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    ...print barcodes Possibility for Bold an underline effects Possibiity to rotate the page, Portrait and Landscape Possibility to set page size, including support for continuous forms Possibility to 'shrink to fit' according page size (nice to have but not mandatory) Program should handle large reports (500+ pages) Program can be done in every language, with

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    ...we'll pick one. current static site - [log masuk untuk melihat URL] A site we like - [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Will provide wording and content. Will need some forms, written in PHP and MySQL ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation

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    ...computer. I put text boxes on the image of the paper in visual basic 6. I need to be able to print just the data that is entered into the text boxes. I will be using preprinted forms. So I need a program with the image of my business form on the screen with text boxes in the appropriate places. Then I must be able to print the text in the text boxes onto

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    Scenario:The math teacher at the local school has asked you to create an application that will display the square and square root of a number. Must use two forms in the application. One of the forms should prompt the student for his name; that form would resemble a standard dialog box. You must display the name on the main form when the main form is first

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    ...The program that checks the net must be as small as humanly possible to use up the least amount of system memory and resources possible - Might be best if it didn't even use forms, but created everything from the windows api. Either way, it needs to be small. :) all the apps will work with text data files - no databases to keep the exe size small. ##

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    I would like to know how to display my user control property pages at runtime. Is this possible without creating other forms? Using VB6.0 ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will install the software (in ready-to-run condition)

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    ...have to update every single page when I update stuff on there. That part is already done, but I need someone to update all the links. 2. I need the Register and Edit Account forms to be fixed. 3. I need the links on the left nav bar to be all made. NOTE: You can register as of right now ([log masuk untuk melihat URL]) -- that's the new Registration

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    Static site on Yahoo server needs to be converted to PHP. Coder must know how to set up PHP and rework 5 existing forms to create a dynamic and secure site. Site needs to be able to sell 30 or so products online, as well as accepting payment for search services. Please do not attempt to contact us through our site for this job or you will be denied

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    ...fully Access provides the functionality you need to develop applications · how easy to use and helpful the Access 2000 IDE is. This includes features of the IDE in developing Forms and Reports, of the VBA IDE in developing and debugging code and of the VBA language. · how the object approach of Access helps in developing software and whether the differences

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    I need Web posting for Events. I need to be able to display 350 jpgs. each picture will be 600 x 600 pix, 150 dpi I need to be able to change and insert new pictures , an...ready-to-run condition) on the platform(s) specified in this bid request. 3) Complete ownership and distribution copyrights to all work purchased. ## Platform Windows all forms

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    ...means the user can have the possibility to click on all the checkboxes but also on none of them, for each i.e. label. Additional pushbuttons should be placed on each of the sub-forms which when pressed should close ( hide ) the current sub-form and open ( show ) the previous/next sub-form. When the current form is the first one or the last one the buttons

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    ...problems. The result is the develope of 1 Library and some forms for login the application. This result will be included in every new project that wants to use the functions included in it. So for any new projet we only should Add the library (example [log masuk untuk melihat URL] if it was Visual Basic) and the forms ([log masuk untuk melihat URL](s) if it was VB). I attach a fil...

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    ...compatible for use with MSVB 6.0 and the new .NET **2)** The OCX control should be able to take advantage of various Windows 32 API Calls that can change the shapes of forms (into circles, rectangles, polygons of any type, stars, triangles, and rounded rectangles,) combine regions of the screen, copy regions of the screen, super-impose regions regions

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    ...bar instead of [log masuk untuk melihat URL] When you do this I'll need for cookies to still be accepted in the visitor's browser. I've noticed that some other forms of "cloaking" disables cookies. This is no good for me. The last thing I need is an attractive, cleanly laid out online user interface that will allow me to track, update and

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    I have a client who needs two forms he created in Front Page/Cold Fusion translated into both PHP and ASP, to be used on different (one Unix and one NT) servers. The first form was done in Front Page and has 25 fields that must be validated in different ways. The form must collect the information, validated it, return an appropriate error message

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    Website Design Tamat left

    ...for website design for my game server rental business "Black Widow Servers". Basically I need a very clean , sharp looking site. Something totally unique with flash and killer graphics. I would need the pages and all the coding done for them, with [log masuk untuk melihat URL] on how to make changes. Current site is [log masuk untuk melihat URL] in which the ordering forms...

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    hello we would like a good sign up form for our new hosting site. once filled out it will send a copy of the form to our admin teams here in the uk. and also pass them on to our payment gateway with worldpay. we have the worldpay code and all the hosting packs we just need a sign up form done and you to add the worldpay code to link them to the payment page. by picking the hosting pack this will...

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    ...project is needs to consist of typical pages needed for login, logout, forgot password, registering a user (trial and full member), retrieve password, very simple administration forms via the web for users and groups, etc. Some method of specifying the level of group membership required for access to a certain area (directory) or page. Each users level of

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    ...main host fails. We cannot have the entire database up live on the backup host, so we need a more low-tech version that can stand on its own. We need someone to make a forms handler for the existing PDF form or HTML version of the assessment that will save the answers in a Flat Text format, so that they can then be downloaded from the Web server

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    stenganography Tamat left

    I am looking for a program created to deciper hidden text, in text meassages. Example. "I...ready-to-run condition) on the platform(s) specified in this bid request. 3) Complete ownership and distribution copyrights to all work purchased. ## Platform all forms of windows OS ## Deadline information must be competed in a reasonable time.

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    I would like a pre-packaged or custom designed form designer that will allow editing forms for changes and saving the results to several different Access databases, depending on which items are selected. *Added for clarification: For example, if a customer selects one group, the results would go into [log masuk untuk melihat URL], if he selects a second group

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    ...application) to accept input of a Nobel prize winner&'s name, and output the year of the award. Inside your program, you should have defined and initialized an array of strings that forms the Nobel laureate database as shown below. Your database must consist of an array of strings, and each element of the array must be a string containing one person&'s name,

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    ...3-Draw a sketch of the user interface.(Flow chart) 4-Code the application with VB.NET 5-Fully commented 6- 7 or more Forms 7-One or more Object classes ( Inheritance / Polymorphism) A- 7 or more Forms B-One or more Object classes ( Inheritance / Polymorphism) Coding Requirements Assume that the customer log on the

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    ...my banner, etc but will also include the coding to the banner, I want to offer a commission to these websites that get others to purchase advertising/products from my main website. The banner must be able to track individual partners clicks, exposures and ratio. This is how one will be know who's bringing the main network the hits. Banner code has

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    ...functions. In addition to the features mentioned in the document I would like to have schema to enable/disable fields or set required fields for data entry forms using setup screen application forms and fields. UPDATE: Attached document mentions CSS. I meant implementation via XML/XSL. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s)

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    ...a foreign key to a many-side relation. B) 1)add 4 more new queries and demonstrate each SQL and the resulting output sets. 2) Create Reports. 3) Create Forms. 4) Create a Macro. 5) Create a Switchboard and organize your all of the above component. VB.net project Write a program that animates a series of any images

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    This application closely resembles the To Do application. Five forms complete with error-trapping, alert messages, and menu items will be required. The application will require two databases and a conduit to transfer the data to a text file on the PC. A complete set of requirements as well as screen shots and a diagram will be provided after bidding

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    class Tamat left

    1) I have ONE VB project with 500 forms. 2) They all call each other, but never recursively. 3) When one form wants to call another i do: [log masuk untuk melihat URL](parm1,parm2,parm3) [log masuk untuk melihat URL] vbmodal if frmFormB.F_OK then 'F_bOK is public variable sValue1=frmFormB.F_Value1 'also a public var endif unload frmFormB 4) There

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    ...It is being written as a VB.NET Windows Forms application employing [log masuk untuk melihat URL] for connectivity to a SQL 2000 database via a web service. The schema has already been defined and a detailed project requirements document has been written. The initial scope of the work required is simple: A couple of linked forms that can verify input against business

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    ...application that will: 1.) Determine the current default printer on the local PC 2.) Allow you to change the default printer. The application can be a simple forms-based desktop application, but the code should be able to run inside an ActiveX control that is embedded inside of an HTML page. I will put the code in the ActiveX control once

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    ...main host fails. We cannot have the entire database up live on the backup host, so we need a more low-tech version that can stand on its own. We need someone to make a forms handler for the existing PDF form or HTML version of the assessment that will save the answers in a Flat Text format, so that they can then be downloaded from the Web server

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    ...but not vital if the programs had documentation and quality user interfaces (splash screens, help files etc) but we can help with these. We will be initally looking for Forms based stand alone or client server applications (because thats where our skills are) but will consider web based solutions as well. In addition to any initial project,

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    Need to have the following done for a Web Site: Knowledge of HTML, SQL, ASP, vb script, Java Script, Adobe Photoshop Flash is must. 1: Building forms in ASP connection to Access Database Retrieving information from this database to display it on the pages. 2. ASP Chat Room 3. ASP message board 4. Html pages 5. Flash moves

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    Hello, I am looking for a PHP database system to do the following: 1. Site visitors can view a list of Atlantic Salmon fly patterns (links) and view patterns from the database. 2. Visitors can upload THEIR OWN patterns with PHOTO to our server. The form will also create a link to this new page on the main Fly Pattern page with a graphic indicating that it is a NEW fly entry. This sh...

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    ...certian file, program, ect. It should be easy to use and I can change add or delete buttons, files associated with the button anything else on it kind of like how you can do the forms in access. Very simple and can be built in any language of choice. This way we will not have to use the start menu or be searching for icons. ## Deliverables 1)

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    ...on left, no system menu, no caption bar. The form background will be some image. Use notebook pages or page control to display different things to the right(i.e., no popup forms). It must look normal in 800x600 and 1024x768 screen formats, both normal and Large fonts. Any third party controls you would like to use is fine - we own most of

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    ... senior_citizen(X):-... any_relationship(X,Y):-... QUERIES: any of the above assertions or relationships can be specified in a form of a query. quaries can be of two forms, logical(returning true or false) or queries that return one or more values. EXTRA::: Explore possibility of automatic assertions and rule generations. Note that this

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    ...the values, clear the Values to CompanySetup or AppSetup. TOMCommandSetup - Collection of Command Settings, which are teh available Command in the application, which can be forms, coemmand, etc and can bind to menus and buttons (like tAction) - commands are available on Application, Company, User Level - Edit Form for setting the Commands TOMMenuSetup

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    To translate an Microsoft Access 2002 Project to Delphi 5 or higher. This Access Project contains a database driven Menu and database driven forms and reports. All properties must be enable to changed and stored at runtime in the database. If a programmer is familiar with some delphi tools like Greatis Designer or Dreamcontrols, the he can do it.

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    ...migrate complete access database to a fully functional ms sql 2000 database. Tables, parameter querries and reports may need to be redesigned to comply with sql requirements. Forms do not need to be converted to visual basic yet. Normalization have to be setup at 3 Normal level. Currently at 2N. I want all querries to be converted to stored procedures

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    Small Website Tamat left

    ... I have 3 tables: Category, Question, Comments DateTime field defaults to the current time Primary key ID is auto generated sequentially. I need the following forms User interface --------------- 1. List of Categories 2. Clicking a category user sees list of questions and comments for each question (if any). Each question

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    I want a program that can be used for sending and receiving emails. I do not have Outlook so you cannot use those controls. There should be three forms. The first form should be login and password. Also, on that form should be an option box where a person can either select send or receive email. If the receive email is checked, it should goto the second

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    ...template designs please Web based interface Unlimited products Ability to "Build your own".. eg build your own PC, build your own kitchen, make your own pizza etc Payment: Secure forms Cheque COD Online merchants eg Worldpay, Paypal etc VAT (Tax options) Shipping: Shipping price table Delivery time options Support: You should be able to provide full support

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    $200 - $300
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    ...couple different databases, and place the data (if available) into editable fields on top of background image. (The image is attached and also at [log masuk untuk melihat URL]) The user must be able to then print the page with the fields located in the correct areas. In other words, I have a form that I want users

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    Ringtone website similar to [log masuk untuk melihat URL],[log masuk untuk melihat URL] etc.. Public section to view and purchase content This section will include or link to the following features: 1. Home page: including sales information and/or content 2. List of major categories: ringtones, mp3s, midifiles, graphics, etc. 3. List

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    Need a website that consists of 6 main pages (ie. homepage, products, press, jobs..) plus 5 subpages (ie. jobs-Product Management), and two Word documents that need to be converted to PDF for linking to from the Press page. This site should be simple - no flash. A classic, high tech look. The contact page is an email link only. There are no forms

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    I am looking for a website design for my clan and game server rental business. I absolutely love this site. [log masuk untuk melihat URL] It fits my theme of flatliners perfectly. The black and green. But most of all the the whole site is well built and function perfectly. The menus , forms , polls and extras are stunning. The owner is not really

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    Web Design Tamat left

    ...being provided suchs as neworking troubleshooting, flaut tolerence, desktop repair services and srver install and configs. need to have a contact page the logs service request forms for local service which can be used and monitored via loggin and by e-mail notification. Site has to be easily navigated yet very professional and sort of comical and humorous

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    ...Lists Export Email Lists Programmable Opt-In Email Message Advertising in Admin. Menu System System Advertising in Emails Tool to generate customer sign-up forms Basic Reports Test Message Sequence Number of Follow-Up Messages Allowed 12 50 Number of Subscribers Allowed 15,000 UNLIMITED "Live" customer support Global Remove

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    ...create. 2) Icon - there is a field already in the table for an image icon. I would like this to be incorporated in search and category listing. It will be 75X75. In input forms useres will have the ability to type in a URL of upload an image - images large than 75X75 will need to be reduced in file size and LXW to fit in a max of 75X75 (with aspect

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