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    saya sedang membutuhkan sebuah plugin, yang dapat memutar video dari picasa,youtube,drivegoogle,putlocker,shockshare,dll mirip persis dengan gkplugins, plugin ini menggunakan jwplayer sebagai pemutarnya dan untuk menjalankan file video yang diambil hanya menggunakan link di website. contoh link yang saya punya : dan saya inginkan garansi untuk plugin ini. budget yang saya miliki Rp.1.000.000

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    We have requirement of Veritas Infoscale Cluster trainer for corporate training. Topics should be covered in training: Course introduction High Availabilty Concept VCS building blocks VCS operations VCS configuration methods Preparing Services for VCS Online Configuration Offline Configuration Configuring Notification Troubleshooting

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    Trophy icon Company logo 6 hari left

    Company name - Synapse Partners Company business - sales distribution and recruitment - medical device and blockchain Company logo request - Minimal - bold writing - colour scheme - white on black Logo to represent - connected, chain, building blocks, abstract-style Inspiration - Thank you for your efforts!

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    My healthcare recruitment agency website requires a privacy policy to conform to UK GDPR and EU privacy laws. I have created a draft but plagiarism alerts come up on checking services. This document needs amending to become plagiarism free for my healthcare recruitment agency website. ICO UK has a free privacy template but whether this will pass plagiarism checks is uncertain. My document has 1660 words but needs completion. The final document will require a plagiarism report for verification before use on my website.

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    I want you to build me a java tetris game with the jgamegrid library. This tetris game is kind of different. Instead of the blocks falling to the bottom, the blocks respawn from the bottom and fall to the top. Only use three types of different blocks for tetris. (see pictures: I-block, L-Block and J-Block) I've already done a part of it and I want you to help me. Cause somehow I can't finish it... I've already have the background and the sprites that can be used. I've already coded how to control a simple I-block of tetris but I'd like you to help me out. As you can see I am a beginner and you also have a minor role as a teacher. Anyway, programm it in simple language (please copy everything from the library and its tutorials because I need t...

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    I am building a new token called human verified token. The website is It works like this Blocks are approved based on solving CAPTCHAs. The CAPTCHA protocol used is hcaptcha. Whenever an hcaptcha is solved, it generates a token signifying that a correct solution was generated. This token will be used to approve the block. A block needs to be approved every 30 seconds. As multiple people will be solving the CAPTCHA and proposing blocks, only 1 of them will be approved. This can be done in some random manner, for example it has a fixed number of zeros in its hash

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    It is necessary to set up a vpn server with high protectio...Shadowsocks and realized that I can’t handle it myself, since I can personally buy a server and set it up vpn according to a ready-made script, but I realized that this is not enough and I need a knowledgeable person in this area who can set up a server for me and I could not get confused in this headache by paying a certain amount and calmly use it even when blocked by the Internet provider (blocks happen daily). The number of devices depends on the quality of the product, if the server can resist blocking and shows itself worthy, then the number will be many, even very many, since the demand for this product is very high in my region. As you understand, I need a dude who will set up the server, and my clients w...

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    ...stages of pipeline: Fetch, Decode, Execute, Memory and WriteBack). VHDL files are in attachment. The task is to upgrade this processor with 20 new instructions. For each instructions there is possibility of appearance of the hazard. Every hazard must be resolved. In the documentation there is explanation for the hazards as well as their elimination. Also, in VHDL files, there is implementation of blocks which remove hazards. Just ADD, AND, SUB and OR instructions are implemented in RISC-V. Current implementation of RISC-V support just this 5 instructions, so update of RISC-V is need it for 20+ new instructions For interactive simulation of RISC-V processors as well as code assembly is possible download the “Ripes” program from the following link: In

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    House build 4 hari left

    I have a floor plan from a double wide mobile home that I want to build as a permanent structure. This will be a raised wood floor residence. I'm building this on hard south Mississippi clay soil that was once an oil well site, so it's packed phenomenally ...used as per the included picture. 8 ft. ceilings throughout. I'll figure out the steps leading up to the front porch and the railings as well. Electrical to be contracted, as well as septic system (I'll handle service water and drains). I'll be using 3/4" OSB for subflooring, and a 1" mud sill atop the stem wall blocks. Roof structure will be framed, unless you determine that trusses would be more suitable/economical. HVAC will be a central unit. If I've missed anything, feel free...

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    We need a HMTL5 <Single Page Application> Solution as follows All users in our office will open a webpage for example Webp...color The color should automatically change on the other browsers in Realtime (2 seconds max delay) (not via automatic refreshing of the page). This should be accomplished in a manner as to not performing SQL INSERTS/SELECTS or writing to a file and reading from a file, as both of these will result in a loop that is not sustainable as the number of open browser sessions increases along with the 4 blocks increase. See attached rendering. This must be able to be ran on a LAMP installation Should be as small of a footprint as possible. Deliverable should be a step by step guide indicating how to implement this on a LAMP install

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    Prestashop -- 2 2 hari left

    on the site when you put a product in the cart and proceed with the payment, it blocks in the contact information part and does not charge.

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    Trophy icon Need a product image needed 5 hari left

    We need a listing image for a product that will be sold on a digital platform. This will be a square image for the item listing. The project is called Big Board, you can check it out on As you will see, the website is a grid of blocks, each block can display an image. For the image we need, we'd like the background to be made out of blocks, similarly to how the website is. Then, overlayed with the text saying: " Block" If possible, it would be nice if the image could convey the functionality of the project, but that may be difficult. Please submit your ideas as soon as possible.

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    Please take a look at the attached design. I need about the same design made of blocks without HTML / CSS. Besides that you will have to add email form as a widget

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    free devloper 2 hari left

    Hello, I need a developer to fix basic stuff on firebase

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    I need an Engineer to provide me with an FEA report for a steel structure. I will require a load to be analyzed on the structure's floor and a for lifting the structure in place from container blocks. I need it on a speedy turnaround time.

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    We need Readymade WhatsApp Chatbot Script full source code with bug-free documentation, if you have a demo video, please share the link. and let me share the full features with documentation.

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    Fork Ethereum blockchain with a consensus algorithm of PoA • Branding website • Deploy mining pools • Brand Network Status monitor • Brand block explorer • MetaMask for Wallet connectivity • Blockchain Documentation for developers and users • Predefined maximum supply, time of blocks. • Testnet Blockchain & Faucet App • Fully compatible with MetaMask: • Fully compatible with all Ethereum's contracts and dapps. • Be able to integrate with NFT & GameFi Metaverse for future plan • Automatically configure Metamask Wallet • Provide Blockchain API • Blockchain can achieve a remarkable TPS than Ethereum

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    Hey there! I am looking for someone to help me write some code for emacs org-mode. It is about source code blocks. Are you interested?

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    Hi, I've this Google Colab script that is taking few parameters of user input and produces 500x500px png output. The code blocks now are excecuted pressing manually play and waiting for the script to finish, then changing a string of input field, and pressing play again. Each time saving manually from the browser the produced images. Your goal is edit the code to let me provide a set of paragraphs with 20 rows, and the same script will be excecuted 20 times and the output is saved with the name of the current processed row replacing " " spaces with "-" dashes. Both auto-download or saving in google Drive are okay. Before bidding you should be sure to be able to work with python projects including all these libraries: - Argparse - Augmentation - Einops ...

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    I need to install free template in my wordpress website.

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    37 bida after the quality check in 10 Business days and only if you done a good job! Only qualified data will be paid, those whose data is unqualified can not be paid!!! - Please just French natives (France) born & raised. - Work is just on the smartphone and app, minimum year 2018 for android and IOS, please dont use Samsung S9 series - Its possible to make breaks so dont worry usually there are 5 blocks of 200 sentences ?Step one, download App (Copy and paste to your browser) ??Step two, register on app 1. Change language to English 2. Go to sign up 3. Change country to France!!! VERY IMPORTANT, also if not born in France!! 4. Server is Frankfurt (look at the bottom to change) 4. Fill in the details required. For ID card,.

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    I have a problem with the layout of my website, First of all I would like to add that I am using the 'Porto' template. When Im I'm logged into Wordpress the website looks good. All the pictures, text,... is shown. However if I look up the website via an other browser, almost nothing is shown. Only a few text blocks and pictures. This is a problem for the whole website and all our pages. On the pictures you can see the home page of the site when im logged in on Wordpress and when im not logged in and on an other browser. As you can see there is a clear difference. Can someone help me with this problem? How long do you think this will take? How much do you tink it's going to cost

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    30 bida I can't pull files from. I don't have soil numbers so if you could add an option for dealing with soft soil such as piles that would help a lot. Items not included in the given images: A floorplan, framing, insulation, windows, details on crenellations, matriculations, and other castle details. For the outer block wall I'm trying to source low-quality granite to slice into 24×12×6" blocks but I might end up using more limestone or even a concrete. I am concerned with being well-insulated and simplifying construction with things like tankless water heaters. If it matters the moat would begin 10' or more from the walls and wouldn't be dug for a few more years. There will also be a containing wall and pad to help keep soil presse...

    $750 - $1500
    $750 - $1500
    22 bida

    Hi, We want to create an automated system that automatically loops trough documents (pdf files) in several folders (that can be found in a opened folder) on our server, and sign + save (overwrite) them. This all need to hap...certain name need to be signed. The signature need to be placed on the first page of document A, above a certain name that can be found in all pdf's. And then also in the other document (document B) on the last page underneath a certain name that can be found in all pdf's. I would like to get this done using the Power Automate app of Microsoft, there we can use code, or certain blocks. We use Foxit Reader as our free pdf for now. If you see other ways to get this done, you can also give any proposals. Let me know if you have intrest to disc...

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    I have a template which I can provide I need someone to make the screenshots with this template. All the blocks with dummy data to show the graph. the whole project is React and the final code needs to be responsive and clean code and ready to integrate with the backend API.

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    We need a bookmaker free bet table where we can display a different operators based on the IP addresses of the site visitors.

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    I need a set of shop drawings done for a commercial glass project. I have cad blocks for the frames we use. I need a key plan, elevations and a couple pages of details done.

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    Details will be discussed later but on a high level, the project includes a hyperledger based blockchain. We have got a number of IoT devices that generates data. This data needs to be verified and recorded in the bl...recorded in the blockchain. Once the data is verified, the owner of the IoT device gets reward in CryptoCurrency (need to generate new). Each block will have an owner name associated and anyone with buying authority can buy the blocks. Once the block is sold - it freezes and can't be sold further to anyone (it will stay with the second owner forever) Admin - Only admin can add the new device (this is why blockchain needs to be permissioned) Admin is authorised to add or remove users CA - Provide authority to users (different level of access - Read-only/Buy ge...

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    ############## NO ARTICLE WRITING SERVICE ############## ############## DO NOT ANSWER IF YOU'RE OFFERING ARTICLE WRITING SERVICE ############## The code already exists: Use existing code I already have a list of questions The tool just needs to expand them by creating ...WRITING SERVICE ############## The code already exists: Use existing code I already have a list of questions The tool just needs to expand them by creating blog posts Please see this: section "Expand the title" only After that ability to export in csv file for separated columns; title, text blocks For further reference:

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    I need someone how can collect all technical online classes from multiple sites.

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    multi tenancy server setup, with free ssl support

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    We need someone to install a CRM from in maybe PHP or if you know a good CRM platform we can subscribe to without it costing a fortune. The reason I am looking to use a custom PHP code from is that we will be 20, 50, 100 users very fast and if we subscribe to a CRM platform they usually charge a fixed amount per user and it will get very costly. We are looking for features such as adding all our salespeople, adding leads/companies and searching for them, assigning and reassign leads, contact them, add comments, see performance data stats etc. - essentially all basic features of a CRM. Here are some examples:

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    Hi Christoffer L., Nice day to you! If you live in the United States, I would like offer you a project in product online promotion. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    Hi John B., Nice day to you! If you live in the United States, I would like offer you a project in product online promotion. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    I need a Wordpress developer to modify the Post Grid template so an iFrame is loaded above the title of each Post when shown on the archive page. This would embed a YouTube video / Spotify item next to each item shown in the grid. The URL to be used within the embed code is stored as a meta field in each Post.

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    Hi Ari E., Nice day to you! If you live in the United States, I would like offer you a project in product online promotion. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    Hi Cristian G., Nice day to you! If you live in the United States, I would like offer you a project in product online promotion. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    Hi Anum K., Nice day to you! If you live in the United States, I would like offer you a project in product online promotion. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    Hi David B., Nice day to you! If you live in the United States, I would like offer you a project in product online promotion. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    I need to hire frontend developer to manage Magento 2 Commerce project Ver. 3.3.3 the tasks required to manage banners, CMS Blocks have experience in Magento Page Builder and how to manage and update content Text, and Images also animated banners. language used in website English & Arabic

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    I am looking for people who can give me a REST API application The project is free business listing website & app. 1) home page : login or register button , create lsiting button , home button , smart search bar with category and area section , all categories with sub categories to select , featured listings , etc 2) create lisitng : all fields needed with geo lication , longitude latitudes, name , mobile email etc , fb link insta link youtube etc , logo photo , business photo gallery , category , sub category , description, tags mandatory, url to be seo friendly , etc 3) in lsiitng different plans free and paid and features lisitng option 4) patmeny Gateway 5) email support and configure, email notifications etc 6) user dashboard to see : his p...

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    i am running into problems with RAID spacing in linux ubuntu. the MD1 is always full as seen in Plesk.

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    3 bida

    We are looking for Wordpress expert to work on a website. Need to design the pages using blocks, content is ready. There are about 6 Pages, Get start immediately.

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    ...have an online shop (shop hoster ecwid) which is inclueded via a plugin in my wordpress page. Link to the shop: I need a new wordpress theme with a new Design for the same. I'll maintain the content by my own so I just need the Design theme. What do we need: -)mobile responsive -)space where we can place some offers (text and image) -)plugin for the ecwid show -)more text blocks than we have right now -)should be a brigth and friendly design -)support during implementation of design. -)I want you to bring in some design ideas as well as we have just a rough plan. If you are interested in it, please send me the following: -)some references of an online shop page which you already created. -)which budget and time do you plan. -)explanation of how is the process of finding

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    We want 13-15 minutes videos with subject movie recape. The language should be Hindi. The videos should be copyright free. We want videos along with thumbnail and subtitles. Our main requirement is we want video with Hindi voice over.

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    13 bida
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    ...experienced Front-end Developer with strong graphic designing, CSS, and responsive coding skills Our goal is to a) improve Manicaa Frontend b) Frontend must be user friendly c) Improve load time Please see the following: 1. Manicaa Homepage: a. Static Blocks: Use static blocks on the homepage as discussed. b. We need to simplify the homepage and reduce the homepage load time. c. We need to change the homepage blocks and add category blocks. d. e. Category Blocks: Change category blocks from portrait to Horizontal i. Shop Daily Deals ii. Your recently viewed items iii. Our Best-Selling Products iv. Customer Reviews v. The Most Viewed Products vi. Top Trending Products vii. Example:

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