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    Saya mencari yang paham mengenai website streaming online. Kendala saya, saya sudah upload video ke google drive dan saat embed video nya format nya iframe, saya mau nya format nya untuk jw player html5. Dan saya juga mau nya seperti web sebelah yang jika ada yang ambil link video saya, besok nya udah gak bisa diputar lagi.

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    Small tour operator needs an experienced developer using the Omnibasis blockchain business management solution to configure a reservation system that includes a calendar picker, price tables, shopping cart, and API checkout/payment processing for credit cards. A) Calendar picker will be embedded into our existing website using iframe or HTML snippet. Checkout happens in a new tab. B) Credit card i...

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    fix a bug in ckeditor5 + add media upload (img, audio, video,iframe) Add one more field in pages, editable with ckeditor5 in angular + nodeJS + mongoDB pages Very good knowledge of ckeditor5 required

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    For explample: <iframe src="[log masuk untuk melihat URL]"></iframe> an idea would be to consume the url from another php file. I am working with php, I accept a plugin

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    need to add iframe video player in already built site....

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    need to add iframe video player in already built site....

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    Fix iframe width on html web page Tasks 1. fix iframe width 2. check mobile responsive Happy 2021

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    We are looking for a solution to change the colors of the menu (CSS) of matterport models, something like: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] that generates an URL and changes the CSS of the external page where the model is hosted.

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    I'm looking to get a 3D rotating cube built exactly like the following ones: 1) [log masuk untuk melihat URL] 2) [log masuk untuk melihat URL] 3) [log masuk untuk melihat URL] We should be able to add a static image / video mp4 file in each of the faces of the cube. Further: 1) If the JS script is placed inside an iframe - it will not expand. 2) If the JS script is not placed inside an if...

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    Create a search feature for the website and help in replacing iFrame for embedding 3rd party website.

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    i frame to airbnb sign up 3 hari left

    Looking for a way to help people sign up to airbnb via I frame. Wish to have a system where I do 90 % of the sign up and the client just needs to do the final step. So using I frame with airbnb in the I frame. I sign up a user to airbnb then for the verification part of airbnb sign up I send the user a link to the iframe so they can just follow link and verify Id. Please explain that you can do it...

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    I'm looking to get a 3D rotating cube built exactly like the following ones: 1) [log masuk untuk melihat URL] 2) [log masuk untuk melihat URL] 3) [log masuk untuk melihat URL] We should be able to add a static image / video mp4 file in each of the faces of the cube. Further: 1) If the JS script is placed inside an iframe - it will not expand. 2) If the JS script is not placed inside an ifr...

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    I need a CPA OfferWall network built. Needs: Admin - Able to add/create offers (postback) (set offer rates) etc for each offer. Manage User/Publishers / I will provide more in depth examples of this. User Side - Allow users to sign up (once approved into the system) allow them to have a generated code for the Offerwall (In a iframe). Again I will provide more detail on this. OfferWall - Shows ...

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    At present, there is a payment plug-in, which opens a new page to complete credit card input during payment. I want to realize the check out page and iframe credit card input page directly.

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    iframe airbnb sign up. 2 hari left

    I need to sign up people for airbnb but I can't do it all for them they need to verify their account. I am looking to make it very easy for them by filling in the form untill we get to the verify section which I want to be able to email to the person by puting in an iframe so they can click on link and fill in the little verify part. Then they are done

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    I need a professional to help add iframe of a website to 10 social media accounts

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    I created a new extended module in yetiforce crm, every module in the crm is getting a 'table layout' automatically. i want to change that layout & template table on that page to a customized one - an iframe, php page etc..

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    i need a html page with tabs , each tab to have many iframe to have design like the sample picture [log masuk untuk melihat URL] the iframe should auto move to x,y for the source page based on predefined location , each iframe should have a button to manually reload the source page or set an interval and auto reload every x minutes. Budget USD 100

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    I have a TV / EPG guide for my media web site. This was made years back in python and php. This tv guide has a scraping feature to get show times and dates from various web sites for the tv channels. This TV Guide shows channel numbers and names of TV Channel Networks. It also shows times and dates of TV Shows. The TV Guide will show what is playing on each tv channel every day according to time. ...

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    i need designer to create iframe with multiple frames with option to move source page to x,y location on page load, ability to zoom in or zoom out and reload iframe every x time or on click with move page to x and y onload.

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    I created the chart using trading view program. I set indicator or icon etc, but these are not saved. after I reload this page, the chart return to default I want to use my custom chart via iframe on my other site. I can not use directly tradingview. so I created own chart. however custom dose not saved.

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    Need help creating iframe(left navigation) solution with flow chart built in. IF you read this, include in your quote FEB25

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    We need to develope a simple shopify plugin (to be placed in the shopify public list of plugins under our name) that place a code snippet on any page on the user side, with a simple config where webmaster can insert an account ID. The snippet is something like: <script type="text/javascript"> function LHready() {if([log masuk untuk melihat URL] == "complete") { (function...

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    Hello This my site: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] when I click play video in the first section, I want the popup looking same as this: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Can you help?

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    MXStart is a survey-based benchmarking website that consists of 3 main functionalities/components - Survey, Analysis, Report Generator. Survey side - The system will allow admins to - ability to create/edit surveys - Ability to add/remove/edit questions for the surveys - Ability to set a topic/domain for each question and give weighting/scores to the answers Analysis side : -System analyses the ...

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    I am looking for a web developer to build me an iFrame that I can customize the content via Google Document updates. The iFrame sample can be found here: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Scope of the project includes - allowing a custom icon to be used for a user to click on an HTML page which would open up this IFrame. It would be organized in the format but updated via Google Document.

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    Jadi saya ingin membuat website dengan konten Pixi Js (Render Engine JS) atau Phaser JS (Game engine berbasis Pixi JS) yang menampilkan virtual exhibition atau expo. Akan dibuat sejenis penjelajahan virtual seperti dalam bentuk permainan, misalnya didalam bangunan dan ada tombol-tombol yang dapat di klik memunculkan perihal acara. Untuk bagian JS, Pixi JS dan Phaser, Misalnya: - Jika tombol (c...

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    6 bida

    I have an HTML page with an IFRAM on it. I want to refresh just the iframe to without refreshing the entire page.

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    20 bida

    I need a 2.1 standard .net library, I have to have the functions that generate the code needed to make the PDF content work on Blazor Server inside an iframe, it also asks for demo on working Blazor.

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    9 bida

    I have a airbnb host business as part of my business i need to sign people up to my service and airbnb I am looking to have people sign up on my site via a form and then the info from that form starts the registration process of an account at airbnb. There is a verification part of airbnb taking a selfie that can only be done on line on the airbnb site. I would like my site to prefill the sign up...

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    17 bida

    We added the rating module with iframe. The result: I entered four numbers in the year of construction column, but only two are visible. The column is too narrow. The column should be wider. The owner of the module suggested that we insert the module via shortcode, then the problem should be solved.

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    10 bida

    Hi I need to share video iframe between react native expo web app pages. Workflow: One page - Full screen of video(iframe) Another pages - Thumbnail video screen on top right Please apply only if you have actual experience of it. Thanks in advance.

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    1 bida

    Dear Freelancers, We are looking for a Word JavaScript API specialist to develop a .js application that should be able to run in Chrome both under the free 365 version and the paid desktop version such as 365, 2016, 2019... PS. The MS Word version would be in french Use case : # Create a new word document : - On the local disk. - In OneDrive (using the user's account). - In a Webdav server...

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    1 bida

    To implement security protocols in java struts application to prevent it from Stored XSS attack, Iframe Injection attack, Html injection attack, CSRF attack, Rate limiting attack,. and broken access control

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    3 bida

    Matterport virtual tours are created and delivered through Matterport's proprietary system and can only be hosted on their system and servers. I would like to at least be able to deliver the URL to appear as my own domain, while still maintaining all the original URL's functions such as fullscreen, VR mode, responsiveness, can be emended, etc. Here is what a Matterport URL looks like, ...

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    16 bida

    Create the Map according to the layout attached (see Screenshot). The Map will be instered as an iFrame in my website. Here is a howto example. NO PNG's - I need CSS styled Pins [log masuk untuk melihat URL] ---------------------------------------------------- PROJECT: ---------------------------------------------------- 1. Style CSS Pins (Pinpoint Left Aligned, Pinpoint Right Aligned) 2. A...

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    11 bida

    Ziel: Auf einem Plan (als vektorisierte Datei vorhanden) eines Geschäftsgebäudes soll bei jedem Raum eine Farbüberlagerung sein (Imagemap in HTML), dieses Imagemap kann ich selbst erstellen. Durch Klick auf eine Fläche, soll diese die Farbe ändern, von grün auf rot. Bei erneutem Klick dann wieder zurück von rot auf grün. Die Einstellungen sollten gespeichert...

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    5 bida

    To add data from the database to an iframe that is based on user information, address=ADDRESSHERE will become address=USER ADDRESS FOR BTC Data can be found in WPTAG_wallets_adds, the account column is the user ID (1,2,3,4,5) from WP. The Symbol column would be BTC. The Status Column would be current and The Address column is the address to be used. <iframe width="100%" height="...

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    2 bida

    i want you to show input value in the iframe src link

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    18 bida

    Necesito una aplicacion web para una veterinaria exactamente igual a todos los modulos de una app que ya existe pero ni tiene ni un solo testiminio ni opinion acerca del uso de esta. Quisiera comprar a ellos mismos pero tiene iframe, tiene un bloqueo de identidad del dueño de la pagina y bajo rating para ser una pagina antigua por lo que parece estafa. Esta app que ya existente tiene una de...

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    Programming language Kotlin and Swift (Apps radio/vidio) Requirements: - Prevent audio from mixing when playing an iframe - Add different sliders in sections - Add Floating action button in ios - Basic advice to know how to make modifications in future templates - Basic advice to make the ios version responsive Write me to know more details.

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    15 bida

    FILE ATTACH WITH ALL POINTS: Gargir Project Brief 1. General description – we need CRM system with website for making the purchase of apartments from contractors simpler by making one system to manage all the project needs. Clients that buy apartments need place to track the project and the payments they made for the house they bought. 2. Fast brief – develop system with website that...

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    We need modifications to the original behavior of the openvidu videochat software (Openvidu CE version, [log masuk untuk melihat URL]) . In our model, the videoconference becomes a 1:1 video consultation, where only consultants and clients connect via the video service. The rules applied to the consultants are: 1) every consultant can only open 1 room at a time (the calling URL must contain the...

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    need to develop using ready made rest api of ant media server multitenanat dashboard. so users can register , login and create broadcasts , get links ,and seed their recordings. have smiplified billing process : users are billed by watching hours or traffics (the same thing its traffic devided per bitrate) . and by storage of the vod recordings . i have bought this laravel/vue template to work on...

    $400 - $500
    $400 - $500
    15 bida

    I have an [log masuk untuk melihat URL] file uploaded to my WordPress website. I want to embed this page in my Elementor website. This iframe will need to be sized correctly.

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    19 bida

    [log masuk untuk melihat URL] I need this to work properly with a specific iframe embed video site (it's just my own site)

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    5 bida

    Hi, we have a two tiny homepages and want to transform them near or with the exact same style into a flat file system. I can provide all files and icons etc. Text is copy & paste. First Homepage is: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] -> Requierments: iframe-intergration, self-hosted Videointergration, self-hosted Audiofile-integration, responsive Second Homepage is: [log masuk untuk melihat URL]...

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    I manage a small hotel in regional Australia. We currently use Cloudbeds as our PMS and use an iframe from Cloudbeds to handle reservations on our website. This has multiple issues including having to fill out fields for booking multiple times due to no communication between widgets and iframe and no upsell/coupon compatibility. I need a developer who can manage a two-way integration between Motop...

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    26 bida

    WordPress, NewsPaper X and Vimeo Premium. I'm using the theme NewsPaper X by TagDiv in WordPress. I'm embedding a live stream from Vimeo Premium, the video embed is fine but Vimeo gives you the chat window embed separately, this chat window doesn't display correctly. I've tried all versions, sizes and containers in the iframe and the tagdiv composer, nothing works. The chat em...

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    12 bida

    Fix a iframe height on mobile device, you have to inspect in chrome and give me the code.

    $2 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    11 bida