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    I have a radio and Tv fishing and boating show. I need to display a small web based calendar - a bit smaller in size than a cigarette packet. On the top or bottom of the calendar it should have drop down boxes to select a month and location - 12 months / 4 locations. Once they have selected the month and location, they can then click on a day on the calendar. When they select the day, a graph open...

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    I'm looking for someone to create a design that is suitable to a game top list like www.topgamesites.net. I want it to be more advaced graphic than my other list ([log masuk untuk melihat URL]) but still simple. If you take a look at the attachment. The image is a prototype of the design structure and this is what I was thinking: On the top of the site there should be a header with nice...

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    Online car price application (ASP) Users can select their brand/model/type. They can watch photo galleries, compare up to maximum 5 different cars. Users must be able to completely build their car and ask a price offer to the nearest dealer. We have the all the datas (access DB). This project must be finished in a short period of time. All must be coded in ASP (not ASPX!) and must be fu...

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    I need a custom logo for my new site egoodsbay . c o m The logo will need to reflect the idea/theme of the site. Logo needs to be about 250width by 60 hight will be placed in the left top under the date. Please show smaple or other projects you have done.

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    This project will be for 1 flash header. We need 3 variables to be fed through an xml file. The size should be 650 wide bt 150 high. They may be of different hight if nessasary. They need to have the variables stateg in the header. we need all the flash files and xml files. an example of the xml files for variables is: <set> <text1> Text</text1> <text2> Text...

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    Flash Demo Tamat left

    We require a flash demo of our website editing system. A Run though of the process of adding, deleting and updateing pages/blocks needs to be shown in a flash, high quality, hi-tech way, pos with/hight 600-400. You will be required to create a story board with design before aproval. This Flash movie needs to time in with music (Provided).

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    Flash Headers Tamat left

    This project will be for 1 flash header. The size should be 650 wide bt 150 high. They may be of different hight if nessasary. They need to have the variables states in the header. we need all the flash files and xml files. an example of the xml files for variables is: <set> <text1> Text</text1> <text2> Text2</text2> <text3> Text3</te...

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    Hi, I need the drop down menu on [log masuk untuk melihat URL] (The services button) to work and look the same in both internet explorer and firefox (right now it works in both just doesn't look the same in both) I would like to know if it could be redesigned to look much nicer and most importantly the same width and hight in both browsers.

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    I'm building a site that supplies information about online gambling, the html/php part of the site I can do myself but I'm not a winner in photoshop. Looking for a graphic desinger that can make a header for my site with the following aspects: *hight 120 px; *width 830 px; *It is about gambling so I would like to see some dice, playing cards, table, dealer etc (be creative); *Wo...

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    Hi all, first sorry my english. I need asap a script but I don't know wich language is better: javascript, XML or PHP to display in any HTML template as a block, informations retrieved from a flat DB This script should read a "Real Estate" flat database that use as field separator "|" (pipe) and with one item per line. When read the flat DB will looking for 6 fields:...

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    Software that will draw motorcycle blueprints and a motorcycle frame jig including rigid frame and softtail, include pivot point of softtail. Jig to build softtail. Software should have templetes of frames that can be modified by changing rake,stretch, seat hight, Software should have at least 7 defferent frames to modified, some with two down tubes, one downtube, rolled downtube, rolled backbone ...

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    25 semi interactive reports using microsoft reporting services & asp.net, pulling data from mulitple databases and servers. We have xl documentation and specs. Coder must have hight speed internet access and be able to work in our dev inviroment over terminal services. Coder must be willing to work with our staff in development over the phone on reports and submit full documentation and w...

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    OpenGL pluggin for invidia model 6800 card pciXpress Windows XP compatible The pluggin would do a "reform or extrude" realtime from a video input on a separate pci video capture card (like pinnacle) A black and white camera feed provided on the capture card The OpenGL processing would be performed directly on the Invidia Card and would reform the windows environement (wh...

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    We need sample HTML files which show the proper way of embeding various media. The media we need to embed include: MBP JPG/JPEG/JPE GIF PNG SWF FLV MPG/MPEG/MPA/MPGA/M1V/MP2/MPE MID/RMI/MIDI AVI MOV WAV/SND/AU/AIF/AIFF ASF/WM/WMA/WMV RA/RM/RV/RAX/RVX/RMVB/RMS/RMX/RMJ MP3/PLS/M3U/MPGA/MP2/MP1 ASX,WAX,WMX, For each of the above listed media we need - A sample media file - An HTML file ...

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    Program to calculate electrical spares to be used, when wiring a new house. A project setup page where basic parameters can be entered. eg. Client info, Amount of rooms and type (lounge, bathroom) Type of the matarial walls are made of for each room (must be able to select each wall per room (eg. east wall, block;south wall, block; west wall, partition, north wall, partition. Also on project set...

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    Hello, continue reading only if you can complete the following request: - you have at least 1 job completed on RAC , and reated above 8 - you can complete the project in no more then 24 hours - you ar open to unlimited revisions - you ar available to chat via MSN or Yahoo Messenger - you can provide few samples of past work (icons) - you can start as soon as we accept the bid and deliver first 11 ...

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    Dear Coders How are you i need a system to encrypt data and dycript data i need a very hight technology i need a perfect way that disables any one from connecting this data or entiring this data it is very secure data i need it encrypted in 1024 or more unhaclable and i need also to have it in many defrant places in the world and they are all connected in one system ...

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    page creator Tamat left

    i'm looking for someone that could make a program to recognize the hight and width positon of columns and text boxes from imege of typed text. then create the same text boxes in adobe indesign or quark. i'll provide sample of scanned images ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) De...

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    Blitz chess images for www site needed This is the second in a series of jobs for a new internet chess playing site. I seek a graphic artist to create a logo about 150 x 60 (or around that size and size range, 120 x 80, 150 x 100, 200 x 60 etc) about 4 kb - 6 kb in .gif or .jpeg - which will be used on a new www site hosting blitz chess. The image hight must be no more than 200 and width...

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    Chess pieces Tamat left

    We are looking for a set of about 10 distinct chess figures in high (10000+) medium(~5000) and low(<1000) polycount each (ie 30 sets in total) to be delivered in 3ds format (with fitted rendered textures for bumpmapping, luminocity and material). We will accept non original work as long as there are no usage restrictions. The sets should fulfil a small number of criteria: a) peices must be...

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    *Please do not reply with 'canned' responses. I usually don't bother reading them as they are generic in nature and don't tell me anything about you, your skills, or why we should pick you.* We run a decal site on the internet. These users can browse our decals, and choose one they like. They are able to select a color, size, etc. and add the item to the shopping cart. (OSC ...

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    *Please do not reply with 'canned' responses. I usually don't bother reading them as they are generic in nature and don't tell me anything about you, your skills, or why we should pick you.* I posted this project back in May - and had lengthy converstion with a my chosen programmer (I wont mention names) for over 2 months. All of a sudden the programmer just stopped answerin...

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    Flash banner Tamat left

    Hello , I just need a flash banner to a freelance site just like getafreelance. please i need it to be a hight quality banner. url : [log masuk untuk melihat URL] thanks

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    70329 Banner Tamat left

    Need graphic banner based onthe attached scan which shows the company logo and colors, and to incorporate the shown product box. The banner needs to be about 760 pixels wide and 80 to 100 hight. An animation of that banner is highly desirable. Along wiht the banner I need one graphic button to match. Pls bid only if you can provide design today or tomorrow at latest.

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    (1) Current working 'Decal Maker' script which allows customer to enter text, choose font, and color, and the text is rendered on the screen using the GD library. The site is built from OSCommerce. I would like misc. changes/additions to our decal maker script. (2) For the other products at our site, we have a script that looks at the product image, and calculates a price based on t...

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    Hello, We are looking for someone who will work with us one or two months or even longer if he do good work. The job concerns to acquire royalty free content like flash games jokes or so, to put in in a database and build a site. It concerns: - Software - Games, jokes... We are looking for someone that is able to do the job without too much help. This could be a logn term work if you are ...

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    [log masuk untuk melihat URL] is a dating site that is looking for a script that contains customizable profile forms. (ex. coose from a checklist in a setup program.) The scripts MUST contain a setup file for ease of installation. The items in the checklist for the profiles must contain First name, Last name, City, State/province(drop down or text box) Country (drop down or text box) Hair color...

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    We need a software that you can add Plug-in in it. When you load the software, you see 2 part: 1: An SStab with the number of Plug-in loaded. In each Tab, you can see the form of the Plug-in. 2: A button that open a windows to add Plug-in into the software with a maximum of 20 Plug-in, 2 rows of 10 TAB in the SSTab. Second, a Plug-in sample, compiled in a DLL that you can add in th...

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    We need an audio player with the following features a)Should support all the audio format available. b)Should have volume conrol,speed control,pitch control and all the features of a normal audio player. c)The user can fix the starting and ending position of a file and can play that selected part only. d)Should have shortcut keys for all features. No combination keys. e)It should work along w...

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    Platform: windows (mac if possible, either now or in a near feature) Software intended use: Customize prebuilt websites templates built using HTML-CSS. Basic requirements: 1. display the web page and apply the changes as you are looking at the page (wysiwyg). 2. Highlight text, type in new text, save (no changing of style size or anything.. just replace) 3. Hignlight image, browse ...

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    I am currently using some VB6 code that loads powerpoints and then exports them into a .bmp. I need to get the width and hight of the original size of the slide. Is there any way of doing that? The included code is just snippets to show what I am currently doing: Private m_Slide As [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Private m_PptApp As Object ' [log masuk untuk melihat URL] *** Private m_PptPres A...

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    I need a very special command button and I need it soon. I have attached a small design of such a button, like I imagine it shoul look. The button should base on an ordinary XP-Button like Office 2003. But ... The Button is horizontaly divided in two parts. The left part is the placeholder for an short Text. Here I will place the name of a functionskey like "sF12" or "PF1&...

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    I need a help in creating booking system. I got a calendar.. It high lights todays date and also booking date(start_date). What I want to do is ..also to high light all the days that has been booked.. including end_date. let say ur booking start on 7/02/2003 and finish 14/02/2003. All the dates from 7 to 14 should be high late. You can also book for 7,10,20...these also should hight light. Have a ...

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    RollBack App Tamat left

    I will need an application similar to Deep Freeze found at http://www.deepfreezeusa.com. It should be developed using C or C++. It should be completed within 6 weeks of acceptance of bid (this is negotiable). It absolutely must be a hight quality, commercial grade product. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all ...

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    SmartCGI's Smart Search script is installed and functioning on my site, but I need to incorporate a tight search box and text links to the appropriate areas (sign up | manage account | FAQ | About etc. This needs to work between two installed line breaks between my header file and the main part of my web site - and I need to keep the hight of this area minimal so that I don't overcrow...

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