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    ...Preferences:** - A professional look and feel that instills trust and confidence in our users. The design should be clean, with an emphasis on functionality and ease of use. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proven experience in developing healthcare-related platforms, specifically those involving complex functionalities like user profiles and secure records management. - Strong understanding of HIPAA compliance and the importance of data security in healthcare applications. - Proficiency in creating responsive designs that are accessible on both desktop and mobile devices. - Experience with database management and encryption for securing patient data. I'm looking forward to working with a freelancer or team who can bring our vision to life, ensuring a high level of preci...

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    I am trying to register domains. Luxsci is a HIPAA compliant email platform. It integrates with Google workspace. Flourish is a reseller of luxsci. When we sell a luxsci subscription, we add our customers domain into our account. The way that Luxsci works, is that when users send an email it gets routed through our Luxsci server and is encrypted in transit all the way to its destination, which is a HIPAA compliance requirement. Does that make it a little more clear what we are trying to do? I have a script for that but it is not working perfectly.

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    I'm in the process of creating a comprehensive booking platform tailored for medical consultations. This digital solution will serve as a brid...consultations This platform aims not only to facilitate the booking process but also to provide a seamless, integrated experience for both patients and healthcare providers. Ideal candidates for this project will possess experience in: - Developing robust booking platforms - Implementing secure registration and data collection systems - Integrating live chat support functionalities - Knowledge in HIPAA compliance or similar healthcare regulations would be advantageous By combining cutting-edge technology with a deep understanding of the healthcare sector's requirements, this project will play a crucial role in enhancing access ...

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    ...Profiles: Patients and healthcare professionals can register and create profiles. Profile details should include personal information, medical history, and qualifications. Appointment Scheduling: Patients can schedule appointments with available healthcare professionals. Calendar integration to manage appointments efficiently. Notifications for appointment reminders. Video Consultations: Secure and HIPAA-compliant video conferencing for remote consultations. Real-time chat functionality during consultations for communication between patients and healthcare professionals. Prescription and Medical Records: Healthcare professionals can generate electronic prescriptions for patients. Secure storage of medical records and prescriptions accessible to patients and healthcare provide...

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    I am trying to register domains. Luxsci is a HIPAA compliant email platform. It integrates with Google workspace. Flourish is a reseller of luxsci. When we sell a luxsci subscription, we add our customers domain into our account. The way that Luxsci works, is that when users send an email it gets routed through our Luxsci server and is encrypted in transit all the way to its destination, which is a HIPAA compliance requirement. Does that make it a little more clear what we are trying to do? I have a script for that but it is not working perfectly.

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    ...future problems. Ideal Skills and Experience: - **Intermediate knowledge** of healthcare protocols and standards is essential. You should be comfortable navigating the specific requirements of the healthcare industry and applying this understanding to the PACs system. - **Experience with PACs system management in a healthcare setting** is highly desirable. Knowledge of healthcare protocols such as HIPAA and other relevant standards will be beneficial. - Strong problem-solving skills and the ability to work independently or as part of a team. - Excellent communication skills, capable of explaining technical issues in an understandable manner. This role is ideal for someone who is passionate about leveraging technology to improve healthcare systems and has a proven track record o...

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    ...improvement based on user feedback. 16. Scalability: Designed to handle the growth of medical staff and increased workload. Easily scalable to accommodate additional features or modules. 17. Backup and Recovery: Regular automated backups of system data. Disaster recovery plan in case of system failures. 18. Compliance with Privacy Laws: Adherence to regional and international privacy laws (e.g., GDPR, HIPAA). 19. User-Friendly Interface: Intuitive design for easy navigation. Support for multiple languages for diverse users. 20. Documentation: Comprehensive user manuals and system documentation. Video tutorials for key functionalities. These specifications aim to provide a holistic and integrated solution, combining the features of the Medical Human Resources Management Syste...

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    ...accessible user experience, guiding users from product selection to service booking without hassle. Skills in UX/UI design principles and tools are crucial. - **Secure Payment Gateway Integration:** Expertise in integrating secure and reliable payment gateways for a safe and smooth checkout process for products and services. - **Compliance and Security:** Familiarity with healthcare compliance (e.g., HIPAA in the U.S. or GDPR in Europe) and the ability to implement strong security measures to protect patient information. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proven track record in developing e-commerce websites, especially in the healthcare sector. - Experience with appointment scheduling systems and calendar management tools. - Strong understanding of UX/UI design principles ta...

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    ...expert to ensure our school system becomes HIPAA compliant. Specifically, we aim for compliance in managing student health records and social security numbers. Currently, we have an existing setup, using custom-built software for these purposes. For this project, we need an upgrade or revamp to meet the appropriate HIPAA standards. Skills, expertise, and experience needed: - Compliance expert having a thorough understanding of HIPAA standards. - Demonstrable track record in making systems HIPAA compliant. - Experience in dealing with custom-built software and infrastructure. - Knowledgeable in managing student health records and social security numbers. Interested freelancers should have a clear strategy and timeline for making our system completely HI...

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    Seeking a skilled Medical records reviewer to evaluate records from a previous primary care physician. The records have been obtained via a recent HIPAA request response. In addition, I will need a summary drafted regarding the results of the review. I will gladly provide additional details. I look forwarding to hearing from you and confirming your interest.

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    ...to hit the ground running with very little oversight. You should have a proven track record of driving growth and securing new business opportunities. Your market research skills must be excellent, and your ability to develop and implement strategic plans should be second to none. Rx RCM provides medical billing and consulting services for clinics, physicians, and healthcare practices. We are HIPAA-compliant, experienced in ICD-10 coding, and capable of submitting clean claims for our clients. Our services include insurance verification, claims submission, payment postings, invoicing, and customized solutions tailored to each practice's specific needs. Role Description This is a full-time remote role for a Sales and Marketing Specialist. The Sales and Marketing Specialist ...

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    ...transaction recording, and simplify the remittance process for quicker reconciliation. **Ideal Skills and Experience**: - Proven experience developing web applications, particularly with RCM automation for the healthcare industry. - Proficient in technologies necessary for secure user authentication, database management, and file handling. - Familiarity with healthcare compliance and regulations (e.g., HIPAA) to ensure the application meets industry standards. - Strong problem-solving skills and the ability to create a user-friendly interface for complex processes. This project requires attention to detail and a strong understanding of the healthcare billing cycle. I'm looking for a developer who can deliver a robust solution that streamlines operations, reduces administr...

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    I'm seeking a skilled developer to create a hospital management system...existing systems is not currently needed, we do anticipate the need for adaptability and potential future integrations. - Flexibility in the system for custom-tailored features is a must. **Ideal Candidate:** - Proven experience in building hospital or similar management systems - Strong proficiency in React (preferred) or comparable frameworks - Excellent understanding of system security and HIPAA compliance - Ability to create a user-friendly interface that can handle complex functionalities Please include your approach, tech stack, and examples of similar projects in your bid. Let's build a system that can evolve with our hospital's growing needs! Selected Person or company will sign a NDA ...

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    I'm seeking expert help to create a seamless healthcare platform that operates effectively on both iOS a...User-friendly interface for easy appointment booking and management. - Flexibility in EHR integration, open to connecting with any standard system. - Reliable notification system for upcoming appointments and reminders. Skills and Experience Required: - Proficient in mobile development for both iOS and Android. - Experience with implementing scheduling systems in apps. - Knowledge of EHR integration and HIPAA compliance. - Ability to create clean, intuitive UI/UX designs. I'm looking for someone who has a strong track record in developing medical or booking applications. Your portfolio showcasing relevant work will greatly support your bid. Let's make healthcar...

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    I'm launching a platform where patients can easily access medical professionals for health-related advice and consultations. Here's what I need to make it work: - Multi-Format Consultation Tools: * Integration for video calls * Text chat functionality * Audio calling capabilities - Real-Time Booking: * De...calling capabilities - Real-Time Booking: * Development of a seamless, user-friendly booking system * Calendar synchronization for appointment setting * Automated reminders for upcoming consultations Ideal Skillset: - Experience in telemedicine platform development - Proficiency in video and audio APIs - Knowledge of real-time booking systems - Understanding of healthcare privacy laws (HIPAA compliance, etc.) - Strong UX/UI design skills for int...

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    ...PIA (based on GDPR) we need this to be rewritten for the following regulations (as assessments) so we are compliant with each of the regulations. - HIPAA - CCPA I require expertise in the identification of potential privacy risks and ensuring compliance within these parameters. The desired freelancer must have a deep understanding and experience working with: - HIPAA - CCPA - GDPR The primary aim of this project is to: - Assess our data storage and security, data transmission and encryption, and privacy policies and notices - Identify and help mitigate potential privacy risks - Ensure our systems and operations are in compliance with HIPAA, CCPA, and GDPR regulations Experience navigating these regulations and the ability to develop and implement recommendatio...

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    I'm seeking a seasoned cybersec...and mitigating security risks. - Knowledge of security standards compliance. Responsibilities: - Review and assess our current network setup. - Execute comprehensive penetration tests. - Identify compliance gaps with security standards. - Provide a detailed report with recommendations. Ideal Candidate: - Strong experience with network security testing. - Familiarity with PCI DSS, ISO 27001, HIPAA, or similar. - Certifications like CISSP, CEH, or equivalent are preferable. - Excellent problem-solving and communication skills. While the specific security standards I'm interested in were not listed in the questionnaire, familiarity with major regulations is mandatory. Please detail your experience with the mentioned standards and others ...

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    I am seeking a skilled freelancer to help bring my vision for a healthcare application to life. Here's wha...possibly other platforms. - The app focuses on healthcare and should facilitate various health-related services. - Users should be able to schedule appointments, view medical records, and access health tips. Ideal Candidate: - Proficient in iOS and Android development - Experienced with native app development, specifically within the healthcare sector - Strong UI/UX design skills - Understanding of HIPAA compliance and data security - Proven record of developing high-quality, user-friendly applications Your expertise will be the cornerstone of a tool that could positively impact many lives. I look forward to working with a professional who shares a passion for technol...

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    ...Records (EHR) management. I envision a sleek and efficient platform that streamlines clinic operations through a user-friendly interface. **Key Features:** - Robust EHR management - User-friendly interface - High-performance, responsive design **Ideal Skills:** - Proficiency in React.js - Experience with EHR systems - Strong UI/UX design ability - Knowledge of database management - Familiarity with HIPAA compliance and security measures **Expectations for Proposals:** - Demonstrate expertise with detailed project plans - Showcase relevant past work - Discuss your approach to EHR management and secure data handling By applying, you'll help us transition smoothly to a web-based solution that offers the same functionalities as our current desktop application, with an emphas...

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    I'm seeking an individual with a strong background in child welfare policy to assist in developing policies and procedures tailored to ensure strict compliance within my organization. Key Responsibilities: - Develop comprehensive policies and procedures. - Align these policies with the Child Protection Act, HIPAA, and Foster Care Licensing Standards. Ideal Skills: - Experience in child welfare or related fields. - Familiarity with compliance and regulatory affairs. - Proficiency in policy development and documentation. Required Experience: - Proven track record with policy writing. - Understanding of the legal framework in child welfare. - Experience ensuring operational compliance in similar sectors. My goal is to enhance our organization's adherence to crucial regul...

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    I am seeking a professional developer with skills and experience in both iOS and Android platform to create an encompassing healthcare mobile app. This app should integrate several functionalities: - Appointment scheduling: This will allow clients to book their appointments effortlessly. - Online video consultations: The app shoul...drug interaction checker. - Home delivery: The app should facilitate delivery of medicines and logistic organization of home lab tests. - Payment Gateway: Seamless and secure payment methods should be seamlessly integrated into the application for ease of transactions. Ideal applicants should demonstrate experience in similar projects and familiarity with medical-related apps. Knowledge of HIPAA or equivalent health regulations would also be a nota...

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    ...the user to provide specific information to the patient. - Form will need to perform real-time calculations based on user inputs - Ensure data validation for some numeric values, and proper date formatting - Enable printing of a summary of the data collected, with corrective steps required by the user, based on the data collected - If you are proposing any web/cloud based form, the form must be HIPAA compliant (because it will include patient data). Skills & Experience: - Proven experience in form design and development - Strong understanding of client-side scripting - Proficiency in data validation techniques If this sounds like something within your wheelhouse, I invite you to place your bid. Please include examples of similar forms you’ve created, as well as your ...

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    Aim to complete a medium-scale healthcare project requiring expert skills in C#, API development and integration, microservices architecture, and SQL. Specifically, the following features need to be implemented: - Patient Management System: A crucial requirement for managing patient data and interactions comprehensively. - Appointment Scheduling: A m...maintainability. The ideal freelancer for this project should demonstrate proven experience in the mentioned technologies and healthcare projects. Deep knowledge in the practical implementation of microservices using AWS Lambda is a must. Familiarity with manual scheduler system design and creation is also essential. Considering the healthcare domain, proficiency in creating secure, reliable, and HIPAA-compliant systems is a signifi...

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    I'm in need of an exp...need of an expert to carry out a comprehensive Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) on our mobile applications. They currently run on both Android and iOS platforms. Your focus areas during this exercise should include: - User Authentication - Data Encryption - Secure Network Communication Regrettably, I skipped the compliance standards section, so no special adherence to HIPAA, GDPR, or PCI-DSS regulations is required for this project. Nevertheless, knowledge of these standards will be viewed favourably. Ideal candidates should possess a strong background in cyber security and have previous experience conducting VAPT on mobile applications. Please provide proof of this experience in your bid, before we can proceed with the discuss...

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    ...interface design should focus on customization and flexibility, keeping the requirements of varied user groups. Our platform's primary users will be medical professionals, so the design should be particularly user-friendly and intuitive for this group. Ideal candidates for this project should carry significant experience in developing medical software and should have an excellent understanding of HIPAA and other relevant regulations. Knowledge of user interface (UI) design that prioritizes adaptability would be a definite asset. Key Features: User Registration and Payment: Home health agencies can register on the website and pay to gain access to the platform. A secure payment gateway will be integrated for seamless transactions. Customized Dashboards: Each registered a...

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    Job Title: Social Media Consultant for Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery Practice We are...the practice. Requirements: 1. Proven experience as a Social Media Consultant, preferably in the healthcare or medical field. 2. In-depth knowledge of social media platforms, trends, and best practices. 3. Excellent communication skills to convey medical information in an accessible manner. 4. Creative mindset for developing visually appealing and compelling content. 5. Familiarity with HIPAA regulations and ethical considerations in healthcare social media. If you're passionate about advising and guiding the growth of a medical professional's social media presence, we invite you to apply. Help us connect with a younger audience and showcase the benefits of minimally inv...

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    I'm looking for a reliable admin/personal assistant. My business is healthcare compliance consulting, so someone with an interest in law and/or healthcare is a must. Main duties include: - Prelim research for projects/policies/procedures - Admin tasks such as invoicing, billing, and trackin...feedback or project clarification I'll send you a list of tasks weekly/daily to be completed. I'm estimating no more than 10 hours per week, unless business really picks up! Due to the sensitive nature of tasks, I am looking for someone very trustworthy and will send over an NDA to be signed prior to working. To apply please send: - A brief summary of your experience - A summary of the most recent HIPAA Privacy Rule proposed rule - Your favorite communication method (phone call...

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    Hospital Management System - Project Requirement Document Introduction 1.1 The purpose of the Hospital Management System is to provide an efficient solution for managi...Regulation/Accommodation: 1 4.3. Medication and Procedure Charges 4.4. Invoice Generation and Payment Tracking 4.5. Discount and Special Rate Management 5. Resource Management 5.1. Room Availability Tracking 5.2. Room Allocation 5.3. Staff Scheduling and Assignment 6. Additional Considerations Integration with financial systems for payment processing. Compliance with healthcare regulations and privacy laws (HIPAA). Reporting and analytics capabilities. Disaster recovery and backup procedures. User-friendly interface. Customization of billing parameters. Integration with other hospital systems (EMR). Robust security ...

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    ...for the upgrade process. 2. Development and Functionality: + Code migration: Re-write portions of the code or utilize compatibility layers to function on the new operating system. + User interface and user experience (UI/UX) overhaul: Modernize the app's look and feel for better intuitiveness and accessibility. + Security and compliance: Ensure adherence to updated data privacy regulations like HIPAA for medical apps. + Integration with new APIs: Leverage new iOS features and APIs for enhanced functionality and smoother user experience. + Data migration: Plan for seamless transfer of existing user data to the upgraded app. 3. Testing and Launch: + Thorough testing: Conduct rigorous testing across various devices and iOS versions to ensure stability and functionality. + B...

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    I'm seeking a Virtual Assistant capable of efficiently handling a ...with a particular focus on managing a busy and ever-changing schedule with professionalism and precision. The candidate must also speak American English as their first language and be located in the United States. Expect to commit 20 to 25 hours per week to this role, with a flexible schedule to anticipate the needs of the job. Proficiency in electronic health records is a must. Knowledge of HIPAA and experience handling PHI is required. An intermediate level of proficiency or higher will be vital to perform these tasks quickly and accurately. In summary, if you have sound experience in healthcare, are a whizz at scheduling, and can guarantee discretion and precision in all communications, then this is th...

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    FULL TIME JOB ONLY Urgent Hire Expectations: 1. Should have Intense knowledge in CPT, ICD, their linking with LOINC codes and basics of HIPAA expectation. 2. Coordinate with Providers of designated specialties to improve product and create business related documents. 3. Committed to wear different Hats, coordinate teams & not just looking for Job security. About Us: Mynx Softwares Inc. A Texas Based software company, trying to do things differently in USA Based EMR business, just for the sake of it.

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    Android Application Development for Pharmacy with Lab and Doctor Consultation - The project requires the development of an Android application for a pharmacy, which will include features such as medicine ordering and lab test booking. - The application will not include a pa...include a patient management system. - The project needs to be completed within a month. - Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Proficiency in Android application development - Knowledge of pharmacy management systems and workflows - Experience in integrating payment gateways for online medicine ordering - Familiarity with booking systems for lab tests - Understanding of HIPAA regulations for handling patient data - Ability to collaborate with doctors and laboratories for consultatio...

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    I'm looking for a project manager manage development of a custom Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system fulfilling distinct features and functionalities. The EMR system should: The ideal candidate for this job should have a strong background in building complex web applications, and experience in handling sensitive data. Knowledge and practical skills in creating secure ...The ideal candidate for this job should have a strong background in building complex web applications, and experience in handling sensitive data. Knowledge and practical skills in creating secure user authentication systems and user-friendly database management systems are essential. Recognizing the sensitivity of health data, a strong understanding of regulatory requirements and compliance (like HIPAA) is ...

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    ...hospital takes booking for a doctor) 2. Online Payments: - Secure payment gateway integration: Integrate with RazorPay. - Automated invoicing and receipts: Generate and send invoices and receipts automatically after appointments. - Partial payments and cancellation fees: Configure options for partial payments and automatic cancellation fees to manage cash flow effectively. - HIPAA compliance: Ensure all payment processes are HIPAA-compliant to protect the data privacy of person making the booking. 3. Waiting List Management: - Automatic waitlist addition: Add patients to the waitlist automatically when desired appointment slots are unavailable. - Waitlist prioritization: Set rules for waitlist prioritization based on appointment type, urgency, or patient history. Conn...

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    ...integrating WooCommerce with for selling products/services on my website. It is important that the website is HIPAA compliant. Skills and experience required for the job: - Proficiency in WordPress, AWS, WooCommerce, and - Knowledge of HIPAA compliance guidelines - Ability to provide guidance and support in defining and developing a website idea - Experience in wireframing and creating a user-friendly website design Key requirements: 1. Walk me through the process of defining and developing my website idea. 2. Set up WordPress on AWS and integrate WooCommerce with for selling products/services. 3. Ensure the website is HIPAA compliant. 4. Provide guidance and suggestions for the website design/layout, based on my ideas. Estimated time: 2-4 hours

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    Healthcare app Tamat left

    ...medications, allergies, and medical history. - Users should be able to set reminders for medication and appointments. - The app should have a secure messaging system for patients to communicate with healthcare providers. - Users should be able to access educational resources and health tips through the app. Ideal skills and experience: - Experience in developing healthcare apps. - Knowledge of HIPAA regulations and data security. - Proficiency in mobile app development for both iOS and Android platforms. - Familiarity with integrating third-party APIs for electronic health record systems. Please note that I already have a list of specific features in mind for the app. However, I am open to suggestions and would appreciate guidance on optimizing the user experience and functiona...

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    ...a ton of case management softwares on the market, but they are overkill, have too many unnecessary features or processes, and over priced. In terms of security measures and compliances, the system should be HIPAA compliant. Data encryption should also be implemented to ensure the privacy and security of client information. I am open to any technology stack that is suitable for the development of this system. Overall, I am looking for a developer with experience in creating web-based client management systems, as well as knowledge in security measures and compliances such as HIPAA. The ideal candidate should be able to propose and implement a suitable technology stack for the development of this system....

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    This is an all in one operational system for an entire industry. We are specifically looking for HIPAA compliance expert in the IT world to provide us with coaching or even a checklist of what needs to be done to ensure our database is HIPAA compliant. This is urgent and the industry is software that serves Cannabis retailers.

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    I am looking for a developer to build an e-commerce website for a ***HIPAA COMPLAINT*** health and wellness business. The primary functionality of the website will be to sell products (lab tests and suppements). I prefer to use Wordpress as the platform for the website. Skills and Experience Needed: - Experience in building ***HIPAA COMPLIANT*** e-commerce websites - Proficiency in Wordpress development - Knowledge of online payment systems and integration - Familiarity with health and wellness industry is a plus. SEE ATTACHMENT FOR MORE DETAILS

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    ...citas: para permitir una planificación y estructuración eficiente de la apretada agenda de un médico. - Registrar y almacenar registros médicos: el almacenamiento de datos importantes del paciente, como nombre, fecha de nacimiento e historial médico. - Recordatorios automáticos de citas: esta funcionalidad es fundamental para garantizar que los pacientes no pasen por alto sus citas. Cumplir con HIPAA es crucial. La experiencia en el desarrollo de aplicaciones sanitarias sería ventajosa, ya que este conocimiento será necesario para garantizar que todos los datos privados de los pacientes se manejen de forma segura y ética. Además, requerimos una funcionalidad de campo personalizada para adaptar el sistema a nue...

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    ...envision that this software should be capable of: - Scheduling appointments: To allow efficient planning and structuring of a doctor's busy schedule. - Record and Store medical records: The storage of important patient data such as name, birth date, and medical history. - Automatic appointment reminders: This functionality is critical to ensure patients don't overlook their appointments. Being HIPAA compliant is crucial. Experience in healthcare applications development would be advantageous as this knowledge will be necessary to ensure all private patient data is handled securely and ethically. Additionally, we require custom field functionality to tailor fit the system to our particular needs. In essence, we're looking for someone who understands the signific...

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    ...popular Infrastructure-as-Code platforms such as AWS CDK or Terraform • Comfortable with one or more popular full stack programming languages such as Java, Golang, Typescript or Python Strong application development experience on Linux and/or Windows based systems • Experience leading certification or accreditation of cloud workload(s) to meet regulatory or industry standards such as PCI-DSS, HIPAA, GDPR, ISO26262 Location: Singapore Mandatory : Japanese Language...

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    HIPAA Compliance Project I am a small organization with 1-50 employees and I am currently not compliant with HIPAA regulations. I am seeking assistance with the entire process of achieving HIPAA compliance. Key Requirements: - Expertise in HIPAA regulations and compliance - Knowledge of security and privacy standards in the healthcare industry - Experience in implementing HIPAA compliance programs - Ability to conduct risk assessments and develop mitigation strategies - Familiarity with electronic health records (EHR) systems and data management - Strong understanding of patient privacy and data security Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven track record in successfully achieving HIPAA compliance for similar organizations - Certification in ...

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    ...Responsibilities: - Design and Development: Craft user-friendly interfaces focusing on aesthetics and responsiveness. Ensure design consistency with project goals. - API Integration: Seamlessly integrate the front end with backend services and third-party APIs, including Zoho CRM. - Booking System Development: Create a robust and user-friendly booking system. Ensure HIPAA Compliance: Implement secure data practices in line with HIPAA standards. - Optimize Performance: Enhance application speed and efficiency. - Testing and Debugging: Conduct comprehensive testing and troubleshoot issues effectively. - Enhance User Experience: Focus on delivering a seamless UX. - Ensure Accessibility: Make the application accessible to all users. Best Practices: - GitHub and Version Cont...

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    ...reports on a weekly basis. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in Quickbooks online - Strong knowledge and experience in financial reporting and analysis - Ability to create and customize financial reports - Attention to detail and accuracy in financial data analysis desires ability to review weekly trends and start projecting. 2 - 3 sets of books that relate to the same location. Some hipaa compliant data. Would like to work along side each other to minimize wasted time for both parties. In the past I used Peachtree and was fully versed in it. I was lead team manager in formatting reports and combining 15 detailed locations into 3 summaries locations. example 9 individual TAX IDs same type of business rolled in sub groups and a total like a holding company , then 5 ...

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    ...Investments**: Information on recent investments in technology. 5. **Cybersecurity Profile**: - **Past Breaches/Incidents**: History of any known cybersecurity incidents or breaches. - **Cybersecurity Ratings**: If available, ratings or assessments from cybersecurity firms. - **Compliance Standards**: Information on compliance with industry-specific security standards (like ISO 27001, HIPAA, etc.). 6. **Leadership and Governance**: - **Key Executives**: Names and roles of top executives (CEO, CTO, CISO, etc.). - **Cybersecurity Governance**: Information on how cybersecurity is managed at the governance level. 7. **Public Perception and News**: - **Recent News**: Significant recent news articles or press releases about the company. - **Public Perception**: ...

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    ...development languages suitable for our project (e.g., Node.js, Python, Ruby, PHP). Solid understanding of real-time communication technologies and WebSockets. Previous experience in implementing chat/messaging systems, preferably with SendBird. Familiarity with cloud services (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud) and database management. Knowledge of security best practices and compliance standards (GDPR, HIPAA, etc.). Excellent problem-solving abilities and experience in debugging. Strong communication, documentation, and team collaboration skills. Ability to work independently and manage time effectively. Desirable Skills UI/UX design experience for chat interfaces. Experience working in Agile/Scrum project management frameworks. Project Details Duration: Expected to be a short-term proje...

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    We are leaving another hipaa encrypted email service and attempting to make outlook work for our mental health clinic. The goal is to be able to encrypt and unencyrpt emails on our own. However we would like the default to always be encrypted. So my fear is that I can't relay on my staff to remember to click encrypt all the time. My hope is that we can default the encryption and then select unencrypt when we want the emails to be sent to list serves for example. I have tried to work with outlook and we tried to make a "rule " but in order to make that work everyone would have to send me their emails they want un-encypted in advance and I would have to make them a exception. We tried making a "label" but that backfired. and the last place we left off was tr...

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