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    Hallo mas Ramdani. Saya sedang mencari freelance untuk mengerjakan ide saya tentang AI. Lebih spesifiknya seperti gpt 3 text generation. Sekiranya mas Ramdani berkenan saya ingin berdiskusi dulu mengenai tawaran saya.

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    Design project Tamat left

    Kepuasan costumer adalah tujuan saya, kerja sama yang baik akan mengahasilkan karya yang baik pula. Pengalaman lah yang membentuk seorang designer yang cerdas. Skill: Hand Drawing (sketsa) Adobe Illustrator (ai) Indesign (id) Photoshop (ps) Design Process (proses desain) : - Sketsa - Acc/asistensi 1,2,3 - Finishing

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    I need a python developer having experience in AI-ML. Also should have knowledge to deploy projects on raspberry pi. The project is related to computer vision.

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    ...Bei weiteren Fragen meldet euch gerne bei mir :) Viele Grüße Eduard ENGLISH VERSION: Hello dear freelancers, You are new on the platform and looking for a way to land the first jobs + evaluation, but have no or little expertise and/or experience in a field, THEN you are exactly right with me. My company specializes in AI development and is looking for native German speakers (no foreign accent!) to provide their voice for an Artificial Intelligence project to shape the AI of the future. To be precise, you should record 200 short sentences via the app "Ocean Speech" (provided in the app, just read them out)! You can find the app in the Appstore! The payment is 8 Euro and the project takes max. 15-25min of your time. Payment will be made after 7-10...

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    We are creating a voice assistant application. We want the application to be always listening, but only record when the user talks to it, stops recording when the user finish talking, and save that audio (to send it via an API later to an AI platform, but that's not part of this). To be clear, we don't want to press a button to record, or esle there will be no need for this project. What we want is the recording triggered to start once the web application is addressed, stop recording by itself when thr user stops talking and save the wave file. We've seen possible solutions to make that happen, but we will want to hear from you before sharing suggestions. Possibly, key there is for the system to start recording by comparing the background standard voice level to the ...

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    Trophy icon Prototype of a Talking AI bot 6 hari left

    Goal: To build a bot in web browser that responds the user’s input verbally in English. User Scenario: 1. The user presses Mic icon in a web browser, starts speaking, 2. The user releases press, end speaking. 3. The speaking shows in text on browser. 3. Meanwhile the bot is taking sometime to process. 4. The bot responds in English via speaker to the user. 5. Go to step 1.

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    Trophy icon Custom Logo Needed 4 hari left

    I am in need of both a Vertical and a Horizontal design for the website logo. The website will be for building and marketing websites. NO 3D Designs, please. Name of site: Katarena Designs Files needed: PDF, Working PSD, PNG, JPG, AI Good Luck!

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    We need a brochure that pops! The basics of the brochure are below, as well as, a VERY rough outline of the brochure we've used as a basic template. Wording is already in place and pictures have been uploaded also. We're looking to get the brochure to stand out in the crowd and contain the information we've provided in a clear and easy to access way. Prepress ready PDF and editable AI or EPS files. Font - Bree Serif (throughout entire brochure) Notes for the brochure by panel: Front Panel Year-Round Recreation in the Laurel Highlands Add picture to front panel as background or in main page - picture provided Winter Weekends Panel - Title to include Winter Weekends and Ski Group Lodging 2 pictures - provided Add any winter graphics or additional stock skiing ph...

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    ...illustrations in the same style. :) Illustrations should be: - based on specific style or very similar style (see 2 examples attached) - based on specific colors scheme (see attached) - minimalistic (!); Illustrations will be used as UI elements, so don't put too much elements please (you can put some stylish clouds, lines or other background elements, but not too much) - please provide results in vector .AI format. Illustration Nr. 1 Happy man holding his phone, looking for road, for map, for navigation. Very similar to "npp-man-TYPE2-example". Illustration Nr. 2 Man with briefcase (businessman) shaking hand to other man, who is in glasses (engineer, programmer, technical person). Illustration Nr. 3 Just a hand, holding magnifying glass (don't make b...

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    need a python developer with GCP bucket knowledge for cloud custodian

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    would like an AI to fixup and finish my game engine for me. it already works but i need an AI for it (artificial intelligence) but im not good enough to risk all of humanity to make one. can pay by the hour but i dont expect it to take many days for a robot.

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    ...Effects Pack 1 | $22 | | VFX 14. Archer animation | $55 | | 15 - Ultimate Bows and Arrows Vol1 | $18 | | 16 - Enemy AI | $40 | |...

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    goal is to make a website that is pure AI based and does following things automated Mastering : similar to Automed Lyrics: Auomated Mixing: Non exists currently Automated Music: similar to Only expert needed who can deliver it, this is project based only not hourly. Also, to check your solution a bit, I want to get an idea about what you think for Automated mastering.

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    Using OpenAI GPT3, I want it such that when I feed it information, it can create a list of questions that tests knowledge based on the information given. For example, if I give it a paragraph about what bonds are, it can create a list of question purely based on that information I gave like 1. What are bonds? 2. How do bonds affect... ? 3. How do interest rates affect bonds pricing? 4. Etc...information given. For example, if I give it a paragraph about what bonds are, it can create a list of question purely based on that information I gave like 1. What are bonds? 2. How do bonds affect... ? 3. How do interest rates affect bonds pricing? 4. Etc (more questions) Similar idea to that. I need someone that has specifically worked and have years of experience with OpenAI's GPT3 and Chat...

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    AI-ML expert needed who can help in developing AI-ML model related to Material Science. Further details will be discussed once shortlisting of the potential Freelancer is done.

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    AI-ML expert needed who can help in developing AI-ML model related to Material Science. Further details will be discussed once shortlisting of the potential Freelancer is done.

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    We need help creating an AI file for printing of graphics on a bus. We would like proposal for 3 different designs for this marketing campaign, using our own content/images/logos. This will be provided separately. Please see attachment for specs.

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    need an ai engineer to build a chat model

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    ...infrastructure and facilities. With the many institutions that offer Data Science courses in India, It is challenging to determine which is best suited for you. There are a variety of things to think about when selecting an institution. A data science course online typically will teach students to use data to address issues. This can include topics like machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI) and data analysis. These courses typically also teach the fundamentals of algebra, statistics, calculus, and algorithms. Is there a most reputable institution for a Data Science course in India? The best institution to study the data science program in India is the one with the top infrastructure and facilities. With the number of institutions offering Data Science courses, it cannot...

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    ...on average price from sqm - no need to estimate from pdf) 15. Contingency Project also includes creating a simple website explaining how it works with possibility to upload project and SaaS payment. After the user submits the project (pdf files), the software should send the estimate for verification to me, and then I manually send it to the user. Required accuracy, machine learning, use of AI and training of models (I can help with this as the projects are in Polish). The project will be developed, so it is required to write code so that in the future it can be extended e.g. with larger objects, accurate construction drawings, detailed design, branch design. Project estimates and website must be in Polish (I can help with translations) and English. Full transfer of copy...

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    Ok, so I'm looking for a content writer/ editor who can generate a lot of articles with the help of AI. You'll get access to my OpenAI account for that. The task is to write A LOT of articles for our wordpress blogs, but we want to keep the costs down as much as possible, while still providing quality content and value for the readers. I'll give you keyword lists with thousands of keywords, you'll have to create an article for each keyword and upload it to wordpress. But you don't have to write the articles completely, that would take too much time and is too expensive. We'll use GPT-3 for that. You only have to provide the tool a few sentences and it will generate the rest of the article. Looking for a long term partnership :)

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    ...Effects Pack 1 | $22 | | VFX 14. Archer animation | $55 | | 15 - Ultimate Bows and Arrows Vol1 | $18 | | 16 - Enemy AI | $40 | |...

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    ...TOWER 3 IN FRONT 3 IN BACK AS GROUP FRONT 3 DO MELE DAMAGE BACK 3 DO RANGED ----------------------------------------------------- GOLD SYSTEM WITH SHOP LEVELING SYSTEM (SHOW LEVEL) ABILITY SYSTEM WITH CAST COOLDOWN AND MANA COST(Custom with each level) MINIONS GIVE X AMOUNT OF GOLD AND XP (CUSTOMIZABLE) TOWER PLACEMENT AND ATTACK ENEMY PLAYERS I am looking for a MOBA game blueprint. I need AI Minions to follow a path and attack towers/players/and other minions. I need placeable towers to do damage to enemy teams minions and players as well as be destructible. The minions need to give gold to player who kills them (Last hit) as well as experience for any (same team) character nearby. They need to level up ( not visible) as time goes through the game. More damage and he...

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    I have a Training session where ai need to prrsent about Finance to the Non Finance People.

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    Learn Everything AI - We're a growing EdTech firm and if you're interested in working with an edtech company, in Data Science field, we are open for a role. Project: R Programming for Data Science Here, you'll work on making video lecture course on R Programming language for Data Science.

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    We require the development of an implementation, which goes from the hardware decision to the equipment or server to process information from sheets of paper and digitize them as txt files. in turn save information in a simple database. requirements; the AI is own or external (send quote) (success rate 85%) Save the information in a txt file. the reader is self-developed, preferably replicable (has a high efficiency rate of pages per minute) insert 2 variables into a database.

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    Trophy icon recreate my current logo 3 hari left

    Hello freelancers, I just finished developping my new software , a AI writing tool. The previous version was named Screeber. The new version is named I need you to change "screeber" into "" and most of all : ====> add a AI feeling (without drawing a robot. Even if i need a feeling of AI, i do not want a whole robot on my design) IMPORTANT : If you just write "ai" next to "screeber" i reject immediately... Good luck !

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    I have an ongoing project that is very powerful with AI and comfortable to end-users. This project BE is python, and FE is Redux-saga. If you interested with this project then send me proposal. I will check all freelancer and hire 2 developers. Please send message with this "Greeting!". To win you can provide the experience and previous work url.

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    Trophy icon The Chronosphere needs a logo 10 hari left

    Hello, I need a new logo for the rebranding of my games journalism website. It is called "The Chronosphere". What ...journalism website. It is called "The Chronosphere". What is a Chronosphere? A chronosphere in my context is a time bubble, a portal to a world where time stands still or maybe an apparatus that stops time I have already generated an AI image which is very close to my desired style for the sphere: You may use this to its full extent in order to create the logo! Only original creations please! main color: violet. like the sphere in the AI picture. additional colors: everything you can see in the AI picture The final product should have a logo AND a stylized text that can be used on its own as well.

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    I am looking for Senior Python Developer. The requirement is; - mastered in Data analysis - mastered in Web scraping - experienced in AI - recommended if Golang development Experience If you matched these, plz bid with your last *python project experience & url* and the first line of the bid must "I am python pro".

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    ...in the current Dashboard GCP, Python, React, Django, PostgreSQL, Rapid API, DataDog or Integrately API add-on. Seeking a developer who has done API integrations: 1. Set up ADD-ON APIs into our platform for members to use as an add-on outside our offering. 2. Incorporate Free APIs from these tools onto our platform (weather, sports, horoscope, stock price, google translate, travel planning APIs) 3. Support and help set up external enterprise tools based on each module within our ERP platform. Skills needed for this project that was built under: 1. Python experience -- App is written in Python 3.7 with the use of data analytics and finance libraries. 2. Django experience - It's the modern Django 3. React, React Native, and Redux experience 4. Postgresql 5. GCP Exp...

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    ...audio file (if needed the text file of what the speech is saying exist as well we can use it) 2. Create a video starting 2/3 sec before the audio start in order to display a title. It takes the audio, for instance if the audio is 1min then it will start 2 seconds before the video will be 1min02sec to let 2 seconds to display the title of the video. 3. Integrate videos/images (obtain via internet/ AI / Machine learning…) related of the audio and if possible make them change with a transition, knowing that videos/images should be in the video format which is for 1080x1920. In function of the audio file, the code is going to search for Videos/images related to it and adapt the size to be in a format of 1080x1920. It needs to make images move as in the video I am going to s...

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    logo ideas for a catamaran 5 hari left

    solva We have been asked to come up with a few logo ideas for a catamaran sailing boat logo. The ideas have to be original and unique, there are a lot of ideas already out there in stock libraries - we don’t want these. Attached are a picture of the boat, a picture of the current logo that shows where the new logo will be displayed as well as an Ai with a few font choice ideas The client is happy to see a 2 part logo. where you have the text part - suitable for the back step of the boat and one suitable for say a t-shirt. this is a design project - we are looking for 6 ideas please.

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    $12 - $18 / hr
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    I have a project-1 in GKE with some pods like Elastic search, Main microservice etc and this project has deployment files etc in bit bucket. Now, I created another Auto-pilot project-2 in GKE, I want some of the pods in project-1 to be created in project-2 with the same configuration and same deployment files used for project-1. I am looking for someone who has good experience in GKE, GCP, IAM, Creating certificates, docker images etc.

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    Trophy icon Design a Logo 10 hari left

    PROPOSITIONS WON'T BE CONSIDERED UNTIL FRIDAY , ONLY PROFILES WITH MORE THAN 200 REVIEWS WILL BE CONSIDERED . ONLINE GENERATED LOGOS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED (TESTED BY ANTI PLAGIARISM AI) . Hi We need a logo for our e-commerce Company Website . We are specialized in Marketing, ERP , CRM ... and all of that stuff . So we want something Creative, Special and Modern, but also professional that best represent our company. Two color- prepositions are in attach file . Company Name : Web Business Booster Ps: A good profile with good results will be needed in other projects .

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    Trophy icon Logo design for a T-shirt label 3 hari left

    I have a travel blog which is called Adventure Moments and the blog is about travel photography and adventures. I already have a logo which I really like. As a side project I also want to sell t-shirts and for this my existing logo is too thin. Therefore I would like a new one which is really simple and a play with the letters A and M preferable in the shape of mou...a side project I also want to sell t-shirts and for this my existing logo is too thin. Therefore I would like a new one which is really simple and a play with the letters A and M preferable in the shape of mountains. Attached you will find my existing logo and my idea. The lines should be thick enough so that it is possible embroidered it. I need the file in black and in white, as png, psd, eps, ai, jpg.

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    Hi Ekkel AI (Pvt) Ltd, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    Hello we need a logo design for a streetwear Brand in annexe you have images of the style of the brand msg me i will tell you the name delivery of the logo in ai in psd ( layesrs of every single part have to be selected ) in png no copy paste logo , we need a new design not from net Aps we are not newcomer we will check all parts of the logo is urgent task !!!

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    Proposals This job is to edit and optimize content that would have been generated by AI Software. This job has two requirements: 1. Ensure that the English content is legible and "makes sense" 2. Optimize the content for certain keywords

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    ...from the background grey border that they were photographed on that would look better I think. If you are able to to do this it would be great if you give me copies of these images along with the completed project. Please be willing to release a PDF in print ready format that has the bleed marks correct ( I dont even know what this means but the printer says its its important ) as well as the AI format files too. I hope I have provided information, please let me know via the communication board if something needs clarifying. I have included some royalty free image stock to play with. We also hope the winner would be willing to make reasonable changes ( no more than 1 hours work ) to their final design too. A whole lot images and supporting info can ( and should ! ) be dow...

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    Using the color tones and creative style of "ECX Logo" Proposal. ai" file and creating a new logo for the "Coaching Conversations" logo

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    Hi Rudra AI, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. I need you to take a look at the prompts as it might require some additional knowledge for solving them (I will provide additional backgroud information).

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    1) Design a ECX logo- incorporating the framework writing (slide 4) into the logo (slide 1) 2) Create the below visual assets with the logo (without the writing)- all just mock up for a concept deck - Teaser poster (example in deck, other option based on - Picture Frame Props for Photo Booth ( (to match logo design and colors) - QR code design () 3) Create 3 slides with this logo/branding - Master slide - content slide option 1 4) Logo Design- 3 options "Coaching Conversations" Using the color tones and creative style of "ECX Logo" Proposal. ai" file and creating a new logo for the "Coaching Conversations" log

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    Build a Website 5 hari left

    I need a website built for a good project. Must be familiar with wordpress. I only require 1 main page, about, service and contact page. The name of the website is included in the attached file. This is for a site that links to one of the greatest AI auto blog writing service.I will need some copywriting done as well. I will not be able to chat, so please leave your quote. I will contact the companies I wish to work with.

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    I want to have an app made that will collect data from other apps in order to find what the customer is interested in. Once the Analyzation is complete, the app will show the customer ads after ads on items the ai will think the customer would like to buy

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    Trophy icon Young Industrial Supplies 3 hari left

    Hi I am after a Logo for my new business… Young Industrial Supplies We are a retailer that specialize in bolts, fasteners and all things industrial. I am after: * Primary logo * Letter head * Design for front of business card * Version of logo suitable for embroidery Files to be supplied: * jpeg * PDF * eps * ai * Font files from logo

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    Trophy icon Logo for MeWi AI 1 hari left

    Mewi AI Tagline: Matching Entrepreneurs with Investors Mewi is a new businesses for sale marketplace (similar to the platform ). There are 4 types of accounts that you can register for at Mewi. You can register as a...Buyer/Operator, Investor, Seller or Broker. At Mewi, you can: -Buy a business -Sell a business -Invest in a business Mewi is unique because we match people that don't have enough money to buy a business with investors who would be able to help with the purchase. We want this to be a text logo. It should be "Mewi AI" but the word "AI" needs to be a much smaller font size than "Mewi". We like the colour blue. We are open to seeing "Mewi" by itself as well. We want creative ideas- not a logo that looks plain...

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