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    Design Brief: Healthcare Data Analytics Company Objective: To create a logo and visual identity for a healthcare data analytics company that focuses on delivering the best patient outcome through promoting the best patient experience, increasing organizations' revenue, and reducing costs for the ...Can be used in both digital and print formats Visual Identity Requirements: Consistent color palette, typography, and imagery Reflects the company's focus on healthcare data analytics and patient outcomes Conveys a sense of innovation and trustworthiness Deliverables: A logo in various file formats (PNG, JPG, SVG, etc.) Color palette Typography guidelines Iconography, Powerpoint template Word header and footer Final deliverables in both print and digital formats Deadline: [I...

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    I seek a smart and creative designer that can provide a unique template design for one landing page with 4-5 different color palettes / icons that will be used for multiple businesses business microsite that displays the following: Header, Footer, Contact Info, Form, About, Services, 2 blogs, testimonies, social media icons, (maybe 2-3 FAQs) Business: logo, main banner, 2 blog thumbnail, about thumbnail mainly it will be a mobile screen only as it is intended to be the business digital business card Less scrolling in window - possible dividing sections into pages

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    About Phoenix Longevity LLC: We are a sports massage therapy business that focuses on physical longevity and restorative health (hence the phoenix). Our locations are within gyms and our target demographic are people focused on performance or wanting to recover from pain and lack of mobility. Pr...of rebirth and recovering health. We like modern style graphics. We like the orange as the accent color. We would like a full name version and a smaller square or round option with maybe the phoenix alone or the initials for other applications like social media. We are NOT interested in new age style aesthetic nor too "gym rat" style. But we do lean slightly more towards a gym aesthetic than a yoga artsy fartsy holistic style. We are open to letting the designer come up w...

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    For a blog about the packaging industrie > we need a logo / banner for the header The blog is about packaging () Impotant: Industrial context > Box packaging > no giftboxes or xmaspackagings... Content: Domainname: Title: Die Webseite rund um die Verpackungswirtschaft Format: rectangular Sample: I - for the format / look and feel: ) Sample II - for the format / look and feel: For maincolours which we use - please visit the demo site: Size of the banner (Sample!) https://www.aquarium-welt

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    --PLEASE DON'T CONTACT IF YOU ARE TO QUOTE A HIGHER PRICE THAN BUDGETED-- Hi, we have 4 psd files that all share the same header and footer. The content inside each psd is a 4-step form (thus the 4 files). What we need is someone that can convert the contents (exactly as the psds) into a HTML that can later be used to implement in a site platform. Although the psd is for desktop layout, the final result should work in mobile/tablet as well (responsive).

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    Issue: when an anchor link is klicked, the page jumps to the anchored paragraph, but it is covered by the sticky header. I need a css fix for this. The website is You can test your solution in this page: Can you do it not having access to the website?

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    Hello, I am using oxygen as my theme on my wordpress website. It is a multivendor website and I use Dokan for this. Unforuntately I am not able to apply my theme's header / footer to one type of page due to Dokan's design. An example of the page can be seen below. It is any of the store pages. I know people have got this to work with a bit of PHP but my PHP skills are limited. Can you do this for me? Thanks, Matt

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    Seo, keyword research analysis, backlinks etc

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    Twilio flex 2.0 6 hari left

    I am working on a project where I have to make changes to Twilio flex Main header. I need to hide menu icon and a logo and apply a bit of styling to workerprofile icon

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    I need some pictures changed, payment options put on top of home page, shipping details put in header. My join email popup has disappeared, need this working. After n hourly rate and approximate time to do these works please

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    I have n small engineering Wordpress website, and I purchased the Divi theme. The theme has been installed but I need someone to pick the best template from the Divi Library, load it and then design the header. No need to add any content as we will do it afterward. I need someone that knows Wordpress well that can deliver in a short period of time.

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    For our travel blog we're looking for a Motion Graphics Designer. The first part is to animate the "91" (make it flip) within the logo (two different sizes) and also animate just the number. See attached logo file. And for the second part we're looking for a motion graphics TEMPLATE of a Flight Information Board. See attached file. We want to use it as a header for our travel blog to animate the header for each of our sub travel blog's location. That's why we need just a template so we can adjust the animation for all of our past and future locations. We would need the board in two different sizes.

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    About Be Well: Health and Wellness Studio massage, osteo, couching, yoga, pilates, therapy, health couching Project Description: I like earthy colours like, sage, cream, brown, black - modern design I like this first image with the circles- my thoughts are to do something similar but tringles to symbols the spine and sacrum. See anatomy pictures below. My thoughts are 3 smaller triangles on top to symbolize vertabra and a bigger triangle below to indicate sacrum. I like the brush stroke style of the logo below, but not as moody a colour pallet, id like a bit brighter while still feeling chic. I am looking for this to be abstract and not trying to be realistic to the spine/ sacrum. I like elements of geometry and nature.

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    ...Now we currently seeking an experienced Open EdX developer to help fix and implement changes to our Open EdX Maple instance running on AWS. The ideal candidate will have a strong understanding of Open EdX and be able to quickly troubleshoot and resolve issues. Some specific tasks include: - Changing the link of the "HELP" link in the MFE to the correct location - Fixing an issue where the page header keeps jumping between MFE and legacy experience - Implementing certain UI changes to unclutter the user experience, such as removing or hiding unnecessary text and elements - Creating additional automation, such as an ORA deadlines reset automation in the event of a course re-run - Installing additional X-blocks into our Open EdX instance If you have the necessary skills...

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    ... sample menus & form data Menus which are to be done 1. Dashboard 2. Enquiry Dataset • Name • date • email • mobile • message • services interested for • Delete button 3. Website Settings Form • Company name • Contact us email id • Title • Banner Headline • Website Description • Favicon • Logo • Banner Image • Address in Footer • About us in Footer • address in Contact us page • Header Script • Contact us phone number • About us page • Website Theme Option 4. Social Media Setting Form • Facebook • Twitter • Instagram • Pinterest • LinkedIn • YouTube • WhatsApp Number 5. SMTP Settings Form • Activate / Deactivate &bull...

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    I want to create a simple website which would have 1. Main page that has around 20 profiles (person), this profiles with photo can be clicked and would open a new profile page; From main page on top header you would have links to a) Locations b) Booking c) contact . Also have option to click on button and start chat on whatsapp to a predefined number, if possible also telegram, etc. I will priorize freelancers who have capacity to finish the work by tomorrow 08. feb. Thanks

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    ...a statement not too long ago that their shopping API now requires an additional oauth2 token in its header. After these changes, an error is returned with the script: "ConnectionError: 'GetSingleItem: Class: RequestError, Severity: Error, Code: 1.33, Token not available in not available in request. Please specify a valid token as HTTP header.'" I need code for passing an additional oauth 2 token header in the script , or any way to access the GetSingleItem with a response instead of error. "You are receiving this email because our records indicate that you have an application that calls the eBay Shopping API via passing APP ID (Client ID) in the request, either in the header or as a parameter in the HTTP request. In our continuin...

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    Instagram , Facebook , Twitter , Google , What’s App etc media marketing

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    I need someone very good in HTML5, Css / Sass and animation in css. I just need a header and the code will be checked by my team. Code need to be beatifull in all sizes (mobile, table, and desktop). The code will be very well implemented, becasue an web developer expert in my team will review If you read the message write "eu" in your message. I need that developed now. Its so easy, You just need 1h for the task

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    ..."TITLE" 100 faits exceptées sur la Terre - "NUMBER ORDERED" 1 - "PRICE PER ITEM" 17.95 - "NET AMOUNT" 10.77 - "NET AMOUNT UNIT" (calculate by "NET AMOUNT" / "NUMBER ORDERED" ex : 41.94$ / 2 ) 10.77 / 1 => 10.77 - "TPS" ( "F" or not this could be bool) "F" or 1 as "true" - "TVP" ( "P" or not this could be bool) EMPTY or 0 as "False" Beware this is multipage. If we could have another extract for the header it would be even better. Information : - "Supplier" "PROLOGUE" - "Invoice No" "CR0335318" - "DATE" 24-01-2023 => Best would be ISO Y-m-d format - "Referece" 13192 - &qu...

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    Trophy icon AI video of a mock workshop 4 hari left

    I am looking to create a mock video using ai for a workshop that I offer. I'd want this to be a 15-30 second clip of a spiritual retreat and workshop of hippy/bohemian women ages 20-60 sitting in circle, or as a group engaging in singing, chanting, yoga type movements and witchy rituals .This is the workshop description.

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    A future project requires that we can find detailed information about content elements in a Word document. Content elements can be found in various different parts of the document e.g. Main Document, Header, Footer, Foot Notes etc. Prior to opening a larger development project, we want to prioritise investigating the biggest uncertainty, so this project should achieve the following goal: *We can only find the size of content elements within the XML of a Word file as it is not available by just using the Microsoft Office Object model. So we need to find a reliable method to reference content elements in the XML that allows the elements to be selected using the Microsoft Office Object Model when the document is open in Word. We'd like to be able to display the size of each con...

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    Trophy icon "WELCOME BACK" banner design 4 hari left

    ... **UPDATE2** I just added and sketch2.jpg. I'm a terrible artist obviously but that is the gist of what I see in my head and tried to explain in the detailed writeup. But any and all submissions will be considered. **UPDATE** I asked the owners of the course if they had an official logo and they said no. The three files I just uploaded are what they sent me for reference. One is a header from Facebook. Another is of a stack of shirts featuring Arrowhead in a script font and the other is of the very first shirt they ever did for the course many years ago. They may or may not help but wanted to share. ** BACKSTORY Arrowhead Disc Golf Course is an INCREDIBLE course in Louisville, KY. It was ranked #52 in the World in 2021 but was forced to shut down late that year and all o...

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    I have an issue with magento 2 site. The checkout page is blank (apart from header/footer).

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    I require a static website for a company. The website must be made using wordpress only and basic seo is required for the website. The website must also be optimized to view on mobile and tablets. Basic outline of website 1) Home page 2) About us page 3) Products • Product A – with downloadable PDF after providing details • Product B – with downloadabl...and tablets. Basic outline of website 1) Home page 2) About us page 3) Products • Product A – with downloadable PDF after providing details • Product B – with downloadable PDF after providing details • Product C – with downloadable PDF after providing details • Product D – with downloadable PDF after providing details 4) Contact us Contact form is required integrated to e...

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    ...1. It should be written in a clean and extensible manner in stable rust using available libraries like hyper/tokio etc as far as possible. 2. Any objects/classes implemented should be fully documented. (We don’t need plain functions to be documented). 3. The following should be configurable (Can declare global variables for the same): a. TLS on/off especially on the proxy side. b. Limit on max header size. c. Limit on max body size. d. How many bytes to buffer while streaming. e. Connection pool limits. f. Keep alive times g. Connect/read/write failure timeouts. h. A logging function/log file on/off to disk or console in a concise format single line format like the popular http servers. 4. It needs to be fully async – no blocking code. 5. The headers will need to be ...

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    Create Esty storefront similar to Need the templates designed that are a part of the storefront please mention the timeline as well in the budget

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    I am looking for a creative Wordpress developer to make some content updates and changes to the website. These changes include: Font changes Adding small section on the home page Add copy in organized modules/blocks Changing website colors and icon Hiding the sticky header May include other minor changes PLEASE BID ACCURATELY. IF YOU CHANGE YOUR BID PRICE YOU WILL BE BLOCKED

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    WhatsApp Gateway 3 hari left

    The goal of the project is to create a SIP to WhatsApp gateway that will allow voice calls to be passed from SIP to What...the SIP backend, such as CALL SUCCESS, BUSY, UNAVAILABLE, etc. To determine the success of the project, we will choose the solution that consistently triggers successful SIP/WhatsApp calls. Step-by-Step Process: Incoming calls will be directed to the WhatsApp gateway. The gateway will then convert the SIP/IAX signal to the WhatsApp protocol. The termination number, taken from the origination header, will be verified by the WhatsApp gateway. If the number is in use by WhatsApp and the recipient is online, the call will be completed on WhatsApp. If the number is not in use by WhatsApp, the gateway will send a 503 error and the call will be redirected to other...

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    I am a GC and own a property in TAMPA that has an existing 24'x24'' covered patio that I want to convert to interior space. Adjacent to the patio is a second concrete slab that i might want to use as the floor to new space. I am also considering adding a garage where the covered carport already exists. I's like to to change the kitchen layout by adding a structural header (beam) where the exterior kitchen wall is, pulling and replacing the kitchen cabinets, removing the granite and using it in the bathrooms and adding a breakfast bar, It would be ideal to move everything in the kitchen'/laundry room to accommodate the changes but price to do so is a factor.

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    ...WordPress Gurus, === BID WHAT You WANT TO CHARGE FOR THIS PROJECT === DONT CHANGE THE BID LATER You are required to make the following changes on the Home page of a Website. 1 - Make changes to declutter the design so that it should look professional. 2 - Fix the size of the Website Header and remove the extra white space to improve its look 3 - Make adjustments to fit the Logo of the website in the header (You'll be provided with the Logo in an appropriate size). 4 - Improve the appearance of Menu in the header 5 - About Us - Add "Read more" and "Read less" text in About Us section. - See how the white space can be reduced and design can be changed to make this section look better. 6 - Services - There are 3 small sections ...

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    $10 - $30
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    We are looking for a Powerpoint template for a 3D printing/additive manufacturing company's pitch deck. The Powerpoint should include templates for the following: 1. The title slide 2. Slide with header + body text 3. Slide with header + bullet list 3. Slide with header + graphs 4. Slide with header + table Attached below is a Powerpoint file of the pitch deck's sample content. We are looking for entries that can upgrade this Powerpoint with a sleek and modern design that can attract and hold the attention of investors while remaining true to the company's brand. We cannot reveal much about the company's name, identity and data due to confidentiality clauses. We can share though that the company's brand colors are blue, green, red and ...

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    ...design) • Lead generation forms to capture applicants which can be customised for a few different pages. Form could also be on the page itself. Example: Example: for a course page, how do potential users apply? Form could be a dropdown, popup or new page. • Sticky fixed header. Example: (see attached image) (Sticky submenu which turns into a header as you scroll down (on specific pages)) • Dropdown mega menu. Example (click on Courses): (See attached Brainstation image) • Need to be able to change background hero image on pages. Some pages may display a static image, or a background video or the default content

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    $523 - $1047
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    ...to change the design same as - I will give this template. 1.I want the same booking engine, same animation, same header design, same footer design, and same EVERYTHING. The booking Engine at the home page should work properly in the new design. 2. Search results page for all ( flight, hotel, car, tour) should work properly. Modify search should work on search-list page as it is working now. 3. Flight, hotel, tour, car - having sorting & filter options that should not be disturbed in any case. It must work as

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    Hi I'm starting a new youtube channel on Anime and other anime content related. The Channel is called "Anime Move" and I'm looking for a design that will stand out for long term branding. Please include subcribe and enable notifiications along with New Videos Every Day in the banner. Example :- "Anime Focus"

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    online snake game 2 hari left

    ok so I am learning to code some old school C code to make a game that is cross platform and can be played over the network I am trying to split the game up into header files and functions and definitions into other c files snake.c game.c game.h I have come across these errors and it will not compile but the issue here is the issues are not correct. snake.c:16:1: warning: '/*' within block comment [-Wcomment] /* ^ snake.c:100:61: error: use of undeclared identifier 'ROWS'; did you mean 'COLS'? if (next.x < 0 || next.x >= COLS || next.y < 0 || next.y >= ROWS) { ^~~~ COLS /Library/Developer/CommandLineTools/SDKs/:1208:32...

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    I need a sleek, memorable logo for a new business and branding purposes.  The town the yoga and wellness studio is located in is an old historical town from the Gold Rush era. It is surrounded by mountains and wineries. I would love to incorporate some of Jacksonville’s uniqueness into the design, while still being obvious what the business is (yoga, natural medicine treatments and healthy plant-based foods).  I want the design to be unique—no generic lotus flowers, yogis etc but something that has more depth. I have attached some yoga and weLena’s designs that I do like.

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    ...compatibility match graphs include the results of a compatibility survey that you will create. The site uses php, HML, js, MySQL and CSS as its stack. In summary, the project includes: Task List: 1. Create table in existing MySQL DB to hold user survey results. 2. Modify user table and admin user list page to include the ability to delete survey results for user. 3. Modify authenticated user header page to include link to Complete Survey, and Retake Survey. 4. Add script so that when Retable Survey link is clicked, a delete survey results confirmation happens before delete happens in database. 5. Create static page for the survey using the contents of the attached word document, on submit the results go into the new database table and is indexed with the userID. 6. Add an HTML...

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    need good elementor guy to design me very similar to the attached header need to start immediatly and finish within 5-8 hours no need of the flag and change language

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    Custumise header 1 hari left

    Customize the header on my Wordpress website. Create a fade in/out effect when scrolling the sticky menu.

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    29 bida

    I’m creating a Construction EQUIPMENT market consulting business for the construction equipment industry and I would like a suggestion, logo created with a presentation template that has a header and footer graphic that includes generic line drawings of construction equipment like Motor Graders excavators wheel loaders dozers not to be specific to a certain manufacturer. The color template needs to be modern and contemporary yet grounded, and restrain. I will be using the name, the brand and the PowerPoint template with header and footer drawings to consult companies that make construction equipment like Motor Graders on how to enter the industry and sell more equipment. I also need name suggestions with your submission. The goal of the business will be to

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    Hello, I have a txt file with inventory movements of some thousands of products, I need it to get it orderly in lines in an excel. All productos have a header and then the inventory movement. It looks like this: HEADER: ****************************** Inv Number Description Part Number Group N Discount Code 0000-0080 *** GENERAL PARTY *** Meter N DWC-Exempt N CONTRACTOR RENTAL Analysis Y Meter-DWC-Exmpt N ************************************** HISTORY OF INVENTORY OF THE ITEM *************************************** I T E M / L O T ...

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    Hello we need yoga instructor and dance teacher ,zomba instructor in pune

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    costumise the header on my word press themed website

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    Hi, I looking some one who can create simple websites. Websites must be created from my reference website and you will need to change the txt and images to make it unique. Also you can use any website header, body and footer so there is no need copy past from existing sample.

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    Hi, I looking some one who can create simple websites. Websites must be created from my reference website and you will need to change the txt and images to make it unique. Also you can use any website header, body and footer so there is no need copy past from existing sample. If you can do it quick, cheap with good quality then job is yours. This is ongoing job offer so don't overprice it. Don't ask any money upfront and don't ask what is my budget, your bid is my budget.

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    101 bida

    We need to create some imagery for our site. To start with re need to do the header. We would like to recreate some work from research, and make some adjustments. In the illustration there is currently text message icons. We need to change that to health icons. Serious contenders only. Completion early today (3rd February 2023)

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    51 bida

    i want to costumise my website from header to shop etc...

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    ...English version for your understanding. Thus, we will replace the English text with the German version in the end. The white paper design should target purchasing agents intending to solve their deliverability problems in the pvc industry. The readership is primarily from companies that use influencer marketing to increase their sales. Additionally, the white paper should comprise: 1. a header page (should include our logo) with the title of the whitepaper 2. a table of contents 3. the content of my word document 4. a sources page 5. a contact page with phone number, mail address, and an image of the contact person Please use images, graphics, symbols, and diagrams to make the reading less monotonous. Please use eye-catching colors. Our main brand color is o...

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    34 penyertaan

    We are looking for a wordpress developer who can design some page using php code. I want to design a home page header bellow sidebar menu .Note: it's an urgent task apply who can complete it with 48 hours.

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    54 bida