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    I would like a logo, for my company Sable Sex Towels. The sable is a ferret like animal. I have attached images. I would also like a mascot, which can be part of the logo somehow, but I need two images one with the business name and one with just the mascot. And I am not sure if I want the mascot to be the full animal or just the head. But this is a sex towel to be placed on a bed before sex ...

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    Logo for brand name "BlackFerret". Based on the Black Forest, where our origin and the origin of our company is. We embody Outdoor and Nature, as well as BlackFerret. We create Outdoor Gear, especially ultralight tents. Hints to the Black Forest should be recognizable in the Logo, especially a "fir", maybe also a "tent". The "ferret" should be the basic ele...

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    I need a logo Tamat left

    Need Logo for my game streaming page. A ferret with a parachute on and an assault rifle in hand. Also my name FreeFlyFerret.

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    Hi Miguel Antonio P., lets start new project for ferret bracelet

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    Disc golf tournament that needs a professional looking logo that incorporates a pga tour style aesthetic and a nod to a pole cat / ferret

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    We are trying to make a T-shirt and most likely hat company called Bandit. The company will feature animals that are endangered, with proceeds going to the animals. We would like a sharp text logo that has the a in bandit switched to a simply animal face. The animals being, red wolf, black footed ferret, and snow leopard. Attached is a basic idea.

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    I am creating a server monitoring site called NodeFerret ([log masuk untuk melihat URL]). I need an icon as well as a vector of the finished design. There are no specific colors that you need to use. The inclusion of a 'ferret' in some way would be ideal (digital art, not a picture of a real one). I will also be picking 3 winners. Looking forward to your designs!

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    Logo design Tamat left

    I am looking for a logo to be titled : East Side Ferrets We were thinking of it having a E on east to look like a road, The word side to be on an angle and the word ferrets normal entered. For an extra touch we were looking for a ferret to be on the left side of the writing with a cap on it with the letter E

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    Praphick 2018 Tamat left

    J'ai besoin d'un design graphique Arrosé par la Dranse d'Entremont, le val d'Entremont rejoint le val de Bagnes à la hauteur de Sembrancher. Avec la Dranse de Bagnes, la Dranse d'Entremont forme la Dranse qui s'écoule jusqu'à Martigny avant de rejoindre le Rhône. De Sembrancher, le val d'Entremont s'oriente vers le sud...

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    I’m looking for an A3 “movie poster” style piece. The main character (gremlin) in the middle with the other characters slightly behind him, like sidekicks or something of the sort. Written above them would be: “Crypto Gremmy & the bitty’s” (like a title of the movie). The characters would be as follows A gremlin [log masuk untuk melihat URL...

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    I am in need of a very short 10-15 second video for a facebook ad. I want to mimic the way that this ad appears to jump from post to post. [log masuk untuk melihat URL] If you cannot load the video, I have attached a picture.. I am promoting a Ferret app so I need an animation of a ferret crawling around, climbing across the bar or somehow interacting across the middle bar so that it jumps...

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    Trophy icon Design project Tamat left

    I need a logo designed. I am looking for a simple logo for my company KitchenKritter! Feeding your pets raw foods instead of kibble is gaining more and more popularity because of the low regulations of the pet food industry. At KitchenKritter, we believe your small pets deserve similar care. If Kibble isn't good enough for you or your dog/cat; why is it okay for your ferret, chinchilla, or su...

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    Design project Tamat left

    East side ferrets, e on east looking like a road, word side on the side a bit, word ferrets normal and a drawing of a ferret with a cap with a e on it

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    Trophy icon Create 20 Ferret Emojis Tamat left

    I need 20 Ferret Emojis. I want them in the style of the little raccoon that i attached but a tiny bit more realistic and if you can make them look better than the one i attached even better. Please do various expressions, then some with different bitmoji style sayings above them like HA HA, WHAT!?, Feed Me, etc. More than 1 winner may be awarded and if you are not chosen winner, i may still ...

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    Hi fbentancor. YOu were recommended to me by Alaedin. I need ferret emojis. I'm just sending you this project because it won't let me Private message you otherwise. What do you think are you interested? If so, I'd need to see a sample of one.

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    1 bida

    Here is the project. $100 for 20 animated Ferret gifs. I would like one digging, one eating or getting a treat, one doing a "war dance" with word Dook above(might need to google this one... it is their happy dance), Will send more requests today.

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    We need 10 of your best designed ferret illustrations to be used as emoij stickers . We want them to be sort of realistic but also cute and cartoonish. They need to be doing fun things. For example: happy sad crying excited etc. Person who wins this contest will be hired on to do 80 illustrations total. We are looking for realistic but still fun and cartoonish as the same time. We have atta...

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    Dijamin Sulit
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    Draw eight characters from our Dungeons and Dragons campaign in a "team photo" type situation. Cartoony looking. In front of a nice looking, Tudor style manor, with a HUGE mysterious looking tree showing over top the house. Characters Ki'tarnia (Female), the half-elf Cleric, she looks exactly like Natalie Portman with braided hair. Wearing steel plate armour with a blue...

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    We require a talented artist to create an erotic pose for one of our characters based on our existing artwork. Given the nature of the work, the artist must be comfortable working with NSFW material and production of such material. The artist must attempt to reproduce the art style found within the preview image of the character and the winning bidder will have examples of their work to prov...

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    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed for Linux using Python. Hi I am looking for help creating the worlds largest catalogue of bleps. All bleps are good bleps but I would like to pay particular attention to cat bleps, dog bleps, ferret bleps, and giraffe bleps. I need this done quickly but it also has to look good for my fans. This is my one sho...

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    Trophy icon Design a Logo Tamat left

    I need a logo for an android app I'm creating... It's name is Food Ferret.. I need an icon as well as a highres version of the logo. Its essentially a nutrition/fitness app. So anything like a muscular ferret or a ferret preparing food or anything along those lines would be perfect. I'm looking for preferably some sort of digital art. Not a picture of a real one.

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    Collect Data Entry based on clubs around the UK as discussed.

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    Collect Data Entry based on clubs around the UK as discussed.

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    25 bida

    Design a logo for a social media company called Ferret online. Looking for something elegant and classy, that will work online and offline. Oe or two colours with contemporary look and feel. Open to options on colours. Needs to be stylish.

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    GENERAL DESCRIPTION Mi SoftTech is looking for a smart, creative, enthusiastic and organized researcher/writer with a relentless can-do attitude, who sees problems as hurdles to get around, leap over or tunnel underneath. The positions responsibilities include aiding in book research, web writing, writing print ready copy for general audiences and continuous organizing, updating, maintaining and...

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    Ferret Online Tamat left

    Looking for a logo for online Social media company. Ferret Online. Design could include Ferret or not. Needs to be contemporary, modern, clean. Colours, open to options.

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    58 bida

    focus on the revenue recognition issue is because this is the largest area in financial statement fraud (~80% of all fraud dollars takes place here). And now we have moved from the SEC SABs general guidance (101, 104) and FASB standards, to the FASB codification standards: ASC 605 and 606. All of IFRS is about 2700 pages. Previous to the FASB codification, the FASB standards for revenue recogni...

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    This must be main logo of project, android App. And another bit rotating circle with Mr. Mouse inside. This will be for android App then App starts Project name "Mouse in House" We have vision of running mouse in the circle (wheel). Update Nr1: 1. Please be in mind no need any letters or words like "Mouse in House" just logo, Logo dosnt have nothing similar with mouse in...

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    I would like to hire SEO for my business project from my web site : [log masuk untuk melihat URL] - Optimization - Keywords researches - Social networks My website is dedicated for the french -speaking market. It will be better to get a french SEO from my enquiry. I look forward to hearing from you. Yours faithfully Denis Ferret [log masuk untuk melihat URL]@[log masuk untuk melihat URL]

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    72 bida

    I want a marketing specialist to increase the awareness and sales of my latest kids book, Phillip the Ferret Learns to Save. More about this book can be seen by visiting www.philliptheferret.com. Targeted market would be Australia and in particular schools, teachers and parents.

    $885 (Avg Bid)
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    4 bida

    Looking for a plugin developer to customize an existing plugin or create a new one. Here's the plugin, I am thinking of using / addon: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] I need to override the pricing entry so it is not an open field, but a few options: Type of Pet, Breed of Pet, Age of Pet, Rabies Shots, Spayed/Neutered, Extra $ desired. Depending on what they select the price will be c...

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    10 bida

    We want an app for Frankie-the-Dog Book Series. An app that is for children K-3 grade levels. Frankie currently has 2 books and is about pet rescue and adoption. Frankie Finds His Family - Book 1 and Frankie's Christmas Surprise - Book 2. There is a Frankie website at [log masuk untuk melihat URL] for children to buy Frankie Gear, books, learn pet tips, send Frankie emails, etc. We want t...

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    9 bida

    I am looking for an experienced native English speaker to write 5 articles for me across an assorted range of topics. I am starting a blog that will be based on Buzzfeed & ViralNova so I need someone who has the ability to replicate those same sorts content structure and headlines. I am looking for well researched, original and witty content. Topics covered will be: - beauty - travel - foo...

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    16 bida

    I need a ferret that looks futuristic running on all fours from the right side of the screen to the left side (he doesn't have to move from right to left, just the running animation needs to go this direction) and then standing up on his hind legs. After he stands up I need him to lean his body to the left with his arms crossed. He will be leaning against letters in the end. leaning exampl...

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    12 bida

    I would like a logo and pair of mascots designed for my company RawDelivery www.RawDeliveryMN.com. I would like the mascots to be a dog and cat. I would like them to be simple characters who look friendly. I would like them provided to me in a variety of poses for varied uses. I prefer the dog to look similar to a German Shepherd, it can have some "mixed breed" type looks, like an...

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    I have a list of 37 companies that I need contact name, title, email, phone number, street address, city and zip codes for. The company list includes the state that the specific facility is located in, which you will need to input into LeadFerret when searching to find the correct information. We are looking for contact info for Sr. Titles, including VP Operations, Capital Engineer, Capital Proj...

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    1 bida

    Do you like doing online research? Are you the best at finding info online on any topic? Wonder ([log masuk untuk melihat URL]) is a fast-moving tech company committed to re-humanizing online search. We want to put curious learners in league with bright minds who can quickly find the highest quality resources scattered across the web in order to facilitate a more guided learning experience. ...

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    38 bida

    I have a list of large commercial facilities that I need the following information for. Please use [log masuk untuk melihat URL] for this as I have found that it contains the key titles we are looking for. -Contact name -Contact title (we want facility/plant managers, engineers, operations managers, VP of operations, Director of operations, Sustainability/Energy titles. If you can't find the...

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    We are currently working with 72 customers across the US and would like to do a "Neighborhood" campaign targeted towards other commercial and industrial facilities within the same towns/cities of the customers we are currently working with. For this project, we would like you to search for commercial and industrial facilities within the same towns we are currently doing work. Our idea ...

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    Hi, I would like a 3D model of ponyo and Sōsuke (from the film Ponyo) suitable for 3D printing. I would like the Sōsuke Character to be approximately 60mm high when printed. the Ponyo figure should be above the Sōsuke as per the picture attached (Ponyo & Sōsuke [log masuk untuk melihat URL]). The figures should be attached to each other via a lock of hair (or similar) to support the weight ...

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    Looking for someone to design a logo that could be used for our app, website, and iphone icon. A drawing of what I had in mind is attached. It is a magnifying glass that has a ferret with its tongue sticking out inside with the app's name above the magnifying glass. One cartoonish ferret version and a second version with a real ferret's portrait would be nice. Upo...

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    Looking for someone to design a logo that could be used for our app, website, and iphone icon. I can give a drawing for what i am looking for of the logo. It is a magnifying glass that has a ferret with its tongue sticking out inside with the app's name above the magnifying glass. One cartoonish ferret version and a second version with a real ferret's portrait would be nice. ...

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    Hey All! I am in need of a Logo for use on products, webpages, business cards, letterheads etc. It needs to be a vector image in black and white of a Ferret on top of a rectangular box. The box is taller than it is high; think 3x4. I am seeking an image only, no text is needed for this logo, it should stand on its own. Ideally the box would be black and solid fill. The ferret must be on top...

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    Trophy icon Design logo for pet business Tamat left

    I am looking for a fun cartoon largo for my pet business. My business name is [log masuk untuk melihat URL] I make fabric bedding for pets. Here is a site that I like [log masuk untuk melihat URL] This is not my site, I just like the fun cartoons that this site has. I would like there to be a hedgehog, guinea pig, ferret and rabbit in my logo. I have attached a picture of a logo that I like...

    $50 (Avg Bid)
    14 penyertaan

    I require a logo and mascot design for a book/academic themed website. The website will have a cartoon style ferret ([log masuk untuk melihat URL]) mascot, and you will be required to design the ferret character and incorporate it into the logo. The website has an academic theme, so the mascot could be wearing an academic cap or academic dress or reading a book – you should be creative wh...

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    39 bida
    Trophy icon Design a Logo for new business Tamat left

    We would like someone to design our company mascot, which is a ferret. He needs to be standing on his back legs rather than on all 4 legs. The animal is to be drawn in a children cartoon style. It is to be drawn in colour (browns and greys, rather than bright colours). We need 2 different poses of the animal one standing and one holding a empty sign. The image will be used on websites, printed...

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    Lazy Saturday Afternoon By Bryant Oden Song on YouTube: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] BOOK FORMAT: Singing Picture Book 1. Hardcover 2. Push-Button on front cover 3. Two 3-volt replaceable batteries and compartment, speaker and electronics embedded in front cover 4. ½ CD case embedded in back cover 5. CD with 6-9 Songdrops songs inside back cover CD case 6. Product Dimensions: 1...

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    30 bida