted a photo of Melbourne cities skyline and our company log...

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    128 bida

    We need Animations in Form of fade in and move in of Objects entering the viewport based on Sections. The Object not moving all at the same time, sometimes with duration between them. The Project is based on npm. Something like [log masuk untuk melihat URL] can be used. Eatch Sections and its animation is written down in our gitlab instance where you need to checkout the project and track your tim...

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    41 bida

    Looking for a template design for an upcoming event that can be used on social media. The template must include: - Words "2019 SEDA Cup" and "August 12 - 14, Sydney" - SEDA Cup Logo (Attached) - You can revert this to white in AI if you like Ideally, we would like a fade so you can still see most of the original image however we are open to other options. Attached are some ex...

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    I require a logo, icon, business card for a recruitment company. This logo needs to be used on a website, linkedIn, e-signatures, brochures and business cards. It needs to be clean, contemporary and professional. The business name is quite long, so I am looking for a iconic version with a focus on the letters IC which make up the name: Insight Connection 1) The icon version to be used w...

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    Video Editor Tamat left

    Interesting in Travel Video, Highlight and Footage. Creative. Good at Color granding, Transition( marking, luma fade,...) and other effects.

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    19 bida

    Create images by merging provided photos and quotes using the style guide attached. Pictures to be cropped to IG Post size, and IG story size 50/50. Fade photos as necessary to create contrast and increase text visibility. Total of 100 images with quotes.

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    Book Cover Tamat left

    Hello all, Let's get started. So i finished my first book and i'm looking for someone to help me create a book cover. I know what i want and I'm looking for the right person to create this for me. You can download image file to help you understand what i want. But here is a detailed description. There will be only one person in the image -Guy on the book cover must be in rage ...

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    70 bida

    A web page when you scroll down shows a fade in sticky header in Chrome and Firefox except IE. In IE it does not show. I need a quick fix for this. Also, the search icon shows modal in all browsers except IE.

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    27 bida

    I want someone to animate the below area: Show a flight take off from the outside map area of Sri Lanka and fly over to Singapore map forming a heart shaped route in world map. Then zoom into showing a text which says "Singapore" And then fade into white background which which should show two people holding hands and standing in front of empty white space Now the people should stay...

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    6 bida

    I have a business that needs a logo. The products we provide portray humor as well as dedication to the sport of lifting. Imagine Push animals in the gym working out, almost "Care Bear" like. I need a logo that is not gimmicky and wont fade out of stye. That logo needs to be simple and plain enough to look good small on the left shoulder of a shirt or large in the center. I have two exam...

    $80 (Avg Bid)
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    57 bida

    My neighborhood needs a t-shirt design. I have the basic concept down but need an GRAPHIC ARTIST to really make it look GREAT. I also want the "Houston" text to be layered and the other items to be layered as well for future edits VIEW VERY DESCRIPTIVE PROJECT TASKS: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Second Video with Illustration (ROUGH) of what I'm looking for. [log masuk untuk ...

    $100 (Avg Bid)
    31 penyertaan

    Hello Stephanie , hope your going well , I’m Emilio , I have a project which I need to have six pieces of jewellery turned into 3d , they are small pieces , all are rings but I have 30 in total so would like to organise a time that you come to my bourke street office at 575 Bourke street Melbourne and I will meet you in person and sit down and show you what needs to be done , if this doesn&...

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    1 bida
    business logo Tamat left

    it is a travel agency-operator site. it is named englobia and my idea is a globe/circle like the one mozilla firefox uses with a brush-shaped e letter with colour range fade from blue to purple.

    $27 (Avg Bid)
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    83 bida

    I have three projects: 1) Clean up the line in my consulting business logo (attachment labeled "Logo LinkedIn"). I had someone design this. But, they went MIA at the end. I need the line at the bottom fixed; move the circle more towards the right, fix the blue coloring, and have the gray part be more of an outline and "fade" towards the right. The BlueLine old line is sort ...

    $110 (Avg Bid)
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    108 bida

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