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    ...use for our website, social media, business cards, and other branding purposes: “Fit Again Now” About our company: We use hypnosis to help people who were once fit, who are now overweight, to become fit again. It is for both men and women. A big part of our marketing will be to help them get fit so they can take their shirt off and feel great, or wear short shorts or a bikini and feel sexy. Feeling confident with no clothes on! :-) We will be online at , and on Facebook and Instagram as @fitagainnow. Thank you....

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    Hello freelancer. I want to make a game like this: I want you to make exactly same feeling of gameplay and same color style. Please let me know how long do you need to make a demo? I will provide some assets for you to make the demo file.

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    We are looking for an awesome logo design to refresh the look of our cookie business. We specialize in custom cookie orders and DIY cookie boxes for any holiday and/or occasion. The name of the business is Doughpe Creations. We'd like our vibrant and passionate excitement to reflect in the logo that gives people a feeling of connection to not only our cookies, but our heart and love for what we do as well. I included the current logo we are using so that you can get a feel for what we have been using so far. We do like the clean and simple look, but we also want it to say a lot with giving the look of what we feel about what we do. Good luck!

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    Angel Butter is a unique premium massage formula. It can be used on any part of the body but it has the most incredible feeling when used on the feet. When you put on Angle Butter you literally understand what it feels like to walk barefoot on a cloud. It os AMAZING The logo should be fun, sexy and inviting. This is a luxury product affordable by all. The logo should not be so upscale that people think they can’t afford it. This should have a universal appeal but skewed towards women. CUTE, SASSY, SEXY, ROMANTIC, FUN. Only one entry if you provide multiple you will be disqualified from the contest. Thx

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    Trophy icon Invictus Latino Logo Design 1 hari left

    Seeking a graphic artist that specializes in logo designs for my financial literacy business "Invictus Latino" Colors Blue (dark/light)/Gold/White or Grey/Dark Blue/Orange. I want a logo that gives a feeling of aspiration or "invincible" "undefeatable"

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    *UPDATE 30.11* *If a fan is used, it should not be seen* *The design should be futuristic and revolutionary* Hello to all, I am looking for a design for one of our products. The design can be conceptual and creative. It can be a hand sketch or a 3D sketch. It is about a device that generates wind, more precisely a breeze. Both warming and cooling. The design should be based on the feeling that a gentle summer breeze or a fresh natural wind evokes in you. On the design level, I have further compiled the following guiding ideas: - It dont needs an owner, ist purose is unquestionable - Limited but not determited - The product is multifunctional (Also as design object) - The product is inspiring - The product is clear - The product arouses interest - The product is discreet - The pro...

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    I am printing a book for an instrument. Its almost ready, only a few drawings are still missing. In common there would be a need of about 10 - 15 drawings - the most should be in colour and in a childish, simple style. Please have a look to the files below to get an id...of about 10 - 15 drawings - the most should be in colour and in a childish, simple style. Please have a look to the files below to get an idea - those are from another book of mine. I would need a creative person, who does have her/his own ideas for motives. My budget is around 100 Euro. So, if you are interested, please write to me - then i will send you the total digital book, to give you a feeling where which drawings are needed. Please also note: Its nessecary to give me the rights for printing! Thanks for y...

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    The name of my company is " SecureThaBag " I am looking for a visual representation of that to be able to worn and known when eyes see it. I am looking for something t...representation of that to be able to worn and known when eyes see it. I am looking for something that can be eye catching but at the same time be respectful. My company is based on Credit and helping people become savages in learning how to master it. I teach financial literacy to high level individuals looking to learn how to earn 7 figures a month. My logo needs to represent that and give that feeling and vibe. I don't have a specific color for my brand I have locked into yet so I am open to different options for colors as well. Add some type of bag to it! That will make it look nice! Maybe a br...

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    I would like to create 12 to 18 pages website including the cover page to explain the coaching services I provide in addition to allowing the website visitor to contact me via e-mail. Corporate colors, text font, content of the website is already ready as a draft. Landing page should include an animated logo as well. The design of the website should give the feeling of young, energetic, business casual, serious but fun. It should also be user friendly. Website shall also include defined areas restricted to be accessed solely by defined users and myself in order to allow me to record certain aspects of client details. (Eg filled out forms, agreed contracts etc) I should also be able to provide electronic contract agreement process directly via website. I should also be able to see th...

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    Trophy icon The Best Travel Website ever! 8 hari left

    ...in both languages My current websites: I want to bundle Golf/Africa exisiting onto a new lovely space for my internet presence to live for a basic beautiful website where i can upload my stories easily when on the road - like selfcreating Blogs, integrating iwth YOutube for instance my budget is about € 5000 (gut feeling) If you can then add the best search engine I am ahppy ot go up to € 7,500 to € 10,000 but then we are talking about the website that does not cost millions in maintenance afterwards, is scaleable I want to have films playing in it easily what inspires me is: I am happy

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    We are a US based travel company that organizes trips to the San Fermin festival in Spain each year, better known as the Running of the bulls. Our current website is outdated and we are looking for someone to bring it up to date. We have hundreds of high resolution and incredible photos that we own to build around. This is a process we started with a developer but the project was abandoned....we are looking for someone to bring it up to date. We have hundreds of high resolution and incredible photos that we own to build around. This is a process we started with a developer but the project was abandoned. We have an idea of what we would like, but happy to work with a developer to capture their vision. The festival is a fun, high energy party and we want our website to capture that f...

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    PROFESSIONAL FRONTEND DEVELOPERS who can really adapt challenging UI. My demands are high, so only bid on this project, when you truly think you can do this. Automated bids will be ignored. ------...many companies will apply here, there will be like an application process, where startups present themselves and show their vision, what they did so far and so on. I will then take a look at the applications and get back to them. The whole website needs to have a great, smooth experience. The questionnaire needs to be good, too. So, there are This website should really give the user a good feeling of trust also. They should be like "if he can build a website like this, I trust him, that he can do that with my startup as well" If you are professional and believe you can d...

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    logo design 8 jam left

    the full name of the project is "buskinverse", meaning people can do the virtual busking in a metaverse ( virtual world) to earn virtual money. I want the logo design with the combination of 1. the word of "B", 2. the dollar sign "$", and also 3. the music sign. and color or whatever of the logo could be the feeling of virtual world, or digital world.

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    Trophy icon Logo for an online OCD course 8 hari left

    The business name is: OCD and Anxiety Online I have created a self-directed course for OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) treatment and have a monthly membership coming out soon. I need a logo to represent my business. Something unique and bring a comforting feeling. Soothing colors are welcome. I like the idea of the name being part of the logo. Ideas: breaking free from OCD Overcoming the monster Freedom from OCD

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    ...assess the impact of migrants sense of belonging while living and working in host rural communities. To define the various economic, social, cultural, personal and political impacts that Brexit has had on migrants in Scotland; and, to understand these impacts in terms of migrant’s day-to-day lives and belonging within Scotland. To assess migrant entrepreneur who are from the EU but are still feeling the xenophobic/racist impact of Brexit especially when considering rural belonging. To explore host communities’ attitudes towards migrants; particularly around concepts of welcoming or hostility. To assess the policy making from the perspective of Scottish government and to investigate such policies that seek to be inclusive and ‘welcoming’ are often (albe...

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    Dear all, This is just a simple pine script strategy based on 3 indicators. Please read ...something is not possible. For example the visualization of every trade on the graph including stop loss / take profit details. Due to negative experiences in the past and a lot of time wasted already, I would like to see/review a pinescript strategy that you have programmed in tradingview as a reference. Furthermore, I have made payments to programmers for the efforts they have done as i was feeling sorry for them, even though the quality of work was dissappointing. As from today I will not do this anymore, so if the final work is far from what is should be like I have experienced during the last 2 months, no payment will be made. Many thanks and I look forward to working with you. ...

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    logo for a jewelery site, the feeling should be something like rock meets romance.

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    Its not a project, but a private conversation between friends on relations & day to day related conversation. DOnt need any professional, but need someone who can translate my feeling & he answers , viseversa The meeting will be for 2 - 3 hrs in a hotel or restaurant in Dubai, on 26th Nov in the evening

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    ...this project is finished and ready I will put my own audio processing into these 2 procedures • Ad 3) The result of the audio processing in the procedures in section 2) will be transferred out via I2S port I put a few technical questions below that are key to successful work on this module. I shall appreciate if you provide your answers to these questions on chat. It will help me to get a good feeling of your skills and experience and avoid potential mismatch: 1) Do you have experience in development in Linux for Raspberry Pi or other embedded Linux ? What kind of projects have you completed ? What kind of development and debugging environment have you used in these projects (e.g. VSCode over SSH, etc) 2) How do you propose to organize the module – what should start...

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    Great surprise Tamat left

    ...have a website where you can keep yourself updated on new games and reliable opinions, no matter what kind of games you like. Besides the unbelievable cheat/hacks forum where we can find all kind of twisted hacks no one heard about. There are some tips I’ve never seen before. The articles are awesome, easily understandable even for someone with basic English which gives to the website a great feeling of a place designed for everyone. Highly recommended!!...

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    ...performance. When this project is ready I will put my own audio processing into these 2 procedures • Ad 3) The result of the audio processing in the procedures in section 2) will be transferred out via I2S port I put a few technical questions below that are key to successful work on this module. I shall appreciate if you provide your answers to these questions on chat. It will help me to get a good feeling of your skills and experience and avoid potential mismatch: 1) Do you have experience in development in Linux for Raspberry Pi or other embedded Linux ? What kind of projects have you completed ? What kind of development and debugging environment have you used in these projects (e.g. VSCode over SSH, etc) 2) How do you propose to organize the module – what should...

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    Trophy icon Design my mobile UI screen Tamat left

    Weve overall worked with 3 teams and none of them have gotten what we want and have been misleading with deadlines. I'm looking to hire someone for 40-80+ Mobile UI screens. (You must have a TEAM.) Because we are in sort of a rush. You don't need a team if you can work quick and prioritize our project. If you win this contest then I plan to work with you on all screens with your gi...with you on all screens with your given UI language. For this contest I want 2 screens to be remade / redesigned. 1. The marketplace (Example picture "Marketplace1") 2. The main screen/ user panel (Example picture "User Pannel") PLEASE NOTE: These screens are very rough. Please completely redesign them into what you think would look good. We're looking for a very profe...

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    My project is based on UI and it's on telecom based as i am not feeling well i need a freelancer who can help me

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    35 PE is a semiconductor company so an animation which somehow gives a feeling of high tech is good. With sound.

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    ...computer screen animations made for a horror movie. We need something to play on 3 different monitors... but the style of the text on each should be the same. Something like this: or the attached would be cool. RED is a good colour for this. I can be a little rough around the edges - trying to get a SAW type feeling to the screens. Technically I'll need all the files as MP4 (no sound). But they need to be videos (not just still images). SCREEN 1 - THE LIKES SCREEN This screen should always have NUMBER OF LIKES 0 That's the starting screen. But then I need

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    Some will purely be designs (so not based on real data) and some will be based on a set of data. Templating the design itself is a big part of the job. It needs to have some kind of handwriting feeling to it.

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    Trophy icon Logo Design for a Vape Brand 6 jam left

    We're in need of a Logo Designer to design a logo for our vape brand. The name of our brand is PB. It's a disposable vape brand. Our brand provides disposable vapes for adult smokers or vapers to quit smoking. Our vapes have various flavours, including menthol flavours, fruity flavours and tobacco flavours. It's all about vapour ...original. Here are the new requirements for the logo design: - It needs to be composed of two letters which are P & B - Adding some vape/clouds related elements would be awesome. - It can be a line art logo or simply just 2 letters in a good looking font with some inspiring design - Black & white will do - You can easily tell that it's "PB" when looking at the logo - The example of what kind of feeling and style we...

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    We are launching our coffee brand soon and we are looking for a creative name and tag line. It can be fun and creative, we want it simple and EASY to pronounce. See below. My Key Message: Immerse yoursel...launching our coffee brand soon and we are looking for a creative name and tag line. It can be fun and creative, we want it simple and EASY to pronounce. See below. My Key Message: Immerse yourself in the Colombian culture with a fresh and exotic blend One-of-a-kind experience for your taste buds. Invigorate your senses one sip at a time Sustainably sourced because we want you to feel good about feeling great Coffee names of other companies: La Colombe Blue Bottle 10 Speed The Boy and the Bear Copper Cow Coffee Devocion Please do not use the word Colombia in the name - ...

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    We are looking for ambitious financial due diligence writers with experience and/or strong interest in the rapidly growing DeFi space. Someone with strong research skills, broad audience delivery, and a good gut feeling for future trends are a must. Writing assignments will be somewhat short (under 3 pages) but well prepared and supported with citations and sound logic. Conclusions are expected to be groundbreaking and powerful. If this is of interest to you, we would love to see a portfolio with due diligence writing examples before moving to the next step. If a candidate has extensive financial due diligence writing experience but is new to DeFi, we would love to hear why they are interested in this growing space, and how they expect to leverage their skills and experi...

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    Headfelt XR Tamat left

    Headfelt XR is a new Augmented and Virtual reality production company. We have the general font, slogan, font and styling direction selected (see attached) Black and white are the selected colours We need the graphic icon created to best ...and also the soft material • XR = Extended Reality The logo needs to: • Modern • Tech • Simple • Primarily be a head or preferably the top part of a head • Be a simple black and white 3D image to represent the Spatial/3D structure of VR/AR content • The 3D image can be in sections or a mesh (like the samples) • Prefer the edges to be soft to represent the felt fabric • Represent the feeling of immersion • The sample font and layout is attached and to be replicate. • The provi...

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    We operate a cloud platform (file management, task management, user management, etc). The styles are centralised to primary and secondary colors palettes. We have recently redesigned our logo, and we need to review the platform colors element by element (per type that is). The objective is to give the user's eyes comfort and appeal, encouraging longer use of the platform without feeling board or tired from the colors. Inspiration: platform, and how they use colors.

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    ...in-depth research from different sources, especially, whom can use 4-5 different resources to write a content instead of using only one source. #3. Language has to be fluent and conversational. How to apply >>> 1) In your application, please illustrate why you would be an ideal fit for this job. 2) Also include samples of your previous work you did which is similar to this one, so I can get a feeling of your writing style. (Important) 3) When bidding place your bid for 1000 words length of content and time frame. Hit me up if you are keen! Thank you. ...

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    The photographer was supposed to edit them but she didn’t. I want some smoke and a cool background for these pictures. Make it darker and more Intimidating feeling. The ones of them being staged I would love for it to be a different dark background and it to touched up a lot.

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    I need a logo for Utah Adoption Law Center. It needs to evoke a feeling of joy and family unity.

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    The Pandemic has changed the way Universities engage with their students. There are still students unable to get back to University and this has had considerable impact on their learning and mental health. I want to develop an app that provides these students with a platform to record how they are feeling on a day-to-day and weeky-by-week basis. This could be done through the use of mood tracking with sliders to measure variables such as stress, happiness, workloads etc. Additionally, having a journal feature would help students note down important aspects of their day and they impacted their frame of mind. Having record of this data can then help students reflect and understand aspects of their learning that contribute both, positively and negatively towards their mental health. Fu...

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    Model needed for quick photo shoot - natural health vitamins / supplements. - Eniva Health, Minneapolis, MN. - 1.5 hour / Hold Vitamin products for Instagram and Facebook - Place: In a kitchen setting / Similar feeling to attached image - change to kitchen background - Location TBD - Pay: $60 Timing: Thursday or Friday, November 18 - 19, 2021

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    ...design a website, what we need to design a car designer, We develop apps for iOS and Android in quality native code and excellent user experience. We need a design for our website urgen, we need to design a website Mockup and also generate, We need a design for an Infomercial page that is selling spa pillows., We need a design for a lunchroom / restaurant. I ve attached some indications for the feeling of the lunchroom and a logo., We need a design for a one-pager, We need the design of two round labels for a natural product. The labels are to be applied in a metal can. I attach the logo o, We need to design a logo for our E- commerce multi vendors sell all kind of products. The name of our business [url removed, log, We need to design a Business Card & Promotional Flyer, We...

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    I want 2 illustrations/ drawings made. One that is of an letter with some threat indicators and one of a parcel with threat indicators. I have attached a file with a descriptions of the different indicators that should be drawn on the parcel and letter. I want the two illustrations to be in 3D and it should look like a drawing. They should have the same feeling/ theme. It should be saved as a JPEG and a vector SVG and have transparent background. I want the person who makes this to make it look credible and easy for the eye. It is ok to make it in coulor I want the letter and parcel to look like swedish letter and parcel. the letter should have a the orange code and the text postnord in bootom (see link: ) The

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    ...meditation. Ex: Begin to wiggle your toes, can you move each one at a time? Can you make them dance? Can they move in slow motion? Now let them be still. And then move up the body (ankles, knees, thighs, waist, belly, chest, hands, wrists, arms/shoulders, neck, head, etc) Once the meditation is complete, I would like for the book to address the monsters yawning, snuggling in their blankets, and feeling calm/sleepy. The purpose being to finish the meditation by guiding them to a peaceful, sleepy state and ending the book. I would like for the illustrations to be simple - 3 little, cute monsters going to bed. Examples of the monsters are included in the attached images along with intended color palette. Very simple backgrounds, if any at all. focusing each illustration on the mo...

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    We have a poker event on Friday November 26. We want to create an invitation that looks attractive so that people wants to attend the event. It will be a simple image that we can attach to our email invitation. The feeling should be glamorous with champagne glasses or similar. There should also be evenly distributed between men and women. But still, there should be a connection to poker with poker tables, cards or whatever you can think of. But.. the invitation should not show 10 men sitting with hoodies over a poker table with poker chips. We want to attract female participants as well and we don't believe that they will be attracted by such an invitation. The invitation should include the following text: Regent Poker Tour 2021 Atthached you can find an example from our 20...

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    ...from me and still has not paid it back.  A few days before all this happened with my common law Garth the squatter was listening to my conversation with my brother and overheard me telling my brother he owes me money and that he has to take needles every month, he got upset and threatened me. He left my home for a few days so I felt good. I thought finally he is out of my life, and now I was feeling safe in my own place. Now I did all of the cooking, cleaning, grocery, everything. Once he threatened me that was it done with him. I just want my 1850.00 back. He asked me not to tell my husband because his words to me if you lend me the money I would even sleep with you. Not cool he was always asking me about my sex life. Well Sept. 23, 2021 went to bed early because I...

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    ...opportunities. Design requests · Please design a logo that best represents the company as a brand. · Logo should include a symbol or icon. · Logo should include the company's full name and slogan. · Look and feel: modern, minimal, subtle. · Color scheme should not be cartoon-y, but also should not be too serious or dark. Subtle blues that signify trustworthiness, or green to convey a subconscious feeling of wealth and harmony will be most suitable. ...

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    Trophy icon Brand Logo creating Tamat left

    hello everyone! I need a logo design for my brand which is called "L'intérieur", "l'intérieur" or "l'interieur". This brand should express home, decoration, high quality, feeling good, comfortable & modern but timeless. The logo should also contain a symbol and not just a text, but I am open for all of your creations.

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    I would like a minimalist vintage bohemian logo for “Elle’s Stories.” I would like the color scheme to be a sage green with neutral color tones from the color palate I attached. I would like the text to be thin similar to the examples attached. I like the idea of a illustrated cactus or vintage camera in the logo. I would like the logo to be young and trendy feeling.

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    I plan to list some graphic as NFT. I have some image I just need you to turn them into graphic arts that I can list. 1. It needs to look great 2. Ambient background 3. Tech feeling to it. I have some basis designs, if you are confident with your design skills. BID

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    Female voice over artist in Italian. Artist must reflect a young voice (mid 20's to mid 30's) Tone must be moody, artistic, romantic and poetic. A script will be provided in Italian and in Spanish. The voice over is around 30 seconds to 45 seconds long and will be used on a ci...cinematic romantic short indie film. If you qualify please send reference. Do not reply to project if you or your team doesn't meet the requirements. Only female artists that can meet the requirements for tone and voice. Looking for native Italian artists only. For reference please see the two videos below from previous projects as an example. They are in Spanish, but will give you an overall feeling of what we are looking for:

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    We are a Skydiving Club in Athens and i want to prepare Stickers for our new lockers with all the Team's members. I want to make this a surprise for them since the Lockers i bought them as a surprise! I want the lockers name stickers to be close to the spirit of the Logo of the website (please check ). While the EN version is being prepared this week you can get the feeling of the Club. The different stickers i want prepared are the following Spyros Stellas Dimitra Rigas Douzenis Livanos Lego Packers Pilots Lego Kafasis Vassileiou

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    【 Overview 】 It will be the brand name used in crowdfunding (Makuake), which is mainly targeted at men in their 30s and 50s. We are developing PC and smartphone related products based on the concept of "multifunctional x latest technology for new common sense". Multi-functional and high-performance products through products are so convenient! I would like to deliver an exciting feeling like a child. 【 detail 】 Recruitment of naming brand names [Image of hope] ■ Brand target group Men in their 30s and 50s for middle to high income groups ■ Concept Multi-functional, latest technology, exciting products like a child ■ Merchandise PC, smartphone related products (mobile batteries, etc.) ■ Image Latest and future technology Multifunctional reliability I want to brag to oth...

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    Fiction Novel Tamat left

    Branching out from making and selling physical products to online platforms with novels and hopefully audio books. Really keen to create an easier passive income than slugging it out for 12 plus hours a day. My mother was a historian and is self published, unfortu...to create an easier passive income than slugging it out for 12 plus hours a day. My mother was a historian and is self published, unfortunately I do not have her written talents but have always dreamed of being published. I’m interested in a ghost writer who can write about past lives and our connections to the modern day. Whether we have been to a place or not we get a sense of knowing or a feeling that we have been there before and that link that’s deeply engrained through an invisible force but presents i...

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    Hi, Mohsen, I'm Thijs, CEO at Onramper.com. Onramper provides fiat onramps to wallets, dapps, and exchanges so users can buy cryptocurrencies in over 180 countries. We support about 150 cryptocurrencies, but we want users to be able to buy any token. For this, we’ll integrate DEXs, starting with Uniswap. I have a feeling you might be a great fit for the team working on this. We’re very excited to be building this, and will start Monday! Let’s chat before then to see if you’re a fit to join?

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