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    ...cancellation reasons 6. Localization Supports 7. SOS-Realtime Notify to admin 8. Ride History with Trip status filter 9. GPS tracking to allow users to know the location of their ride 10. User rating system for driver reliability and safety - Admin portal: 1. Realtime Dashboard 2. Configure Needed documents 3. Roles & Permissions for admin app menus 4. Settings & Configurations 5. Geofencing & Zone creation 6. Price configuration for ride now/ Schedule ride 7. Heat Map 8. Gods Eye(Map view of drivers) 9. Trip Request Management 10. User & Driver Management 11. Sos Number configurations 12. Promo code configuration 13. Cancellation Reasons Configurations 14. Complaint Catgory & Complaint state Management 15. Send Custom Push Notifications ...

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    I need a proficient marketing specialist equipped with advanced Geofencing skills. The objective of this campaign is to stimulate foot traffic to our dental office and generate substantial business leads. The main focus will be on targeting local residents, as well as tourists, and local residents visiting our competitors. If you have never done Geofencing please do not reply as I will not respond to you. Key Responsibilities: - Design and administer a compelling Geofencing marketing strategy. - Generate leads and businesses. - Drive local foot traffic to our store. - Provide us a click to call action so we can track the effectiveness of their efforts. Ideal Skills: - Comprehensive knowledge of Geofencing marketing strategies. - Proven experience in lead gene...

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    ...Store and Google Play is highly sought after. Responsibilities: Develop and maintain robust mobile applications using Flutter, Dart, and FlutterFlow. Interface with our business-specific REST API for seamless integration and functionality. Utilize the Google Maps API for location-based services and accurate mapping features. Implement and manage location APIs for precise location tracking and geofencing functionalities. Configure and maintain push notification systems to deliver timely updates and alerts to users. Securely integrate payment gateways to facilitate seamless transactions within the application. Collaborate closely with existing project teams to meet deadlines and ensure project completion. Ensure the performance, quality, and responsiveness of applications meet ou...

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    I'm searching for a skilled developer who can create a software capable of locating my Android phone. Critical Features: - Im...Critical Features: - Implement real-time location tracking via GPS - Include a remote lock and wipe functionality accessible through a secure website - Incorporate a geofencing feature Desired Skills: - Proficient in Android development - Experience in building security applications - Understanding of GPS integration Your experience in similar projects will be valuable for this task. The final product should be user-friendly and secure, guaranteeing the location feature works even when the device goes offline. The remote lock and wipe option must only be activated through the secure website. Your knowledge in developing Geofencing applic...

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    I'm looking for a competent developer to build an Android application that integrates two key features: selfie attachment and geofencing-based location tracking. Here's what I need: - Selfie Attachment: * Ability to take and attach standard definition selfies within the app. * User-friendly interface for photo capture. - Location Tracking: * Geofencing functionality to trigger actions or notifications. * Reliable and accurate perimeter-based location tracking. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in Android app development - Experience with camera API integration - Knowledge of geofencing and location services - Skilled in creating user-friendly interfaces - Strong problem-solving abilities I'm eager to find a developer who can deliver a...

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    ...Responsibilities: Develop robust mobile applications using Flutter and Dart programming languages, including performing maintenance tasks as required. Interface with our business-specific REST API to ensure seamless integration and functionality. Utilize Google Maps API to provide location-based services and accurate mapping features. Implement and manage location APIs for precise location tracking and geofencing functionalities. Configure and maintain push notification systems to deliver timely updates and alerts to users. Integrate payment gateways securely to facilitate seamless transactions within the application. Collaborate closely with existing project teams to meet deadlines and ensure project completion. Ensure the performance, quality, and responsiveness of application...

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    I am working with a unique version of Traccar, and in need of an experienced programmer who can carry out some specific functionalities: • Incorporating real-time tracking • Implementing Geofencing • Setting up alarm and notification features Please note, there won't be the need for integration with an existing CRM system, customized reports and analytics nor mobile app integration. However, I require someone adept at navigating different versions of Traccar and understanding the intricate requirements of this project. Demonstrated experience with similar projects would be highly beneficial.

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    ...able to match the three-axis motion of the hardware's roll axis, yaw axis, and pitch axis. 3. Output The solution provider should provide a set of Tracking SDK (including Android and iOS) and packages the SDK into the existing APP to become the tracking function of the APP. Ideal candidate qualities: - Experience in developing tracking apps. - Proficiency with location services and geofencing technologies. - Knowledge of efficient battery usage strategies for constant tracking. - Strong background in data privacy and security measures. - Ability to provide a clean, user-friendly UI/UX. This project calls for a developer with a thoughtful approach to sensitive data and who can deliver a highly reliable product....

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    I need a specialized wristband designed with the following requirements: - **Primary Function**:...designed with the following requirements: - **Primary Function**: Track children's whereabouts accurately. - **Target Users**: Tailored for children, with ease of use in mind. - **Crucial Features**: - **Geofencing Alerts**: Should notify me when my child enters or exits predefined areas. - **Durability & Water Resistance**: Must withstand kids' playtime activities. Ideal freelancer skills: - Experience in wearable technology design. - Proficient with GPS technology integration. - Skilled in creating kid-friendly, durable product designs. - Ability to implement effective geofencing solutions. Deadline and communication are key; I value adherence to the sche...

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    ...developer to create an IoT project specifically focusing on asset tracking using the Quectel EC200. Job Requirements: - Develop an IoT solution for asset tracking of vehicles and equipment/machinery. - Emphasis on features including real-time tracking, geofencing, driver behaviour and remote handshaking. - Demonstrable experience with IoT development, particularly with the Quectel EC200. Ideal Candidate: - Experienced in IoT development - Previous experience working on asset tracking projects - Knowledgeable about real-time tracking, geofencing, remote handshaking, and related features - Experience with Quectel EC200 is preferred. Due to the nature of the task, communication throughout is vital to ensure successful completion of this project. Please apply with rele...

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    I am seeking a skilled engineer experienced in device development and GPS tech, who can create an anti-loss tracking device. This will facilitate real-time tracking and locating of lost personal items. Key desired features for this device include: - Stunning sound notifications. - Advanced geofencing features. - Operating through wifi, GSM, and GPS. -Compact Design -Power Efficient -NFC module -Communication through Bluetooth to App - Includes LED indicators and buttons for better usage. Your experience with similar devices will be highly valued, as well as a strong understanding of durable and user-friendly design for personal belongings. If your talents lie in making everyday life more secure, then this project is yours to excel. Let's prevent loss together!

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    ...the following features: * Employee attendance tracking: The app should provide a simple and efficient way for employees to clock in and out, perhaps through a unique identifying feature. * Real-time location tracking: The app should be capable of real-time location tracking, helping us to understand and manage our employees' movements and schedules better. * Geo-fencing: We want to include geofencing capabilities to set boundaries for employee movements during working hours. * Route history: I'm also interested in the ability to trace the route history of our employees, which should help with logistical planning and overall operational optimization. We would prefer candidates who have prior experience building similar applications, and possess working knowledge of...

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    I need an expert in web development who can create a site for real-time location tracking of mobile devices. Key project details: • The website must offer real-time location tracking functionality, enabling users to monitor the whereabouts of mobile devices instantly. • Geofencing, a feature allowing the creation of virtual boundaries, should be integrated into the website as well. As a developer skilled in creating such solutions, you should have a vast understanding of geolocation technologies, real-time data sharing strategies, and strong proficiency in programming languages like JavaScript and Python. Your experience in handling similar projects in the past will give you an upper hand. Use your expertise to build a user-friendly interface that simplifies the tra...

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    I'm searching for a creative professional to edit a geofencing video that will comply with the attached video requirements for a geofencing campaign. This video is :15 and will also be used on social media platforms. I am attaching the client logo () as a psd, png, and eps. I am including the script with video direction as well as the voiceover. I have two versions that may work, but will make that decision with the editor. In the first version, we would just use the video in the box below labeled Remote Tech Video to play the entire time with the CG information appearing as the VO reads it. The second version would be used with the labeled images in the box below as the VO mentions each different service. I am open to either option depending on what the editor th...

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    ...Considerations: Security and confidentiality of uploaded documents. User-friendly interface for both drivers and riders. Seamless integration of payment and commission system. OS Button: Implement a prominent SOS button within the app that, when pressed, immediately connects the user to emergency services. This feature can be particularly beneficial in critical situations. Geofencing Alerts: Implement geofencing technology to alert users when their ride deviates significantly from the designated route. This can help prevent potential safety issues. Safety Hotline: Provide a dedicated safety hotline within the app, allowing users to directly contact the support team in case of any safety concerns. Timeline and Budget: We would appreciate it if you could provide an es...

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    ...status, geofence zones (customizable and pre-set), puzzle interface, pearl transfer options, Excel sheet integration dashboard, and attendee data collection screen. Back-End: Server-side logic with a database storing player data, attendance records, game progress, achievements, geofence definitions, puzzle library, pearl transfer transactions, Excel sheet integration logic, and attendee data logs. Geofencing API Integration: Define and manage virtual boundaries around designated zones (including user-defined zones). HR System Integration (Optional): Synchronize employee attendance data with the game for verification and pearl awarding. Excel Sheet Integration: Attendance data import: Import employee data from Excel sheet into the game's database. Pearl earning configuration...

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    Pro...I am looking for a freelancer who can create a Google Route map for GPS data obtained from vehicle tracking systems. - The main feature required is real-time tracking, allowing us to monitor the location of our vehicles in real-time. - Additionally, we would like to have a history of routes available, which will allow us to review past routes taken by our vehicles. - The map should also have geofencing capability, allowing us to set virtual boundaries and receive notifications when a vehicle enters or exits a specified area. - The map needs to be integrated into our existing system. - The ideal freelancer for this job would have experience in working with Google Maps APIs and integrating them into existing systems. Technologies - PHP, framework- laravel, jquary

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    Website Design Tamat left

    I currently have a Shopify store that I am building my website on. I am looking for someone who can design a website that can generate a quote instantly for customers. I prefer someone who has experience in courier service websites and can provide links of previous work. i will need the background set up to read the areas we service therefore Geofencing needs to be connected to price customers accordingly and if they chose an area we do not service we will need a warning trigger that comes up advising we do not service this area. We have different charges as we offer 4 levels of service delivery day delivery delivery and service number service customers will not be able to get an instant quote for this service as we need to quote them manually

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    I'm searching for an experienced mobile application architect and developer who can provide a robust end to end solution for a GPS tracking mobile application. This will be a cross-platform app with focus on a few specific features. - Main Features: - Real-time Tracking: This is crucial for the app's success, users should be able to track items in real-time. - Geofencing: This function will alert users when tracked items enter or leave predefined areas. - History Tracking: The application should maintain and display historical tracking data. - Additional Features: There will be some more added elements, which will be disclosed upon project commencement. Skilled in cross-platform app development, GPS systems, and versatile in handling a range of app featur...

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    I need the creation of a phone location tracker with Android compatibility. This project does not require a user registration/login feature. Instead, its function lies solely in tracking and reporting location. Critical Features: - Real-time tracking: The application should have the ability to track the device's locations in should wo...minimized or killed also. - Geofence Alerts: It should be able to set up specific geographic boundaries and emit notifications when the device enters or exits these areas. - Location History: The app should document the history of where the device has been. The successful bidder has a proven track record in mobile app development, specifically Android. Experience in location-based services and geofencing technology would be strongly preferr...

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    Trophy icon Short Video Edits Required Tamat left

    We offer QR codes, custom QR codes, tracking, and geofencing for your QR codes. We offer a portal to maintain all your custom QR codes. I need to make a short promotional video. Look ad the Video I uploaded so you can get an idea of what I want the promo video to be like making it very similar to this video, but pertaining to WeCreate's custom QR codes. Look at the Promo video so you have best idea. This is the Video form Desktop it is over 25MB

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    Livestock tracking and geofencing server applicaion and mobile application that can intergrate with chirpstack

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    ...stoppages, time taken at every stop, distance travelled, area covered, (and area not covered using the geo-fencing), and an alert on entry and exit in the geo-fence. I expect to have charts for all these scenarios on the dashboard. Requirements: - Develop an IoT dashboard on the ThingsBoard platform - Configure the trackers to the platform - Ensure the dashboard updates data in real-time - Create geofencing to use with GPS trackers - Create multiple rules and alerts based on tracking data Skills and Experience: - Strong experience in developing IoT dashboards - Proficiency in using ThingsBoard platform - Knowledge of sensor data integration and real-time data updates - Experience in creating rule chains and alerts on ThingsBoard Deliverables: - Fully functional IoT dashboard...

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    I am looking for a skilled React Native developer to create a location tracking app that is compatible with both iOS and Android platforms. Design: - I have specific design requirements for the app, so attention to detail and the ability to follow design guidelines is important. Features: - The app should have rea...location tracking functionality, allowing users to track their own location and the location of others in real-time. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in React Native development - Experience with creating mobile apps compatible with both iOS and Android platforms - Strong attention to detail and ability to follow design guidelines - Familiarity with real-time location tracking and geofencing features - Experience with history tracking functionality...

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    I am looking for a freelancer to develop a look back geofencing marketing campaign. The campaign will be targeted to specific addresses in Las Vegas and around the world, and it will last for 3 months. The primary goal of this geofencing marketing campaign is to generate direct bookings for a short term rental company. The freelancer should have experience and expertise in geofencing technologies and advertising. All deliverables must adhere to the highest industry standards, and I am open to suggestions, ideas, and innovations. This is an exciting opportunity to create an innovative geofencing marketing campaign that will have a huge impact on my brand.

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    I am looking for a freelancer to develop a cell phone tracking system with the following features: - Real-time location tracking - Call and SMS monitoring - Geofencing The system should be compatible with all types of smartphones, including Android and iOS. The primary purpose of the system is to aid in lost or stolen device recovery. Ideal skills and experience for this project include: - Mobile app development - GPS tracking technology - Data security and privacy measures.

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    ...and an 8ft table with a custom tablecloth. The designs should embody the spirit of our brand, Mobile Dealer, and highlight our unique offerings to dealers. website: Key Points to Cover: Brand Representation: Incorporate our brand colors, logos, and identity. Product Features: Visually represent our app’s features like DMS integration, loyalty rewards, geofencing, mobile coupons, F&I menu selling, digital retailing, lead generation, mobile payments, social selling, and system integration. Customer Engagement: Display the convenience and benefits for users engaging with the dealership through our app. Visual Impact: Designs must be eye-catching to stand out in a busy conference environment. Consistency: Ensure a cohesive look across all graphics to strengthen

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    ...as a safe guard for life's emergencies and automate a response during times of which the user is incapacitated or incarcerated and cannot physically do it themselves. Once triggered, the users predetermined contacts will be notified and coordinate via a chatroom as to the users location. This will require the following: 1. User database 2. GPS location and geofencing of emergency rooms and police stations. 3. Addition to geofencing and allowing users to create subaccounts and geofence areas of their own with scheduling based on their subaccounts. 4. Social Media Platform: a way for the community to engage with each other and keep them on the app. 5. Payment gateway associated to creating subaccounts 6. Chatroom for select individuals that is triggered based on p...

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    Dashboard e app com funções especificas baseadas em traccar - Necessito de um dashboard e app que possua as seguintes funções: - Relatórios e análises - O app será desenvolvido para a plataforma Android e dashborad web - Aviso de tempo para cheg...para chegada de um veiculo - Veiculos disponíveis nas proximidades - Abertura de chamados para veiculos disponiveis - A preferência é que o app seja desenvolvido em Português Para referência use o site de algo similar : Habilidades e experiência ideais para o trabalho: - Experiência em desenvolvimento de apps para Android - Conhecimento em rastreamento de veículos e geofencing - Habilidades em análise de dados e cria&cc...

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    Hello freelancer, I am a CEO in ASIAN IT INC. I have developed a location tracking apps using kotlin and java. All the options are working well. I need the geofence module in my current apps. I need the system like the below message. # Admin will create multiple geo-location and the location will be saved in my database # When the employee will visit the created location then the admin will get a Notification and a API will call with the employee logged_in id (primary id) so that we can send SMS or creating visiting record inside database. You do not need to work on backend part. I will manage it.

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    Geofencing App Tamat left

    I am looking for a developer to create a geofencing app for Android that focuses on location-based marketing. The ideal candidate will have experience in developing Android apps and be familiar with geofencing technology. I'm trying to build an app that allows me to track footfall in my store through geofencing. This could be through mobile data, wifi, or bluetooth beacons to help me track routes through the store - but it must be able to track specific points inside, in-store. I am open to advice on this. I'm hoping to attach a tablet to the trolley and through an app, show a specific jpg on the screen with an offer to entice the customer to buy. Key Requirements: - Experience in Android app development - Knowledge of geofencing technology - Abili...

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    I have an existing user model and gefencing / geolocation / way points using google maps to be implemented. existing project in django

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    Project Title: Make changes to Traccar Description: I am looking for a skilled developer to make specific changes to Traccar. The ideal candidate will have experience in UI/UX improvements and protocol enhancements. Specific Requirements: - U...include correct voltage. - Implementation timeframe: The changes need to be implemented within a week. Skills and Experience Required: - Strong knowledge of UI/UX improvements and protocol enhancements. - Experience in developing and customizing Traccar or similar GPS tracking systems. - Proficiency in programming languages such as Java or JavaScript. - Familiarity with real-time tracking, geofencing, and custom alert systems. If you have the necessary skills and experience, and can complete the project within a week, please submit your...

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    I am looking for a php based GPS tracking software with a traccar backend. The specific features I need include real-time tracking, historical data, and geofencing. For the interface design, I prefer a detailed and comprehensive design that provides all the necessary information and functionalities. The target platform for the software should be web-based, allowing users to access and use it through their browsers. Ideal skills and experience for this project include: - Strong proficiency in PHP development - Experience with GPS tracking software and traccar backend - Knowledge of real-time tracking, historical data, and geofencing - UI/UX design skills to create a detailed and comprehensive interface - Web development skills for creating a web-based platform

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    ...in creating real-time tracking systems. Requirements: - Real-time tracking: The system should provide live updates on the location of the vehicle. - Geofencing: The ability to set up virtual boundaries and receive notifications when the vehicle enters or exits these areas. - Vehicle diagnostics: The system should be able to monitor and report on the vehicle's performance, such as fuel consumption and engine health. - Driver behavior monitoring: The system should track and analyze driver behavior, including speeding, harsh braking, and idling. Skills and experience: - Proficiency in GPS tracking system development. - Knowledge of geofencing and vehicle diagnostics. - Familiarity with driver behavior monitoring. - Strong problem-solving and analytical skills. Please ...

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    ...create a :15 second promotional video for my project. The video will serve as a promotional tool to showcase the benefits and features of my product. Preferred Style: - The video should be created using a mixed media approach based on the files and information I have prepared. Most of it is graphic and text based. We are focusing on promoting Geofencing and the main info about geofencing can be found on our website at Video must meet these requirements: • Dimensions: 1920x1200px or 1920x1080px • Audio Bitrate: 160 kbps or higher • Video Bitrate: 5.4 mbps or higher • Mandatory Format: mp4 (h.264) • Max video file size: 200MB Limit. Skills and Experience Required: - Proficiency in video editing and animation software - Experience in creating ...

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    I am looking for a skilled developer to create a realtime GPS tracker app for Android. The ideal candidate should have experience in developing Android applications and integrating GPS tracking functionality. Features: - Realtime location tracking: The app should be able to track the user's location in real-time. - Geofencing: The app should allow the user to set up geofences and receive notifications when the user enters or leaves the defined area. - History tracking: The app should store the user's location history and allow the user to view their previous locations. Compatibility: The app should use the smartphone's built-in GPS for tracking, without the need for any specific external GPS devices. If you have the necessary skills and experience, please submit yo...

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    I am looking to hire someone for a mobile app project that requires experience in developing for Android. The goal is to build an app that offers vehicle tracking features including real-time tracking, geofencing, and historical route playback. The app should have a simple and minimalistic user interface in order to make the tracking process easy to understand and efficient to use. I'm open to suggestions from the developer to create an app that works best for my needs.

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    ...it in the new version of our application in react native. You must be a GPS specialist, not a Google Maps integrator. Currently we have a GPS device for pets that sends the data to our server with Here map or mapbox. We need: 1. Real-Time Map Display: Display the current location of the pet on the map in real-time using GPS coordinates provided by the connected device. 2. Geofencing (and Geofencing mobile) : Define virtual zones around specific locations (such as the owner's home) and trigger notifications when the pet enters or exits these zones. 3. Custom Routes: Allow users to plan routes for their pets, display these routes on the map, and provide instructions for following them. 4. Points of Interest (POI): Integrate information about pet-relat...

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    We look for Java Spring-Boog or Core-Java senior expert with in depth knowledge on how to implement a geofencing for polygones. You implement a simple geo position detection based on detecting if the position is inside or outside of polygones. 1. rectangle 2. radius you will get a excel with a list of GPS coordinates. you will require to define mutiple GPS polygones against you can test your given data. Preferably this polygones are also provided as a Excel list Your job will be to implement the logic for the geofencing and to propose java libraries, which will help to solve this problems. Milestones Assuming following existing classes, which you have to recommend from your suggested libs and apis - Distance (calculate/gives a distance in meters from a desired point) - G...

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    We look for Java Spring-Boog and Core-Java senior expert with in depth knowledge on how to implement a geofencing for various polygones. You will get ongoing data into a database table, which contains positions of different devices. This positions have to be checked and verified about being in a geofenced environment. It will be required to implement also a unsharp data collection e.g. cloudy weather, where the position may vary and maybe sometimes out of the fence. On leaving the geofence a remote rest api will be called along with a e-mail will be sent. Your job will be to implement the logic for the geofencing and to propose java libraries, which will help to solve this problems. Mandatory!!!! You have to have a locally running docker container which runs your spring bo...

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    I am looking for a react native developer to implement geofencing in my existing iOS and Android app. The purpose of this implementation is to personalize the user experience based on their location. Specifically, I have a specific geographical area in mind for the geo-fencing, with a desired radius of 1-5 miles. When Items are added to the Cart, and when the user is near by the store, items should be sorted by that store and should be at the top. Ideal skills and experience for this project include: - Proficiency in iOS and Android app development - Experience with geofencing implementation - Knowledge of location-based notifications and personalization techniques

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    This is an online food ordering system with 3 admin controllers - user area, restaurant area and CRM area. it is a very complex system. for this prpjekt want Full 8 developer for 45 day minimum, Die Webseite sollte eine: * Schöne und komple...und komplett dashboard fürs Unternehmen verwalten, Social media link verwalten, Shop Menü verwalten inkl extras , Bestellung verwalten, Kunden verwalten, Gutscheine verwalten, * Sehr gute Statistiken haben, klick rate, bestell abrüche, Besucher Anzahl , Besucher herkunft * 3 Sprachen deutsch, Türkisch, Englisch * Eigenes Keyboard fürs Marketing * Schnittstelle zu Server * Datenbank/CoreData * Geofencing * WebView * Inter-application Communication * Bilderkennung code und QRcode Erkennung * Schlüsselbundzug...

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    I am looking for a React Native developer with experience in implementing the Transistorsoft lib. The specific feature that needs to be implemented is Background Location Tracking. The ideal candidate should have the following skills and experience: - Strong proficiency in React Native - Experience with implementing the Transistorsoft lib - Familiarity with geofencing and push notifications is a plus The target deadline for this implementation is 2-3 days, so the developer should be able to work efficiently and meet the deadline. Please enter word "UT Background Location App" on start of the proposal. If you are a skilled React Native developer with experience in implementing the Transistorsoft lib and are available to work on this project within the specified timeline...

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    human Tracker Tamat left

    Hello, I am in need of a PCB (~ 1 inch diameter) for human tracking system that is capable of providing real-time tracking updates to 1 or 2 persons. The tracking needs to include geofencing capabilities. It is similar to Apple Tag luggage tracker but should work with BOTH iPhone and Android phones. I would also need the tracking device to come with a SOS red button that sends a notification for help to the phone of a Caregiver or Family member. In short, I need a comprehensive real-time tracking solution that will enable the person with the tracker to send notification to a caregiver or a family member using a SIM card. It should a have a replacement 5 year battery such as CR2477. Must be able to create GERBER files and Bill of Materials spreadsheet to fabricate PCB design Thank yo...

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    My goal is to reach the middle-aged female adult demographic (25-44) to increase the sales of my physical and digital products. I need to create an effective ad campaign that will get maximum visibility and engagement. The strategies I'll employ will include targeted ads on both Facebook and Instagram using different techniques such as retargeting, geofencing and A/B testing. I need to set up a combination of post engagement campaigns and lead generation campaigns to provide the best ROI for our business. The creative assets such as videos, photos, carousels, stories and static images should be unique yet eye-catching and provide the relevant message depending on the target audience and the end goal. I also want catchy taglines and engaging long-form copy to capture the audie...

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    Geofencing Geo Fencing for Business - Purpose: Targeted advertising - Preferred platform: Mobile app - Geographic area: Local We are looking for a skilled developer to implement geofencing for our business. The main purpose of this project is to enhance our targeted advertising efforts. We prefer the implementation to be done through a mobile app. The geofencing efforts will be focused on a specific geographic area, specifically the local region. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in mobile app development - Experience with geofencing implementation - Knowledge of targeted advertising techniques - Familiarity with location-based notifications - Strong understanding of security and access control measures If you have the skills and experience needed ...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can develop a Cordova geo fencing plugin for Android. The plugin should be able to send push notifications when the user enters or exits a geofence. The push notifications should be in English. Ideal Skills and Experience...am looking for a freelancer who can develop a Cordova geo fencing plugin for Android. The plugin should be able to send push notifications when the user enters or exits a geofence. The push notifications should be in English. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong knowledge and experience with Cordova development - Proficient in Android app development - Experience with push notifications and geofencing - Familiarity with working with plugins and APIs - Good communication skills to understand the requirements and provide timel...

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    ...location tracking capabilities. -Collect detailed specifications of each identified GPS tracking device, including but not limited to: Device name and model Manufacturer information Technical specifications (e.g., GPS accuracy, battery life, connectivity options) Supported vehicle types (cars, trucks, motorcycles, etc.) Physical dimensions and installation requirements Additional features (e.g., geofencing, speed monitoring) Mobile Application Integration: Investigate the compatibility of each GPS tracking device with our custom mobile application. Check for available APIs or SDKs for integration with the mobile app. Assess the ease of configuration and data synchronization between the device and the mobile application. -Pricing and Cost Analysis: Research and document the pr...

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    I'm looking for a freelancer to help me with geofencing in SwiftUI. Specifically, I need help getting data from map geofence regions, monitoring the user's location, and handling geofence triggers. I already have the Project with map View for the geofences, so the freelancer just needs to set them up. I need the geofence setup completed as soon as possible, ideally within the next day.

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