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    ...above-mentioned subjects, SHOULD be able to deliver the report in turn around time of half-a-day (12 hours) and should be available for communication over email or chat. He/she MUST know WordPress. While initially, we shall provide the name of the startup/app, or even the assignment, after a while, the candidate must be able to search and shortlist startups that fit our websites' profile and editorial policy, and write about them. Candidates with initiative will get priority. Please do not apply if your command over English is not good or you cannot adhere to a 12-hour deadline. Freshers are welcome to apply but MUST be able to submit articles which require little editing. An initial paid trial will be conducted before we pick our final candidates. While candidates are free ...

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    service center akan memberi yang terbaik untuk pelanggan dan jika pelanggan tidak puas kami akan bertangung jawab

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    Saya membutuhkan yg paham dan pengalaman utk melakukan setting/configurasi asterisk saat ini sdh terpasang akan tetapi masih mengkonsumsi cpu server boros sekali rencanaakan dipakai utk call center dg jumlah agent 100 orang.

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can help me create a comprehensive set of Terms and Conditions, privacy policy, contracts for my business. Here are the details of the project: Scope: - I need a few legal document, specifically Terms and Conditions,privacy policy, contracts for my business. - I will provide all the necessary information and requirements for the document. Requirements: - The Terms and Conditions should cover all essential clauses and provisions to protect both my business and customers. - It should include clauses related to user responsibilities, intellectual property, liability, dispute resolution, and any other relevant topics. Skills and Experience: - The freelancer should have experience in drafting Terms and Conditions for businesses. - Knowledge of ...

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    Appointment Calendar Link for Website with Stripe and Paypal Payment Gateway - I am looking for a skilled developer to create an appointment calendar link for my YouTube and insta. - The calendar link should allow clients to book and pay for appointments. - The preferred one go. - The ideal candidate should have experience in website development and integrating payment gateways. - Knowledge of Stripe and appointment scheduling systems is required. - The project should be completed within the given timeframe and budget. I can customize the calendar to show my availability. The calendar can be a google calendar but I am open to anything. There will be a cancel policy. If the client wants to cancel they will get their full refund, but they need to do this 2 hours before the app...

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    I am looking for a Shopify expert to help me set up a simple online store for selling physical products. We will be using the following shoipify theme I will purchase: ,GBP, EUR, AUD. THe currency selector should automatically change based on customers geolocation. So someone with canada IP address should see CAD, someone with Euro IP should see euro pricing etc. 13) Install Shopify Inbox, which is a chat feature. Chat feature must be fully functional 14) Install Shopify search and discovery app to add filters to inner shop pages. 15) Setup terms and privacy policy 16) Add upsell on checkout page before user pays for order. I have attached homepage wireframe as a reference. This is not PSD to HTML Conversion. We are just using theme editor to build page.

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    I am looking for an Audio Visual System Integrator to design a Digital Experience Center. The purpose of the center is to showcase various content through video, immersive walls, and interactive screens. Specifically, I require the integration of interactive displays to enhance the user experience. The space for the Digital Experience Center is large, with an area of more than 1000 sq ft. Ideal skills and experience for this project include expertise in audiovisual technologies, including projection mapping, interactive displays, and surround sound systems. The integrator should also have experience in designing and optimizing large spaces for maximum impact. Provide strategic advice as to the status of recent technology development. This should include research...

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    ...adding a profile photo, a username, first and last name, and a bio. Additionally, the app will incorporate a facial recognition feature to verify profile authenticity, denoted by a blue checkmark. Below the profile information, there will be tags related to the user's interests and expertise. The app's loading page, displayed upon startup, will be dynamic. It will feature a high-quality logo in the center against a visually appealing background. After this, users will be directed to the homepage, which will consist of square sections in the middle. These sections will offer subjects such as 'Health,' 'Gaming,' 'Sports,' 'Entertainment,' 'Business,' and 'Random.' When users click on any of these sections, they ...

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    We need a designer for an image generation website with AI, we are looking for a modern interface, friendly for intermediate and novice users. We only require front-end, we will take care o...number of followers, number of images generated, total likes, any badge if you are a premium member) -User generated images will be displayed -A subsection to see the images that I reacted with "like" -section for "user achievements" (top month image, top referrals of the month. An achievement is based on an icon/image, name and the date obtained) >Pages Section where we will show our privacy policy, terms and conditions, written tutorials... etc. >Authenticated menu -Notifications -Amount of credits you have -dropdown: avatar and username, with links to your profil...

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    We are seeking mystery shoppers to evaluate the call center service on different levels. We fund the purchase of a separate mobile number solely for this job ($12). Mystery shopper requirements: 1. Based in UK 2. UK resident with a valid document -- This task will be broken down into the following milestones: // Milestone 1 ($10) - Make an audio recording of a call (5-7 min) - Step 1 - Buy a phone number and create an email for registration. - Step 2 - Receive a call from a company manager. - Step 3 - Ask 3-5 questions, make audio recording. == Deliverables: audio recording in good quality. // Milestone 2 ($20) - Verify your account - Step 1 - Upload your ID photo - Step 2 - Upload proof of address (any utility bill etc.) - Step 3 - Upload your photo with ID == Deliverables: sc...

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    I have recieved this message regarding my app (a cooking calculator) and I need to solve this: Hello Google Play Developer, To empower users with greater control over their data, we introduced a new account deletion requirement earlier this year. We're reaching out to inform you that your app currently lacks a compliant account deletion section in your Data safety form. This i...impact the information displayed on your app's Data safety section on Google Play. Failure to update the form by the deadline will prevent you from making app updates. Affected apps Please find below a sample of affected apps. This list of apps reflects Google’s best estimate as of the sending of this message and should not be considered exhaustive. We encourage you to review all of your apps for ...

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    Trophy icon Recreation Of An Image 2 hari left

    ...combines the Australian and Irish flags in a smoke effect, as per the attached reference. The artwork will be featured on a can holder, and it is crucial that the final print adheres to the exact dimensions and specifications outlined in the attached image. The design must include the specific text featured in the reference images. It should be accurately spelled and subtly blended into the center of the flags. I will require two final images: One with the text. One without the text. Please ensure that the recreation is as true to the original as possible. If you have any questions or need additional details, feel free to contact me. The payment for this project is non-negotiable. I appreciate your dedication to detail and look forward to your faithful rendition upon ent...

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    I am looking for a Moodle expert to configure and set up our training center's Moodle platform. Size of training center: Medium (50-200 students) Specific modules or features: No, but I have a rough idea of what I want to include. Customizations: Yes, extensive customizations required. Ideal skills and experience: - Proficiency in Moodle and its customization options - Experience in setting up Moodle platforms for training centers - Ability to understand and implement my rough ideas for specific modules and features - Strong problem-solving skills to handle extensive customizations and ensure smooth functionality of the platform.

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    I am looking for an expert to develop a DSGE model in Dynare for a closed economy. The purpose of the model is for research and academic purposes. Skills and experience required: - Strong knowledge and experience in DSGE modeling - Proficiency in using Dynare - Experience in developing advanced level DSGE models - Familiarity with economic forecasting and policy analysis The complexity of the model should be advanced, and the development should be based on the client's provided references.

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    We are seeking mystery shoppers to evaluate the call center service on different levels. We fund the purchase of a separate mobile number solely for this job ($12). Mystery shopper requirements: 1. Based in UK 2. UK resident with a valid document -- This task will be broken down into the following milestones: // Milestone 1 ($10) - Make an audio recording of a call (5-7 min) - Step 1 - Buy a phone number and create an email for registration. - Step 2 - Receive a call from a company manager. - Step 3 - Ask 3-5 questions, make audio recording. == Deliverables: audio recording in good quality. // Milestone 2 ($20) - Verify your account - Step 1 - Upload your ID photo - Step 2 - Upload proof of address (any utility bill etc.) - Step 3 - Upload your photo with ID == Deliverables: sc...

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    ...viewed' already done in previous development which will start to appear in mastercode after merger in GitHub/copy-paste. You can you can merge/copy-paste or develop afresh. 10. Integrate International Payout payment gateway API for sending mass Payout payments in any country of the world. Notetor account on exists. Notetor account on stripe platform exists. AND Terms-of-service, Privacy-Policy, Cancellation, Support, Contact Details, Terms and Conditions, About Us, Privacy Policies, Refund and Cancellation Policies should appear in one line in bottom of Login & Create account page. Like screenshot. Because different gateways asking different term name for same information. 11. Open-source audio and video calling (over emailID) API integration in 'Call' but...

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    1. User Authentication: Allow students, teachers, and parents to posts, newsletters, and announcements. 13. User Profile: - Allow users to create and manage their profiles. - Include options to upload profile pictures, update personal information, and set preferences. 14. Feedback and Ratings: - Enable students to provide feedback on courses and instructors. - Implement a rating system for courses and instructors. 15. Help and Support: - Include a help center or FAQ section. - Provide a contact form for users to reach out to support staff. 16. Social Media Integration: - Allow users to share achievements, practice sessions, and events on social media platforms. 17. Offline Access: - Implement offline access to certain features, such as downloaded resources and practi...

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    Hey, it is Ahmad from KFUPM Research Center, we work on innovating and investigating interesting phenomena. We have multiple project each project is assigned to a team with a leader and a set of members. We also have some powerful machines, and the project members use those machines to conduct their research. Right now, we keep all that information either on Excel sheets or on paper and this leads to some miscommunication between teams where someone was supposed to use a machine but found other teams’ members are using it. Or when I mistakenly emailed someone about a project, and he wasn’t part of the team working on that project. and we would like your help to build us a system that allows us to manage adding new project assigning a team for the project also add new mem...

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    MetMutual Pavilion concept 5 hari left

    A point design concept at the base have restaurants and retail and a movie theater. And a open area for concerts a nice visual landscape the center piece is the MetMutual Pavilion Point Tower to be constructed

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    I am that demonstrate your ability to analyze and critique diversity-related issues. The paper should be in Times New Roman, 12 point font, with 1.5 line spacing and 1 inch margins. Identify the central issue that you are examining. How are our institutions and governance of work responding to recent changes in both the workplace and country? Be specific--identify and explain some change in policy either by a union, a legislature, or a court, or some other such institution. Analyze the shift. What did they do, and what did they present as their reason for doing it? Who was helped, who was hurt by their course of action? This should be the central argument of your paper! Is there anything different you want to see done? Have you seen any examples of where it is bein...

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    Someone aware of CDS guidelines and has experience curating policy and procedures. Will have to be for the state of Missouri

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    Project Title: Modify Site/Server Built on FrameworkJS modify site/server built on frameworkjs the DNS server is hosted on time4vps. this is an IOT site, the server receives the GPS coordinates from a GPS locator and displays it on an online map. I need help, all the work was done for me by a freelancer a couple of years ago, I'll start by saying I'm no...hosted on time4vps. this is an IOT site, the server receives the GPS coordinates from a GPS locator and displays it on an online map. I need help, all the work was done for me by a freelancer a couple of years ago, I'll start by saying I'm not an expert in computer programming, my site hosted on time4vps was blocked for violating the rules.

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    I am looking for a Wix developer who can help me with the development of my website. I already have a Figma mobile design ready and I need the freelancer to implement it on Wix and make it desktop responsive as well. Specific features that need to be implemented on the website include: - Terms and condition page - Privacy policy page - Disclaimer I would prefer the website to be compatible with specific browsers or devices, although I am open to suggestions. Ideal skills and experience for this job: - Proficiency in Wix development - Familiarity with Figma and ability to implement a mobile design on Wix Deadline is tight please reach me

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    **Project Proposal: Integrated AI Solutions for Call Centers and WordPress Automation** **1. AI Call Center** **Objective:** Develop a fully automated artificial intelligence call center with seamless integration of Auto Dialer, AI Bot (GPT Turbo), and Autoresponder for efficient handling of calls and lead management. **Functions:** 1. **Auto Dialer Integration:** - Implement an Auto Dialer system capable of handling both incoming and outgoing calls in multiple languages. 2. **AI Bot (GPT Turbo or other):** - Integrate a customizable AI Bot (GPT Turbo or other) for handling calls, with editable scripts and phone number databases. - Ensure a human-like voice for natural interactions and future scalability for voice improvement. - Incorporate question and answ...

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    ...products, with a primary focus on security and compliance solutions. These projects encompass various tasks and may involve competing priorities. Project Overview: Cybersmith is seeking experienced freelancers proficient in the Microsoft suite of developer technologies, including Power Pages, Power Apps, Flow, and Dataverse, to collaborate on creating innovative solutions. Projects will primarily center around Microsoft Power Pages and will leverage a combination of Microsoft Dynamics, Power Apps, and API capabilities. Key Responsibilities: Contribute to the design of solutions from the information provided in discovery and design workshops to architect solutions. Potentially incorporate Dataverse Databases, Multi-Step forms, Power Apps Flows, and UI/UX specifications based on ...

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    SEO Expert 5 hari left

    Hello guys. We have a marketplace () and we need a professional SEO so he can help us get more customers. He need to setup things like Search Console and Google Merchant Center so products will be shown on google search and all settings to boost our website.

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    Trophy icon Flyer for double celebration event 23 jam left media (FB & IG all formats) as well as printed 4X6 flyer format for a collaboration event. It is a double celebration at Au Naturale Spa and Wellness celebrating 1 year for this spa and wellness center as well as the Grand Opening of Empower by Candy, which offers holistic massage therapy services within the spa. The event will take place Sat Dec 30, 2023 from 1pm till 4pm. See attachment for event highlights. Please use both Au Naturale Spa & Wellness logo and Empower by Candy logo on the flyers. Au Naturale Spa and Wellness is Central Florida's only luxury energy healing spa and wellness center located in Clermont FL. Empower by Candy offers holistic massage therapy services and is located within Au Naturale Spa and Wellness. I need a really nice flye...

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    Job title : Literature review for a small COVID-19 prevalence study Description : This is a straight forward literature review job. I need 1000 to 1500 word literature review assay about the use of rapid antigen test from nasopharyngeal swabs for the screening of asymptomatic people in a community center.

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    Shopify theme develop 4 hari left

    1. Developing with Dawn theme 2. Set separate settings for each section, including text size, font color, and font position centered on top, bottom, left, right, and center. Images can be set separately for both mobile and computer versions Can be viewed Figma:

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    I am looking for a freelance audio recorder who can provide an Native English for a call center project. The audio recording will need to be more than 5 minutes in length. Skills and experience required: - Fluent in English with an authentic accent - Experience in recording audio for call center purposes - Ability to deliver high-quality audio recordings with clear and professional sounding voice - Attention to detail and ability to follow specific guidelines for the project This project is ideal for someone who has experience in voice over work for call centers and can provide a convincing American accent. The audio recording will be used for call center purposes, so it is important that the voice is clear and professional. The freelancer should be able to deliver ...

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    Shed blueprints 4 hari left

    Project Description: I am looking for a skilled freelancer to create detailed blueprints for a medium-sized shed, measuring roughly 120 square feet with a 5 foot deep overhang or porch on the front. . Design Features: - I have specific design features in mind that I would like to be incorporated into the shed. - some include; boards 16 inches on center, a side door with window, double doors centered on the porch wall, window on opposite wall from other - I can provide images and hand sketches of the basic design Materials: - I prefer the shed to be constructed using wood materials with a concrete slab base. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in architectural design and drafting - Proficiency in using CAD software - Knowledge of construction materials and techniques fo...

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    Internal Policy 4 hari left

    ...organization. The ideal candidate should have experience in policy creation and be familiar with the needs of small-sized businesses. Requirements: - Experience in creating Employee Handbooks - Knowledge of relevant laws and regulations - Ability to tailor policies to the specific needs of a small organization - Strong attention to detail and organization skills - Excellent written and communication skills Responsibilities: - Review and update existing policies in the Employee Handbook - Create new policies as needed to ensure compliance and best practices - Collaborate with the HR department to gather necessary information and input - Ensure policies are clear, concise, and easy to understand - Provide guidance and recommendations on policy implementation and enforcemen...

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    Project Title: Vicidial Installation and Customization I am looking fo...Requirements: - I have specific configuration and customization requirements for Vicidial. The freelancer should be able to implement these requirements efficiently. - we need campaing with ivr created and work with agents in queue Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Linux operating system and experience with Vicidial installation and customization. - Strong understanding of VoIP technologies and call center management systems. - Familiarity with database management and server administration. Training and User Manual: - As I am already familiar with the Vicidial system, I do not require any training or a user manual. Please provide examples of previous Vicidial installations and customizations you have ...

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    I am looking for a skilled graphic designer to prepare graphics for my End of Year Fundraising Letter. The letter...inside the text. I attach a selection of photos that could be used - unfortunately not all are great quality. The 2023 letter style can be similar to 2022. Type of Graphics: - Images Branding Guidelines: - Although I do not have specific branding guidelines, I have a rough idea of the style I want to adhere to. See the web page for location and feel of the conference center Number of Graphics: - I will need 1 graphics for the fundraising letter. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in graphic design software - Experience in creating visually appealing images - Ability to understand and incorporate rough style ideas into the graphics

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    Segera Dijamin
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    I am looking for a skilled developer to create a learning center webpage where users can easily access educational resources in the form of videos and PDF's. The primary goal of the webpage is to provide these resources to users. Requirements: - The webpage should be able to support both videos and PDF's, as these will be the main types of educational resources provided. - The design of the webpage should be based on specific design elements that I have in mind. I will provide detailed instructions and examples for the layout and overall aesthetic. - The webpage should have a user-friendly interface that allows users to easily navigate and find the educational resources they need. - The webpage has a search function to make it even easier for users to find specific video...

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    ... so experience with this platform is preferred. Google Merchant Center: - I already have a Google Merchant Center account set up, so the freelancer should be familiar with this platform. * Setup Correct conversion tracking for ecommerce on GA4 and integrate into Google Ads. Shopping/PMax Campaign: - I do not have a specific budget for my campaign, but I am open to suggestions from the freelancer. - The freelancer should have experience in setting up and managing Shopping/PMax campaigns and be able to provide advice on budgeting. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience with setting up Ecommerce Google Merchant Centre and Shopping/PMax campaigns. - Familiarity with CMS. - Knowledge of Google Merchant Center and its features. - Ability to provide budgeting advic...

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    Health and Safety Management Principles and Policy Unit Reference Number H/617/7539 Unit Title Health and Safety Management Principles and Policy

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    ...Please collect product information on vehicles that have or will have the technologies described in the “Technology Description” section below. <Technology Description> This technology is a technology to restrain an occupant by using an armrest, a console, or the like in the event of a side collision of a vehicle. One of the problems that can be anticipated when a seat is placed near the lateral center of a vehicle is that the occupant may not be restrained in the event of the side collision, because the distance between the occupant and the side door is long. In order to solve this problem, this technology moves the adjustable armrest or the adjustable console installed on the side of the seat to a position that overlaps with the occupant laterally when the si...

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    I am looking for a talented graphic designer to create a futuristic gaming center banner for me. The banner will be small, measuring up to 3 feet in size. The main element that should be included in the banner is the logo of the gaming center. Skills and experience required: - Graphic design expertise - Knowledge of futuristic design trends - Ability to create eye-catching and visually appealing banners - Familiarity with gaming and gaming center branding If you have a passion for gaming and a knack for creating visually stunning designs, I would love to hear from you. Please include samples of your previous work in your proposal.

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    Expert in Economics 4 hari left

    Experience: - Strong expertise in [specific area of economics] - Proven track record in [research and analysis / financial forecasting / policy recommendation] - Knowledge of [macroeconomics / microeconomics / international economics] - Ability to deliver results within [a week / a month / flexible timeframe] - Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills - Strong communication and presentation skills Project Description: We are seeking an expert in economics to join our team and provide valuable insights and recommendations in [specific area of economics]. The main goal of this project is to [conduct research and analysis / perform financial forecasting / make policy recommendations] to drive strategic decision-making. As an expert in economics, you will be responsible...

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    AI Automations 4 hari left
    DISAHKAN information. | | 15 | Legal Brief Assistant | Drafts initial versions of legal briefs based on input data. | | 16 | Trademark Screening Tool | Screens trademarks for potential conflicts or issues. | | 17 | Patent Application Drafter | Assists in preparing and filing patent applications. | | 18 | Legal Translation Tool | Provides quick and accurate translations of legal documents. | | 19 | HR Policy Generator | Generates up-to-date HR policies compliant with current laws. | | 20 | Data Privacy Compliance | Ensures client data handling meets privacy regulations. | | 21 | Litigation Risk Analysis | Evaluates potential risks and outcomes in litigation cases. | | 22 | Automated Legal Notifications | Sends automated notifications to clients about their cases. | | 23 | Lega...

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    Setup call center 4 hari left

    ...for a freelancer to help me set up a call center that will handle both inbound and outbound calls. I am open to suggestions for specific software requirements for the call center. Here are the details of the project: - Type of call center setup: Both inbound and outbound - Software requirements: No specific requirements, open to suggestions - Number of call agents: 1-10 Ideal skills and experience for this job: - Experience in setting up both inbound and outbound call centers - Knowledge of various call center software options and ability to suggest the best fit for our needs - Ability to configure and customize the software to meet our requirements - Strong communication and problem-solving skills to ensure smooth operation of the call center - A...

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    I am looking for writers for brand SEO Writing. The ideal candidate should have experience in creating high-quality website content that is optimized for search engines. Requirements: Proven experience as a freelance writer with a focus on SEO content. Strong understanding of SEO principles...writing and grammar Submit Deadline: 1-2 days (preferably on time) Brand Name: starlet jackets Reference Website: Need to copy the content from the reference website, I will be attaching keywords in a separate file. However, you can also extract keywords from the reference site. Need Content for Home Page, About Us Page, Privacy Policy, Shipping and Delivery, Return And Exchange, terms and conditions 100% unique Plagiarism-Free Content

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    i have case study for job offer i need someone to help me on things 1. Based on the attached, you must create score cards for all agents. 2. Based on the score card, you must create action plan & PIP to enhance missing KPIs ( CSAT, AHT, FRT). 3. You can create the plan in a way that best reflects their skills as supervisor and style of thinking.

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    17 bida

    Hello for I need a page that will load before the index page or landing page, it can be an overlay that has checkboxes for the following - I am 18 Years Old or Older - I am not a resident of The State of Colorado (checkbox) I agree to Brink Coin's Privacy Policy (checkbox) I agree to Brink Coin's Terms of Service Then the user can continue on to the site. The entry page must be web3.0 looking and match 's design Whoever gets this job can be considered for the next job which is the membership section. Design should look beautiful.

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    An Android App was rejected , I need developers who can do the necessary changes to get the app approved , payment terms only after successful publishing of the App . Any necessary compliance need to be done which can include Layout/ Dialog or necessary per...successful publishing of the App . Any necessary compliance need to be done which can include Layout/ Dialog or necessary permission edits. Project Cost $20 Play Console Requirements: Violation of Play Console Requirements Rejected 30 Nov 2023 Permissions and APIs that Access Sensitive Information policy: Issues with submitted video Rejected 30 Nov 2023 All Files Access Permission policy: Need to use MediaStore API or No Access to Files Rejected 30 Nov 2023 All Files Access Permission policy: Not a core feat...

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    ...through Expensify. The flyer should be in both digital and print formats. The preferred style of the flyer is informal and will be received by approximately 500 employees. The flyer is to introduce Expensify, inform the employees how to setup Expensify including initial setup, process expenses through Expensify and to provide the expense reimbursement policy for future reference. We can provide screenshots of the Expensify and provide the policy as this is being completed. Skills and experience required for this project: - Graphic design skills to create an eye-catching and visually appealing flyer - Proficiency in designing for both digital and print formats - Ability to convey information clearly and concisely in an informal style - Understanding of the expense reimbu...

    $750 - $1500
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    $750 - $1500
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    ...our Google Analytics and Google Ad accounts with our Shopify stores. The scope of the project includes but is not limited to: -Fixing and syncing Google Analytics and Google Ad accounts to our Shopify stores. -Listing all existing Shopify products to Google Merchant Center for free listing (400+ products, 2 stores). -Addressing any other Google-related issues that may arise. The ideal candidate should have: -Strong knowledge of Google Analytics, Google Ads, and Shopify -Experience in product listing on Google Merchant Center. -Excellent problem-solving skills and attention to detail. -Proven track record of successfully increasing Google Adsense revenue for clients. Our goal is to optimize our Google accounts to drive traffic and increase revenue. We are open to any me...

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    I am looking for someone to help me configure my first employee laptop with Microsoft Admin Center & Intune and ensure that user accounts / Microsoft 365 Premium / Outlook 365 email address etc. are configured correctly through the Microsoft Admin centre. The laptop is running Windows operating system, and I already have an Intune account set up. The employee should have limited user access on the laptop. I will set up the laptop and account as best as possible, although will need to support to ensure that everything is secure due to sensitive data held on device. My knowledge of Microsoft Admin Centre is reasonable. But I have very little experience of Intune. Skills and experience required: - Strong knowledge of Windows operating system - Experience with Intune configuration...

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    We need a 2D Layout (Technical Drawing) and 3D Modeling design for a truck that will be used as a mobile command cente

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    $967 Avg Bida
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