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    Hello, We need customize already builded app in PHP for web video cutting... FOR THIS TASK U MUST INSTALL UBUNTU OR SIMILIAR .... NOT working under windows !!! sudo apt-get install apache2 gpac ruby php php*-pgsql yamdi mc ffmpeg gem install flvtool2 increase /etc/[log masuk untuk melihat URL] PHP upload limit in apache change /var/www/public and copy source direct to /var/www/html http:/...

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    Event company require to develop website etc

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    If you're an FFmpeg Expert and know plenty about video encoding/processing, choosing best presets, etc. then start your proposal with "I'm an FFmpeg Expert" and let us get this project started. Some Information you might want to know: - x265 - up to 2160p (4k) resolution - Highest Quality / Lowest Possible Filesize without using "Placebo" :D - MP4/Web Optimized Outp...

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    Design and develop REST APIs Frond end App os IOS app Integrate this App with backend PHP laravel framework App should be able to store and fetch data from Backend

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    I am providing a sample java code drawing a changing [log masuk untuk melihat URL] periodically. I want this code to be extended such that the painted BufferedImage should be streamed as an RTSP stream. I will validate the correctness of the delivered code if I can play the streamed video by VLC on another computer, if I cannot do this no partial payment will be done. Video stream should be multic...

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    I installed FFMPEG but can't enable shell_exec() (its disabled now)

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    We need a guy how can help us in creating a Cab Management Application in PHP and Javasript

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    prepare a dynamic html / php web page to replicate an excel tab with formulae pls contact privately for a sample xls file

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    Highly Skilled Developer With Good Coding Knowledge wanted to help complete company website. WATCH THIS VIDEO [log masuk untuk melihat URL] TO SEE HOW THE WEBSITE WORKS Skills Required For Site Modifications : CSS PHP JavaScript JQuery HTML MySQL DB PayPal Social Media FFMpeg There are about 10 Tasks to be done professionally!

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    We have a WordPress site which PHP version was 5.2 and WordPress version was 3.2. We upgraded the PHP version to 7.2 and WordPress version to 5.2.2. After upgrading version, site is not working and can not access WP-Admin. It shows a white page. Below is site url. [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Please bid if you have experiences on this issue. Need to fix this issue asap.

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    We are looking for a very good FFMPEG expert with a strong PHP expertise

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    Its an AVS theme i want a Embedded link upload system and theme has an issue on upload link button. And FFmpeg error i want to fix and one more error. I want full functionality like yespornplease website

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    Description:- # Multivendor Product responsive Image gallery Yellow pages (directory) # Multiple product category and sub category of products from multiple vendors are organized in home page and browsable for end users # Vendor login and panel to add profiles, products # Product tagging to category and sub category # Admin login and panel to add/modify details in pages # End user login for subsc...

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    Cron job shows me the logs. But FFMPEG library not working, create video file for preview because of any issue in code

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    Cron job shows me the logs. But FFMPEG library not working, create video file for preview

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    I need you to create a php script that will create a thumbnail from a uploaded video via a file form. You will not be allowed to save the video to a folder but you just has to work with $_FILES variable. I have this code for creating thumbnail from an image, I need you to write the equivalent but for videos. I will upload from an html form a video and then you should create a thumbnail from it (...

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    Hi Alecsandr K., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. I would need you to write some FFMPEG scripts.... to do basic conversion from audio files (MP3, WAV, FLAC, AIFF) to video.... we also want to incude an overlay screen with metadata.

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    I need a freelancer to make changes in an elearning website. Need this done in 2 days

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    Hello, We are building an application that will capture video data from a HTML5 Canvas and using WebRTC and intermediaries (FFMpeg, or a media server) broadcast this to YouTube live in RTMP format. We have some leads about how to do it but really are not qualified enough to implement anything. The best approach looks like this one : [log masuk untuk melihat URL] This example requires setting u...

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    Hello, We are building an application that will capture video data from a HTML5 Canvas and using WebRTC and intermediaries (FFMpeg, or a media server) broadcast this to YouTube live in RTMP format. We have some leads about how to do it but really are not qualified enough to implement anything. The best approach looks like this one : [log masuk untuk melihat URL] This example requires setting u...

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    We are looking for a windows docker team that can creat docker images with windows program that can be called by php request.

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    I need a PHP pro to create a forms creation program that allows me to create PHP forms with <div> <section> <fieldset> <legend> <h1> to <h6> <p> <page> <page-wrapper> <input> <select> <label> tags with the ability to style with css, or insert js scripts. I want to be able to set inline, stacked, etc for form fields. Would also...

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    Integration of user-facing elements developed by front-end developer - Build efficient, testable, and reusable PHP modules - Solve complex performance problems and architectural challenges - Integration of data storage solutions (may include databases, key-value stores, etc) Skills And Qualifications : - Strong knowledge of PHP web frameworks (Laravel, CodeIgnitor) - Must have 2+ years...

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    I am looking for 2 Middle+ / Senior PHP developers for a part-time job, but capacity will be growing in the future. Would have to do a few weeks first, then a few months and move on from there. 1. We will appoint a Skype call with a client to discuss all requirements; 2. Discuss our cooperation; 3. Start working on the project. This is the middle IT company from Dublin which looking for additio...

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    Ok python expert some languages setting up database also. Working with .mp4 or .avi other video formats, extract frames and generate gifs based on the SRT file timecode, use all available font types. Project should contain a few storage bins one for the input video files and an intermediate bin for the extracted frames and a storage of subtitle files with timecodes, so in order to merge the extr...

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    Hi. I want the programmer to configure FFMPEG to support Widevine (modified ffmpeg) decryption. I have 1. MPD file by URL (Video URL) - Stream type DASH 2. Widevine License URL - https: // drm .... /widevine/cenc/..../getlicense This bunch can be opened using an online player and view the entire mpd file - [log masuk untuk melihat URL] You need to configure ffmpeg (modified ffmpeg) to decryp...

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    We need to create a simple PHP Script. This script needs to do these things: Connect to external API to get next day soccer game statistic For example, next days is planned the match Arsenal - Manchester United We need to receive an email only if this condition matching the following criteria: 1) Check last five matches of TEAM A played at home (in this example Arsenal) and proceed to point 2 on...

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    I found you can modify FFmpeg to support windevine. I want that too but I have MPEG-dash link and license URL you can work for this

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    Create a PHP functionality to send a meeting invitation to Gmail and outlook email/calendar via PHP form. In the attached image file ([log masuk untuk melihat URL]). 1. In the Multi-select dropdown should show the list of emails. 2. The schedule should be a date and time picker. 3. Text area should hold the body of the email. 4. The email that is sent should send an email confirmation with Yes, no...

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    Fixing php 7 problems after upgrading from 5.6

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    Install FFmpeg on my bluehost website

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    Please try to add your experience, when your replying to my project,It would help me out judge and award the project Will help you out with source code to add below functionality to the existing code Below needs to be Items to be added 1. Create Multi School functionality from super admin login 1.1. Super admin should have a provision to the create a multiple school(i.e. branches) from super adm...

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    Minimum 1 years experience on Code Igniter Framework or any others PHP MVC Framework · Good Knowledge of Angular 2 and above · Experience on Bootstrap · Excellent on web technologies including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX Jquery · Very good knowledge of databases MySQL · Experience in common third-party APIs (Google, Facebook, EBay etc) · Strong debug...

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    This is an APP with flowers and animal selections and earn flowers and get star badges at different stages. Flowers are added into user bucket. Should secured, be easier to use, Nice and plain easy graphics, very easy UI/UX Compatible with latest Android release. An Android Studio project with crashlytics. ANDROID APP >Setup After Installation: --First time Help screen : With 4-5 configurable...

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    I have a transactions table to be modified for changes such as, 1) Amount and Dr. , Cr. to be in proper color ( Expense - Red (Dr.) , Income, Equity - Green (Cr.) ) and with 2 decimal points and $ value (e.g. $123.45). $ should be locked in so its not modifiable. And numbers entered should get appropriate color in all cases. 2) All fields should have reasonable width so that field value is visibl...

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    Hi i look someone who can build some thing like this. Simple single restaurant system, with a simple front page. add to cart products right side. the images on this project are a simple example. - Review and rating system - User-friendly checkout process - Payments trough mollie for online or cash on delivery - SMS / Email Alerts send email order confirmation, sms Kitchen Manager - View Proces...

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    My current software do following task ================================= List items to facebook marketplace with multiple facebook accounts. With one click, It automatic open chrome driver browser and log into facecook account to list item. It closes the browser and open again same browser to log into second facebook account to list item ============================================ I would like...

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    مرحبا كيف الحال ؟ احتاج الى تعديل على سكربت php

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    PHP WEBSTAE Tamat left

    PHP WEBSTAE new good server ka

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    need expert php developer to fix thing ..u can find attachment to understand. pls find the attachment.

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    I need to fix on php the apis. All apis need to work with android part. I will share in private chatting.

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    I am looking for the developer who can help me to develop pet shop sells application using hexagonal architecture in Php console base or web base is fine.

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    PHP DEVELOPER Tamat left


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    I need a script that can generate a video like the one bellow while supplying images and text in a folder or folders. [log masuk untuk melihat URL] The idea is this: I will have small videos( the parts where the woman is talking) - these are going to be constant (not changing). I need a script that concatenates the small videos above with new videos created by running small ffmpeg scripts that g...

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    I need some changes to an existing website. I already have a design, I just need you to build a website for my small business.

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    We are looking for someone to create a PHP function which will allow us to create / edit / remove Cloudflare 301 redirects via the page rules API. We are looking for a quick turn around on this.

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    Hi Please i need php developer to edit this source code [log masuk untuk melihat URL] all details can be described in private chat.

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    We are looking for a PHP Developer responsible for managing back-end services and the interchange of data between the server and the users. • Working as part of our lively and expert development team, as Lead Web Applications Developer, you will have a key role in developing, managing and delivering high quality web applications with additional responsibility for the technical quality of prod...

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    Hi, I have a software product developed in HTMP5, CI, PHP, NodeJS, Mysql. I need a PHP Developer with 4-5 years of experiene. Who can take care of all kind of programming tasks. I want this programmer to work with me on % bases instead of salary. The designer must meet these requirements. 1) Must be from Ahmedabad (Gujarat, India) 2) Must be able to come to my office 3) Must sign NDA and contra...

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    The project is a relativ complex network of websites in a shop and runs already many years. We are in good developer support but we maybe want longsome change it or supplement team. We are looking for a excellent developer with years experients in PHP, HTML 5, Opencart and also good in ASP, MVC, MySQL, CSS, Laravel, javascript, etc. The project is for long time basis because we have on this eve...

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