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    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed using Java.

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    More information will be provided in private.

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    Hallo Sven, wir suchen einen langfristigen Supporter und Programmierer für die Fehlerbehebung der aktuellen Fehler auf unserer Page, als auch dann für die Zukunft einen Supporter. Wir sind eine kleine Agentur für Ferienhäuservermittler im Mittelmeerraum. Im Backend ist das Programm direkt integriert. Haben Sie Erfahrung mit so etwas? Stichworte: MSql, PHP7, Ical Kalender, Zah...

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    Dear freelancers, my name is Melanie Schuster and I am planing to build up an institute of dyslexia and dyscalculia named "Institut für Dyslexie und Dyskalkulie" or short: "IDD". I am a studied speech therapist with a graduation of dyslexia and dyscalculia therapist, prooved by the "BVL" (german federation of dyslexia and dyscalculia). Short description: Dysle...

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    I need talented PHP freelancer to change a programm. I explain the needed modification. I have a program which query new SMS received in phone from android application and forward the SMS to list of numbers. If the recipients number are high, the phone encounter buffer issue as there is no temporization in the code. I want then change to send the message One recipient by one recipient (sequentiall...

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    Wir benötigen ein Programm, das alle verfügbaren Daten eines Amazon Seller Accounts über die Amazon Selling Partner API ausliest und als Web Frontend aufbereitet: 1) Backend Auslesen aller verfügbaren Daten unseres Amazon Seller Accounts über die Amazon Selling Partner API: Bestellungen mit allen Kundendaten Versanddaten mit Trackingnummern etc. Retouren Stornierungen Ers...

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    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed for Windows using Python.

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    i have an app witch ran perfectly on win7 but no longer runs on win10 HKLM/Software/Microsoft/[log masuk untuk melihat URL] root to point error (program no longer developed company bankrupt MINDWORKSTATION, audio program) i have all requared purchases legal receipts and cdkey So question how much will cost me to make setup or programm bootable again on win 10

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    Trophy icon Sustainability Icon 4 hari left

    We are a small family owned company specialized in the field of safety eyewear. Based in Switzerland with a subsidiary in Germany we sell our high-end products to distributors (f.e. safety product dealers, opticians) and directly to the enduser industries (f.e. pharmaceutical companies, industrial companies). A lot of our products are made of polycarbonate, PVC or other plastic materials. Ther...

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    I need a programmer which has experience with the Amazon Api. The programm should manage relist and reprice functions. More details in private Chat.

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    Odds Moneyway Tamat left

    Hey guys I am searching for someone who can make me a Programm where I can see all the money which is is put in SBOBET Bet365 and Betfair . I want to to see the biggest amount of a bet of a single person and the general money way for those 3 Bookies . I don't need the mainstream top 5 football leagues and the NBA .Rather smaller markets for basketball and Soccer . thank you in advance .

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    i have an old website version 1.0 that i need to upgrade to a new version that could run today. I want an offer regarding this project. The website is running now topic- in my computer-with uniserver. I have all pages working and all links between the pages-programm-login in joomla etc.

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    Writes a C++ programm "kopfstand" that reads in a file and outputs it in exactly the reverse byte order, that means the last byte first and the first last. The input file is specified as the first parameter. The second specifies the output file, which may have to be created again. Your programme should be able to handle input files of any length (that means you cannot simply load the ent...

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    Hi i did see you posted under another members post that you are Able to make cheat programm for specific game is that right ? I need a full cheat for the game "Ark survival Evolved" With Battleye bypass + updates ofc with the right payment.

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    hello ivan i need help with a c++ programm that reads in a csv file and does some data analysis. i would need it really quickly are you available at this time?

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    I want to use matlab for my business company and i am new to the programm. I search someone to do an introduction and i have following questions on my example data: swapping rows between matrices, plotting data, writing a function that fulfills simple conditions, writing a looping function to calculate grouped averages, and the like. Time for the screensharing: Today or tomorrow at 07:30 pm (UTC+...

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    I've made a programm that draws Data Flow Diagrams. I want to add tags to the shapes and the arrows and i want to follow the rules of Data Flow Diagrams

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    c++ Programm Tamat left

    Das ist die Aufgabe: Ein Naturforscher, der sich mit Wanderungen von Schnecken aus Brunnenschächten beschäftigt, möchte wissen, wann er sich auf die Lauer legen muss um die seltenen Exemplare zu sehen. Dazu muss er anhand der Höhe h eines Brunnens die Dauer t ermitteln, wie lange eine Schnecke braucht, um daran hochzuklettern. Das Problem ist allerdings, dass die Schnecke w&aum...

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    For an existing Programm II need Visual Basic 6 Code that takes the signature and saves it in a file. Thank you.

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    I need a program with some sorting algorithms in it.

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    I need a Mailprogramm for my own Purpose. Details in Chat.

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    Hello Sardar I need a small C++ Programm that can read in a .csv file and do Data Analysis. Are you familiar with data science and C++ or C?

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    Pixelsnake Tamat left

    ich suche ein Programm, mit dem ich bei einem normalen .jpg Foto die Pixel der Reihe nach automatisch verändern kann. Das soll sich dann so wie eine Schlange im Uhrzeigersinn drehen und das sichtbare Foto immer kleiner werden. Als Beispiel fängt das Programm oben links mit dem ersten Pixel an ändert das in Rot und dann weiter nach rechts bis die erste obere Reihe fertig ist. Dann g...

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    $37 - $307
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    Hi, I am searching for people who can generate me 50.000 € per month. If you di this for me I will take you in my Company. In my Company I sell high Price Software Products. I need People who can generate this Mount of money. You can decide by yourself what you will Do. The Best is with a Shop or a affiliate Programm. After this you will get a invite in my Company. In my Company you will get ...

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    Im Bereich Digital-Signage gibt es eine Vielzahl von statischen sowie dynamischen Werbeeinblendungen. Zudem wird das Programm über Infotainment aufgefüllt. Im ersten Schritt möchten wir den Inhalt "Lokales Wetter" programmiert bekommen. Die Programmierung soll über eine HTML mit notwendigen Skripten unter Verwendung der API von z.B. OpenWeather etc. erstellt werden. J...

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    17 bida

    basics for the university course need to be explained so that i can programm my own shopping list application. At the end you would do a code review and small corrections or guide me how I can implement them myself. I would prefer to use github for version control.

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    I am looking for an experienced Phoenix FD Artist who knows the Programm well for simulating fluids. All further infos I will provide! Thank you very much

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    6 bida

    Hi everyone :) We need someone who can support us with Microsoft Dynamics 365. We would like to configure together via Screen-sharing these things: 1. Groups: Some existing groups are not shown in exchange - we'd like to show them also 2. Notifications: We do get notification mails from teams which we don't want to have 3. Notes: Some notes which where created via teams are not shown ...

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    8 bida

    Hi people, I need an experienced programmer in automated trading algorithms. I have an API ready. Planned to to train and then test the strategy on the market with limited trading volume. programm Language is Python.

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    19 bida

    I need someone who can create me an Excel sheet for eBay Business Merchandise Managment System with following information: - Base Data: - Interested Persons - Customers - Suppliers - Articles - My Company Also these Informations should be included to each Customer here: Supply, Orders, Invoices, Full Name, Adress, Order ID, Article, delivery Note, History, Returns - Selling - Offers - Orders - ...

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    13 bida

    Für unser Jugendschutzprogramm/Glücksspielfilter inklusive Installation und Deinstallation benötigen wir ein passendes, nutzerfreundliches Design mit intuitiver Nutzung und einem passendem Logo. Bei Interesse senden wir gerne das Programm zur Übersicht und zum Funktionsverständnis zu. Vorab können Sie sich Screenshots vom Programm ansehen.

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    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed. For my company we use an agenda/planning program to book conference rooms. This software has an extended API. -I have a home automatic system. I want to receive a digital pulse 2 hours in front so the airco/heater will go on. -I want a welcome screen in the entrance hall, I’m thinking of a raspberry p...

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    Hi there, my name is Dominik Schleyer. I am from Germany. I am CEO of the JesterWorks GmbH but I want to start a new business for which I need to get a customized website developed with the following features. I already have the domain and would provide all the needed designs and the content. Accepting cookies feature Landing page displaying parallax effects ( 8 pages) Creating of a customer a...

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    looking for a programmer who helps me bulding up a small webside

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    Professional Programmer with good Knowlege of the Programm „Botchief“ by „Whitehatebox“ wanted. Understanding and changing cookie files is also important. Various complex Scripts must be created in „Botchief“.

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    3 bida

    If you do not understand anything from TOK or phylosophy pls dont take my work!!!! Also work need to be done today! Title 1: “Accepting knowledge claims always involves an element of trust.” Discuss this claim with reference to two areas of knowledge. Areas of Knowledge: Math and Human Science Two Arguments, Each of It must be opened from the perspective of an Area of knowledge For ...

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    Hello Community, we need a good reliable Programmer or Agency for programming our Dashboard. A other developer has make the Login Area and Settings- Page and a little bit from the design. We have attached the pictures from the Adobe XD Design.... we can send you a link from the currently site but the design and functions are not finish... And you must now make follow steps: The dashboard has an ...

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    Ich suche einen Programmierer / Entwickler, der sich ein kleines PHP-Programm ansehen kann. Dieses kleine Programm filtert aktive Kunden aus einer Mitgliedersoftware heraus. Das hat seit Jahren auch geklappt, aber seit zwei Tagen werden neue Kunden nicht mehr erkannt. Die Mitgliedersoftware hat einen Update erhalten, vermutlich steht der Status "aktiv" in einem neuen Feld. Ich mö...

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    We need someone to programm a crawler so we can find pre defined words in a homepage. For example: We want to find the details of animals we would go to [log masuk untuk melihat URL] and then the crawler must pic out the following infos - COMMON NAME: African elephants SCIENTIFIC NAME: Loxodonta africana TYPE: Mammals DIET: Herbivore GROUP NAME: Herd AVERAGE LIFE SPAN IN THE WILD: Up to 70 year...

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    Digitalsteuerung ohne Decoder in den Lokomotiven Die neuen Windows-Versionen lassen eine direkte Kommunikation zwischen Computer und externen Baugruppen über LPT und COM nicht mehr zu. Wir haben jetzt eine andere Lösung gefunden, die auch zukunftssicher ist. (Soweit man das überschauen kann !!) Eingesetzt wird jetzt ein Microcontroller von AVR, in den ein Teil des Delphi-Programms i...

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    Create visual basic program and modify it

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    Anhand von Adressen sollen durch eine einfache Google-Suche die Telefonnummern herausgefunden und in eine Liste geschrieben werden. Die Adressen kommen als PDF in einer Tabelle, in die dann auch die Tel.-Nummer eingetragen wird. Computer, Internetzugang und Browser werden benötigt sowie eine App/Programm, mit dem ein PDF geöffnet und die Telefonnummern darauf eingetragen werden kann....

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    Bildverarbeitung durch python und Pyside2 2 Bilder in einer GUI mit Scribble und Merge es soll auf einem Bild mit einem Stift in zwei Farben, gemalt werden konnen. ein neuronales Netzwerk zu erstellen, welches als Eingabe die zuvor ausgewählten Vordergrund scribbles die Hintergrund scribbles und das Eingabebild bekommt und auf diesem das als Vordergrund markierte Objekt segmentiert ...

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    Trophy icon Design 2 PCBs Tamat left

    Design two PCBs with EasyEda programm.

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    Hi, We need an Android source code application , in order to work with qualcomm chipsets on the android phones. The programm must decode and write Layer1/Layer2/Layer 3/NAS/IP/RTP data to log files as well as extract particular parameters of signalization in real time, decode them and send them to our application. Following particular parameters have to be delivered (based on many documentations...

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    We are looking for people who can rebuild [log masuk untuk melihat URL] We are having hello theme and elementor pro. Previous freelancer did not work too good. As footer are different on each pages, design looks to cluttered and not conversion optimized, global colors are not added etc. So we need this redesigned along with a about us page, partner programm page, case study and blog - fully re...

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    45 bida

    I need to compile C/C++ programm for a modified spectrogramm module in SoX application. The code already exists and all instruction are given in Github by the author. If you are interrested I can upload the links to the open source code.

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