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    I am seeking a professional, experienced individual to help create an Etsy page for selling my educational PDFs. Specifics: - The product I will be offering on my Etsy page are lesson plans in a downloadable PDF format. - The purpose of setting up this Etsy page is to sell these products. Skills and experience required: - Previous experience setting up and managing Etsy pages is a must. - The ideal candidate should have a strong understanding of Etsy's seller policies and procedures. - It would be advantageous if the freelancer has experience in creating and selling educational products on Etsy specifically. - Excellent attention to detail to ensure the page's appearance is clean, professional, and inviting. Please bid with your experience and any relevant examples of ...

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    I'm seeking an experienced developer to create a Chrome extension specifically targeting Google Chrome. The primary functionality of this extension involves recording video of the browser window and capturing both XHR Http/Https posts during elearnign lesson usage. The extension will need to: - Record and capture video (WebM format ? or whatever it naturally makes - wish it was MP4) of the browser window during lesson use. - Monitor and record XHR HTTP/HTTPS posts occurring during the same time frame. - Automatically post all captured data to a provided endpoint upon completion of each recording session use. - nice to have a floating window appending the statements being sent. The source code should contain basic comments throughout for clarity or a Zoom orientation ...

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    I need three 3-hour asynchronous lesson plans for students taking a writing & communications course. 1. Earned media 2. Owned media 3. Paid media Each lesson must have an introduction paragraph and then a paragraph that activates the students’s prior knowledge (I can give you an example of this). You must include: - videos to watch to enhance their understanding of each section. - screenshots of examples throughout the lesson - knowledge checks (multiple choice quiz, A or B quiz, fill in the blank, etc.) with answers. Lessons are typically between 20-30 pages depending on how many screenshots are added that end up filling up space. I can show you an example lesson for you to model these lessons after. I would like this completed as soon as pos...

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    I'm seeking an experienced developer to create a VST instrument plugin that emulates the sound characteristics of an electric guitar. The candidate should be one who has previously developed VST plugins, with deep understanding of music software and digital signal processing. Key Requirements: - Development of a VST instrument plugin from scratch - Plugin should emulate the sound of an electric guitar - Ensure compatibility with major DAWs Ideal Skills and Experience: - VST Plugin Development - Audio Engineering - Software Development - Knowledge in Electric Guitar Tone Emulation Knowledge of music software and MIDI will be highly beneficial. I look forward to hearing your creative ideas and approach to this project.

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    This will sound strange, but we have two YouTube channels: @seethejourney9295 @learningtail One is about travel and the other is about kid's education. We are currently visiting Goa and would like someone to teach us how to make a traditional Goan meal–and we'd like to film it/publish on our channel. Should take 1-3 hours and is quite casual. You do not need to have a professional kitchen or studio or anything like that. Can be a restaurant or home, ideally in Calangute or nearby, but we can travel a little bit. Let me know if that's something you can do!

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    I was using Regex search and replace plugin to search for 'document' and replace with 'lesson' when it caused the issue. So, somewhere in the code, the word 'document' was replaced with 'lesson' which caused the problem. The previous developer worked on it, and since then, my other site () has been giving the same error as the current website I'm working on (). The project is to fix BOTH sites and to be free from errors as they were before they crashed.

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    I'm looking for an experienced English tutor to help me progress from a beginner level to achieve fluency in basic English conversation. Ideal candidate qualifications: - Extensive experience in teaching conversational English to beginners. - Proven track record in effectively improving learner's conversational skills. Job Duties: - Create a structured lesson plan focusing on conversational English. - Provide regular feedback on my progress. - Offer exercises and activities to practice conversation outside of lessons. The main goal of the lessons is to improve my conversational abilities, enabling me to express myself comfortably and fluently in basic English conversation.

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    Fatal Error in Wordpress site 1 hari left

    I was using Regex search and replace plugin to search for 'document' and replace with 'lesson' when it caused the issue. So, somewhere in the code, the word 'document' was replaced with 'lesson' that is causing the problem. Backup is pretty old, so would need to troubleshoot. My website is

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    I was using Regex search and replace plugin to search for 'document' and replace with 'lesson' when it caused the issue. So, somewhere in the code, the word 'document' was replaced with 'lesson' that is causing the problem. Backup is pretty old, so would need to troubleshoot. My website is

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    Restore Wordpress Website SQL 1 hari left

    The backup of my site is a few days old and I would rather not use. I was using Regenex search and replace plugin to search for 'document' and replace with 'lesson' when it caused the issue. Perhaps the SQL databases can be searched and replaced for 'lesson' and replaced with 'document' and reuploaded? Somewhere, I imagine there is the word document that was replaced with lesson that is causing the problem. My website is

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    For an upcoming concert in Chelmsford, we need a skilled audio technician who can supply and operate essential audio equipment live. You'll primarily need to provide the following: - Microphones: we specifically require three wireless microphones for singers although they never sing at the same time and ideally eleven amplified ensemble players (strings, brass, guitar, double bass/bass guitar, and drums). You should have experience in operating and maintaining this type of equipment to ensure optimal sound quality during the concert. - Mixing console: You should have a high-quality mixing console and be able to effectively balance the sound levels throughout the concert using monitor wedges. Knowledgeable in live sound mixing is a must. The ideal candidate for this pr...

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    ...lessons they wish to take with different trainers and their own arrival and departure times. - With a multitude of trainers and couples, scheduling becomes immensely challenging, requiring a sophisticated solution to ensure fairness and efficiency. Software Functionality Overview: Registration and Preferences: - Couples will register for the camp via the website, providing details about their desired lesson preferences, including the number of lessons they want with each trainer and their availability. Organizer Tools: - Organizers will have access to tools allowing them to manage event details, such as specifying available trainers, dance halls, and scheduling constraints like breaks and group sessions. Automated Scheduling: - Based on the provided information, the softwa...

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    Project to develop a printed circuit board and components for preamplifier for acoustic guitar. With tuner, volume, bass, middle and bass control.

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    I'm seeking a highly competent online tutor for AP Computer Science Principles who can provide one-on-one sessions. Key responsibilities: - Creating and delivering lesson plans that cover AP Computer Science Principles. - Applying innovative instructional strategies to keep me engaged and actively learning. Payment: Hourly Required: Experience in tutoring AP CS principles to US-based students.

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    ...experience in signal processing, antenna design, and RF circuit design. Emphasis on everything from spectral efficiency to signal propagation is highly preferred. To accommodate my learning preferences, I would ideally like the tutor to deliver the lessons through online video calls. This will allow a flexible learning setup and instant clarification of any problems I may encounter during the lesson. Expected skills and experience of the ideal candidate would be: * Profound knowledge and understanding of wireless systems, specifically signal processing, antenna design, and RF circuit design * Experience in providing comprehensive and engaging online lectures via video calls * Patience and ability to breakdown complex concepts for beginners. Your passion for wireless engineer...

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    I'm aiming to develop a song in Hebrew that brings positivity and joy for my personal enjoyment. I don't have any specific sub-genre in mind, just looking for something uplifting. I’m not looking for a full production. All I need is a guitar or piano demo. The successful freelancer should be: - Proficient in songwriting, particularly in Hebrew - Experience in creating up-beat and positive tunes This is a passion project, so I am looking for someone with similar enthusiasm and creativity.

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    I have a video that captures a man playing the guitar, which is seeking a creative upgrade with abstract line motion graphics. - The motion graphics should fundamentally be focused around the man, depicting vibrations coming from the guitar. - The animations should convey a tone of excitement and energy, adding more life and dynamic to the performance. The ideal freelancer for this project would be a whizz in motion graphics, with vast experiences in creating unique and energised abstract lines that command attention. Experience in music-related video enhancements would be a significant bonus.

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    ...Creativity in storytelling with attention to detail, ensuring accuracy in historical representation. - Familiarity with educational content standards and the ability to tailor content to various learning stages. **Content Requirements:** - Development of educational material focusing specifically on historical subjects. - Creation of engaging and informative articles, blog posts, and possibly lesson plans. - Ability to break down complex historical events into digestible content that educates and entertains. - Keen insight into historical significance, capable of drawing connections to present-day scenarios or global contexts. This project aims not just to present historical facts but to inspire a deeper interest and understanding of history in a compelling format. If you have ...

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    ...online e-learning curriculum (Edison Coding and Robotics ) for students focuses on coding and robotics. Create the lesson resources( instructional video , step by step guide , quizzes , lesson plan etc) to be currate into our LMS Looking into developing 3 levels ( basic , intermediate and advance ) per course. 36 lessons x 1 hour per level . course delivery include : -modify/create online lesson into our LMS for students self learning (elearning) - modify/create Quiz and interactive gamification during the learning . - modify/create Assessment and upload of project at this end of the day - modify/create Lesson plan briefing guide - modify/create Teacher Planning guide - Each lesson will comprise of lab assignments-100% practical for hands on . - pr...

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    I'm seeking an experienced mobile developer to ...Classes: The app must have a feature that allows live classes, offering real-time interaction between students and instructors. - Course Purchase: A feature to purchase courses should be included, with a range of course options to choose from. - Interactive Quizzes: To ensure learning retention and make the app engaging, interactive quizzes should be readily available for students after each lesson or course. The primary target for this project are students. Therefore, the app interface should be easy-to-navigate, encouraging user-friendly and seamless interaction for learners of all ages. Ideal candidates should have a strong portfolio of similar projects, an understanding of educational apps, and great feedback on Android a...

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    I am looking for an adept game developer who can bring my vision of an interactive guitar learning game to life. Ideally, the freelancer will: - Have experience in creating music-based games - Be comfortable working with Processing Development Environment (PDE) - Be capable of executing a pre-existing design concept The game I envision is a top string node one, where stepping on the bottom triggers a guitar sound. There should be a mechanism for generating simple sounds associated with each guitar string. Knowledge in sound programming and an understanding of music especially relating to guitars will be advantageous. Remember, creativity and attention to detail are highly valued in this project. Almost as important as your technical abilities, I am seeking someone ...

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    I need to add a quiz on to a course, the quiz is produced but I can not "drag" it to its postion, should be Quiz 1 lesson 1

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    I'm looking for a skilled graphic designer to create a unique T-shirt design. The concept focuses on a realistic fighter jet with an electric guitar in the background, set ablaze. Details surrounding the design includes: - Fighter Jet: It should be designed realistically. Detailing is essential. - Electric Guitar: This should also be designed in a hyper-realistic style, showcasing intricate detailing and set on fire. Candidates with experience in creating hyper-realistic graphic designs will be preferred. Strong understanding of colour combinations, an eye for detail, and a creative bent of mind is crucial for this project. An experience in designing graphics for apparel, especially T-shirts is a plus. Having some knowledge about warfare aircraft is also beneficial, ...

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    Project Overview: We are seeking to develop a comprehensive, user-friendly mobile application for Shark Driving School, designed to offer an interactive and engaging learning experience for our students. The app will serve as a one-stop solution, facilitating both practical driving lesson bookings and theory practice. Our aim is to integrate educational content with practical lesson management to create a seamless journey from beginner to licensed driver. Core Features: Lesson Booking System: The app must allow users to book driving lessons, offering options for 1-hour, 2-hour, and 10-hour slots. It should display available times, instructors, and the option to choose between manual or automatic cars. The system must handle bookings, cancellations, and resched...

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    I need a skilled graphic designer proficient in .ai to collaborate with our in-house content and art teams. We will be creating various materials such as leaflets, brochures, information pages, lesson presentations and more, following a modern design aesthetic. Tasks Include: - Developing engaging visuals based on written content - Implementing specific fonts, colors, and images provided by our team - Creating designs for different formats (Leaflets, Brochures, Information pages, Presentations, etc.) Ideal Profile: - Extensive experience with .ai - Proven ability to translate textual content into compelling visual assets - Familiarity with modern design aesthetics - Great attention to detail, especially concerning specific design elements provided.

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    I'm looking for a talented musician to create the instrumental music for a gospel song. You will be working with piano, guitar, and drums, skillfully bringing them together in a composition that conveys an uplifting feeling. The style of the music should be traditional gospel. Therefore, familiarity with this genre and proficiency in the mentioned instruments are highly desirable. I am eager to collaborate with someone who can translate my ideas into a lively and moving soundscape.

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    Hello, I am looking for a talented freelance music producer/sound engineer to assist me with my on-going music project. I am based in the West Midlands and need help with my music production as I am developing a catalogue of guitar based tracks mainly in the rock/pop genre with the aim of promoting the music on library publishing platforms so they can be available for film, drama and commercials etc. I need someone who has a passion for creating great music, can work in Cubase and understands my vision for the project. My music project could potentially be a huge success and I need someone with the technical mixing and mastering skills to help bring it to life. If you have a great ear for music and a deep knowledge of music production, mixing and mastering then I would like to he...

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    ************ I will not look...appearing as it should. These issues primarily affect the homepage, blog section, pages. If you're skilled in WordPress and familiar with Toolset, I could really use your expertise to streamline my webpages and fix these issues. Familiarity with optimizing page load and link function is needed too. website link is i need also to make a good design in the same them example this lesson link has a lot of content but its now showing %d8%ac%d9%88%d8%a7%d8%b2-%d8%a7%d9%84%d8%b3%d9%81%d8%b1-passport/ i need 2 main thinks 1 - fix the content problems to work correctly 2 - make a good design for website using the same them ( Twenty Twenty-One ) its better if you familiar with tools that will make your mision easier

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    I'm in need of a talented curriculum developer with experience in K-12 education. The focus will be on CBSE board mathematics - specifically, for class 4-8. _Learning Outcomes_ - The overall goal is to increase understanding of mathematical concepts in students, with lesson plans and activities that engage and challenge them. _Skills And Experience_ - Ideal candidates will have significant experience in curriculum design and a deep understanding of class 4-8 Mathematics. - Previous work in advancing mathematical understanding is highly desirable. - A creative mindset that can foster an engaging and effective learning environment is essential.

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    I'm seeking an experienced teacher for a part-time role in the education sector. - Role: The job involves part-time teaching responsibilities in an educational setting. This position within the sector of education requires the freelancer to have a clear understanding of student engagement and lesson planning. - Skills & Experience: The ideal freelancer will have a strong background in education, with contrasted teaching experience. Communication skills, time management, and the ability to connect with students are essential for this role. Successful applicants need to be capable of applying their skills to create a rich and rewarding learning environment for students. The ability to integrate all aspects of education in your teaching strategies is key.

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    I'm on the lookout for a seasoned tutor who can hel...visualization techniques - Introduction to automating tasks with macros and scripts **Commitment:** - Available for 3-5 hours per week. **Ideal Tutor Skills:** - Proficient in both Excel and Google Sheets. - Experienced in teaching or tutoring, with a patient and engaging approach. - Strong communication skills, capable of explaining complex concepts in simple terms. - Ability to craft personalized lesson plans that cater to my pace and learning goals. This journey towards gaining proficiency in Excel and Google Sheets is very important to me. I'm eager to find the right tutor who can guide me through this learning path with dedication and expertise. Let's turn these lessons into a cornerstone for my personal...

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    I'm in need of a native British English speaker with with a clear and natural sounding voice to do a short recording for an intermediate level English lesson. A swift turnaround is required - within the next 1-2 hours. Here are a few details about the project: - Length: The text intended for recording is around 1-5 minutes long. - Vocabulary: You should be comfortable with using Genetic Engineering for Athletes vocabulary. - Style: The preferred intonation style for the reading is conversational. A skilled and experienced voice artist or narrator would be ideal for this task. Your ability to record clearly, convey the intended expressions, and work within the stipulated time frame will be critical for successful completion of this project. Model is attached

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    I am seeking a guitar instructor with an intermediate level of expertise who can help me explore controlling the tone(the feeling, the sound, the mood) of the music especially by understanding the role harmony and the progression of harmony + melody. They should have an open mind to help me foster my own unique style and expertise in the areas of harmony and composition. IDEAL SKILLS & EXPERIENCE: - Strong background teaching guitar at an intermediate level - Experience with a variety of genres, especially classical, rock, and jazz - Passionate about discovering new styles and nurturing a student's own musical creativity I'm humble and just seeking to grow/understand. Please help!

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    I'm in need of a native British English speaker with with a clear and natural sounding voice to do a short recording for an intermediate level English lesson. A swift turnaround is required - within the next 1-2 hours. Here are a few details about the project: - Length: The text intended for recording is around 1-5 minutes long. - Vocabulary: You should be comfortable with using Genetic Engineering for Athletes vocabulary. - Style: The preferred intonation style for the reading is conversational. A skilled and experienced voice artist or narrator would be ideal for this task. Your ability to record clearly, convey the intended expressions, and work within the stipulated time frame will be critical for successful completion of this project. Model is attached

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    ...event details, including the name of the venue, date, and special guests, without losing the rock-inspired aesthetic of our logo. This feature is crucial for maintaining the template's reusable nature. - Please use standard fonts even though our logo includes a bought font - A rock-themed design that not only speaks to the genre but also sets us apart. Incorporating elements from our logo like the guitar, the angel wings or anything that screams classic "rock" in an artistic manner would be ideal. - The ability for fans to RSVP directly on the Facebook event page, helping us gauge attendance and hype the show. - A share button prominently placed, making it easy and enticing for fans to spread the word about our events. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficienc...

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    ...creating a unique blend of country music and need a talented guitarist to bring it to life. My own guitar backings are already laid down using both electric and acoustic guitars. What I'm looking for now is someone who can provide rhythm guitar accompaniment to these tracks to enrich the overall sound. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Preferably from the USA, or familiar with country Morgan Wallen style - Proficiency in playing both electric and acoustic guitars. - Strong background in country music with the ability to add rhythm that complements the existing backings. - Experience with remote collaboration and the ability to record high-quality tracks independently. - Creativity in adding rhythm guitar parts that enhance the musical arrangement. Your role wil...

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    The intro would feature ambient drones and synths, possibly guitar notes and a memorable melody. This could be an atmospheric guitar or piano. The riser would last around 20 - 30 seconds. It would have a dreamy ambient vibe and get you hyped for the show. I have attached an example for an idea of the ambient vibe. I would appreciate if all commercial rights and exclusive use were included in this project. A demo would be appreciated to learn more about your style. Should be a great project for the right artist!

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    Trophy icon Cartoonish Logo Design for Band 1 hari left

    I'm seeking a skilled graphic designer experienced in creating engaging and memorable cartoon-based logos. My band ne...eye-catching way. - Color: While I've not decided on the color scheme yet, I would love some suggestions from your professional standpoint. - Timeline: Ideally, I'd like to finalize the design within a month. The logo is to be used on promotional material, kick drum etc. Importantly, the band name Gimme Dat Harp should be prominent within the image. See the photo showing a hand grasping the neck of a guitar and a harmonica. That’s the image I am looking for. Your portfolio with relevant projects would be highly appreciated. Outstanding creativity and meticulous attention to detail are a must. An understanding of the music industry would ...

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    ...coherence, and grammar. - Strengthen grammar understanding for more effective communication. - Prepare for verbal reasoning tests to improve logical thinking with language. - Develop strategies for tackling inductive reasoning tests, aimed at pattern recognition and problem-solving. - Boost numerical reasoning abilities for better performance in quantitative assessments. **Expectations:** - Tailored lesson plans that address specific areas of improvement. - Flexible tutoring schedule, preferably with availability for evening sessions. - Patience and adaptability in teaching methods to match my learning pace. - Encouragement and support in overcoming learning challenges. This tutoring is crucial for my career advancement, and I am committed to improving with the right guidance. ...

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    Please read the entire ad, at the end I will ask a question that will help me filter out automated applications. Ob...if you are from somewhere that does not speak this language do not apply. I'm on the hunt for a passionate and patient Afrikaans tutor who can provide personalized, one-on-one lessons for a beginner. The main purpose of these lessons is to support travel preparations. Ideal tutors will have: - Interest in teaching Afrikaans - Ability to design engaging lesson plans for beginners - Flexibility, and creativity. Preference is to do the lesson 90% in Afrikaans (immersion method) Once a week to three times a month by zoom or video call. So that I know you are not a robot and read the entire thing, please just start your reply with your favorite food. A...

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    ...using their email or social media accounts. - After registration, users can log in to the app using their credentials. 2. *User Profile:* - Users can create and manage their profiles. - Users can provide information about their skill level, preferred lesson times, and any specific preferences. 3. *Lesson Scheduling:* - Users can access a calendar or agenda feature to schedule their piano lessons. - The app should display available time slots and allow users to book lessons with their preferred instructors. 4. *Lesson Progress Monitoring:* - The app tracks the progress of each user based on completed lessons and achievements. - Users can view their progress through a dashboard that shows completed lessons, scores, and areas for improvement. 5...

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    DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS 1. Make 'Natalie Claire Jazz Band @ The Harold - 8233' fit the dimensions of YOUTUBE BANNER. Use snippets of the background i...The Harold' to create extra width 2. Make 'NCE Choir' fit the dimensions of YOUTUBE BANNER. Use snippets of the background church/grass to create extra width 3. Collage the following photos together to make a banner photo that fits WEBSITE PHOTO MEASUREMENTS. Eva on Harp, Jim Guitar, Mariachi Band, Julie with Accordion, Accent Strings, Sydney Pianist. Put image of 'Natalie Claire' pominantly in the middle. 4. Collage the following photos together to make a banner photo that fits YOUTUBE BANNER. Eva on Harp, Jim Guitar, Mariachi Band, Julie with Accordion, Accent Strings, Sydney Pianist. Put...

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    GERMAN TEACHER Tamat left

    ...enhancing conversational abilities. - A structured but flexible teaching approach that can adapt to my pace and learning style. **Ideal Skills:** - Proficiency in German (B1 Level or above). - Strong teaching experience, especially in an online setting. - Excellent communication skills, with a knack for making complex concepts easily understandable. - Experience in designing engaging and interactive lesson plans. **How Lessons Will Be Conducted:** - Online, using platforms like Zoom/Teams or any other reliable video conferencing software. - Preferably in the mornings, but I am open to discussing and adjusting schedules. **Ideal Candidate:** - Someone patient, with a passion for teaching and the ability to motivate students. - A background in linguistics or education is a plus....

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    I am looking for an experienced CAD designer who specializes in musical instruments, particularly electric guitars, to create a detailed prototype design. This project is aimed at developing an electric guitar with a unique appearance and aesthetic appeal. **Requirements:** - Develop a CAD model of an electric guitar for prototyping - Incorporate a custom body shape as specified - Ensure the design accommodates a specific color finish **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficient in CAD software suitable for complex product designs - Experience in designing musical instruments, with a portfolio showcasing electric guitars - Knowledge of manufacturing processes and materials for electric guitars - Creative insight into integrating aesthetics and functionality in instrument ...

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    ...online - Patience and creativity in teaching methods - Ability to create and provide resource materials for vocabulary enhancement **Key Focus Areas:** - Vocabulary Building: Emphasis on everyday terms and phrases to improve my practical communication skills. **Teaching Method:** - Sessions should be interactive, utilizing digital tools and resources to make learning engaging. - Personalized lesson plans tailored to my pace and learning style. **Preferred Platform:** - Sessions will be held online, so proficiency with video conferencing tools (like Zoom, Skype) is necessary. My goal is to build a solid foundation in English, starting with vocabulary that will help me communicate more effectively. If you are passionate about teaching and believe you can help me achieve my lear...

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    ...seeking a talented transcriber for an intermediate-level rock guitar piece. Accuracy is paramount, and the transcription shouldn't lack detail. Key requirements for the project are: - A clean and accurate tablature with a complete song structure breakdown. The layout should be user-friendly and logically segment various song parts like verses, choruses, and bridges. - A compatible Musescore file for the final transcription. The ideal candidate for this job is someone with a significant understanding and experience with rock music, specifically, or at a broader level, the guitar. Knowing how to navigate around Musescore software would also be a great advantage. Your role will be just as crucial for my success in learning this guitar piece, so your keen ear a...

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    ...secure process for both instructors and learners to create and access their accounts. - **Course Management:** The ability to create, modify, and organize courses with ease. This includes tools for instructors to upload and manage content efficiently. - **Progress Tracking:** Features that allow both learners and instructors to monitor progress throughout a course. This should include tracking lesson completion, quiz scores, and overall course advancement. **Content Types:** - The courses will primarily include **Videos** and **Quizzes**. The platform should support high-quality video hosting and a versatile quiz builder that can accommodate various question types. **Ideal Skills and Experience for Freelancers:** - Experience in building LMS platforms or similar education...

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    I'm in search of an advanced full stack developer with a solid background in JavaScript & TypeScript. Fundamentally, you should be an exper...can do over the video feed [we overlay a transparent canvas over the video feed that one can draw shapes and freehand draw] but we are facing issues where the audio of the incoming stream was not being captured properly, also we want to record only part of the screen, not the tools and navbars and other general stuff. We are looking for someone who can deliver us this feature. Screen record the lesson and stream it to S3 bucket. I invite anyone who believes they are competent in these realms to put forward their application. Experience also counts, so make sure to share your portfolio with evidence of previous projects handled with t...

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    I seek a highly-knowledgeable English language tutor to aid in refining and strengthening my knowledge of English grammar specifics - verb tenses, sentence structure, and punctuation. The educational medium should include the fo...and rule understanding - Written modules containing clear explanations and applicable examples - Interactive quizzes and exercises to gauge progress This focused study is crucial to honing my writing, improving my communication skills, and preparing me for future exams or interviews. Ideal candidates should have a strong background in teaching English grammar and a track record of adapting lesson plans to suit various learning styles. They should also be comfortable creating digital content, be it written or video, and devising engaging, interactive ...

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