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    Trying to get some pricing on developing a application which will allow inside sales personell a way to create a order (order) by selecting the quantity of a item from a list of items that have sum calculated prices from individual part prices (part list) part price will also carry additional info including vendor info, quantity ordered, quantity committed, quantity shipped and quantity on hand...

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    Bartlett Book Data 4 hari left

    I need someone to create some conditional lists within a simple Filemaker DB I am visually impaired and need it all in 36 point fo use on a 50" monitoe. I am using FM15 under mac and fm 12 under windows on a vmware under catalina. I currently have 440 records and 3 firlds per record whuch I want to expand to7 firlds with 3 conditional lists. I will import the current file into your finished...

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    Cerchiamo una persona giovane in grado di progettare e creare un gestionale per l'attività di servizi e consulenza in ambito di agevolazioni fiscali, bandi e progetti di ricerca e sviluppo. Il gestionale si dovrà occupare della gestione della clientela (CRM), della creazione di contratti semi personalizzabili per ogni agevolazione (testi standard, collegamenti all'anagrafic...

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    We have a mysql database and want to either mirror its contents or use filemaker as a desktop app to query an interact with this data source setup any simple obvious relationships and enable some default simple layouts

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    Want help to complete a FileMaker project using webtop software (TSplus) to show on the web. Also google maps with FileMaker. We may be able to use a google maps plugin. Using FileMaker server 16 with FileMaker 17 for development. Some PHP, HTML5, CSS3, and javaScript. Paying 2$ Canadian an hour.

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    I need to implement in FileMaker this functions [log masuk untuk melihat URL] I have to select in google maps different area and then in base of the coordinate I select of a different area the system has to tell me in which area the point is located

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    Looking for a FileMaker professional to help me develop my software. User must be able to Teamviewer in and work with me whilst developing the app. This will be ongoing for many months. Hourly paid.

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    for a nonprofit psychology membership organization Job Description must be US citizen Job permanent. about 100 hours a year Duties: • maintain the electronic membership records of the Society • collect and keep track of dues and memorial gifts through email and physical mailings • communicate with the membership via Mail Chimp and other platforms • track registration for s...

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    We need several custom widgets created for our FileMaker Server. I will divide the widgets, and views into simple tasks and milestones. I will also write it as User-Stories so it´s easier for us to communicate them. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 - Circular Dashboard statistics image ( V001 ) 1.1 - As a user, I need to see the total he...

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    We are looking for a XML programmer with expertise with filemaker to export files to our client's specification.

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    I need to make some changes and improvements to my Filemaker app, and later have support to continue with the improvement of the system

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    Want help to complete a FileMaker project using webtop software (TSplus) to show on the web. Also google maps with FileMaker. We may be able to use a google maps plugin. Using FileMaker server 16 with FileMaker 17 for development. Some PHP, HTML5, CSS3, and javaScript. Paying 2$ Canadian an hour.

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    I have a PHP based website that searches a lot of data and places the results in a table. One of the columns in the table has various numerical values that are not in order (see picture for example). I would like to create a box to the side of the table that has checkboxes (see picture for example) that once checked, the table only shows values relating to checkbox - (filters away other results t...

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    Project filemaker for soccer coach

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    We have a a fairly good app developed in Filemake Pro and we are seeking a programmer to deliver coding support to the current developer. The app is being used commercialy. The app website can be found at [log masuk untuk melihat URL]

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    Should be good in filemaker and rests i will guide after selection , this job can be done in couple of hours and its one time job

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    I need little changes on my database Filemaker. Within the "MANTENIMIENTO" presentation, which is accessed from the "MANTENIMIENTO" button in the main menu, I need the following: In the “temporadas” presentation, to register a new season it is not necessary to have the NUEVA TEMPORADA button, but rather to create a blank record in the first empty bottom row. This p...

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    filemaker pro Tamat left

    simple stuff really. A small business , need to collate customer billings to extract revenue for BAS

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    I would like a quote on building a lottery ticket sale site and to integrate to it FileMaker to handle the database part. I'd prefer a Spanish or English speaking freelancer from the Americas.

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    Looking to integrate our Filemaker platform to [log masuk untuk melihat URL] using an API. Notes below describe "in general" what we are looking to do in this project. Overview..... Briefly described. [log masuk untuk melihat URL] has an API platform to move data from our system into their website. The API platform provides a way for you to interact with data and services through HTTP...

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    I have a growing therapy business where therapists visit clients in their homes, assess them and write up a report. I want to streamline this process as much as i can. The reports have a lot of standardised text but are altered to take account of the clients situation; - therapists visit client and assess making notes on a form (sample attached) in iPad - mostly check boxes with some text input vi...

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    we want to create a basic student information system for a group of schools. I need to track attendance from an attendance course for the students (there are several attendance sections in each school) and various other tasks associated with the school. We will be purchasing FM server, and will have multiple licenses at each school that teachers can use to maintain attendance. I am sure there...

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    I have basic Filemaker skills. I have put together a number of Filemaker databases to support my practice. I need them to be spruced up to work more efficiently and take advantage of all the potential that filemaker has. I have Filemaker server installed.

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    Looking for a FileMaker developer to build an app for us for apt and house rentals; This will be a big moneymaker for us; The chosen developer will earn significant bonuses. This will be a 3 month project; knowledge of php, css, HTML, and JavaScript will be helpful too; FileMaker Server 16 will be used

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    I am looking for a developer that can take my Filemaker database and write some PHP code for my website. I need someone who understands how to make the database searchable on my website for public and make it look good. Thanks.

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    Perform a scan disk f /r /x but stll nothing. i can open the ssd with usb and see the data. i want to be able to boot with windows to open filemaker because i have a database i need to export. when doing scandisk we get file verification completed. an unspecified error occured 1187

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    We have our Invoice/order confirmation from a software buid up with FileMaker and we need it transformed to HTML oder CSS to be used as order confirmation for our shopify onlineshop.

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    6 bida

    I have an application in filemaker and I need to improve some presentations and make new ones

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    10 bida

    Filemaker modifications for my original system

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    11 bida

    We are using Filemaker Pro Advanced [log masuk untuk melihat URL] in our company. I'm adding image attachment, as V00X, and will refer to them trough this text. Here is the documentation for FileMaker 18 Web Direct module, that we use. [log masuk untuk melihat URL] I need a custom view, which works in FileMaker WebDirect view. The custom view I need is an X/Y grid overlay on top of an i...

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    12 bida

    I need to add some things to FMP invoices. Sales reps and commissions along with PO's

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    16 bida

    Hi Islam M., As we discussed in the chat. I would like to build a ticket / POS solution for our store using filemaker.

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    Hi Islam, I am working on creating and inventory management database using filemaker 12 software. We have an existing inventory management system using filemaker 12 and would like to upgrade some of the functionality. Im stuck on a specific feature we would like to add and I was hoping you can assist. If you are able to create the feature then I can award you the project. Are you available for...

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    1 bida

    Hello, We need one, they can write down the prices from a printshop. it must be write down on filemaker pro. on the website you see the prices for different quantity, paper and production time. they must be write down in our filemaker file. we say you, which products and which paper you need to write down. I give you always the correct filemaker file and you need just to integrate the different...

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    13 bida

    I have a Filemaker Pro18 table of customer orders which includes customer name and order number. Some customers have placed multiple orders. Need to combine those multiple orders into single orders for picking out purposes. Want to sort the table by order number using the first (lowest) order for multiple orders. I require the calculation to return a suitable SortOrder field so this can be done.

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    5 bida

    If I gave you a relatively simple spreadsheet that calculates unit prices for landscape materials, could you make me an app that is iOS, Windows, and web compatible? Prefer to have developed in Claris FileMaker 19***

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    21 bida

    Update some scripts to perform a search and create an email with pdf attachments prefer to be performed in australia, melbourne if possible

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    16 bida

    We have an extensive privately hosted Filemaker solution. We have previously hired a developer who has completed the front end for us and are now looking for the backend Filemaker API to be written. Some backend work has taken place and was generated with Angular CLI version 9.0.5. The web application must do the following: 1) Allow customers to create an account, reset password and login. Al...

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    28 bida

    I have a Filemaker project. I am looking for Filemaker expert that create the txt file from Filemaker records. If you have any experience like this job, Please contact me. Best Regards

    $30 - $250
    $30 - $250
    2 bida

    I have an existing custom CRM and scheduling system in FileMaker. There's an existing report that runs a total of all hours for a student. This project is to add functionality to run the report for a specific date range. You would use AeroAdmin to first code in a sandbox environment. Then when confident make the modifications in my live database.

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    10 bida

    My client has FileMaker Pro templates setup and I need some assistance with functions like importing documents etc

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    16 bida
    Filemaker Pro 17 jam left

    i need the Filemaker Pro expert for my job. Details will be shared.

    $20 - $169
    $20 - $169
    18 bida

    I want a sample program to show me the following: Do no lecture me about using two databases and not tables, I have my reasons: All this must function with WebDirect. I have it working using advanced and connecting to my server, but it does not function using web direct. I have one database with a table and multiple records (sample date is fine to use) I want to export a found set, using the ...

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    5 bida

    I have developed a filemaker database for my projects in nuclear power plants to manage our scope of work "pipe work installation" and track the progress. For a new major project in the UK I want to have it more professional to sell the license to other. I need Dasboards to track the progress and of course interfaces to run these dasboards on mobile devices like Iphone. I also want to tr...

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    Already have Filemaker database and need to upload more sheets which are iPad compatible

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    20 bida

    Ciao Stefano, sto cercando qualcuno esperto in Filemaker per lo sviluppo di un applicativo per automatizzare alcuni processi di produzione. Vedo tra l’altro che sei di Trieste, io sono di base a Capodistria. Ti va se ci sentiamo?

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    1 bida

    I am using FileMaker and need some assistance with a project

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    I'm in the TaxiCab business and I need to create a simple Filemaker database which is able to show me a daily/weekly/monthly calendar with time schedule (like outlook calendar) showing from 00:00hrs to 23:99hrs lines at the left and the pick up with the name of passenger on the boxes assigned in columns Taxi1 Taxi2 Taxi3, etc. Also be able to pull calendar for each driver assigned. Please ...

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