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    Experienced people send offers. I want to move fast. I also accept packages, i.e. ready-made software. I've been trying to get it done for a long time, but I couldn't find a reliable software developer. software language: node js, python, golang, laravel, java, ruby. web based accounting as saas - erp, crm simple project I simply want a web-based ERP-CRM application with the modules I want. sample links:

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    ...required. Overall System Configuration: - Golang, Solidity Project Timeline: - Total project duration: 3 months - Planned start date: ASAP (Start date negotiable until early March) - Interview and contract schedule: Interviews will be conducted upon finding suitable candidates, and contract decisions will be shared within 2-3 days. - Contract process: Project application > Practical interview (no coding test) > Contract decision Number of Positions: - 1 person with 3-4 years of experience * Based on 20 hours of remote work per week, work hours Detailed Responsibilities: - We will request overall development and management of the internal system. * While we prefer a full-stack developer, backend developers are our priority. Required Skills: - Golang, Solidity Pr...

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    I'm in need of a developer proficient in GO language and Cassandra Astra database. Expectations will include establishing a sound connection to the database and setting up the GitHub repository for optimal collaboration. This project serves the purpose of creating a SaaS solution that encompasses: - User Authentication - Subscription Management - Data Analytics - AI Integration with Open AI The User Interface should embody a clean and minimalist design. Prior experience with similar scope and SaaS implementation will be considered a plus.

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    I am seeking an expert to develop an AI-powered algo-trading bot for Interactive Brokers, specialized in executing Futures Option strategies, specifically focusing on Nasdaq market: - Fetch options date for NQ - Fetch options data for NQ by date - Place Order for NQ Option I will take care of coding the strategy Preferred language golang or c#

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    I'm looking to develop a streamlined, web-based tool designed to enhance the efficiency and ease of managing my Ubuntu servers. This tool would play a key role in handling various server tasks, monitoring, and scheduling, tailored specifically to my operational needs. Php or java for web and c++/golang/python for plugin on ubuntu. **Key Features Required:** - **Start/Stop Server Jobs:** Ability to initiate or halt server jobs on demand. - **Monitor Server Performance:** Real-time monitoring to ensure optimal server performance. - **Schedule Job Execution:** Set specific times for jobs to run automatically. - **Job Status Tracking:** Continuous updates on the status of each server job. **Frequency of Updates:** - The tool must be capable of checking and updating the status o...

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    Are you a talented developer with expertise in Golang, Java, or PHP? We are looking for someone experienced in team development using Github and who has a great coding style to join our team! The project is for a soccer betting site. We already have some team strength, so we need a Golang and Java developer with team development experience who can work with the team ? Requirements: - Proficiency in Golang, Java, or PHP - Strong experience in team development using Github - Demonstrable coding skills with a great coding style ? Responsibilities: - Develop and maintain backend services - Collaborate with team members on coding best practices - Ensure code quality through code reviews and testing If you are passionate about backend development and meet the above requ...

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    I am looking for someone who is experienced in either golang or Typescript. To do a specific task

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    I'm in need of a highly skilled Golang backend developer who can step in immediately to help with API development. - Tasks: The main job focus will be on API development. Future tasks may include database design and integration, as well as performance optimization but for now, let's concentrate on getting those API's up and running. - API type: The specific type of API for development was not specified. However, being an expert in developing different types of API such as RESTful, GraphQL, and gRPC, will be beneficial for this role. - Time-frame: This project needs to kick off as soon as possible. An ability to start right away will be highly preferred. Ideal skills and experience: - Proven experience in Golang, especially focused on backend development ...

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    ...reliable payment processing system for deposits and withdrawals. Although I initially considered popular languages such as Python and PHP, I've decided to go with **Golang** for its performance benefits in handling concurrent tasks, which is crucial for live sports betting sites. As for the database, I skipped specifying a preference, indicating flexibility in this area. However, the chosen developer should advise on the best database solution that balances speed and scalability with the nature of our data, potentially keeping options like MySQL, MongoDB, and PostgreSQL in mind. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in Golang for backend development - Experience in building secure user authentication systems - Knowledge of integrating live sports data feed...

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    No agencies need apply thank you. Our ideal candidate will be an expert in the following technologies to include Node.js, Python, Golang, Redis, and PostgreSQL. If you're passionate about building scalable and efficient web applications, solving complex problems, and working in a collaborative environment, we want to hear from you! Any ML / computer vision experience will be of an advantage. Troubleshoot and debug issues to ensure smooth operation of applications Stay up-to-date with emerging technologies and industry trends Requirements: Proven experience as a Full Stack Developer or similar role Strong proficiency in Node.js, Python, Golang, Redis, and PostgreSQL. Excellent communication and collaboration skills Ability to work independently and as part of a team

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    I am in immediate need of a seasoned GoLang programmer to help spearhead the backend development of a sophisticated custom business application. I'm looking for someone with a rich background in GoLang, particularly with over five years of hands-on experience. Your contributions will be pivotal in architecting a robust and scalable backend infrastructure. **Ideal Skills & Experience:** - Proficiency in GoLang with over five years of experience - A solid understanding of backend development practices - Demonstrable experience with database management systems - Expertise in API integration with third-party services - Previous involvement in building custom business applications is highly regarded **Your Responsibilities:** - Develop a GoLang function to...

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    I seek an experienced backend developer highly skilled in Golang and AWS. You’ll be responsible to: - Build various APIs - Handle database setup - Integrate third-party services - Publish our admin dashboard and help us go live! We are building a product and noticed a few bugs in a few APIs previously created, they are hosted on our AWS account. We need someone to come in, understand what the API does and help us fix the bugs and help us set the admin dashboard website live on our domain. Ideal candidates have previous experience in similar roles, proven Golang proficiency and comfortability setting up and managing databases on AWS, AWS EC2, must also have experience in Firebase. You should be able to work independently and efficiently to meet deadlines. Strong ...

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    More details: What specific API do you want to make requests to? This question was skipped What information should successful freelancers include in their application? Your github at least 1 golang simple rest api project Are there any specific requirements or functionalities you would like the Golang REST API project to have? Calling other api from provided link and make the response as struct

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    ...standards and protocols in all software development activities. - Collaborate with the hardware team to integrate OCPP solutions with charging station hardware. 2. Golang Development: - Develop scalable and efficient backend solutions using Golang. - Collaborate with front-end developers, UI/UX designers, and other team members to deliver high-quality software solutions. - Write clean, maintainable, and efficient code in Golang. 3. System Integration: - Integrate OCPP solutions with existing or third-party systems, including energy management and billing platforms. - Work on seamless integration of Golang components with the overall system architecture. 4. Testing and Quality Assurance: - Conduct unit testing, integration testing, and ...

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    I am seeking a skilled Golang developer from Malaysia or Vietnam, specializing in crafting high-performance code, to enhance an existing software application. The primary objective is to optimize code efficiency and ensure seamless user experience through improved performance. **Requirements:** - **Proven Experience:** Demonstrable history of optimizing software applications, specifically in improving code efficiency. - **Location:** Must be based in Malaysia or Vietnam. This is crucial for better collaboration and understanding of the local market and user expectations. - **Skills in High-Performance Code Development:** Advanced proficiency in Golang, with a focus on writing efficient, scalable code that enhances application performance. - **Understanding of Software Optim...

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    I'm on the lookout for a development agency with expertise in SaaS and Golang, ready to take on an exciting project. We are planning to create a CRM similar to the one found here: Should be modular and microservices based architecture. Code quality would be tested during and after development. Proper webservices and API layer (if required architecture can be provided or improvised) Key features required include: - Customer management - Lead tracking and conversion - Task management Our CRM also needs to have specific integrations with: - Google Apps - Microsoft LDAP - Office 365 - A Chatbot app - Zapier In terms of design, I'd like a professional and corporate look and feel for the CRM. Your team should have a keen sense for detail and a proven

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    I'm seeking a dedicated Golang backend developer with intermediate database knowledge to assist on several vital tasks. These will include: - API development: crafting and managing APIs to ensure optimal communication between systems. - Database Management: controlling and managing the database, and having a good understanding of how to handle data integrity. - Integrating with Mobile Apps: liaising with the mobile application, it's crucial for the developer to have broad experience with mobile application services, although specific platform experience isn't required. Potential freelancers should demonstrate previous experience in backend development, API development, database management, and mobile app integration. You need at least intermediate database expertise...

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    I'm on the lookout for an expert in blockchain and golang to accelerate my project on the TON network. Your primary focus will be enhancing the scalability and transaction speeds of my dApp. Ideal Candidate Traits: - Extensive experience with TON network - Proficiency in Golang programming - Understanding of blockchain scalability - Proven expertise in optimizing dApps Application Requirement: Highlight your experience, specifically relating to TON and dApp performance enhancement. Note: Detail how your skills can specifically improve scalability and transaction speeds.

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    Project Description: We are looking for a skilled Golang developer to help us build a system for automated order execution on Zerodha, a leading stock brokerage in India. The goal of this project is to create a Golang-based solution that can seamlessly execute stock trading orders on the Zerodha platform. Project Requirements: Zerodha API Integration: You should be experienced in integrating with Zerodha's Kite Connect API to access real-time market data and execute orders. Order Types: Implement support for various order types, including market orders, limit orders, and stop-loss orders. Authentication: Set up the authentication process to securely access the Zerodha API, including handling API keys, API secrets, and access tokens. Automated Trading Logic: Develop ...

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    I'm seeking a seasoned backend developer with expertise in Golang to build a highly scalable system. Here's what the project entails: - **User Authentication**: Implementation of secure login and user management. - **API Integration**: Creating and consuming APIs for seamless third-party service connections. - **Data Management**: Efficient data storage and retrieval mechanisms. **Preferred Frameworks:** - Mastery in Gin and Echo for rapid and reliable development. **Performance Goals:** - The backend must be highly scalable to support growing user numbers without compromising performance. **Ideal Candidate Skills:** - Proficiency in Golang - Experience with Gin and Echo frameworks - Strong understanding of user authentication processes - Proven ability to desig...

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    I'm seeking a proficient Go and Node.js developer to: - Implement backend infrastructure. - Integrate APIs from third-party services. - Create and manage a worker pool system. Ideal Skills: - Expertise in Go (Golang) programming. - Strong experience with Node.js. - Familiarity with various backend frameworks and databases. - Proven track record of working with third-party service APIs. - Experience in setting up and managing worker pools. Responsibilities: - Develop and maintain the backend functionalities. - Ensure seamless integration with third-party APIs. - Design and execute a scalable worker pool. This project requires a developer who can provide clean, efficient code with an understanding of modern backend practices. I look forward to your proposal and discussing how...

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    As a novice in programming languages, I am eager to absorb and master the language of GoLang. - Areas of focus: My interests are well-rounded, extending to syntax and fundamentals, using GoLang for web development, and exploring data structures and algebra in GoLang. - Specific goals: Ultimately, I intend to apply my knowledge to build a web application. Freelancers with a background in instructing or teaching, strong communication skills and familiarity with GoLang programming, including web development and data structures, would be highly desirable. Experience in project-based learning and beginners tutoring is also greatly valued.

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    I'm in need of a professional GoLang developer to focus on numerous tasks for my 50 different Unity games on IOs and 20+ on Android . My company is in a phase of growth, and we require ongoing assistance for a period of at least 6 months. Key responsibilities will include: - Backend Development: Efficiently and effectively handle the backend languages and setups. Precision and attention to detail is crucial. - Database Management: Regularly maintain and manage database systems to ensure all information are up-to-date and running smoothly. AWS / MongoDb - API Integration: Seamlessly integrate our systems with external APIs to enhance the game's functionality and interconnectivity. The main goal of the project is to optimize performance, release of new features, ensuring o...

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    The Task All the necessary information you need to perform has been provided in the brief. If any requirements are not mentioned in the instructions, we will leave it to your discretion to figure them out. Just make sure to review all the requirements carefully before you get started, and use your best judgment when implementing the solution. What we are looking for We are interested in: How you structure your code do that and it's well tested easy to extend (think about the other card games you want to create) easy to modify easy to understand to others complies with best Go practices Evidence of your of Back-end development knowledge Evidence of testing (TDD, BDD) Deliverables We do not expect a polished solution for this test, so please do not spend time working outside the ...

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    I'm actively seeking an experienced Golang developer with a specific focus on back-end development. I have a key project that revolves around a Texas Hold'em game that needs a proficient developer to help streamline my back-end processes. Here’s a brief outline of what you'll be working on: - Implementing Back-end Development: You will be primarily responsible for handling the backend development of the Texas Hold'em game. - Ensuring Multiplayer Support: It's vital for this project that the game supports multiple players. Your role will involve ensuring that the backend can handle simultaneous requests and interactions from different players. Ideal candidates should have: - Websocket Cluster with Golang. You need to be proficient in implem...

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    I am seeking an experienced GoLang developer to work on an API development project. Your primary duty will be utilizing MVC tools in GoLang. Key responsibilities: * API design and development * Coordinate with our team to integrate user interface elements * Ensure high performance of applications and provide support. Required Skills and Experience: * Proven experience in GoLang development * In-depth knowledge of MVC in GoLang * Strong familiarity with API development * Attention to detail. By bidding on this project, you confirm that you are skilled in these areas and can deliver high-quality work.

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    CVs would be required. Please read below project details carefully before applying. seeking a highly motivated and experienced Data Engineer with Power BI experience to join our Program Management & Enabling Technologies will be responsible for developing and maintaining data models/visualizations for strategic dashboards and rep...experience building/creating visuals/dashboards/reports with financial data(Important) - Excellent verbal and written communication skills(important as the entire team sits remote nationwide) - Prior experience working on a team that has several data integration points, several report pages, etc. NICE TO HAVE SKILLS & EXPERIENCE - Data Warehouse experience - Programing experience using Python, SQL, and GoLang - Familiar with Media & Entert...

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    My vision is to build a robust Golang backend for my upcoming project. This project mainly targets software developers and hence, should be intelligent and intuitive. The critical requirements are: - **Bitcoin Integration**: The system should seamlessly integrate with Bitcoin for transactions. A keen understanding of cryptocurrency, especially Bitcoin, is crucial for this. Experience working with Bitcoin's Lightning Network would be highly appreciated. - **Real-time Data Updates**: The backend should be coded in a way that provides real-time data updates which is crucial for the app functionality. I am looking for a qualified professional who has a strong understanding of Hasura, Golang & Bitcoin's Lightning Network. Proven experience in these technologi...

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    I'm seeking a proficient Golang backend developer who can assist in developing game logic and player management systems for an online party game. My team and I are building a engaging social game and require someone who is able to: - Design and implement backend algorithms to govern game mechanics - Efficiently manage players' profiles, scores, and lobby assignments - Ensure the game supports real-time interaction among players The successful applicant should be highly skilled with Golang, possess substantial experience in online gaming development, and excel in managing high-traffic systems. Proficiency in facilitating multiplayer interactions and seamless communication between the game and front end is a significant advantage.

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    ...Strong proficiency in Unity3D and C#. - Ability to collaborate and contribute creatively to the overall game development process. - Availability for many hours weekly on a long-term basis. - Willingness for regular calls via Teams, Google Meet, Discord, etc. - Knowledge of websockets and other relevant technologies. Additional Skills (optional but a big plus): - Interest or experience in backend (Golang) /frontend development (JS frameworks, CSS, ..), UI/UX design, and other areas related to development. - Willingness to contribute to tasks outside of the primary Unity development role. How to Apply: If you're a Unity Developer excited about contributing not just to the technical aspects but also creatively to an ongoing and innovative game project, please submit the follo...

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    Hello, I need a freelancer who knows the Golang language to edit the script

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    Compiler Example GoLang - Windows I am looking for a freelancer who can develop a compiler in GoLang specifically for Windows operating system. The compiler should be able to generate an executable file from basic level code. Requirements: - Develop a compiler in GoLang that can generate an executable file - Handle basic level code complexity - Ensure compatibility with Windows operating system Skills and Experience: - Strong programming skills in GoLang - Experience in compiler development - Knowledge of Windows operating system If you have the required skills and experience, please bid on this project.

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    ...game design, especially in the realm of party games, is a significant plus. - Ability to work collaboratively and contribute creative ideas to the project. - Availability for many hours weekly on a long-term basis. - Willingness for regular calls via Teams, Google Meet, Discord, etc. Additional Skills (optional but a big plus): - Experience or interest in other areas such as content writing, Golang development, JavaScript front-end frameworks, Unity, etc. - Website design, logo creation, and additional graphic design skills. How to Apply: If you're excited about being part of an ongoing and innovative game project and are looking for a long-term collaboration, please submit the following: 1. Your portfolio showcasing relevant UI/UX design work. 2. A brief introduction hi...

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    Hi everyone. I'm looking for somebody that can help me to complete a little Golang Reverse Proxy project. I have the project advanced but im getting a problem and I can't solve it. I will share more information and code if you send me a good proposal and if you have go reverse proxy experience please write that in the porposal. I will not answer copy/paste or automatic proposals. Thanks you !

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    I'm seeking a skilled Golang developer with a strong background in system administration, ideally on Linux systems. Key responsibilities: - Administer and manage Linux systems - Develop Golang microservices - Implement web applications Ideal skills and experience: - Extensive experience with Golang - Strong background in Linux system administration - Familiarity with various Linux distributions is a plus, though not mandatory - Experience with web application development and microservices. The successful candidate should be capable of working independently, have a proven track record in similar roles and possess excellent problem-solving skills.

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    ...content_html = article.article_html content_title = # Current logic to detect if it's blocked # is by check if text results is very short if len(content) < 100: print("Scraping might be blocked! In case expection block not catching up") print('---- link ---- n' + link) # Scrape from golang endpoint endpoint = "http://api-golang:8080/scrape?link=" + link response = (endpoint) if response.status_code == 200: data = () content = data['content'] content_html = data['content_html'] else: print(f"Error {response.status_co...

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    ...elements of programming languages and cybersecurity. This course should appeal to novices hoping to ground themselves in the IT arena. Key Responsibilities: - Develop beginner-friendly course content on various programming languages including Java, Python, JavaScript, Dotnet, MVC, and Golang. - Embed a strong foundation of cybersecurity concepts within the course. Ideal Candidate: - Proven experience in developing IT course materials - Expert understanding of Java, Python, JavaScript, Dotnet, MVC and Golang - Proficient knowledge in cybersecurity - Exceptional ability to simplify complex IT terminologies for beginners. This is an ideal opportunity for professionals who have the knack for making IT concepts easy to grasp for beginners. Looking forward to seeing how we ...

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    I am looking for a skilled developer to create a vector embedding script in Go Golang. The ideal candidate should have experience with image embedding models like Mobilenet, Inceptio, vgg etc. Inputs is a image file to go lang function and output is a vector embedding for matching image similarity which will be done in separate function. The script should be able to generate embeddings for image of any resolution preferably and atleast one or two major models like Mobilenet. Preferably to dont use third party git packages but only major ones like TensorFlow or gocv etc., (can discuss on this) Desired Output Format: - The script should be able to generate vector embeddings in .npy, JSON formats - Expecting the model weight files and script which can be easily run on my or any mach...

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    We are seeking a skilled frontend or backend developer to work on an existing backoffice application, that is based on a microservice architecture deployed on Kubernetes. The ideal candidate should have expertise in either frontend or backend development. Frontend : - Flutter - Vue.js - HTML5 - React.js Backend : - NodeJS - Golang Experience with MySQL and Postgresql is also preferred. The main responsibilities will include developing and maintaining gaming frontend web applications and backend microservices, implementing new features & modules, troubleshooting issues, and optimizing performance. Strong problem-solving skills, attention to detail, and the ability to work independently are essential for success in this role.

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    ...expertise in Golang. To be considered for this project, please provide the following: - A portfolio of your past work in Golang. Given the complexity and scale of the tasks at hand, I expect those applying for this role to be at an expert level. Therefore, demonstrate your proficiency with Golang in your application, providing real-life examples of projects you've completed using this language. In addition to Golang proficiency, it's essential for freelancers to have strong problem-solving skills and an ability to write clean, efficient code. Applicants who can handle a variety of Golang-related tasks, from creating robust server-side applications to administering systems, will be highly regarded. The task specifics will be shared with t...

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    I am looking for a full stack developer to help with some development work on this existing project. The specific tasks include bug fixes, finishing some features, and deploying the project. Timeline: The bug fixes need to be completed in the short-term, within a week. The project: Web-app & mobile app using Golang & C++ & Flutter Write “blue” in your proposal so I can make sure you’re not spamming Enhancements: I have specific features in mind for the enhancements and would like to discuss them with the developer. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Full Stack Developer for long term 2 years with weekly or monthly rate - Strong experience in bug fixing and feature development - Proficient in the programming languages and technologies used in the exist...

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    I need a golang programmer to migrate my program from an old code template to a new, specified template. Please have experience with basic golang development. PROJECT DETAIL A web API server using gin framework About 150 API need to be transformed Dev should transform the code template but not modify the inner logic. not a emergency requirement, developer can do this part-time

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    Soy un programador con 10 años de experiencia en Python y PHP, estoy aprendiendo Go y GraphQL tengo la necesidad de aterrizar algunos ejericicios en Go y GraphQL, requiero la asistencia de un experto que ya haya trabajado con estas tecnologías en forma conjunta para minimizar el tiempo de la curva de aprendizaje de Go. Estoy usando la librería gqlgen.

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    I'm searching for an expert who can speedily develop a lightweight processor in Golang. This processor will need to handle a massive amount of AVL data- one million+ entries every second- from a fleet in realtime. AVL data will be ingested asynchronously from devices and mobile apps, instigating event-driven processing. The processor will employ calibration algorithms, including the Kalman filter, to elevate accuracy and will leverage the OpenStreetMap Routing Machine (OSRM) for precise road matching. Bezier Curve algorithms will smoothly handle polyline on the road, and dynamic frequency handling will seamlessly adjust to varying data intervals. *Follow Mainflux Documentation "" - Mainflux Protocol Adapter to accept TCP/IP - Setting

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    I'm searching for an expert who can speedily develop a lightweight processor in Golang. This processor will need to handle a massive amount of AVL data- one million+ entries every second- from a fleet in realtime. AVL data will be ingested asynchronously from devices and mobile apps, instigating event-driven processing. The processor will employ calibration algorithms, including the Kalman filter, to elevate accuracy and will leverage the OpenStreetMap Routing Machine (OSRM) for precise road matching. Bezier Curve algorithms will smoothly handle polyline on the road, and dynamic frequency handling will seamlessly adjust to varying data intervals. *Follow Mainflux Documentation "" - Mainflux Protocol Adapter to accept TCP/IP - Setting

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    I am looking for a skilled developer to build a personal Golang ecommerce website from scratch. The ideal candidate should have experience in building full websites and should be proficient in Golang programming language. Key functionalities that the website should have include: - Shopping Cart: The website should have a user-friendly shopping cart feature that allows customers to add items, view their cart, and proceed to checkout. - Payment Gateway: The website should integrate a secure and reliable payment gateway that supports various payment methods, ensuring smooth and secure transactions. - User Registration: The website should have a user registration system that allows customers to create an account, login, and manage their personal information. - Apache Kafka - A...

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    24 bida

    I am looking for a skilled freelancer to develop an ecommerce website in Golang. The website should have basic functionality such as product listing, cart, and checkout. Design: I have specific design ideas in mind for the website, and I would like the freelancer to incorporate them into the final design. Timeline: The project should be completed within 2-3 months. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong experience in Golang development - Proficiency in front-end technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript - Knowledge of database management systems - Experience in building ecommerce websites with similar functionality - Ability to work collaboratively and communicate effectively throughout the project - Must have good knowledge of Kafka and Apache Cassandra

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can modify an open source IPv6 proxy server using Cargo Golang. The specific modifications needed for this project are additional features. Open Source: Ideal Skills and Experience: - Expert level familiarity with Cargo Golang - Strong understanding of IPv6 proxy servers and networking protocols - Ability to implement additional features while maintaining security and performance - Experience with open source projects and software development best practices - Must work on Ubuntu Features Needed: - Ability to read Proxy-Authentication header and match username with a subnet in a text file e.g test123_unitedstates = 2a45:a5f2:8400::/48 (Easy to modify for different subnets in future) - Ability to read Proxy-Authentication header

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