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    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed using [log masuk untuk melihat URL]

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    7 bida

    Edit existing software/add features

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    17 bida

    It will be long term project and as long as minimum 1 year. Project right now we want it to be web based application and initial implementation time line for first phase is march end . The application is for marine industry and require very good analytical skills.

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    Eu necessito de um profissional para fazer um programa bem simples para Windows, não precisa ter um "capricho" visualmente só precisa funcionar. O programa teria que pegar as views de todas as imagens upadas na minha conta do imgur e organizar as mesmas nas seguintes categorias: 100 Imagens mais vistas nos últimos 7 dias 100 Imagens mais vistas nos últimos ...

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    9 bida

    We are doing a project for Wentworth Institute of Technology, and the project will take place at the tennis court of the school. Site location: 550 Parker st, Boston MA when you google the address given above, you will see the location of the tennis court is right in front of the location given above. The picture attached shows the address given and you will see a green space is where the proj...

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    I would like to create a stand alone oil and gas Joint Interest Billing Software

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    41 bida

    Develop a programa for raspberry Pi, using OBD-2 USB ELM327, that can read Odometer, Speed, RPM and fuel level. The program has to read this date from GM Onix Car - BR

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    2 bida

    If you want a reading, whether about love, business, or just a general reading, make a project and invite me to it! You can chose between a regular reading, (involving meditation over clear water and a pure crystal, with a candle lit, usually done outside for the air. Elements are important. Or you can have a tarot card reading, or both. Get a peak into the future!

    $10 - $30
    $10 - $30
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    URGENT Software Developer Needed. Very small project ($250-750 USD)

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    19 bida

    8 illustrations of properly planting different pond plants in a water garden (a water lily, lotus, ...) we have very good examples but need something original we can mail with the plants. We like the style of the tree planting but are open to lots of ideas as long as it is a good visual representation. I will help layout what each illustration is before you begin and answer questions. illustratio...

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    44 bida

    Preciso de um freelanccer para uma integração API. Preciso enviar e trazer informações entre 2 sistemas.

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    11 bida

    I need to integrate Webinato webinar software for direct access to certain members of my wordpress membership based site. Should be an easy job, Webinato has full API instructions here: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] I also have many future jobs coming soon and would like to develop a good relationship.

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    Hi, I need a custom code (or plugin) that overrides Magento functionality and does following job: Let's say there is a category called "K" if a product is added to cart from category "K" then all products from other categories should have disabled "Add to Cart" button (meaning they can't be bought). But other products from category "K" can stil...

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    17 bida

    Looking for a html5 game client with the following specifications: 3d landscape landscape should use any popular open source 3d format landscape should not be a flat surface, but a "rocky" terrain (different elevation) landscape should be colourable (e.g. yellow for sand, green for grass, blue for water) landscape should have an un-walkable area (water, rock, un-passable terrain,...

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    5 bida

    I need you to solve some problems by Windows using Java for my computer security assignment

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    9 bida

    Require booking management tool for incoming turistic agency. Integration with our booking webpage. Customers, providers, trips, employees, payments and booking databases, producing invoices, and exporting accountability to excel.

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    25 bida

    Desarrollar un programa especifico para organización de bases de datos.

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    17 bida

    This should be a simple project for anyone familiar with Restful API . I need to be able to import products that I have access to through a rest API (with authorization). to wordpress or Magento , see full info at the file.

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    10 bida

    I need source C sharp, or a DLL, which given a file path for a PDF converts that PDF into readable PNG images. There must be no open source code used in here, no-ones copyright infringed. The software will be run in dot net etc. File conversion time must be no more then 2-3 seconds per page. We will have copyright over the source code/DLL once produced. If a DLL is produced we must have t...

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    4 bida
    Case Study Tamat left

    [log masuk untuk melihat URL] is a 70-year-old woman with Type 2 diabetes mellitus who has been too ill to get out of bed for 2 days. She has had a severe cough and has been unable to eat or drink during this time. On admission, her laboratory values sow the following: Serum glucose 412 mg/dl , Serum Sodium 156 mEq/l , Serum Potassium 5.6 mEq/l, Serum Chloride 115 mEq/l , Arterial Blood Gas: pH 7....

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    17 bida
    PartyFinder Tamat left

    We would like to create an app for people in areas or even for students for locating a party. For example, a first year student would like to see if there are any parties available. The person hosting a party can make the event available to certain people for example, only for people in their second years or for people whom are engineers only. So it will need GPRS connectivity. And an actual locat...

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    11 bida

    Desarrollo de software de todo tipo.

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    15 bida

    SNT Media is seeking an on-site, experienced developer in the Wichita, KS area, to help build the backend framework of our intelligent, high traffic, platform. With our roots in Silicon Valley, we are the most advanced digital publishing platform in the marketplace today - partnered with some of the largest media companies in the US, reaching millions of people daily. This position may be contract...

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    33 bida

    artificial intelligence creating an system using clips

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    2 bida

    Hi, Looking for a java expert having good knowledge and experience in SOAP web service development. We have a requirement to develop a soap web service client. This soap client will get data from database and will send in the request to soap url and will get the response back and log it. This is quite simple. Need to complete with in 1-2 days. If interested pl bid for the project. Max USD...

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    15 bida

    Portfolio Manager Software. Medium project ($1500-3000 SGD)

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    2 bida


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    10 bida

    Hi, I'd like to know is it possible to build a online multiplayer webgame, like Airline-Empires. Best Regards,

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    14 bida

    The " Mypronet" project includes the webdesign, customizing of the engine of social network and the company's suppliers, advertising banners, creating groups, the creation of forms, payment system, events, online offers from users and companies, the recommendation of the company and group, invite all type users , package plan and other some widgets. Soft and web languages - Englis...

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    11 bida

    I have an existing C++ project using MFC I need to reference a dll which was written using .Net. This application is used by many different clients and most won't need this functionality so I don't want to have to register the DLL if the driver isn't being used. The deliverable is providing the code I need to use the dll and getting me to the point where I'm successfully using ...

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    16 bida
    Video editing Tamat left

    I need to remove water mark from videos and cut certain section of the video

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    13 bida

    android networking software for ver 5.0 +

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    2 bida

    Hi, I need to create some software for excel from which pull info from websites to automatic fill excel spreadsheet. I need the API too if I enter any zip code will then go and find all the same information from the same websites in the same positions for that zip code. More details will be through PM . I have the budget of 70-80$ So bid accordingly. Regards.

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    7 bida

    i want to make a window Application that will work as like as PC cleaner software . like C Cleaner etc. which include , temp file deletion , registry , disk fragmentation , scanning disk , removing system error, and optimizing memory space . With Powerful graphics .

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    3 bida

    integration of arduino uno board and arduino gprs/gsm module to control RC car over the internet.

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    25 bida

    Attached is an Excel 2007 file. The file is doing as required with one exception. If the range B5:G5 contains 5 numbers that are equal to and more than 1 then produce the result as is. As it currently is, if the first cell does not contain a number the message box is activated. I need to work as long as there are five numbers in the range. Zero excluded.

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    10 bida

    need a instagram software to get data. the software will work in 3 option , 1 . it will get the user name who like the post, 2. it will get the user name who commented on the photo, 3. i will select the both . and the data will be save in a text file. only with the names of user in each new line.

    $85 (Avg Bid)
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    11 bida

    This is for those skilled in wordpress: We have a subscription-based website where we supply teachers with lesson resources. We seek a developer who is able to recode the subscription rules. There will be some further work, all that requires a developer who is skilled using wordpress. The project manager devised the original code and will be able to explain the role in more depth. Work to be start...

    $2925 (Avg Bid)
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    80 bida

    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed for Windows using C or C++. Any thing using c cpp

    $597 (Avg Bid)
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    12 bida

    I need Havij 1.17 Pro software. Micro Project ($10-30 USD)

    $35 (Avg Bid)
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    4 bida

    network software. Very small project (₹12500-37500 INR)

    $321 (Avg Bid)
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    1 bida

    Need to add features to an existing deep packet inspection application here: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] The ndpiReader is a demo program that uses nDPI library, which provides API for dissecting various protocols. ndpiReader already prints some basic statistics such as IP end points, bytes and packets count, host, application based on traffic classification. What I need it on top of wha...

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    8 bida

    rélisation d'une base de données avec des formulaires pour introduire les données

    $155 (Avg Bid)
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    11 bida

    Key Requirements: * PHP, AJAX, JQuery, CSS, HTML, XML/XSL * Optional but preferable - PHP Zend framework knowledge * Strong MySQL skills * Source code control systems knowledge * Unit testing

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    7 bida

    Need Training on MSC ADAMS SOFTWARE

    $181 - $542
    $181 - $542
    0 bida

    Do logo text transition to water drops using Adobe After Effects

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    12 bida

    Create a digital platform allowing independent sales force to build online followers and earn cash on products sold to their online followers.

    $52 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    25 bida

    We are looking for a web based real time vehicle tracking software system to be used with four separate GPS/GSM/GPRS based tracking devices. We intend to provide GPS tracking service to our customers which will be integrated with another program of ours. Application Requirements; Linux, Apache server, MySQL Server General Features 1. Users could use system to track their device/s on ...

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    44 bida

    Android App, this App receive data via bluetooth from a device, the App send this sata vía GPRS to internet from a web page, the web page send information to App. The App must to have the ability of interact with the App user and to be the interface among WEB page user and bluetooth device.

    $724 (Avg Bid)
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    43 bida