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    Hi Im looking to Jazz up my homepage a bit, by using some flash on the Title (maybe add a logo) and add some movement to the world graphic, by making the lines on the globe move. I would also like the menu & login/ join buttons to be in flash. This menu carries on throughout the program, although its horizontal on index page, its vertical on all other

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    ... My client is looking for a website that has the following attributes: 1) Flash Introduction - high quality animation. Needs to be highly creative - such as an animated structure building itself from a blueprint (architectural design). 2) Music in flash and on site 3) Modern and warm design for internal pages. Here are some examples

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    --------- I need a very professional business website designed that will be 90% text. No databases (at this time) or heavy duty programming. No or minimal flash - must load fast and be easily spidered by the search engines. Maybe a few email forms, printer friendly pages, tell-a-friend, and pop-ups as well. I will need the ability to

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    ...here. I will provide all links, the searchengine, newsletter and a logo, which shall not be altered in any way (size etc. ). I want a flash header, so the site looks active, nothing spectacular so it will still load up quickly. Furthermore I want an area for "featured hotel" that shall rotate and show a new hotel min. every day and an area for "featured

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    ...same/similar contents, which will have a different url. i would prefer the new site to be built using dreamweaver mx with a small amount of flash use. the site must be optimised for search engine acceptance and load easily/quickly. please review my existing site for the required overview of my needs. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional

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    ...a client and server application. The project is to develop an online casino, using ASP on the server side (NOT .net), and whatever development environment (preferably Flash, for compatibility) on the client side. All game logic, accounting, etc. should be carried out on the server side, with the client side only being presentation. Initially

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    ...template) for content pages. **Type of Site:** Consumer Product E-Commerce Site - Candy. **Concept:** Trying for a fun/playful but professional look. Minimal or no Flash or other animation. (Hover effects are OK.) We will complete the actual site by populating the pages with new or existing content - we need a page template design that we can

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    Need a possiblity to load a remote hosted script which opens a popup to load in a frame. I have no access to the remote script. It is included as script-command in my html-code.

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    ...need assistance programming a flash/ActionScript based web site. This is what I need: * Flash page using "[login to view URL]" as the background with two buttons * Two more seperate flash files that only have a single image in them: one with "[login to view URL]", and one with "[login to view URL]". * Eash button in the main flas...

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    I need a flash file created that has the same effect as this [login to view URL] but with different images. I am can email the bidder with Hi res images, once bid is eccepted. I need the work 100% complete by mid week! Its the affect from changing from 1 image to another. Has to load very fast. post bids only if

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    I want a fast paced, dramatic , self running CD ROM presentation using Flash or Swish, etc. The presentation will be introducing a new product and is going to top management. Have to grab their attention with the hopes of getting them to visit our website or call our toll free number. We have the text for the program ready to go and some clip art and

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    What I need is a simple "flash intro" for my company website [login to view URL] I has to be realized with Macromedia Flash, not to heavy to load and with some music in the background and some sound Synchronized with text/images. My company is a small software house that develops custom software for companies and web sites with technological content

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    ...as a normal traffic exchange, however in the near future will also have, safelist, ezines and other online marketing and business lead systems. The site should load pretty quick, no flash or extremely large graphics. We would like to review some basic ideas before picking the bidder. The basic theme should promote sales, money, success etc. For those

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    I have a perl script .cgi file that I would like to execute on a timer or if this is not possible I would like to execute when a cretain page loads so I need to call the script. ## Deliverables 1) Instructions ## Platform ASP, Perl, CGI

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    I need a powerpoint presentation /flash movie that will show an office with a desk, initally nice and neat, then a paper explosion that will create paper chaos all over the office. The impression this should give is the overwhelm of filing papers. This needs to be professional looking, no clipart and not cartoonish. No less than 60 seconds duration

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    ...the following Logo and animation in Flash with Adobe Photoshop - Fireworks graphics-text: ---------------- 1. Fitness Business Logo of Name "Precision Guided Nuttrition" with Target on muscular man and women.... (letterhead, cards, brochure , camrea ready artwork) 2. Title Logo Antimation (on main page load) Precision Guided Nutrition, multi part

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    This is for a Win2K Adv Server and Win 2003 Server with AD installed. I need a program or script that will create about 25 users and multiple OU's that contain them. I need the program to simulate network traffic between these users and also need logon simulation errors for those users as well as those users requesting apps etc. If possible simulation should include the server being able to h...

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    The requirement is to build a highly-creative flash-based website which is to be stored on to mini-CD (no more than 45MB). The site is in essence a personal website and will be used to promote development work and personal profile. New ideas and creative inspiration are very much sought for this design work with constant liasing on how best to modify

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    We need a SMIL/MMS composer in Flash exactly like this.. [login to view URL] Don't worry about any backend stuff, don't worry about contents, I'll provide you htp interface to retrieve all media as XML so that you can load into Flash. I don't need any MMs functionality..we have all. I jus need SMIl output of the composer

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    3d load packer Tamat left

    I'm in need of a simple to use DLL (C-API) with source to space-optimize an possibly infinite set of randomly sized boxes into a set of fixed size boxes (e.g. bin packing). The optimized set of boxes must be easy iterate-able (for example to show a graphical representation of the calculation). An an existing program that does what i need (but in a standalone prog): [login to view URL] I wan...

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    ...need this Flash movie made lighter / made to stream better, so that it loads without a pause (35 photos.) At the moment it gets “stuck?? on frame 10 & 11 of the main movie scene 1 . (see [login to view URL]). The size report says all the weight comes in on frame 51 of the main movie, i.e when the navigation comes in. This is making it load terribly.

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    I need VB6 code to create a 32-bit bitmap structure in memory, of a supplied X and Y size, then allow me to set the RGB values of each pixel, then save it to disk as a BMP file. No displaying of the image is needed. The PictureBox control is no use here because the graphic files I need are large (10,000 X 10,000 X 32bit), so direct memory manipulation is needed. The code should ONLY be for 32 bit ...

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    ...facilitate navigation to any other page. I'm guessing standard conventions apply. I want a neat, uncluttered E-Commerce site that loads quickly and allows any graphics or flash to load in the background. I probably need an experienced programmer to make suggestions. Language or nationality is not a problem unless it impedes communication and slows the

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    Flash Pulgin Tamat left

    Flash Plugin for Neobook 4.10. Neobook is a multimedia authoring program at Neosoftware.com. Written in Delphi or C++, not VB. The PI should offer some of the same controls as does the Flash Player 6.0, Pan, Zoom, Play, Loop, Show all, Stop, Rewind. Also, hide Flash menu, Load, Flash movie path, maybe I would like to add 1 or 2 more controls after discussing

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    We need a SMIL/MMS composer in Flash exactly like this.. [login to view URL] Don't worry about any backend stuff, don't worry about contents, I'll provide you htp interface to retrieve all media as XML so that you can load into Flash. I don't need any MMs functionality..we have all. I jus need SMIl output of the composer

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    ...the site: I want to build a scalable personals web site based on Redhat Linux (most likely 7.3), apache (1.3?), MySql (4?) and PHP. It is a custom built personals site with Flash, dynamic pictures, and search capability. Initially the site may have 1000 profiles and later it may have 2,000,000 profiles. The profiles should have pictures and video and

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    ...website to be written in HTML. The concept for our site has been produced in Flash and a copy of this is included with this bid request. The Flash file is an .exe file and we now require someone to code it in flat HTML without frames. The pages should be optimised to load quickly and suitable for common monitor viewing sizes. Body text should 12 pt

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    ...running no permanent changes to be made to the registry or other files of the operating system.· After making connection, automatically run the exe to the called out browser and load the default page. · The Dialer and Manage Connection modules are to be executed separately the dialer module simple interface secures the changing of any user settings like

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    ...com/ , need this site redesigned, must be more professional, eye pleasing than it's counterpart. you can and should use the logo for the site just spice it up, no flash please we need it to load quick. Thanks ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation

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    I have to make a Flash Presentation for some people at my company, however I am not well versed in Flash. I need a good Flash programmer to help me out. Basically, I want a short flash intro, and after that loads, load up a new screen with a nav buttons, and some visial effects. On that new screen, I will basically use each button to show text, and

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    This will be an easy job for someone who knows what he is doing. I will provide the forms in VB 6 already set up - I need you to add code to the appropriate buttons to load text files (such as a template), take a list of user-input words, and then perform a fast find and replace on the text. The app will then save the resulting text files to the users

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    progress bar Tamat left

    ...well as any NN. For this reason I am looking for a server-side produced progress bar, and for other reasons (usability reasons) I do not want usage of Javascript or CSS or Flash or refreshing headers (referring to the header function in PHP, due to datatraffic, looks and see below). Usage of XML is allowed and even preferred. If possible you may use

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    Setup ISP Tamat left

    ...loading, because most of the visitors that will visit my website will be on dialup accounts. In other words, I want the website to be very small in size (bytes), so I don’t want flash or tons of pictures. I will provide the text (you may have to help a little with coming up with the text). As for colors, I will want the website to be shades of blue, green

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    Flash Work Tamat left

    ...require some great flash for our website http://www.jodohost.com. Here is what we need 1) New logo: Although we have designed couple of our own new logos, if they dont fit in with your flash designs, you *might* have to design a new one 2) Top Flash header: Visit [login to view URL] We need something like that. 3) Flash movie: Visit

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    Want a web site load testing tool written in VB6. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will install the software (in ready-to-run condition) on the platform(s) specified in this bid request. 3) Help file for the program

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    ...for perhaps a flash banner and a logical menu system Please NO PHP! I prefer the Web Site to be templatised for use in Dreamweaver 4 but if not I can templatise it myself, I am a competent but overworked coder and its time I offloaded some work * The site **must be Google friendly** * The Site must attractive and quick to load, graphics where

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    ...template (or home page + template) for content pages. Type of Site: Network Integrator and E-commerce company. Concept: A high tech/corporate look and feel, but with minimal or no Flash or other animation. (Hover effects are OK.) We will complete the actual site by populating the pages with new or existing content - we need a page template design that we can

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    Pop-Up Blocker Tamat left

    ...Virtually all "on mouse over", exit Pop-Up and entry Pop-Up ads. - POP-Up/Under ads "before" they load or appear (to preserve bandwidth). - Pop-Ups from Windows Messenger. - A website from re-directing to another website upon close. - Multimedia Flash ads. - Cookies from "ad servers". - Auto-installing spyware or adware from spyware pushers (BonziBudd...

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    This is not a complicated program if you know what you're doing with regard toMP3 to flash conversion. I want a Windows based program I can use to convert mp3 files to swf files and have it: 1. automatically convert them - it's okay to do them one at a time. Don't need batch conversion, though that would be nice. 2. Create the html 3. let me specify

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    website design Tamat left

    ...your input. Logo We want a business logo that is attractive and can be used in print and web advertising. It should load fast, and look nice even in b&w. It can be in color, but colors need to be websafe Technical details Only HTML No flash or Java or frames Browser independent, please design for IE and NS 3 and above All deliverables to be compliant to

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    ...redone to something less "busy". 4) I'd like a small area on the home page that I can post news or an event (Perhaps scrolling box?) 5) Load time should be acceptable to a 56k modem (30 sec or less) *UNLESS* there is a flash presentation, then that time limit is dismissed. 6) if any sounds/music are used, they should be pleasant - not too loud nor obnoxious

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    I need a professional look for my site. [login to view URL] The header part in particular. At the mom...[login to view URL] ## Deliverables 1) Complete ownership and distribution copyrights to all work purchased. 2) Grahpics should not be in flash, only .gif or .jpg accepted. 3) Must load quickly. ## Platform html code

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    Flash Project Tamat left

    We need a simple Flash game made - what it will do is it will have 3 playing cards being shown just as it shows in the slot machine game 3 cards (see the attached SWF) . Now just below it - there will be a button - when a user clicks it - the cards should look asif revolving full 360 Degrees & changing - then finally 3 new cards should settle up. I

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    I have an app that I need to load a picturebox from an URL. Loading the URL file anme in the loadpicture only seems to work with a local path. In need to know how to load from an URL. [login to view URL] = loadpicture("C:inetpubwwwroot[login to view URL]") loads just fine, but [login to view URL] = loadpicture("[login to view URL]") generates an error 75 Path

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    This project is all about load balancing in network of worstation. The load balancer is the one who will try to send tasks to a workstation that is idle, or transfer task from a computer that has a higher load to a computer that has a lower load. This load balancer will balance all the computers in the networks to be able to finish all the task given

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    ...for an experienced Flash developer to construct an interactive product demo for a piece of DJ hardware. I'd like something similar to ([login to view URL]) but based on our own DAC-2 Controller product ([login to view URL]) **Basic outline** 1) User to be able to load a piece of music onto

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    DNS server load tester: Need a program to test and troubleshoot a DNS server. Selectable Input box for the DNS server IP number. Selectable number of requests (Required to make up to 256 requests SIMULTANEOUSLY.). Selectable interval of requests made. Calculate how much time from initiating the request until roundtrip answer. Make chart and show these

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    Looking for an online flash gaming package. Game consists of a screen with banner-ad space on at least two sides. Center space is for trivia questions with multiple choice answers. Game must keep track of correct answers and award points to users. Each new trivia question is to be accompanied by rotating ads. Other game requirements: **Must allow for

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    ...the web. We would very much like to make use of some Flash animations for just simple impact type text animation etc. These will essentially appear in the form of overlays ontop of our content or behind it. Basically we want to have one page which contains our content and if the browser detects Flash then it will display a nicer looking display but essentially

    $100 - $500
    $100 - $500
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    ...Create "If you like this page" link at the bottom of every page. Standardize Font types and sizes in all pages. The site must be very fast to load: Do not use large graphs, Do not use Flash Do not use frames. Do use tables, and make changes on the existing ASP files. The attached file contains all files on the website.

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